St. Hilda Jr. High School November 2014

St. Hilda Jr. High School
November 2014
Thank you Father, For having created us and given us to each other
in the human family. Thank you for being with us in all our joys
and sorrows, for your comfort in our sadness, your companionship
In our loneliness, Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow and
For the whole of our lives. Thank you for friends, for health and
for grace. May we live this and everyday conscious of all that has
been given to us.
Administrators’ Message
We started October off with the grade nines Camp Warwa trip and we were blessed with wonderful weather and a great
experience for all. Thanksgiving was a time to reflect on what we are all thankful for; family, friends, and living in a wonderful
country and the best province of all! St. Hilda has the pleasure of hosting a Spanish visiting teacher - Monica Sierra Fuentes, Monica will be working with our staff and students from October 27 – November 21.
The month of November we celebrate Remembrance Day to honour the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our
freedom. We often take this freedom for granted, we must remember, reflect, and be truly grateful to those that have and those that
will serve to protect us from those who wish to do us harm. We pray for love and understanding and peace throughout the world in
Jesus’s name.
The first two months of school have been busy ones! All grades have been trained on Office 365, grade 9’s had presentations from The Government of Alberta as well as Holy Trinity (preparing for High School). We wrapped October up with our Halloween Dance, which was a fun day for students and staff alike! Students have been using their learner skills and diligently working
towards their first report card grades. We will be sending home report cards on November 28th.
Mrs. J. McMillan
Mrs. N. Funaro
Assistant Principal
St. Hilda Important Notices
Nov 2: Daylight Savings (change your clocks back 1hr)
Nov 3: Rec Leadership Jiu-jitsu
Nov 5: Take your kids to work day—Grade 9s only
Nov 7: Remembrance Day Celebration
Nov 10: No School
Nov 11: Remembrance Day (No School)
Nov 13: Rec Leadership Yoga
Nov 17: Feast Day Celebration 2:00pm
Nov 18: SAC/PAC meeting 6:30pm
Nov 19: Rec Leadership Yoga
Nov 21: Rec Leadership Mini Golf
Nov 28: Report card distribution
December 4:Parent/Teacher Interviews 1:30-4:30&6-8
PowerSchool (Want to see your child's marks Daily?)
Log onto the Power School Parent Portal daily. This tool offers parent the opportunity ot check on their child's
progress daily. Further more, it offers parents the following special features:
 Monthly newsletter and calendars
 Keeping track of the following: absences, late arrivals, missed assignments as well as marks received on
 Visit this site to access POWERSCHOOL
Medical Alert Forms
Parents who have children with severe medical conditions must come to the office where they will be asked to
complete and submit a medical alert form. This is done in your child’s best interest, will be put on file for reference in the event of an emergency and timely action.
November 5 - Take Your Kids to Work Day
November 5th is take your kids to work day for the Grade 9s. Please call Mrs. King in the office to let her
know if your child will not be coming to school that day.
Provincial achievement results 2013-2014
Acceptable Standard
School score
English Language Arts
Social Studies
School Advisory Council Information
School council is a collective association of parents, teachers, principal, staff and community representatives whose purpose is to advise the principal and the board respecting matters relating to the school. It
is a means for parents and community members to work together with the school to support and enhance
students learning. The actual decision-making authority of the school council is limited to setting policies to govern school council activities at the school level, as described in the school Act, planning support activities that align with school council’s purpose and choosing which advice to provide the principal and board on areas that specifically fall to them.
The advisory role is intended to involve parents and the community in school-based decision making
for which the principal is responsible. It is always important to respect authority and legal accountability. The principal has authority for instructional leadership and school management, and the school
board has the authority for governing school jurisdiction. Parents are encouraged to attend the meetings
and be involved in their school council.
The next SAC meeting will be on November 18, [email protected] 6:30. It will be held in the library.
Sports @ St. Hilda
Boys Soccer Team
Congratulations to our senior boys soccer team for representing St. Hilda Hawks. This was the third
year that we had a soccer team and many thanks to Senior Mendez and the boys for putting forth a terrific effort. The season has ended but the team is still practicing every Friday to improve their skills.
Volleyball Season Begins
All grade 7,8,9 were invited to try out for the senior boys and girls teams early in September. Thanks to
our coaches Mr. Gibney, Mr. Ebel, Mr. Blais, Mr. MacPherson, Mr. Cadieux Mr. Menendez for spending time with our teams . Best of luck as the season begins.
Attendance/Early Departure
Attendance, as indicated in the Alberta school Act Section13 & 14, is the legal obligation of parents.
Students are expected to be at school unless ill or at appointments. Regular and prompt attendance is
essential in achieving maximum potential in school . If your child will be absent or late for school,
please call our secretary after 8am. Or feel free to call beforehand and leave a message on our answering machine. It is very important that we keep accurate attendance records for your child.
Punctuality is a learned skill that will serve kids throughout their lifetime. It is a life skill that prepares
them for the realities of the work place as adults. Furthermore, it is essential for maximum use of instructional time. Parents are asked to assist us in teaching the value of being punctual by ensuring that
children arrive not only on time, but that they understand the importance of being in their homeroom
prior to morning announcements. Every three lates is equal to a one day absence.
Early Departure
Please ensure that, if at anytime, you will be picking up your child from school prior to regular dismissal
time, you should come into the office and sign him/her out. This is to ensure the safety of all of our students. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Bus passes may be purchased with cash, cheque, or Visa. Parents who know their child will be using the
bus for the whole year are asked to submit 10 post dated cheques as part of our pre-payment plan or provide
a visa number. Bus passes are sold monthly in the office. They go on sale three days before the end of the
month and for the first week of the following month. REPLACEMENT cost for a lost bus pass is 65.00
and only one can be purchased.
Ongoing communication between the school and home is one of the most important contributions we can
make for the educational development of our students. By working together, we will help all students
achieve their academic best. Please read the information below as a quick summary of things you can access to acquire information related to school events, assignments, expectations, and general queries related
to school events.
 Power school
Virtual Class room
Remind 101
 Outdoor sign
Agenda books
 Calling homeroom teacher Parent Advisory Council meetings Newsletter & Calendar of Events
Edmonton Catholic Schools recognizes the freedom of all members of the school community (students,
staff, parents and neighbours) to voice their concerns in an appropriate manner to the appropriate school
personnel. The principle of “first contact” needs to be followed. This means that the person(s) who have
the concern, have the responsibility to begin addressing the concern directly with those persons with whom
they have the concern before taking their concern elsewhere. All parties will deal with concerns in a manner that is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Furthermore, open and honest communication between school and home is also crucial if we are all to work
in the best interest of the students. As such, the following district policy highlighted below for your information, as it is comprehensive and sets out the protocol and procedure to be used to promote open, fair and
positive communication for all stakeholders involved should a concern arise.
Office phone—students may use the office phone in the event of illness or emergency.
Cell phone—cell phones can be very disruptive. Issues such as loss of instructional time abuses, bullying and invasion of privacy are just some of the concerns related to cell phone usage.
In accordance with the School Act Section 45 (8); Section 27(1)(a); Section 20 (f); Section 12 and Administration regulation 104 4,5 and 6;109; 119-3 (6) and in order to protect our safe and secure learning
environment, students are expected to store their cell phone in their locker from the time they enter the
building to the time they leave. The phone must be turned off or on “mute”
Failure to follow the procedures and expectations as outlined herein will result in the phone being confiscated and sent to the office where they will be kept until a parent or guardian comes into the school to
collect it.
Additional cell phone infractions will be deemed as defiance of school rules/expectations and will result
in suspensions.
3 D1
Daylight savings
Change your
clocks back 1hr
Rec Leadership
4 D2
5 D3
Take your kids to
work day Grade 9
Please let Mrs.
King Know your
child will not be
6 D4(3456)
7 D5
Day Celebration
13 D1(3456)
14 D2
No School
12 D6
Grade 9 Yoga
17 D3
Feast Day
Celebration 2pm
large Gymnasium
24 D2
18 D4
SAC/PAC meeting at 6:30pm
19 D5
20 D6 (3456)
Grade 9 Yoga
Christian Service
hours Due to homeroom teacher
21 D1
Rec Leadership
Mini Golf
25 D3
26 D4
27 D5(3456)
28 D6
Report Cards
Sent home