2014 New Jersey Preservation Awards

2014 New Jersey Preservation Awards
Preservation New Jersey is pleased to solicit public nominations for the organization’s 2014 Preservation Awards, to
be presented November 12, 2014 at our Night of Celebration.
Awards will be given to individuals, projects or programs that have made a major or sustained impact within the field
of historic preservation in New Jersey. Individual and organization awards will be given to those that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to historic preservation in general or to a specific resource in particular. The award
basis is to be on professional, technical and personal accomplishments.
Preservation New Jersey also is interested in rewarding innovative, out-of-the-box preservation efforts. If you have a
project, individual or organization that you think is eligible for a reward but does not fit the categories outlined below, please contact PNJ to discuss.
Project Award
For the rehabilitation, restoration or adaptive use of a historic resource including buildings, structures, sites and
cultural landscapes
Sustainability Award
For the continual use or sustainable rehabilitation of an existing building; one that has conserved materials and
energy prevented environmental, social and economic impacts of demolition; and taken into consideration
embodies energy.
Archaeology Award
For an individual archaeological project or a component of a construction project that conserves or interprets
underground resources.
For organizations and individuals that have made important and sustained contributions to the understanding
and promotion of historic preservation and history in New Jersey.
New Preservation Initiatives Award
For organizations, individuals and agencies that have created new initiatives and new opportunities for
preservation in NJ, or for PNJ
Visionary/Stewardship Award
For organizations, individuals, and agencies that have shown long-term and quality commitment to the use
of an historic resource and/or the field of historic preservation in general.
Education or Community Engagement Award
For innovative and exceptional preservation/heritage education programs or curricula or community
engagement programs or projects.
Historical Commission Award
For local historical commissions or committees that have undertaken new initiatives, provided long-term
quality work to their community or successfully overcome recent obstacles.
Private Homeowner Award
For the rehabilitation, restoration or adaptive use of a private residence.
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Criteria for Award (in descending order of importance)
Public impact on the community, region or state
Quality and/or creativity and appropriateness of the solution
Extent of audience served
Degree of difficulty: Was the resource threatened? Were obstacles overcome?
Did the project or will the end result create any new partnerships?
Significance of the resource(s)
Quality of the submission
Projects nominated for awards must have been substantially completed between November 1, 2012 and November 1, 2014. Construction awards are limited to activities that are in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of
Historic Properties.
Submission Requirements
Applications must be submitted as a PDF digital document no larger than 6MB to Laura Slomka [email protected]
and include the following:
Three page (maximum) narrative describing why the individual, organization or program is worthy of a historic
preservation award. Please address the award criteria. Provide history as well as current work as well as any past
involvement with PNJ. If applicable, provide a sample of the product produced.
2. For construction and project awards only: Include a brief narrative (3 page maximum) of the major work completed and
how that work meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards. Summarize the project and the history of the resource as
well as address the award criteria. Please provide Register status of the resource as well as any past involvement with
PNJ. Unless otherwise requested, DO NOT INCLUDE drawings or specifications.
3. Complete list of individuals, companies and organizations involved in the initiative, project or program.
4. No more than 14 digital photographs in PDF format including historic photographs if available as well as before and after
shots. Maximum size of each photograph: 4 MB
5. Please provide contact information including name, phone number and email address
6. Letter of recommendations are encouraged but not required.
Please contact LAURA SLOMKA at 609-392-6409 or [email protected] with any questions.
Thank you for helping us celebrate New Jersey’s preservation success stories!
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