The Villanovan A Monthly Publication of Villanova Junior High School November 2014

The Villanovan
A Monthly Publication of Villanova Junior High School
Volume 9 Issue 3
November 2014
Principal: Mr. Barry Jenkins
[email protected]
Telephone: 834-3916
Fax: 834-4064
Bussing Update
Students were given a memo on Thursday, Oct. 30,
to bring home regarding updates to our bus routes
to address overcrowding issues. The changes
affect routes, 36, 37 and 38 only. We have added
a new bus route, route 35. This bus will consist of
students taken from 36, 37, and 38 to balance out
the loads. Please review this bus information with
your child. The changes will come into effect on
the afterschool run on Monday, November 3,
Staffing Update
Assistant Principal: Ms. Carolyn Tilley
[email protected]
Thursday compared to last year, so we know the
Unfortunately, this increase means we are in
greater need of donations this year. If you would
like to help, you can donate funds or food items.
Items that are always needed are; 100% Apple and
Orange juice, cereal bars (no peanuts please)
yogurt, Cheese Whiz or cheese sticks, whole grain
bread and bagels. Thanks again to those parents
and teachers who have already contributed food
items and their time this year. If you have any
questions please contact Ms. Brenda Abbott via email, [email protected]
We would like to inform you that we have recently
hired two new teachers. Ms. Krista Richards was
hired as a Special Education teacher to fill a
vacancy in our Student Support Services
department and Ms. Nicole Clarke was hired to
replace Ms. Krista Babb who is now on leave
awaiting the arrival of her second child. Ms. Babb’s
English Language Arts Department Head position
will now be handled by Mr. Geoff Hoddinott.
Remembrance Dayth Assemblies
On Wednesday, November 5 we will be having our
annual remembrance day assemblies. Members of the
Royal Canadian Legion in Kelligrews along with some of
our students will participate in our assemblies. The first
assembly will begin at 9:00 am with homerooms: 5-
Students enjoying our breakfast program
School Holidays
1, 5-2, 6-3, 6-4, 7-3, 7-5, 7-6, 7-8, 7-10, 8-2, 8-4, 8-5, 8-6,
8-8, 8-9. The second assembly will begin at 10:45 am
with homerooms: 5-3, 5-4, 5-5, 6-1, 6-2, 6-5, 7-1, 7-2,
7-4, 7-7, 7-9, 8-1, 8-3, 8-7. You are welcome to join us at
School will be closed on Monday, November 10,
and again on Tuesday, November 11 for
Remembrance Day.
one of the assemblies.
Beverage Recycling Program
We would like to offer congratulations to Mr. Craig
Follett who recently convocated from Memorial
University with his Master of Education Degree.
Our grade 6 students along with their teachers organize
our beverage recycling program.
Students collect
recyclables on Tuesdays and Thursdays in our school.
If you would like to contribute your recyclables please
drop them off next to the shed in front of the school on
Friday mornings. Some of the proceeds from our
recycling will support our Breakfast Program.
Terry Fox Walk
We had a very successful day. Each grade level
walked over 5 km. Thanks to the generous support
provided to our students we collected over
$4864.90 this year for the Terry Fox Foundation.
This brings our 9 Year Total to $41,831.96.
Great job everyone.
Breakfast Program
Thanks to the wonderful support of parents and
teachers our breakfast program is off to a wonderful
start. We began on October 7th as part of our
healthy commotion day. Before going on their Terry
Fox walk students were treated to a wide variety of
food and beverages thanks to donations from
Villanova, parents and the Kids Eat Smart
Foundation. We have noticed an increase of about
50+ students attending each Tuesday and
Thanksgiving Food Drive
Thanks to all our families who helped contribute to
our Annual Fill The Foyer Food Drive. Through
your efforts we delivered two pickup truck loads of
food to the CBS/Paradise Foodbank. Excellent!!
Reports and Conferences
The first report cards for the 14-15 school year will
be released on Nov. 27th and parent teacher
conferences will be held on Thursday, Dec. 4th.
We will be using an on-line booking system to book
your interviews. A link to the Online Parent
Teacher Interview Scheduler (OPTIS) will be
available on the main page of our web site in the
next week or so. Please review this link and setup
your account. It is important to set up your account
in advance. Each year the system is reset and all
accounts from last year have been removed.
Booking times can be made beginning, Friday Nov.
28th, at 8:30 am. Don’t forget to pick up your
Parent Portal Account at the main office, this
will give you on-line access to your child’s
Page 1
1st Chamberlains Pathfinders
The 1st Chamberlains Pathfinder Unit are asking
your help to support their community initiative to
help the CBS/Paradise
November 24 to December 5 a Twoonie for
Turkey's container will be placed in each
classroom. Students are asked to bring in a
Twoonie to help the local foodbank purchase
turkeys and other items for Christmas food
hampers. Any other change or amount a student
would like to donate would be greatly appreciated.
The class who raises the most funds will win an ice
cream party on the last day of school before
Christmas Break. The ice cream party will be
provided and served by the 1st Chamberlains
Pathfinders. Any questions please contact Nicolle
Garrett at [email protected]
Annual Fund-raiser
Our orders have been sent to Norcard and we will
be receiving these orders around the middle of
When the orders arrive we will
announce via synrevoice and e-mail and have the
orders arranged for pick up on an after school and
evening. We sold approximately $30,000 worth of
product and we will receive approximately 45% of
this after our prizes are awarded. The prize
winners will be announced after the orders are
Office Contact and Phone Calls
Parents/guardians, last month we informed you of
concerns we are having with the number of
requests during the school day from students to
make contact home. With your help, we hope to
stop this practice. If students forget to bring
something to school they will have to wait until they
go home to bring it the following day. With the
overwhelming number of daily interruptions we
have to try another practice. To this end we will no
longer permit students to make a call unless it is of
an urgent nature, such as requiring lunch,
medications or because of sickness.
As of
Wednesday, November 12th, we will start this
practice. It is important for us to cut the disruption
to our classes and our office staff and to help our
students become more responsible. We appreciate
your support as we implement this.
After School Activities
Please check our Extra/Co-curricular Calendar on
our web site for activities your child can get
involved in and for the details of start and stop time
and location. We will place cancellations of events
on the calendar as soon as we can to try and alert
everyone so you won’t need to contact the school.
We wish to remind you as well to be on time to pick
up your child at the conclusion of their activity.
Field Trips
When we have a field trip, permission forms are
required with a parent/guardian signature. On
times we have students who do not return the
permission form. If your child does not have the
signed permission form returned on the day of the
field trip he/she may not be able to attend and will
be placed in another classroom until his/her class
returns. Phone calls or e-mails on the day of the trip
causes delays and may not provide the time for us
to get the signed form, therefore putting your child
at risk of not being able to attend. Please discuss
the importance of your child giving you these forms
when they are distributed. Our homework page
can assist with this as well, please check for the
updates and reminders that teachers give.
School Council
Should you have any questions our concerns
regarding our school please contact your parent
representatives: Lorilynn Rowsell (Chair) 834-3329
[email protected] and
[email protected], Karen Barry 8343271 or [email protected]
Burke 781-0091 or [email protected] . The
other members on our school council are teacher
representatives, Huberta Lundrigan, Tracy Bowers
and Tamar Duff, community representative Rick
Stanley as well as Principal, Barry Jenkins. We will
be adding one more community representative to
our council as well. Our regular monthly meetings
will held on the 1st Wednesday of the month
beginning at 5:00 pm in the school library. We had
our first meeting on Oct. 27. Our next meeting will
be December 3rd. Minutes of our meetings and
other information relating to school council are
posted on our web site under the School Council
Cross Walk
If your child walks to or from school please remind
them to use the cross walk to cross Topsail Road.
We have reports of students crossing in other
places and that compromises their safety. We also
sent a message home about vehicles stopping at
the cross-walk to let students out. This is a very
dangerous practice. Please drop your children off
in the school parking lot using the drop-off lane.
We have also contacted the police and asked them
to monitor the area in front of the school for
speeding drivers and drivers passing other vehicles
in line to get into the school. With students
crossing the cross walk this is very dangerous.
Cafeteria Menu
The cafeteria menu for this school year is posted
on the main page of our school web page.
SynreVoice Communication
We are updating our data base and will be using
the SynreVoice system to allow us to contact you
more efficiently. As a reminder the system allows
us to contact you by phone to give you important
information such as an early closing, to advise you
on an upcoming event or to inform you your child is
absent from school. This system allows us to
deliver thousands of calls in just a few minutes. For
this system to be effective we need up-to-date
contact numbers. If you have made changes since
completing the registration form please contact Ms.
Munden or Ms. Hynes, our school secretaries, to
update your file.
We also ask that you check your e-mail and our
school website frequently throughout the day for
emergency information and/or important reminders
and updates. If you have not been receiving e-mails
please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to
ensure we have your correct e-mail address. You
Page 2
can also follow us on Twitter, @VillanovaSchool, to
received school information and updates.
Emergency Closures
Winter is certainly just around the corner! The
possibility will increasingly exist for an emergency
closure. Parent/guardians and students should
1. In the event of serious storms or stormrelated transportation problems, the NL
decisions related to school closure. Should
the NLESD decide to close schools, the
local AM/FM radio stations will be notified.
During stormy weather, please make an
effort to frequently check radio stations for
information on school closures. You may
also visit the NLESD website at
2. Please do not telephone the school for
confirmation of announced school closures
or possible re-openings. All information
related to school closures and re-openings
will be on the various radio stations and
district web site, e-mail and twitter.
We would also like to remind you to ensure that we
have the necessary information on file for your child
in the event that school must be dismissed early.
In the past we have had students not knowing what
to do. If you have changed the arrangements
given on your child’s registration form please
contact his/her homeroom teacher.
Family Vacations
As a reminder, if you are planning time for your
child to be away from school you must contact Mr.
Jenkins, in writing, preferably by e-mail, requesting
permission for your child to be away, otherwise the
absence may be considered un-excused.
When a student misses school for vacation time
he/she is responsible for any work missed while
away and also is responsible for getting this missed
work from a classmate when they return.
Teachers are not required to prepare work in
advance of a scheduled vacation or to give time
to re-teach something that the student misses.
This responsibility falls to the student and his/her
Curriculum Information
Grade 5 News - Ms. Collins
It is so hard to believe that another month has flown
by for the grade five students and teachers. And we
have been working so hard! We have completed
the Math unit on “Numeration” and we are moving
on to the next unit “Fractions”, which is unit 7 in the
text book. Students are encouraged to take home
their math books each night for review and practice
of daily concepts. In Science, we will be completing
the Weather unit by mid November and all students
will be working on an at home final project, which
will involve a choice activity to orally present to their
classes. In Language Arts, our students have
enjoyed listening to the book “Beautiful Warrior”,
about a young female Shaolin monk who teaches a
young village girl that strength is found within, and it
is always important to believe in yourself. In Social
Studies, we have been working on becoming
historians. We are examining objects and artefacts
to help us with our questioning skills and to help us
understand things of the past. October has also
been a very creative month for our grade five
students, with painting and crafts, including
pantyhose pumpkins, witches and fall paintings. All
students thoroughly enjoyed Spirit Week. Our
grade 5 students and teachers had so much fun
dressing up as Twins, in Halloween colors, and in
their Halloween costumes and had a fabulous time
with all the entertaining activities. The grade fives
are continuing to enjoy all the opportunities
available to them at Villanova, including Band,
Running Club, Cupcake Club, Choir and meeting
their friends at the Eat –n- Run Café two mornings
a week. And soon they will be starting lunch time
intramurals, thanks to Mr. Cantwell. We, the grade
five teachers, wish to thank the parents of grade
fives for your support in making our Thanksgiving
food drive a huge success. Many local families will
certainly benefit from your generosity. Thank you to
all of our parents for your continued support and
encouragement throughout the past month. We are
truly enjoying working with both you and your
Grade 6 News - Ms. Stead
This has been a very busy month for our grade six
students! We have enjoyed working with your
children through the first unit in Math entitled;
“Number Patterns” and we are currently engaged in
the next unit “Number Relationships”. We have
learned about factors and multiples, prime and
composite numbers, and factor rainbows and trees.
We would encourage you and your children,
together to review math facts each evening, as this
would surely assist them throughout the next
chapter, “Patterns in Mathematics.” A great app to
download is one called “Ghostblasters”. This is a
great factor review, and timely for Halloween!
In Science, the theme “Diversity of Life” is still
We are really enjoying researching
different classifications of living things and doing
exciting projects in each of our classrooms to
highlight our learning. We really enjoyed our guest
speaker from “Little Ray’s Reptiles” who shared
their experience and expertise about habitats,
adaptations and characteristics of “real-life” reptiles!
What an exciting way to learn!
In French, we are currently working through themes
of autumn, Halloween and Moi. There are many
exciting things happening in our rooms from plays,
to cultural hand games to auctions. The children
are having a lot of fun and are very enthusiastic as
they progress in the French language. We are now
starting preliminary correspondence with Lavrock in
hopes of an overnight excursion for the ICF and
Early Immersion classes, tentatively June 18, in lieu
of St.Pierre. This will be a French learning
experience with an outdoor scavenger hunt, and
French campfire sing-a-long, just to name a few
activities! We will update you as soon as the details
are known.
Please keep in mind to send recyclables to our
school on Fridays, pop top cans to our classes and
to check your children’s homework notebooks
and/or our homework site for any important memos.
We are so thankful to be working with both you and
your children.
Thank you for your continued
Page 3
Language Arts - Mr. Hoddinott
As we now enter November, Villanova Language
Arts students are settling in very well and are
getting used to the curriculum and their
expectations and routines. The Grade 7’s are just
finishing Unit 1. The two main portions of this unit
were Step Up unit and novel study. In Step Up they
were learning about making connections and
studying elements of writing. Evaluations have
been completed with a listening and unit test for
Step Up. The other portion of this unit is the
independent novel study and a read aloud novel.
The classes will be evaluated with assignments that
will comprise of writing or representing. These will
be completed in the next week or so depending on
the class. The poetry unit is up next for our
dreamers and thinkers. Blossoming Bards will get a
chance to create a poem with a Remembrance Day
theme as a process piece for the assignment and
will have the opportunity to enjoy a written
evaluation on an unseen poem. The test is slated
for November 14. The poem that the students
create can also be submitted to a literary contest
sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion. There
are other categories besides poetry. Additional
information can be attained from the Language
teachers, Ms Moulton or from the following link After poetry we will escape
into the in-depth novel study of the ever popular
Underground to Canada. This unit will take us into
December. The grade 8’s are similarly finishing unit
1 and have been tested on the Global Citizens unit
in their new Literacy text and have also completed
a written and a listening test. Like the 7’s they have
or will be soon finishing both a read aloud and an
independent novel. Assignments on both will be
due depending on the class. Next up to the
proverbial plate is poetry and students will complete
the Remembrance poetry process piece (as above)
and will do a written test on an unseen poem. This
evaluation is scheduled for November 13th. The
next unit will feature the captivating novel The
Outsiders. VJH Grease’s and Soc’s will slug it out
into December. Wow! Christmas is coming!
Dr. Andrew Furey of Team Broken Earth presented to
our grade 8 English L. Arts classes on Global
Citizenship. Our grade 8s donated $283.25 to help with
efforts in Haiti.
Math – Ms. Janet Andrews
It’s hard to believe that we are entering November
already. In grade 7, students are completing unit 2,
adding and subtracting integers. This unit will be
tested on November 4th. Grade 8 students are also
completing their second unit, operations with
integers. They will have a test on November 6th. We
have used tiles and number lines to model the
concepts and have supported the teaching with a
number of games such as Connect Four for adding
and multiplying as well as Go Fish and iPad apps.
Calculators were not used for this unit. In the next
unit, we will be working on decimals in grade 7 and
operations with fractions in grade 8.
Please check with your child to ensure that he or
she has basic supplies like a pencil, an exercise, an
eraser, a covered sharpener, a ruler, and a
calculator. As the year progresses, more students
are arriving to classes without basic supplies. They
may need a gentle reminder to replenish supplies.
After school tutoring continues on Mondays until
3:45. All grade 7 and 8 students are welcome. It is
a drop in service; so you do not need to sign up in
advance. Grade 7 English students go to room 202,
grade 8 English students go to room 209, and
grade 7/8 immersion students go to room 204.
Rides should be arranged before leaving for school.
Pick up time is 3:45. Please drop by!
French Department - Ms. Howse
Grade 7/8 Core French
In Grade 7 Core French, students are nearing the
end of «La Rentrée» and have recently written a
quiz for the first section of this unit. Students will
soon complete a written production assignment in
which they will write a paragraph about themselves.
Following the completion of «La Rentrée, » these
classes will begin a unit entitled, «Mosaïque. » In
this unit of study, students will examine various
personality traits and discuss their favorite
Grade 8 Core French
Grade 8 Core French students are also cluing up
«La Rentrée» and have recently written a quiz for
the first section of this unit. Students will soon
complete a written production assignment in which
they will write a paragraph about themselves.
Following the completion of «La Rentrée, »
students will begin a unit entitled «À l’action. » In
this unit of study, students will have the opportunity
to examine the importance of physical fitness,
discuss sports that reflect strength, flexibility, and
cardio endurance and learn the vocabulary
associated with the equipment for each sport.
Grade 7/8 French Immersion
Grade 7 LFI students are nearing the completion of
their introductory unit and are currently working on
French accents. As well, they are completing some
work with regular -er, -ir, and -re verbs in the
present tense. Following the completion of this unit,
students will complete the listening comprehension
activity with the text, Éric a disparu.
Grade 8 LFI students have just completed «Unité
1» and have begun their novel study for Le Solo
d’André. A comprehension quiz will be scheduled
for later this month. At the end of the novel,
students will also complete a final project in which
they will choose from a variety of assignment
options. This project will then be presented for an
oral production grade.
Grade 7 EFI classes have begun working on a
listening comprehension activity with the text,
Zorro! At the end of this activity, students will
submit a portfolio of the work they have completed
throughout the unit. Students are reminded that
their Zorro! duotangs should be well-organized and
should contain all required materials.
Page 4
The Grade 8 EFI groups are also cluing up their
first unit on «Les textes informatifs. » These
classes are currently writing their own informative
texts which will be presented later this month.
These speeches will be considered for our annual
«Concours Oratoire» which will take place in the
spring. Students have also completed some
lessons and activities for «le passé compose» and
«l’imparfait. »
A little reminder that our first reporting period is fast
approaching, so please ensure that you come to
class prepared each day. Also, remember to
always put your best effort forward and you will be
pleased with the results! 
Quebec Trip for Grade 8
The planning for our annual trip to Québec is well
underway for our Grade 8 students of Core French
and French Immersion. The tentative date for the
trip is Feb. 3 – 7th, 2015. Our trip is currently filled
and a waitlist is started. If a person drops out then
a student from the waitlist will be offered the
opportunity to be added to the trip. Should a
student decide to drop out please notify Mr. Jenkins
Social Studies - Miss Ball
Science Department – Ms. Kelloway
Curriculum Update
Grade 7 students are currently studying Chapter 2
in Unit 1 Interactions within ecosystems. In this
chapter, students are learning more about the
interactions among living and non-living things.
Similarly, Grade 8 students are presently studying
Chapter 2 in Unit 1 whereby they take a dive into
the deep and examine the ocean floor, ocean
currents, waves, and tides. To date, both the
Grade 7 and Grade 8 classes have completed one
chapter quiz and either one or two core lab
activities. The Grade 7 classes will have their first
Unit test on chapters 1 and 2 on either November
6th or 7th. The Grade 8 groups will have their first
Unit test on either November 19th or 20th. Please
check the homework page for which date has been
specified for your child’s homeroom.
Brother Brennan Fieldtrip Update
We had 5 classes of our Grade 7 students attend a
fieldtrip at the Brother Brennan Centre during the
week of October 20-23.
All groups had an
enjoyable visit to the centre. We would like to
thank the following parent volunteers for helping us
with this fieldtrip: Glenn Barnes, Paul Critch, Paula
Kieley, Michael Matthews, and Dwayne Whittle.
Grade 7
In Grade 7 Socials we are currently doing Chapter
3 which examines very relevant topics such as
economic security, steps to achieve this, and
issues surrounding poverty. Students are also
exposed to other real-life concepts such as capital,
entrepreneurship, mortgages, and down payments.
There is a chapter assignment on entrepreneurship
based on the Dragon’s Den show that asks
students to come up with a business idea and a
business plan and the present their plan. Please
check with your child’s teachers homework page for
information pertaining to their Socials class. A test
is scheduled for the week of Nov. 10th.
Grade 8
Trip # 1
In Grade 8 classes have just finished their test on
chapters one and two. We have started chapter 6:
Newfoundland and WW1. This is to coincide with
Remembrance Day. In this chapter we will examine
WW1 and this province’s role in the Great War. By
the end of the chapter students will have had the
opportunity to learn about significant battles
Newfoundlanders and Labradorians were involved
in, such as Beaumont Hamel, and about significant
people during the war such as John Shiwak and
Tommy Ricketts. Students have also looked at
issues around conscription and the economic and
psychological impact of WW1 on our province. The
test for this chapter will take place for all classes
the week of Dec.8th. Please watch your child’s
homework page regarding an assignment for this
Heritage Fair:
Due dates have been set for the Heritage Fair inclass presentations. These will be starting the week
of Nov. 18th, but watch your child’s homework page
as it will depend on the teacher. The visual portion
information will be given to students and these
have the guidelines regarding expectations for
powerpoints, backboards etc. The school wide
Heritage Fair is Thursday Dec. 11th.
Trip # 2
Page 5
Manuel’s River Fieldtrip
During the weeks of October 16- 29th five of our
Grade 7 classes and nine of our Grade 8 classes
travelled to the Manuel’s River Interpretation Centre
to participate in the Gr. 7 and 8 Unit One Programs.
The Grade 7 students explored the biotic and
abiotic components of their local ecosystem by
engaging in a number of activities both in the centre
and outdoors on a hike along the Manuel’s River
walking trails. Our Grade 8 classes were able to
conduct a series of water quality tests. This activity
allowed students to gain a better appreciation for
the water quality of our local fresh water resources
and they used the results to complete their second
Core lab for Unit 1. This was a positive experience
for all students who participated and we would also
like to thank the following parent volunteers for their
time and assistance: Tammy Keats, Shelley
Moores, Roxane Beaton Earles, Linda Dalley, Carly
Gamberg, Darren Stagg, Walt Rose; Janet Gates,
Carolyn Blackmore, Marissa Gillingham, Yvonne
Budgen, Lori Rose, Valerie Halley, Kim Mercer,
Robyn King, Todd Brophy, and Vanessa Davies,
Libby Kenny, Jocelyn Fiander, Tina Bennett, Jackie
Dawe, and Cindy Felix.
Without the support of parents for these fieldtrips
and other school activities we would not be able to
offer such excellent learning opportunities for our
students. We appreciate the time and effort of all
Art - Ms. Bowers
Grade 5
Students have participated in an in-class
presentation of the artist Vincent van Gogh and are
continuing to work on a Sunflower picture using
Glue Resist and Chalk Pastel. It’s a messy project
so please remember to wear appropriate clothing
on Art days.
Grade 6
The grade 6 students are continuing to make their
Puppets. (It is messy, so wear appropriate
clothing). Each student is provided with 2 pieces
of felt for their puppet body, however if a student
would like to add extra embellishments, they are
more than welcome to bring in additional supplies
for their puppet. I will also be looking for
volunteers to help with the sewing of the
puppet bodies. If you can help out in this manner,
please email me directly at [email protected]
All help would be greatly appreciated.
Grade 7:
Students have completed 3 pieces of evaluation at
this point in time: Portfolio design covers, Journal
reflection and an Elements of Art foldable. Marks
are posted on Powerschool and if you have any
questions, please contact me. Next, we will be
starting our Animation unit, which is a group based
project that will take the majority of the term to
complete. Students will be divided into groups of 3
to 4 and they work together to create their own
stop-motion animation.
Also, a reminder that
their 2nd Sketchbook checkpoint is due and all
students should have completed 2 to 4 sketches by
Home Economics – Ms. Bowers
Grade 8: To date, students have completed 3
pieces of evaluation; Grill cheese food lab, Fast
Food nutrition facts and an in-class assignment on
the documentary “Supersize Me”.
Students are
currently working on a Christmas sewing project
using sewing machines, and will also be completing
another food lab in the upcoming weeks. This time
they will be making Pita Pizza’s.
Guidance - Ms. Kelly
Child and Adolescent Mental Health and
Eastern Health’s (Central Intake) mandate is to
improve accessibility, standardize the processing of
referrals, monitor waitlists, and improve efficiency
among the Community Mental Health and
Addictions Eastern Health Services in St. John’s.
Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:
 The Eastern Health services involved in Central
intake are:
 The Janeway Family Centre;
 Janeway Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;
 Family Services Counselors;
 Bridges Program;
 Community Mental Health Counsellors;
 Addictions – Adolescent Outpatient
Services and the Rowan Centre.
 The Bridges Program offers mental health
services for youth 13-18 years with a mental
health crisis or issue who are able to benefit
from focused intervention.
 The Rowan Centre is a day-treatment
program for adolescents between the ages of
12 and 18 whose involvement with substance
use and/or gambling is having a negative
impact on their lives.
The Janeway Family Centre offers a variety
of treatment options to children, youth and
families around social, emotional, behavioral and
mental health issues. (see below)
 The Janeway Psychiatry program offers
assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders
in children and youth.
 The Community Mental Health Counsellors are
located in various areas outside the city limits and
they provide counselling to children, youth and
families around a variety of social, personal or
family issues.
 Physicians and other professionals can fax a
referral form to Central Intake using the Eastern
Health Mental Health and Addictions Referral
 Families and youth can call the Central Intake line
directly for information, self-referral, and
assessment. Referrals are screened and
assessed over the telephone or in person by an
Intake Coordinator and then assigned to the most
appropriate Service.
 Central Intake also welcomes inquiries and can
consult on issues and services for children and
 For more information on these programs, families
and youth can call the Central Intake line (7772200) directly for information, self referral and
Physicians and other professionals can fax a
referral to Central Intake (Fax 777-2211) using the
Eastern Health Mental Health & Addictions Referral
Health & Addictions Programs that support families
in a number of different areas. Included in the many
Page 6
Developmental/Medical Concerns, Mental Health
Disorders, Family Conflict, Witness to Family
Violence, Neglect, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse,
Attachment Disorder, Exposure to Criminal Activity,
Trauma, Separation/Divorce, Removal from Home,
and Addictions. In addition to personal and family
counseling, the Janeway Family Centre runs a
number of programs at various points throughout
the year. Below is a listing of some of their
are awaiting the new rinks in Paradise to begin our
Grade 7 & 8 Boys Soccer
Congratulations to the Jr. Boys Soccer Team on
winning gold in the Metro Soccer League! The boys
went undefeated in the tournament beating Leary’s
Brook Jr. High in the championship game in a shoot
out. Thanks to coaches Mr. Cameron and Mr.
Kid Club - a non-structured group for socially
isolated children.
Taming Dragons Group (& Parent Sessions) – a
cognitive-behavioral intervention for children with
anxiety (Includes a parent component).
Education/Information Group for Parents of
Children with ADD/ADHD (Through Central
V.O.I.C.E. Group – Voice of Incredible Children
Everywhere (Family Violence)
Stars (Ages 3-12) (Child Sexual Abuse)
A New Tomorrow – It’s Okay Group - for parents
& children whose families have experienced
divorce/separation (2 age groups: age 7 – 9 years
and age 10 - 12 years)
Raising Families Group
Grade 7 & 8 Girls Soccer
Unfortunately, our Junior Girls Soccer team were
unable to compete in the Junior Girls Regional
Soccer tournament as it was cancelled for the
Junior Girls this school year; however, we have
organized an exhibition game against our Gr. 7 and
8 Villanova Vipers Boys soccer team on Monday,
November 3rd beginning at 3:30 on Topsail Turf.
We encourage students, staff, and parents to come
out and cheer on our two soccer teams!
Father’s Network
Parenting Young Children (2 Evening Groups)Parenting program created for families with children
between the ages of 2 – 12 years
Parenting Your Adolescents (2 Evening
Groups)-aimed to help parents improve parenting
skills, and teen parent relationships (ages 12+
Between Teens (Girls 14 – 19 yrs.) – This is an
empowerment group that fosters resiliency in young
girls who are experiencing multiple adolescent
For more information on these programs, Families
and youth can call Central Intake (as noted above)
directly for information, self referral and screening.
Extra-curricular / Co-curricular
We encourage all our students to become involved in the
various activities we offer to them. If you have any
questions about getting your child involved please
contact our office. For details on the activities offered
please check the Extra/co-curricular calendar on the
main page of our web site.
Coaches Needed
Villanova Jr. High is in need of basketball and
volleyball coaches with coaching experience. If you
are interested in coaching please contact our
Athletic Director and PE Teacher, Mr. Andrew
Cameron [email protected]
Hockey – Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Walsh & Mr. Whelan
We have over 50 students from grade 8 & 9 (from
Holy Spirit) signed up to try-out for our team. We
Grade 8 Girls Volleyball
The Grade 8 Girls Volleyball Team got off to a great
start in their season, competing at Volley Central in
Grand Falls-Windsor on Oct 24-25. There were 22
grade 8 and grade 9 teams competing from all over
the province. The girls placed first in their division
Friday evening, putting them in Tier 1. They then
found their way into the top 8 on Saturday, losing
out to Holy Trinity Grade 9's in the play-offs. This
was also their first road trip as a team, which was
greatly enjoyed by both the girls and their parents.
Congratulations to the team on their performance,
and thanks to the parents for their continued
outstanding support.
Special thanks to their
coaches, Dean Rowsell and Carly Gamberg.
Grade 8 Boys Volleyball
The Grade 8 Boys Volleyball Team will compete in
Volleyfest in early November for their first
tournament of the year. Good luck boys!
The Grade 7 and Grade 8 Boys Basketball Teams
are up and running. The teams will practice weekly
in preparation for tournaments throughout the year.
Running Club Ms. Oakley
Running Club Receives Recognition – We are
excited to inform our school community that the
Villanova Running Club has received a Teen
Physical Activity Grant through the ParticipACTION
Teen Challenge! The ParticipACTION Teen
Challenge, sponsored by Coca-Cola Canada,
works to get teens active across the country by
breaking down the barriers that prevent teens from
getting active. Our Running Club was chosen as a
Page 7
recipient based on its all-inclusive and noncompetitive approach to physical activity for youth
and teens within our school community.
Running Club Updates – Our schedule is Tuesday
and Thursday from 3:00-3:45pm. We run from
Villanova to Worsley Park and back. All students
must be picked up at the main entrance of our
school no later than 3:45pm. All participants must
have appropriate outdoor running clothing and
footwear, keeping in mind the colder temperatures.
Please keep an eye on the extra-curricular calendar
on our school website for cancellations as we move
into winter weather, as we are hoping to keep our
Club going until the snow sticks. Newcomers are
always welcome!
Lots of music happening at Villanova! If you have
any questions or concerns for any of the choirs,
please contact me by phone 834-3929 or by email
[email protected]
Glee performing at the Legion
Cheerleading Ms. Ball
We have just stared our cheer season! We have
been working on components that will make up the
routine such as such as elevator lifts, cradles,
gymnastics and jumps. The Cheerleaders are
hoping to be involved in charity.
Fundraisers: details will be coming soon on several
fundraising initiatives for the team. Stay tuned!!
This is to raise funds for new uniforms and Campia
practice time!
A reminder that practices are from 3 – 5 pm on
Thursdays. A calendar for November will be out
soon. Please also watch the calendar on the
Villanova homepage for practice times and
cancellations. An email list will be set up as well.
Extra time may be added to certain practices when
the time comes for learning choreography for the
routine. Girls are reminded on practice days to
have proper practice clothing, hair up, no jewellery,
and proper running shoes (not skate shoes) for
practices. Girls are also reminded to do the
appropriate conditioning exercises for their position
on the team (stretches, lunges etc).
Band News Mr. Follett
Band classes are going very well this term. Our
Beginning Band has 44 members and our
Senior Band has 68 members. Students seem
to be becoming more comfortable with the
weekly band schedule. The schedule is posted
on Mr. Follett’s website as well as outside the
band room very week. As the schedule
fluctuates from week to week, it is important for
students to be vigilant in finding out when their
weekly band class is happening.
Any questions or concerns can be e-mailed to
[email protected]
Music Notes Ms. Gillingham
The choir program is in full rehearsal in all grades.
The grade five choir meets regularly on day 7
period 1 and will have their first performance at the
evening school Christmas concert. Students will
have a letter regarding concert ticket and concert
attire in November.
Grade six choir meets regularly on Day 3 period 1
and they will have their first performance next week
on November 5 during the two Remembrance Day
Performers are asked to wear black in black or dark
coloured pants and shirt (without a logo) poppies
will be provided, but performers are welcomed to
wear their own poppy or Scout/ Girl Guide uniform,
CLB or Cadet Uniform.
Junior High Glee have been rehearsing for the past
5 weeks and performed at the appreciation dinner
for 200 people responsible for helping place the
war memorial monument in CBS on Thursday
October 30.
The junior high glee will be performing at the
Sheraton Hotel on December 15, 2014. Letters and
information will go home in November. Please save
this date as family and friends are welcomed to
come to this performance in the lobby of the hotel.
Beginning Band
Senior Band and VRB will be performing at our
Remembrance Day assemblies on Nov. 5.
Members of these ensembles should be practicing
their respective pieces diligently as we prepare for
this important performance.
Media Mr. Follett
Our enthusiastic media crew have been learning
the ropes of video production and editing in our first
few sessions. They also took the opportunity to
capture the various events that took place during
Spirit Week here at the school. This footage along
with features on Remembrance Day, school
Page 8
survival tips, and a teacher profile will be included
in our first episode of Viper News for 2014-2015
which we are just preparing to begin production on.
Robotics (Bionic Vipers) – Mr. Walsh
The Robotics club is up and running. For the past
month grade 7 & 8 students have been attending
sessions on Tuesday afternoons from 2:50 – 4:00.
To date the students have been building and
programming an NXT robot while looking at the
new mission mat for this year’s First Lego League
(FLL) robotics competition. Out of the twenty three
students in the robotics club a group of ten will be
chosen to participate in an upcoming Skills
competition. Just to note: once selected students
will begin to attend both Tuesday and Thursday,
while others not selected will only come on
Tuesday. It will be a busy time as they have only
five weeks to prepare for the competition using the
new World Class Challenge 2014 mission mat. The
selected students will be given the opportunity to
represent Villanova at the First LegoLeague, and
the Newfoundland and Labrador Skills Canada
LEGO robotics competition. The two events are
being combined and taking place at the
Intermediate Skills Challenge on December 6th,
2014, at College of North Atlantic – Prince Philip
Drive campus.
We would like to offer our thanks to Mr. Craig
White of Russell Metals, for donating 40 feet of
aluminum square tubing to frame out our
competition mat for use in our First Lego League
Intermediate Skills Challenge
Our donation of beverage can tops to the Mazol Shriners Club
to assist them in their efforts to help children.
Dates to Remember:
Bus Changes start. New
Bus Route 35.
Remembrance Day
November 3 :
November 5 .
School Holiday – No
Remembrance Day –
No School
November 10 .
November 11 :
The Villanova Skills Team is starting to come
together with students signing up for a specific area
of interest.
Once students have selected a
category they will begin to prepare for the
Intermediate Skills Challenge taking place on
December 6th, 2014, at College of North Atlantic –
Prince Philip Drive Campus. A list of skilled areas
students have the opportunity to be involved in are:
2D/3D Computer Animation, Graphic Design,
Website development, Job Interview, Job Skill
Demonstration, IT Software Applications, IT and
Network Support, Prepared Speech, Lego
Robotics, TV Video Production, Workplace Safety,
Photography and Model Wind Turbine Challenge.
Any questions contact Mrs. Moulton or Mr.
Walsh. It promises to be a great experience for all
those involved.
Nov. 24 : - Dec. 5 :
Drama Mr. Brenton & Ms. Howse
Also Follow us
Villanova’s Creative Arts Crew is excited to be
travelling to Goose Bay, Labrador this month for the
Labrador Creative Arts Festival. The Labrador
Creative Arts Festival is the longest-running
children’s festival in Canada. Students have been
writing their own play and will perform their original
piece at this amazing festival. In addition, students
will attend several workshops with artists from
across the nation. We are currently organizing a
variety of fundraising events in order to raise funds
to help with the cost of this trip. Stay tuned for
these events throughout the next couple of weeks.
Pathfinders Twoonie for
Report Cards Released.
Parent Teacher
Interview Bookings
begin today at 8:30 am
November 27 :
November 28 :
December 4 :
Parent Teacher
If you have any questions or concerns relating
to any items on this newsletter or any other
items please contact, via e-mail:
Mr. Jenkins, [email protected]
or Ms. Tilley, [email protected]
or by telephone at 834-3916.
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