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The advanced course will be held at the Van der Valk
Hotel Schiphol in Hoofddorp. It is situated 8 kms
southwest from Schiphol International airport and next
to the motorway A4 to The Hague. There are regular
free shuttle buses from the airport to the hotel.
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9 - 12 March 2015, Schiphol, The Netherlands
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9 - 12 de
2015, Schiphol,
Centre International de Séjour
Les 15, 16
17 octobre 2008, Amsterdam, Les Pays Bas
The well established advanced course for
experienced PLAXIS users is organized every
year as a continuation of the basic course on
Computational Geotechnics. One of the aims of
this course is to teach the application of advanced
soil models. Whereas the basic course concentrates
on the Mohr-Coulomb model, attention is now
fully focused on the Hardening Soil model and
the very new extension to include the small-strain
stiffness. Another aim of the course is to teach the
numerical analysis of geotechnical problems, such
as excavations, soil improvements, embankments
and foundations. On solving practical problems the
latest versions of both PLAXIS 2D and PLAXIS 3D
will be used.
During the advanced course we will use the
latest version of PLAXIS 2D that follows the same
modelling concepts that were already introduced
in PLAXIS 3D. For users that have not been able
to get acquainted with either PLAXIS 3D or the
latest PLAXIS 2D it is recommended to check out
the introductory version prior to the course. An
introductory version can be obtained through the
Plaxis website at
The second day will be fully dedicated to
soft soils. Aspects of excavations in soft soil
and embankments with creep behaviour and
its interaction with consolidation as well as
large deformation analysis will be addressed.
Additionally the use of drains and soil improvement
will be discussed. The second day lectures are:
»» Critical State Soil Mechanics - Prof. Helmut
»» Undrained soil behaviour - Prof. Helmut
»» Soft Soil model - Dr. Ronald Brinkgreve
»» Undrained behaviour of Clay - Prof. Thomas Benz
»» Creep behaviour - Dr. Martino Leoni
»» Soft Soil Creep model - Dr. Martino Leoni
»» Soil improvement - Prof. Helmut Schweiger
»» Analysis of piles - Dr. Yasser El-Mossallamy
»» Piled rafts - Dr. Yasser El-Mossallamy
»» Embedded piles - Prof. Helmut Schweiger
The third day opens with lectures on the modelling
of foundations, with particular attention to raft and
pile-raft foundations. Furthermore, the PLAXIS 3D
program is introduced and used for exercises on
raft and piled raft foundations.
»» Shallow foundations - Dr. Yasser El-Mossallamy
»» Using PLAXIS 3D - Dennis Waterman
Experts with a thorough theoretical background
and an extensive experience in practical modelling
have been invited to give lectures and prepare
exercises and case studies.
This year there will be an optional fourth day
fully dedicated to modelling of rock and tunnels.
Additional constitutive models are introduced
for the modelling of rock, including Hoek-Brown,
Joined Rock and the Swelling Rock model. Also
special attention is given to the behaviour and
modelling of shotcrete lining and the special
Shotcrete constitutive model that is available for
»» Modelling of Jointed Rock - Prof. Helmut
»» NATM tunnelling - Prof. Helmut Schweiger
»» Modelling rock in Plaxis - Dennis Waterman
»» Modelling tunnels in Plaxis - Dennis Waterman
»» Swelling rock - Prof. Helmut Schweiger.
The program format consists of three days, which
are arranged in intensive session blocks, allowing
for a compact and time effective course. All days
include a morning and and an extended afternoon
On the first day of the course, the focus will be on
elasto-plastic soil models and the simulation of
standard laboratory tests. Special attention will
be given to undrained soil behaviour, small-strain
stiffness and parameter sets for different soils. To
include small-strain soil stiffness the Hardening Soil
model has been extended to the HS-Small model,
as will be explained in full detail. The titles of the
lectures are:
»» Concepts of plasticity - Prof. Helmut Schweiger
»» Shear and density hardening of soils - Prof.
Thomas Benz
»» HS and HSsmall model - Prof. Thomas Benz
»» Parameters of the HS-small model - Prof. Thomas
session ending with dinner. The blocks all contain
two full 45min. lectures and a 60min. exercise with
full tutoring. On Wednesday afternoon the course
ends with a dinner for those who do not subscribe
for the unsaturated soils day on Thursday.
The cost of the course is €1395 and the cost of the
extra Rock and tunnelling day is €565. However,
when both the course and the Rock and tunnelling
day are attended there will be a €110 discount.
The cost includes all lunches and dinners. The
course fee also includes a full set of instruction
manuals and the use of a computer. Hotel
accommodation at the Hotel Schiphol can be
booked at a special rate for course participants.
9 – 12 March, 2015
Hotel Schiphol, Hoofddorp, The
Course leader:
Dennis Waterman
Plaxis bv
Prof. Thomas Benz
Dr. Yasser El-Mossallamy
Dennis Waterman, MSc
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Wechselwirkung GmbH
Senior Expert, Arcadis Consult, Germany
Plaxis bv
Yasser has been a researcher and consultant for 17
years. He has a wide experience in the design and
construction of raft and piled raft foundations of
high-rise buildings and bridge foundation. He was
also involved in many projects dealing with stability
of landslides, soil improvement, rock fall hazards
and tunnelling.
Dennis obtained a Masters degree in Civil
Engineering at Delft University of Technology
before he joined Plaxis in 1996 as a programmer.
He has been involved for several years in creating
the Windows user-interfaces of the new Plaxis
products before shifting his main field of activity to
user support and lecturing courses in 2002. Since
2006 international course coordinator.
Thomas worked several years as field geophysicist,
structural-, and geotechnical engineer before he
got into constitutive modelling of geo-materials. As
part of his Ph.D. he developed the HS-Small model,
a small-strain extension of the Hardening Soil mode
before moving to NTNU. He also started his own
company specialised in numerical geotechnics.
Dr. Martino Leoni
Prof. Helmut F. Schweiger
WeSI Geotecnica Srl
Graz University of Technology
Martino obtained his PhD from the University of
Parma. From 2005 to 2009 he was research fellow
at the University of Stuttgart, where he developed
a constitutive model for anisotropic creep of soft
soils. Since 2009, he has been managing director
and lead scientist at WeSI Geotecnica.
Helmut obtained his Ph.D. form the University
College of Swansea and teaches courses on
Advanced Soil Mechanics and Computational
Geomechanics at the TU Graz. He has over 15 years
of experience in development and application of
the FE method in geotechnics.