Master of Information Management 2015

Master of
Victoria Business School
Your career future depends on how you
build it
If you want to tailor-make your management studies, building
on your experience in the IT profession, then the Master of
Information Management (MIM) is worth considering.
From 2015 the MIM programme will be delivered from both
Wellington and Auckland.
Know your mind
Worldwide, business and government need professionals who
can manage information systems. The demand for such skills
is increasing.
Know your world
The MIM degree programme is designed for maximum
flexibility to accommodate students with a variety of career
goals. It will appeal to professionals with working experience
who wish to pursue an advanced career in management of
information systems.
Know your subject
The development of managerial skills in realistic organisational
environments is strongly emphasised. The MIM qualification
enables graduates to advance to the highest level of their
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Meeting the global demand
Postgraduate study in Information
As the internet grows and impacts our business and
recreational lives, so does the demand for people who can
understand and manage the consequences of the growth.
People who can manage information systems and technology
are in worldwide demand in business, industry, government
and not-for-profit organisations. That demand will continue
for the foreseeable future. The Victoria University Master of
Information Management will prepare you for an advanced
career in these exciting fields.
Graduates with an information technology background who
wish to move into senior management, general managers who
wish to equip themselves for more senior responsibilities in
information management, or university graduates who wish to
make the move to information and knowledge management
should consider this comprehensive programme.
About the MIM
Victoria’s MIM is a postgraduate, post-experience, professional
managerial qualification that can be taken on either a full- or
part-time basis. Our students are all mid-career professionals
with a background in the growing spectrum of IT careers. They
come to us seeking management skills and experiences to
help them in their professional growth and when they apply
for their next promotion.
The Victoria MIM is designed with maximum flexibility to
accommodate the needs of mid-career professionals from
a variety of technical and business backgrounds. This can
be seen in the wide range of electives and study options,
enabling students with clear learning and career goals
to tailor-make their study choices. A strong emphasis is
placed upon development of managerial skills in realistic
organisational environments. This appeals to those who wish
to pursue a career in management of information services,
e-government, electronic commerce or enterprise systems.
Classes are offered after normal working hours for the
convenience of working students. The seminar style of
instruction is chosen to suit people who are used to a
business environment. Students will enjoy sharing the
knowledge and work experience of others in the programme.
Our graduates are recognised as having obtained a
qualification enabling them to advance to the highest
levels of their profession.
The MIM programme
The Victoria MIM consists of courses worth at least 180 points
(Ten taught courses and a project).
The course of study for the MIM comprises:
Part 1: MMIM 501, 502.
Part 2: Either MMIM 590 or MMIM 592. The choice between
MMIM 590 or MMIM 592 is subject to the approval of the
programme director.
Part 3: Electives from the MIM schedule or approved courses
from other Honours or Master’s programmes.
These can be completed in 16 months of full-time study, or
two to four years of part-time study.
Core courses
Two core courses are required of all students:
→→ MMIM 501Communication and Critical Thinking in
Information Management
→→ M
MIM 502 Managing in the Information Age
These courses ensure that all graduates have a thorough
grounding in the technical and conceptual knowledge and
skills required to be able to succeed in the MIM programme.
Elective courses
All MIM students must take at least eight elective courses
chosen from the following, in any combination:
MMIM 503
MMIM 510
MMIM 511
MMIM 512
MMIM 513
MMIM 514
MMIM 522
MMIM 524
MMIM 525
MMIM 532
MMIM 552
MMIM 571
MMIM 572
MMIM 577
MMIM 580–582
Knowledge Management
Information Systems Management
Emerging Information Technologies
Strategic Information Management
Managing IT-related Change
Project Management
ICT and Global Commerce
Multimedia Tools and Technologies
Enterprise Systems
Information Policy
Research Methods
Legal and Ethical Issues in IM
Telecommunications and IM
Information Security
Special Topics (eg. Sustainability and IS)
Electives are usually offered at least once every two years. In
addition, with fast developing subjects, special topic courses
are offered to supplement the substantive electives.
Up to three electives from other postgraduate programmes
can be included to make up the total of 180 points.
Ameera Durga
MIM graduate
Prior to attending the MIM
programme, I worked as a business
analyst in South Africa and New
Zealand. For me the MIM has been
a career changer, opening a world
of possibilities that probably would
not have been accessible to me
Through the MIM I’ve been exposed to prominent international
professors and scholars, to talented colleagues, and resources
that confirm Victoria as a world-class university. The final
project helped me further develop my deep analytical abilities
and gave me greater confidence in my own capabilities.
The programme really crystallized what matters most to me
in a job: meaningful work and meaningful relationships. I
need to have a job that affords me the opportunity to engage
in challenging intellectual pursuits with incredibly smart,
talented people working towards a common goal. After
working for a period as a management consultant I am now a
senior manager for Ernst & Young. The MIM has been a perfect
platform for developing extemporaneous communication
skills and entrepreneurial exposure. It has also provided me
with a more finely-honed ability to see the big picture—the
key to success in management consulting.
Pikihuia Reihana
MIM graduate
Since attaining a Bachelor of Science
degree in Business Management in
Hawaii, I’ve worked in various roles
in the New Zealand public service.
In the past 10 years I’ve worked
predominantly in the IT business
analysis space.
In conjunction with astonishing
support from employers, the MIM programme gave me
a holistic view of IT. I discovered a personal interest in
knowledge management, complemented by courses such
as telecommunications, emerging technologies and humancomputer interaction. The ability to select from a number
of elective courses was empowering and allowed me to
customise the programme to fit my needs. The final project
was my biggest challenge and the most rewarding of all.
I worked full-time whilst studying and faced some challenges
juggling my studies with work and my personal life. Having
traversed many obstacles along the path to completion, I’m
grateful for the calibre of lecturers I had the privilege to learn
from. Because of them I felt motivated to un-learn, learn and
re-learn. Further I am confident of applying my learning to all
aspects of my life.
Individual case study or project
Each MIM participant completes either a field case study in an
appropriate organisation or a more theoretical project.
The decision on which course to take needs to be discussed
and decided with the approval of the MIM programme
The case study and project are 30-point two-trimester
courses, involving regular seminars and consultation sessions
with the supervisor. Students are encouraged to select
research topics relevant to their career objectives.
Each course involves a workload of 10–12 hours per week for
the 12 weeks of the trimester. Full-time students can therefore
expect an equivalent workload to a working week of 40–45
hours for much of the year. Part-time students undertaking
two courses per trimester can expect about 20–23 hours of
work a week, and this needs to be taken into account if they
are in full-time employment.
MIM courses are predominantly delivered in the evening to
meet the needs of professional people. Students will enjoy
sharing the knowledge and work experience of others in the
Stepping stones to the MIM
The Master of Information Management is integrated with
a Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Information
Management, which provide stepping stones to the full Master
of Information Management for those who are uncertain
whether they can commit to the entire programme.
Postgraduate Certificate in Information Management
The Postgraduate Certificate in Information Management
consists of the two core courses (MMIM 501 and 502) and two
electives chosen from the schedule on page 7.
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management
The Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management
consists of the two core courses (MMIM501 and 502) plus six
elective courses chosen from the schedule on page 7.
For information on fees, go to or
contact the student fees coordinators, Student Academic
Services, phone 0800 VICTORIA (0800 842 864), email
[email protected]
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Admission requirements
Admission to the MIM programme requires:
→→ a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent academic qualification)
or extensive practical or professional experience
→→ extensive relevant work experience, with at least five years
→→ acceptance as a candidate by the MIM programme director.
How to apply
Initial applications are made online at
You will be asked to submit a brief essay identifying your
career accomplishments to date and how you anticipate
that the MIM will assist you to meet your future ambitions.
You will also be asked to submit a current CV detailing work
Applications will be assessed and candidates may be
contacted for an interview with the programme director.
Applications from international students will be assessed by
Victoria International. Refer to the contact details on the back
of this brochure.
If you have any further enquiries, contact the programme
administrator, phone 04-463 5309.
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Further information can be found on the
MIM Programme’s website:
For MIM Programme enquiries, contact:
School of Information Management
Level 5, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus
Phone +64-4-463 5103
Email [email protected]
MIM Programme Administrator
Phone +64-4-463 5309
Email [email protected]
Victoria Business School
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Student and Academic Services
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International students should contact:
Victoria International
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