Reducing Pain Could You Have a Sinus Infection?

Winter 2014
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Spine Surgery
Urgent Care:
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Could You Have a
Sinus Infection?
Tiny Camera, Small Incisions, Big Benefits:
Shoulder Arthroscopy
houlder arthroscopy has been performed for decades and has made
treatment of shoulder problems safer,
easier, and faster than ever. Maybe
that’s why more than a million are
performed around the world every year.
Q: What is shoulder arthroscopy?
A: It’s a procedure that surgeons use to
diagnose and repair problems in the
shoulder joint. Your surgeon makes
a small cut in your shoulder, about
the size of a buttonhole. Through it,
he or she inserts a small camera
that is connected to a video monitor
in the operating room. This allows
the surgeon to see the inside of your
shoulder. Your surgeon may insert
other instruments through one to
three more small cuts.
Most people receive a nerve block
to numb their arm and shoulder
during the procedure. You may also
be lightly sedated.
Q: H
ow is arthroscopy different from
traditional surgery?
Q: W
ho can have shoulder
A: It uses small incisions to access your
shoulder joint. In traditional open
surgery, large incisions are made to
completely expose the joint. Smaller
cuts generally mean less pain, fewer
complications, shorter hospital stays,
and faster recovery.
A: Y
ou might be a candidate if you
have shoulder problems that persist
despite nonsurgical treatment, including rest, physical therapy, medicine,
and injections.
Q: W
hat shoulder problems
can it help?
A: A
rthroscopy is used to repair many
conditions, including:
•Tears in ligaments that help stabilize the shoulder
•Partly or fully dislocated shoulder
•Tears to the rotator cuff, the
muscles or tendons that attach your
upper arm to your shoulder blade
•Inflammation or damaged lining of
the joint, such as from rheumatoid
•Shoulder impingement syndrome,
when the shoulder needs more
room to move around
Q: How long is recovery?
A: A
fter a simple arthroscopic repair,
you’ll probably wear a sling and feel
some pain and discomfort for at
least one week. Recovery from more
complicated procedures takes more
time. But if the surgery is successful,
most people resume their favorite
activities, with less shoulder pain and
better quality of life than beforehand.
Dr. James Hurt
Caldwell is pleased to
welcome orthopedic
surgeon James Hurt III,
M.D., of Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists
to our Active Medical Staff. Dr. Hurt
provides orthopedic care and orthopedic
sports medicine at Caldwell and at our
George M. Hancock Surgery Center.
Providers wishing to refer patients to
Dr. Hurt for care in our facility may do so
by calling his practice at Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists at 828-758-7091 or
Caldwell at 828-757-5100 for after-hours
or emergency referrals.
Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists is not a division
of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.
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Spinal Stenosis
hen the spinal canal narrows and pinches the
nerves, resulting in leg pain that is worsened by
walking or standing, this is called spinal stenosis.
The risk of developing spinal stenosis is greater for
adults older than 50, although younger people who are
born with a small spinal canal may also develop symptoms.
Aging can cause ligaments (tissues that connect the spine
and bones) to become thicker and the disks between vertebrae to break down. The combination of these degenerative
changes may cause spinal stenosis.
Watch for These Signs
Symptoms include pain and difficulty walking, as well as
numbness, tingling, a sensation of hot or cold, weakness, or
a heavy, tired feeling in the legs. You might also experience
clumsiness or frequent falls.
If you notice any of these symptoms, talk with your
doctor. He or she may recommend medication or injections
to reduce swelling and pain; posture changes; physical
therapy; or weight loss.
Surgery may be considered, too, depending on the
outcome of other treatments and the severity of symptoms.
In some cases, less-invasive techniques can be used.
Preventing Spinal Stenosis
Although this condition can be treated, prevention should
be a primary focus. Staying physically fit and getting regular
exercise can contribute to a healthier spine by improving
endurance and strengthening the back muscles. Maintaining
a healthy weight can reduce the load placed on the spine.
Smokers should quit because smoking can cause the spine
to degenerate faster than the normal aging process.
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program features an
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, please visit
For more information
Spinal Surgery
at Caldwell
At Caldwell, orthopedic spine surgery is
performed by Matthew Hannibal, M.D.,
medical director of our spine center
program and a member of our Active Medical Staff.
Providers wishing to refer patients to Dr. Hannibal
for care in our facility may do so by calling his practice
at Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists at 828-758-7091
or Caldwell at 828-757-5100 for after-hours or emergency referrals.
Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists is not a division of Caldwell
Memorial Hospital.
Growing Our Medical Staff
to Meet Your Needs for Care
J. Laird Griffin, M.D.
Gynecologist at
Laurel Park Women’s Health
inside Falls Medical Park,
4355 Hickory Blvd., Lower Suite B,
Granite Falls
Dennice H. Herman, M.D.
Adult Medicine Physician
Robbins Medical Park
322 Mulberry St. SW, Lenoir
James A. Hurt III, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon and Orthopedic
Sports Medicine Physician at
Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists
232 Sharon Ave. NW, Lenoir
arolina Orthopaedic Specialists is not a
division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.
Chris McMath, M.D.
Pediatrician at The Falls Pediatrics
inside Falls Medical Park,
4355 Hickory Blvd., Lower Suite,
Granite Falls
Mark C. Nenow, M.D.
Otolaryngologist at
Robbins Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy
inside Robbins Medical Park,
322 Mulberry St. SW, Lenoir
Brian Tyler, M.D.
Pediatrician at Mulberry Pediatrics
inside Mulberry Medical Park,
401 Mulberry St. SW, Suite 202,
ulberry Medical Park is not a division of
Caldwell Memorial Hospital.
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Carotid Stenting
Is an Option for
High-Risk Patients
People who suffer from carotid artery disease but are too
high-risk for open surgery may be candidates for a treatment
called carotid stenting. This minimally invasive procedure is
helping save lives by reducing the blockages that otherwise
may lead to stroke. Carotid arteries carry blood from your heart to the brain.
If plaque begins to build up in them, it can narrow or block
the passage of blood, potentially causing a stroke.
Carotid endarterectomy is the most commonly used method
to open blood flow in the carotid arteries. This surgical procedure involves manually scraping out and removing plaque from
the artery.
Carotid stents offer a minimally invasive alternative. Usually
performed following an angiogram—a procedure in which a
balloon is inflated inside the artery to push plaque against the
artery wall—carotid stenting is done under local anesthesia
through a tiny cut in the groin. A thin mesh cylinder called a
stent is guided by a catheter to the narrowed artery. The stent
works like scaffolding, holding open the artery to allow free
flow of blood.
Caldwell is among the first 25 hospitals in North Carolina
to be approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)
for carotid artery stenting reimbursement. Previously, regional
patients were referred to hospitals in cities such as Asheville,
Charlotte, or Winston-Salem. Now, patients and their health
care providers have a convenient option for this high-level,
specialty care.
We Are Here for You
At Caldwell, stenting is performed by
Peter N. Purcell, M.D., endovascular
surgeon and a member of our Active
Medical Staff.
Providers wishing to refer patients
to Dr. Purcell for care in our facility may do so by
calling his practice at Horizon Surgical Specialists
at 828-758-5501 or Caldwell at 828-757-5100 for
after-hours or emergency referrals.
Horizon Surgical Specialists is not a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.
Patient Is Thankful for the
Center for Wound Treatment
It’s been a long road, to say the least.
ary Haas has been through 18 operations in just
three years. Some of those surgeries removed some
of her toes. But that hasn’t slowed her down much. Mary
has two good legs and she is thankful to use them!
After Mary had a heart attack in 2010, her cardiologist
suggested she tell her primary care doctor that she was
having foot pain and difficulty walking. Mary’s diabetes and
previous years of smoking had placed her feet at risk. Her
doctor sent her to Caldwell’s Center for Wound Treatment,
where she quickly became a patient of Caldwell’s very
unique limb salvage team.
“The team brings together the endovascular team,
podiatry, and the Center for Wound Treatment,” says Peter
N. Purcell, M.D., endovascular surgeon and a founding
member of the team. “This made it much easier for us to
coordinate daily on the multidisciplinary approach that’s
been shown nationally to have the best limb salvage rates.”
This collaboration of care includes:
•Endovascular and vascular surgeons Dr. Purcell and
Donald Stewart IV, M.D.
•Foot and ankle surgeon P. Ross Jenkins, DPM
•Acute care nurse practitioner Lindsey M. Lance
•Nurses and physical therapists at the Center for
Wound Treatment
Since it was created, the limb salvage team has treated
more than 250 cases. The feet and legs are greatest at
risk for amputation, and wounds on the foot most often
place the leg at risk.
Pictured: Mary Haas (front row, second from
left) with Center for Wound Treatment staff.
Meet Our Provider Team Members
Horizon Foot & Ankle
1. P. Ross Jenkins, DPM
Horizon Surgical Specialists
2. Peter N. Purcell, M.D.
3. Donald Stewart IV, M.D.
4. Lindsey M. Lance, ACNP
And how is Mary now? On Christmas Eve 2012 she took
her first three steps. Today, she walks without assistance,
and she certainly doesn’t ride. “I wasn’t going to be pushed
around in a wheelchair forever,” she says. “I made up my mind
I wasn’t going to give up walking.
“All the doctors, the nurses, and the staff have helped me
so much!” she says. “I almost died four times but they worked
to help me and I really appreciate them all.”
Dr. Purcell says: “I am really very proud of the limb salvage
team. The expertise and coordination of care it offers to
patients of our region is as good as—or better than!—that
offered anywhere in the United States.” Call 828-757-5916.
Horizon Foot & Ankle is a division of Horizon Surgical Specialists. Neither is
a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital.
PLUS Urgent Care
Now in Hudson
udson recently became home to
Caldwell’s third PLUS Urgent Care
location. The new service opened at
A.P. and Bunch Anderson Medical Park
(270 Pine Mountain Road) in December.
PLUS Urgent Care is a convenient
alternative for patients when regular
physicians’ offices are closed or when
patients cannot see their health care
providers as soon as they would like.
PLUS Urgent Care is also convenient for
patients without a regular medical home
who need to access the services of a
medical provider on short notice.
PLUS Urgent Care is for problems
such as:
• Colds
• Flu
• Sore throats
• Ear aches
• Minor infections
• Minor cuts
• Minor burns
• Scrapes, bumps, or bruises
• Treatment for asthma
• Headaches and migraines
• Urinary tract infections
• Sports injuries
• Sprains and strains
• IV therapy for dehydration
Urgent care is not for medical emergencies. Anyone experiencing a medical
emergency should call 911 or go to the
nearest hospital emergency department
for treatment.
Like most urgent care offices, PLUS
Urgent Care can see you at your time
of need, and PLUS Urgent Care accepts
most health insurance plans, Medicare,
and Medicaid.
For patients of Caldwell Physicians
practices, there may be an additional
benefit. The providers at PLUS Urgent
Care locations may be able to access
your medical records electronically in
order to enhance their ability to treat
you appropriately. You do not have to
be the patient of a Caldwell Physicians
practice to use PLUS Urgent Care.
PLUS Urgent Care at Anderson Medical
Park is open the same hours as Caldwell’s
other PLUS Urgent Care locations (Falls
Medical Park in Granite Falls and Robbins
Medical Park in Lenoir): Monday through
Friday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
Appointments are not needed.
A.P. and Bunch Anderson Medical Park
is also home to family medicine and
Tips for Talking with Your OB-GYN or CNM
Health care providers sometimes seem to speak a language
all their own. But to communicate with yours, you don’t have
to learn “medical-speak.” Just try to be as clear and honest
as you can. And don’t worry about bringing up embarrassing
topics—your health care provider discusses sensitive issues
every day.
An obstetrician-gynecologist, or OB-GYN, and a certified
nurse midwife, or CNM, are health care providers who
specialize in the care of women of all ages. They provide
a wide range of services, including:
•Prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal care
•Screenings, such as Pap tests, mammograms, and
pelvic exams
•Postmenopausal care
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Additionally, OB-GYNs perform surgery, including procedures
to treat conditions of the urinary tract and pelvic organs.
When you see your OB-GYN or CNM, it’s important to share
information about the following:
•Whether you are or might be pregnant, as well as detailed
information about any previous pregnancies
•Your history of menstrual periods
•Your sexual habits
•Unusual symptoms, such as nipple discharge, genital
itching, painful urination, or severe pelvic pain—including
when they started and what, if anything, triggers them
•What medicines you take
•Any other health care specialists you see
Could You Have a
Sinus Infection?
ot a cold that just won’t go away? It might be more
than just a cold. It could be a sinus infection.
Sinus infections often start with a cold. Allergies,
pollution, and temperature changes are also common
A cold usually goes away after a week or two, but a
sinus infection can last longer. Plus, sinus infections
usually cause more symptoms than colds do. They
include a stuffed or runny nose with thick green or
yellow mucus, headache, facial pain, and fever.
To muzzle sinus symptoms, try the following
• Drink plenty of fluids.
• Inhale the steam from a hot shower or a vaporizer.
• Moisten sinuses with an over-the-counter (OTC) saline
nasal spray.
• Ease pain by placing warm compresses over the sinus
area. OTC painkillers, such as acetaminophen, also
may help.
• Try an OTC decongestant nose spray—but only for
a few days. Longer use actually can cause more
Sinus infections often clear up on their own. But if
your symptoms are severe, last more than 10 days,
or worsen after five days, talk with your doctor.
Welcoming Dr. Mark Nenow
If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis,
call for an appointment with otolaryngologist
Mark Nenow (pronounced Knee-no), M.D., at
Robbins Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy.
Dr. Nenow specializes in the diagnosis
and treatment of conditions affecting the ear,
nose, and throat, and he treats allergies, which can
contribute to sinus problems.
Robbins Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy is located in Robbins
Medical Park across from Caldwell. Call 828-757-6464.
Complete Care for Women
Laurel Park Women’s Health provides a full
range of obstetric and gynecologic care,
including menopause care, annual examinations, birth control, infertility evaluation and
treatment, urinary services, and more.
Care is provided in Lenoir by David J. Evans, M.D., and Deanna
Talbert, CNM (left). In Granite Falls, gynecology care is provided
by J. Laird Griffin, M.D. (above right). Dr. Griffin transitioned his
obstetrics practice last fall to Dr. Evans and Ms. Talbert.
Call for information or appointments at either of our locations:
222 Morganton Blvd. SW, Lenoir • 828-757-3301
4355 Hickory Blvd., Lower Suite B, Granite Falls • 828-757-8251
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