Longview School District No. 122 Date:

Longview School District No. 122
2715 Lilac Street, Longview, WA 98632 - (360) 575-7000
Date: November 10, 2014 Time: 5:30 p.m.
Place: Admin Building Board Room
Call Special Meeting to Order
Approval of Personnel Report
Group decision-making and reaching consensus
Prioritize desired qualities of superintendent candidates
Strengthening governance practices
Introduction to Washington State Standards for Superintendents
Board of Directors
Jennifer Leach, President
Barb Westrick, Vice President
CJ Nickerson
JD Rossetti
Roberta Alba-Estrada
Attachment 11-10-2
November 10, 2014
Board of Directors of the Longview School District
Superintendent Gregory Kirsch
(Prepared by Chris Fritsch, Assistant Superintendent)
Personnel Report
The following items are recommended for Board approval:
New Hire
Lucy Garr
Wanda Hamm
Kelly Parvas
Kitchen Helper
New Coach
Gunnar Guttormsen Head Wrestling Coach
Cory Tran
Asst Wrestling Coach
Central Kitchen
Hourly Rate
Mt Solo
Mt Solo
Susan Carpenter, Salad Maker/Baker/Cashier at Mt. Solo, has announced her retirement effective
January 5, 2015. Susan was hired as a Kitchen Helper at Mark Morris High School in March 1992.
She became a Packager/Server at Central Kitchen and Mint Valley in May 2002 and finally moved to
her present position in 2005. Susan has worked at both high schools, Cascade, Mt. Solo, Central
Kitchen, and Mint Valley during her 23-year career and the District appreciates her service to the
students and staff and wishes her the best in the coming years.
The following items are recommended for Board approval:
All appointments are subject to registration of a valid Washington State Teaching Certificate and verification of required
endorsement(s) and highly qualified status documentation. Salary placement is subject to verification of all educational credits
and certificated experience.
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agenda\11 10 2014 personnel report.doc\
James Heberling is recommended for appointment to the position of Special Education Teacher at
Monticello. Mr. Heberling will receive his Bachelor of Arts degree from Central Washington University
in December 2014. It is recommended that Mr. Heberling be placed on the 2014-15 State Salary
Schedule at I-0 for a total contract of $22,461.89.
Supplemental Contracts
Paul Fields
Kristen Peterson
Rachelle Simmons
Knowledge Bowl
Multi-Cultural Club
Running Club
R. A. Long
$ 2,200.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 1,000.00
Certificated Substitutes
The following individuals have met all qualifications and certification requirements to be added to our
list of certificated substitutes and are recommended for approval:
Peter Brickey
Katie Gudgell
Terry Johnson
cfritsch\\lvmc-home-01\home$\hpfenniger\my documents\lharper\1word6 doc\current board agenda\11.10.14 board
agenda\11 10 2014 personnel report.doc\
An Invitation to Apply for the Position of
Longview, Washington
The Position
The Longview Public Schools Board of Directors,
Longview, Washington, is seeking a highly-qualified
leader to serve as Superintendent. The Board wishes
to have the successful candidate assume the
responsibilities of the position July 1, 2015.
McPherson & Jacobson L.L.C. Executive
Recruitment and Development, in collaboration with
the Washington State School Directors’ Association,
has been engaged as the consultant in a search for
outstanding candidates. They will assist the Board of
Directors in identifying and screening the candidates.
The candidate must have the background, skills and
abilities essential for excellence in educational
leadership. The board has identified the following
desired characteristics.
Sincere, honest, respectful, compassionate and
trustworthy leader who focuses on high
expectations and achievement by all students and
staff. Excellent communicator with the skill and
ability to motivate all school employees.
Demonstrates strong administrative, management,
professional development, and fiscal experience
with ability to prioritize financial and human
resources. Partners with other organizations and
institutions to leverage district programs.
Collaborative leader who demonstrates the ability
to work with staff and community partners in a
cohesive and integrated way by bringing people
together. Demonstrates compassion, but has the
ability to make tough decisions and provides
healing measures when needed.
Provides leadership to strengthen the vision and
strategic plans of the Longview School District
utilizing critical and innovative thinking,
engagement, and accountability.
Strong instructional leader who strives for
high-quality outcomes and is knowledgeable of
“Common Core” and the implementation and
utilization of technology. Honors the learning
 The superintendent will be required to live in the
Longview School District
 A superintendent credential is preferred
The Community
Nestled in the beautiful Maritime Northwest
along the I-5 corridor and adjacent to the confluence
of the Cowlitz and Columbia rivers, Longview,
Washington, was named one of Forbes Magazine’s
ten America’s Prettiest Towns. Longview is a
family-oriented, historic community 145 miles
south of Seattle and 50 miles north of Portland. In
90 minutes, residents can be at the ocean beach to
the west or the Cascade mountains to the east.
Home to a deep water port with expanding
international trade to the Pacific Rim and beyond,
the area is home to international corporations and
small businesses.
Longview and the adjacent City of Kelso serve
approximately 75,000 residents in a 45-mile trading
area with a range of health care, professional
services, and retail shopping. Lower Columbia
College provides career training certificates,
associate’s and transfer degrees, and options for
bachelor’s degrees. A nearby branch of Washington
State University in Vancouver provides
opportunities for higher learning. The arts are alive
in Longview with vibrant community theatres, a
symphony, downtown arts exhibits, and numerous
cultural and recreational offerings.
The District
Longview Public Schools are at the heart of the
community serving approximately 6,320 students on 15
campuses. The district is among the largest employers in
the community employing approximately 426 teachers, 386
support staff members, 22 school administrators, and 12
central office administrators. The district’s 2014-2015
annual budget is approximately $73.7 million. The assessed
valuation of the district is $4,265,024,531.
The most recent class size averages for this school year
are as follows: K: 19.2; Grades 1-3: 22.6; Grades 4-5: 24.7;
Grades 6-8: 24.7; Grades 9-12: 26.2. Approximately 57% of Longview’s students qualify for free- or
reduced-priced meals.
The district is proud of its investment in its youngest
learners through the offering, districtwide, of full-day
kindergarten and the district’s promotion of Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math programs at middle- and
high schools. Between the two high schools, course
offerings include Advance Placement classes as part of its
comprehensive offerings. Our schools recognize the
essential task of preparing our students to be globally
competitive by providing opportunities available in
highly-regarded schools. A full range of extracurricular
activities and athletics are a vital part of the district.
The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of five members who are elected to serve four-year terms. The
incumbency of the board members ranges from newly appointed to 20 years.
Jennifer Leach, President
Barb Westrick, Vice President
CJ Nickerson
JD Rossetti
Roberta Alba-Estrada
WSU Extension Agent
Legislative Assistant
Pastoral Assistant
Longview School District Vision
Ready to learn.
Ready for life.
Together we aspire and achieve.
Years Served
20 years
11 years
1 year
1 year
Newly appointed
The mission of the Longview School District is to ensure that every
student learns the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to become a
responsible citizen in a rapidly changing society
Find out more about Longview Public Schools: www.longviewschools.com
available at: www.macnjake.com
Selection Timeline
McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C.
7905 L St., Suite 310
Omaha, Nebraska 68127
Phone (402) 991-7031
Fax (402) 991-7168
Email: [email protected]
An application for superintendent should include:
A letter setting forth personal qualifications, experiences
and reasons for interest in the position
A current résumé
A completed application form
Reference letters, certificates and
licenses, and academic transcripts from colleges/
universities indicating degree(s)
1. Application deadline:
December 10, 2014
2. Semi-finalists selected
by board of directors:
January 12, 2015
3. Semi-finalists interviews
with board of directors:
Jan. 20-22, 2015
4. Finalists’ interviews
with board of directors:
Jan. 27-29, 2015
5. Site Visits: Week of
February 2, 2015
6. Selection of new
February 9, 2015
7. Starting date:
July 1, 2015
Candidates are asked to not contact board members directly. Any effort to do so
may eliminate them from consideration. Names of applicants will be held in
strict confidence whenever possible; however, McPherson & Jacobson complies with
individual states’ Freedom of Information laws. In the final process, the board
may visit the district where the candidate is employed, but will not proceed
without the knowledge and consent of the candidate.
Longview Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Longview School District
Superintendent Search Timeline
Round #3 2014-15
September 22, 2014
September 23 – 30, 2014
September 29, 2014 – December 9,
December 10, 2014
December 10 – 31, 2014
January 12, 2015
January 20, 21, & 22, 2015
January 27, 28, & 29, 2015
February 9, 2015
Criteria, Advertising, Confidentiality, Residency,
Superintendent Credential, Compensation, Length of
Contract, Stakeholders, Semi-finalist/Finalists, and
Development of the Application and Brochure
Advertise the Position
Position Closes
Reference Checks and Screening Applicants’ Files
Short List to the Board of Directors
Semi-finalists’ Interviews
Finalists’ Day in the District & Board Interviews
Selection of the Superintendent