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On day six of the ill-fated mission of Apollo 13, the astronauts
needed to make a cri cal course correc on. If they failed, they might
never return to Earth. To conserve power, they shut down the onboard
computer that steered the craE. Yet the astronauts needed to conduct
a thirty-nine second burn of the main engines. This created a serious
problem, how to steer?
Astronaut Jim Lovell concluded that if they could keep a fixed
point in space in view through their ny window, they could steer the
craE manually. That focal point turned out to be their des na on-Earth. As shown in 1995's hit movie Apollo 13 Lovell focused on keeping the earth in view for thirty-nine agonizing seconds, and by not losing sight of that reference point, the three astronauts avoided disaster.
In the hustle and bustle of life, even the life of the Church, we can
lose sight of our reference points. All too oEen we become focused on
self instead of God. And with the best of inten ons we replace God’s
rescue mission for the world with ours.
And when we do disaster is just around the corner.
Evangelism is a vital reference point that we need to keep in focus. This is in fact our divinely commissioned purpose. We have been
called to share the blessing of salva on with all those who are lost.
Yet “the lost” is so generic it has become meaningless. So, let me
be more specific. We have been commissioned to share Jesus with the
lost of Desoto County. To be more specific s ll, it is your neighbor,
your co-workers, your family, the checkout person at the store.
The next me you look at a person see them with the love of Jesus, be concerned about their salva on. While some are of the opinion
that a person’s salva on is a private ma;er, and is therefore none of
our business. I disagree.
I disagree because Jesus it made our business.
Go therefore and make disciples of all ethnic groups,
bap zing them in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Ma2hew 28:19
James Eddlemon has been moved to rehab.
Brandon and Laura Sing’s newborn daughter, Beckem is at LeBonheur.
Carolyn Bullock has been moved to Delta Hospice Care.
SHUT-INS: Linda Arwood, Valeria Canada, Evelyn Fowler, Marie Gray, Irmagene Hall, Ka e
Howard, Virginia LaCaze, Dot McEwen, Rick and Dorinda Murphy, Pauline Payne, Ruby Davis,
Catherine Parker, Bob Weathers, Ann Woodson HEALTH ISSUES: Robert Benne;, Donyell
Buckingham, Ruby Dickerson, Bill Newport, Banks Ready, Ki;y Ussery, LaTonya Wiggins FAMILY:
Sue Archer, Sidney Carey, Tom Childress, Charles Hester, Ron Crutchfield, Bill Dixon, Helen
Evans, Tam Griffin, Madie Hunsucker, Ka e Culley, Ka e Jarre;, Wanda Jenkins, Jesse Jones,
Allyson Kelly, Sam Townsley,
WBS Connect, sharing the Gospel in Desoto County through the internet.
El Salvador building modifica ons.
A children’s home for orphans in Zambia.
Various Preacher Training Schools directed by 21st Century Global Missions.
The total amount required to address these needs is $30,000. This is about 50%
above our typical weekly contribu on. Please prayerfully consider how to help
meet these needs.
Our sympathy is extended to June Belew in the passing of her sister, Kerry
Brandon, Laura, and Bronson Sing welcomed a new baby girl November 7. Beckem
Reece Sing was 7.5lbs. Beckem is now at LeBonheur.
This 5th Sunday will be our Mission Sunday, where our offering will go to the
many missions we support. We will have a fellowship meal following the AM
worship service. We will provide lasagna, we ask that you bring salads and desserts.
Lillian Williams has a new grandson. Emme; Cole Williams was 7lbs, 1oz and 20
inches long. Everyone is doing well.
The Young Adults/College class will be hos ng a Ba;le of the Sexes Game
Night, Sunday November 23 from 6-9PM. Our primary focus for this group is
to become be;er connected with one another and build new rela onships.
This is an open invita on to anyone between the ages of 18-29. There will be
Free Fun, Free Food, and Friendly Faces. Please talk to Antoine2e if you are
interested in coming.
Share will meet at the Nursing Home at 3:45 PM
The TLC’s will meet at Hazel’s at 8:30 AM.
Thank you for the tremendous response we’ve had with Opera on Christmas
Child. Approximately 60 shoeboxes filled with Christmas giEs have been completed at this me. Your support of the families par cipa ng in Basic Training
will make an impact not only in our children’s lives, but in the lives of children
around the world.
Sunday, December 7 will mark the beginning of a new quarter. Parents, our
children will con nue to study the life of Christ. Students in our elementary
classes will receive workbooks en tled, “The Cross and the Empty Tomb,” to
take home and u lize in weekly lesson prepara on.
Building Devo
Tonight immediately following services there will be a teen devo and games,
led by Aus n and Cassie Walker, here at the building. It is a brown bag event
so bring your own dinner. There will be a van that will take teens to get
food. We will end at 8pm sharp. If you have ques ons, please see Jared.
Sunday Conference call:
To listen to our Sunday morning service live,
call 1-877-380-7755 followed by 4651356
Sunday November 30 is our next 5th Sunday. As you know our 5th Sunday contribu on is not apart of our yearly budget. This allows us to use the contribu on
to meet special needs. The 5th Sunday contribu on in November has been
designed Missions Sunday Contribu on. We have four missions that need
10:00 (0-24 mos) Crystal Haney,
Donna Thompson, Cassie Walker
(2 years) Rhonda Fowler, Catherine Davis
5:00 PM: Susan Brownfield
10:00 (0-24 mos) Christy Zarski,
Cissy Kuntz, Jordan McMillen
(2 years) Kimberly King, Carolyn Miller
5:00 PM: Gwen Coker
Jelly, SpagheM, Tuna, Pancake mix, tuna helper,
spam, beef ravioli, fruit cocktail, rice beans, oatmeal
Area Wide
Our next area wide will be December 7 in Senatobia. If there are any parents
that can help with this event please let Jared know.
Winterfest is around the corner. If you plan to go, you need to get your $40
registra on fee to Jared. The non-refundable $40 registra on fee is what
gets your name on the list. There are 30 spots available and it is first come;
first serve.
You honor us with your presence and your willingness to join us in
worshipping God today. An a;ended nursery for 0-24 months is available in the foyer, 2 year olds meet in room 5. Children ages 3-5 will be
dismissed aEer the Lord’s Supper for Children’s Church. Hearing assistance is available at the sound booth.
Dangerous Evangelism
Acts 9:1-19
If you are a member of the Church of Christ and are looking for a
place to worship and serve, please consider placing yourself under the
oversight of our shepherds and becoming part of our family in serving
the Lord.
If you are not a member of a church and would like to learn more
about the Church of Christ, we would be honored to answer any quesons you may have. Please fill out an ivory visitor’s card and drop it in
the offering plate. If you would be interested in a home Bible study
please call Derek McNamara at 662-349-3600.
Dr. Derek McNamara
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Vol. 3 No. 44
November 16, 2014
Singing - Todd Co2rell
611 “Heavenly Sunlight”
Welcome - Derek McNamara
“At The Name Of Jesus”
“There’s A SArring”
Prayer - Bill Phillips
129 “Amazing Grace”
The Lord’s Supper and Offering
Mike Heard
“I Love The Lord Messiah”
508 “A Wonderful Savior”
Message - Derek McNamara
Dangerous Evangelism
Acts 9:1-19
InvitaAon Song: 628 “Will You Not Tell It Today”
Shepherd’s Prayer - David Butler
Phil Anderson
Marty Brownfield
David Butler
Randy Denton
Jimmy Eddlemon
Tim Mobley
Gordon Schmi2ou
Jerry Winstead
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