Hope Prayer Requests November 12, 2014 Prayer Requests for November 12, 2014

Hope Prayer Requests
November 12, 2014
Prayer Requests for November 12, 2014
Pastor Glenn Peterson: This week let us pray for
1) God to bring many people to attend both the Wendell Calder meetings and the
Hunger Games youth event this weekend. Pray that people would come to faith
at these events.
2) Pray that God would make us as a church a people of joy.
AWANA: Prayer Warriors are needed. These warriors would be willing to pray at least
once a week for Awana as well as commit to pray for a 1/2 hour block during club time.
Please pray that AWANA would be a support to the parents. Pray that the parents
would keep the staff in prayer and that the AWANA staff would pray for the parents and
Deidre Cheng: Please be in prayer for Steve Sechrest and his family. Steve, a friend of
my parents, suffered a massive heart attack Saturday. It is very uncertain whether he
will make it or not.
Susan Alexander: Please pray for direction and healing as I see several doctors this
week. Please also pray for God’s provision for my needs.
Bea Lawson: Please pray for Lenny’s mom who was taken to the ER this morning with
a possible stroke. Her health has not been good. She just returned home from a nursing
home yesterday. Please pray for wisdom for Lenny as he seeks to help his mom.
Bev Hayward: Pray for the Hock family as they mourn the loss of son and brother,
Willie. Praise for the Women of Faith Conference. He was alive and present with us.
Nancy Biggs: Pray for wisdom concerning a job decision for Nancy. Pray for God’s
peace and that he will open and shut doors accordingly.
Lisa Bubier: Please pray for my surgery on November 17th to repair my varicose veins
in my legs and feet.
Randy & Beth Hooper: Please continue to pray for Randy’s father as he heals from his
surgery on Monday and as he begins a lifestyle change.
Unknown: Pray for Emily Davis to have relief from anxiety and positive results from her
appointment for anxiety.
Sarah Conway: Just moved to my own place with my kids. I am working 40 hours a
week; however my job is not reliable. Please pray I am able to pay all my bills on time
each month. Also pray for strength to appropriately handle my children because they
are very high needs.
Hope Prayer Requests
November 12, 2014
Charlie Stratton: Please pray for Q & Ann, Leo & Jancice, Wayne, Rodney & Jackie.
They have been invited to the Wendell Calder meetings. Pray the Holy Spirit will convict
and they will receive salvation.
Prayer Requests for November 5, 2014
Pastor Glenn Peterson: This week let us pray for
1) God to strengthen the faith of our teens as they watch the movie "God's Not
Dead" this Sunday.
2) God to open the hearts of people to attend as they are invited to hear Wendell
Calder speak at Hope from November 14-16.
AWANA: Please pray that the children would learn to hear the Holy Spirit. Also pray
that the children would desire to have their own, personal devotions. Pray for the
parents of the children to come to the Lord.
Linda Pulsifer: Zach had an episode where his heart was racing this week during a
physical therapy session. Please pray that Zach will be able to see a heart doctor soon
and that his body will heal after his surgery. Pray that Zach will be able to put on weight
and get the nutrition he needs.
Patti Wormell: Thank you for praying for my mom. She had emergency surgery to
remove her gall bladder. She came home from the hospital Tuesday and is doing fine.
Thank you for your prayers.
Bev Hayward: Please pray for Shawn Weston who is having hip surgery this week.
Pray for a speedy and complete recover as she is scheduled to have the other hip
replaced in three weeks.
Unknown: I pray that my family members who are lost may come to know the Lord.
Gretchen Franz: Please pray for my sibling’s hearts to be cracked and ready to hear
and accept Jesus as their Savior. Pray that I have boldness to lead them while speaking
in gentleness.
Unknown: I would like the church to pray for my friend and her family. Her father has
been sick and cannot work. They do not have the money to pay their bills. Pray that she
will be able to do better in school.
Randy & Beth Hooper: Praise! The Hoopers are healthy!
 Isaiah- school. Praise that his Eagle Scout project is done.
 Levi – college and work
 Beth – business would continue to be the Lord’s tool.
 Randy – job stress, health, college courses.
Hope Prayer Requests
November 12, 2014
Connie Fotakis: My mom, Connie Parker, 90, fell last night hitting furniture. She has
facial bruising and we are taking her to see a doctor. Please pray for her complete
healing. Thank you for your prayers.