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Illegal-CinC-Soetoro AWOL
November 12, 2014 – Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said "Russian longrange bombers will conduct flights along Russian borders and over the Arctic Ocean.
He added that "in the current situation we have to maintain military presence in the
western Atlantic and eastern Pacific, as well as the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico."
However, Soetoro (aka BHO) is AWOL even though he is only a Kenyan-born illegalalien Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C). Soetoro not only refuses to have CLOSED
BORDERS but now he refuses to have CLOSED SKIES over the borders of our nation.
Why? Because Mr. Soetoro is not an American born citizen and he has no concern for
what happens to this foreign nation.
Evidence Soetoro is an illegal alien? Please review again:
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The very, very liberal, National Public Radio, described Barack Obama as "Kenyan-born."
The Associated Press (AP) declared that "Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take
over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a
furor over lurid sex club allegations."
Kenya Sunday Standard headline -- "Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate"
The Kenya Standard -- "It seems Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America (via a sleepy
village in Kenya called Nyang’oma K’Ogelo) can do no wrong."
The Nigerian Observer -- "Americans will today go to the polls to elect their next President with Democratic Party
candidate, Senator Barack Obama largely favoured to win. The Kenyan-born Senator will..." (another exhibit)
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USAfrica -- "Kenyan-born OBAMA makes history...wins presidential nomination of U. S. Democratic party; eyes on
White House..."
Newspage Weekly -- "The Kenya-born senator, who is being considered by some of his admirers as the "New
Kennedy"..." -- " Little wonder then why Kenyan-born Barack Obama, America's first Black President..." -- "For Ghana, Obama's visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as
it hosts the first-ever African-American President on this presidential visit to the continent of his birth."
The same article, with the same quote, appeared in
And The Ghana Times -- "So far, the odds favour the once underdog in American politics, Obama, the AfricanAmerican Senator from Illinois state. A Congressional Quarterly (CQ) politics monitored on BBC put the Kenyan
born American ahead of his rival, John McCain."
PlanUSA -- "More than 50 schools in Kisumu, Kenya, about 30 miles from where Obama was born and where his
grandmother still lives..."
The Kenya Information and Tourism Worldguides website is running a piece about Kisumu in Kenya that
identifies the town as the birthplace of Barack Obama. -- Note: within 24 hours of this posting, Team Obama had
the website scrubbed. See here for more information.
Obama's literary agency, Acton & Dystel, touted Obama as "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."
Then there's the Chicago Sun-Times article from September 3, 2006 by Lynn Sweet -- "Obama's next big
international journey will be in 2007. He says he's looking at China, India and Indonesia, 'where ironically I
actually have more of a childhood than I do in Kenya.'''
Then there's the guy with the Kenyan birth certificate, who made a video featuring The Obama File.
The point here is that there are plenty of reasons to question who and what Barack Obama is.
Then there's the oft cited AP report of the debate, between Obama and Keyes in 2004, in which Keyes faulted
Obama for not being a "natural born" citizen, and in which Obama, by his quick retort, "So what? I am running
for Illinois Senator, not the presidency."
Obama admits he was, "at birth," a Kenyan citizen and a subject of Great Britain. He has proffered a book, a
phony birth document and some old newspaper clippings as documentation that he's eligible to serve as POTUS.
Obama continues to fight the release of his bona fides with millions and both federal and private attorneys,
arrogantly assuming that the American People will just sit there with their mouths shut while this guy shreds
the U. S. Constitution.
To top it all off, the Democratic National Committee filed fraudulent "Official Certification of Nomination"
papers for Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 49 of the 50 states.
The legacy media has completely abandoned its responsibility as the government's watchdog, has become
political, and is functioning as an Obama propaganda outlet. Don't expect them to ask any embarrassing
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