Jake Podell ProJecTs Languages and Tech skiLLs Java

Engineer; Hacker; Deisgner
Jake Podell
<ul> <!-------------------------- Experience -------------------------------->
<li id = ”National_Honor_Society” class = ”Webmaster”>
Developed and
currently manage my school’s first NHS website(www.wvnhs.com),
which currently handles password protected accounts for over 250
students. </li> <!-- Present -->
id = ”Digital_Design” class = ”Founder_and_President”> Created and
currently lead this Wayne Valley HS club. Projects produced
include a bi-pedal robot and quadcopter. </li> <!-- 2013-Present -->
<li id = ”HackBCA” class = ”Hackathon_Organizer”>
Only organizer who did
not attend Bergan Accademies. Recruited sponsorships and attendees
to one of the largest high school hackathons. </li> <!-- 2014 -->
<li id = ”Platinum_Properties_Real_Estate” class = ”Website_Designer”>
Hired to design online property listings.
</li> <!--
2012 -->
<ul><!------------------------- Projects ------------------------------->
<li id = ”Bouncy_Bot”>
Published a simple yet addicitve game for Android to
the Google Play store. </li>
<li id = ”Beta_Banana”>
Developed a 30 level action-packed shooter to help
learn and display my abiliites in Java. </li>
<li id = ”Easy_Remark”>
Used CSS and Javascript to build a pre-designed
template for the Remark online presentation tool. </li>
<li id = ”Fly_High”>
Developed an android app with my team at MIT’s
Blueprint hackathon. Program uses the phones accelerometer to calculate
how high a phone was thrown in the air. </li>
<ul> <!--- Languages and Tech Skills --->
Java </li>
HTML/CSS </li>
Javascript </li>
Python </li>
Django </li>
Android SDK </li>
PHP/ MySQL </li>
Git </li>
Arduino </li>
Photoshop </li>
Illustrator </li>
<!---- Contact ------>
[email protected]
5 Blandford Ct.
Wayne, NJ 07470
Wayne Valley High School