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The Newest, Toughest & Most Durable Self Propelled Machine by GVM
The 2014 E-Series Prowler was built based on the innovative
The Prowler’s versatility will allow you to utilize ONE piece of
designs of earlier Prowlers, but includes multiple performance
equipment all year long. Owners will realize immediate savings by
enhancing features. Available in four different models, the Prowler
paying maintenance and depreciation costs on only one machine,
offers a model to fit every operation. Only GVM’s Prowler offers
time savings as operators cover more acres per day and reduced
four season versatility and a mechanical, all wheel drive powertrain
operating costs with the Prowler’s fuel efficient powertrain and
with unmatched road speeds to increase your return on investment.
road speeds up to 45 miles per hour.
New in 2014
• Crenlo Air Ride Cab for better operator comfort and superior
• Front entry with hydraulic ladder
• Smaller fiberglass tilt hood
• 7 in. display with push buttons and up to three cameras
• Larger muffler, 10 decibels quieter in cab
• Placement and serviceability of hydraulic tank
• GEOBLACK® coated hardware for added corrosion resistance
• Wider catwalk and door opening
• Powerposts for faster, easier loading of bulk chemicals
• Additional mirrors, handrails and grab
rails for increased safety
800-458-5123 • www.gvminc.com
Built to Last
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Type Drive
Max. transport/road speed
Speed ranges
409 cu. in. (6.7 L)
Fuel tank capacity
Turning radius
2500 rpm
2100 rpm
115 U.S. gal. (435 L)
Granular dry weight
Maximum GVW
Suspension type
Axle width
Front axle
Rear axle
Crop clearance
Row crop tires
Front flotation tires
Rear flotation tires
Dry Systems:
Double Duty (DD)
New Leader (NL)
Track width
DD/NL capacity
Spread width
DD/NL Load height
Available systems
Liquid System
Tank material
12 U.S. gal. (45.4 L)
4 x 10 x ⅜ in. tubular
24.75 ft (7.5 m)
164 in. (4.17 m)
26 ft (7.9 m)
173 in. (4.39 m)
25 ft (7.62 m)
Air operated wedge drum brake
Spring applied air release
27,795 lb (12,607.6 kg)
28,515 lb (12,934.2kg)
24,015 lb (10,893 kg)
29,015 lb (13,161 kg)
26,015 lb (11,800.2 kg)
26,515 lb (12,027 kg)
48,000 lb (21,772.4 kg)
Variable Coil Spring Suspension
99 in. (2.5 m)
24,000 lb capacity 17.7/1 Double Reduction
planetary with air differential lock
114 in. (2.9 m)
29,000 lb capacity 17.7/1 Double Reduction
planetary with air differential lock
380/90R-46A Goodyear
27 in. (68.6 cm) with standard tires
24,000 lb capacity 16.3/1
Double Reduction planetary
with air differential lock
29,000 lb capacity 16.3/1
Double Reduction planetary
with air differential lock
380/90R46 Firestone D rated
650/75R32 Goodyear, 800.65R32 Goodyear
650/75R32 or 800/65R32 Goodyear
90/108 in. (2.29/2.74 m)
108/120 in. (2.74/3.05 m)
305/250 cu. ft (8.5/7.1 cu. m)
90-105 ft (27.4-32 m)
330/270 cu. ft (9.3/7.6 cu. m)
DD 120 in. (304.8 cm)/NL 123 in. (312.42 cm)
9.5T Double Duty FR, NL L3220G4 MR,
304 SS or painted 409 SS
1400 U.S. gal. (5,299 L)
1600 U.S. gal. (6056 L)
11.0T Double Duty FR, NL L4000G4 MR, NL L5034G4,
304 SS or painted 409 SS, AGCO AirMax Precision™
Stainless Steel
1800 U.S. gal (6813 L)
High volume Hypro 9306C std., ACE High Volume Suspension opt.
Electronic control valve, 0, ⅛, ¼, ⅜, ½ and full position
Boom width options
60/80 ft, 70/90 ft, 70/100 ft, 65/120 ft
Ground height adjustment
29.7-84 in. (75.4-213.4 cm)
Boom sections
10 AccuBoom std., 5 manual
3 in. (.08 cm)
Pressure strainer
Banjo 50 mesh T-Strainer
Plumbing material
Stainless Steel
Breakaway width
Precision Tools
Funk DF250, 11–speed Powershift
10 U.S. gal. (37.8 L)
Product pump
Quick fill size
Boom Options
Reverse pitch, optional
ZF WG210, 6–speed Powershift
Parking brakes
Liquid dry weight
370 hp/1128 ft lb torque
543 cu. in. (8.9 L)
Primary brakes
Ladder raise/lower
6 cylinder Cummins QSL Tier III
325 hp/1020 ft lb torque
86 U.S. gal. (325 L)
Trans. oil capacity
Wheel base
42 mph (66.79 kph)
11 forward/ 4 reverse
275 hp/730 ft lb torque
Make and model
Frame construction
6 forward/3 reverse
6 cylinder Cummins QSB Tier III
Governed high idle speed
44 mph (72.42 kph)
Make and model
Peak rated power
Mechanical, Full time AWD
Nozzle spacing
Rate controller
6.7 ft (2 m)
20 or 30 in. (50.8 or 76.2 cm)
15 or 20 in. (38.1 or 50.8 cm)
Raven or Ag Leader
Built to Last
To find a dealer near you, please visit www.gvminc.com.