Motives Cosmetics Training Classes Motives

Motives Cosmetics Training Classes
Lisa Kostka, Director of Training & Sales for
Motives and there’s a reason why! Lisa’s combined her extensive beauty industry experience with a deep
understanding of Market America’s business model to train thousands of people to build their business with
Motives, and she will give you the map to success and a
wealth of resources to build with.
November 7, 8, 9, 2014
Mo tive s by Lore n R i din ge r
Tr a i n i n g C la s s e s :
Friday November 7th
Motives Product Knowledge
$25/person 6pm-10pm
(8120 Penn Avenue So
Bloomington, MN )
Saturday November 8 t h
Skin Care 101 –
$25/person 10am/2pm
Building Your Bus/Motives
$25/person 3pm/7pm
(Crowne Plaza 3 Apple Tree Square
Bloomington, MN)
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Skin Care 101This class teaches the basics of
skin types and conditions as
well as gives a
complete overview of our skin
care lines - Cellular
Laboratories, Timeless
Prescriptions, Skintelligence,
Lumiere De Vie, and our various
specialty products.
Custom Blend Liquid FoundationCome learn about our Custom
Blend Liquid products, how to
make a Custom Blend foundation to
match any skin tone as well as the
profit from Custom Blending.
Custom Blend Mineral PowderYou will learn how to custom blend
powder to match every customers
Product Knowledge, Application
and SalesThis class will teach about all
the Motives products and how
to use them. This class will
include hands-on makeup
demonstrations, as well as how
to increase your retail sales.
skin tone and skin type. This
exclusive formula will help you
build loyal repeat customers!
Sunday November 9th
Custom Blend Liquid
$25/person 10am/2pm
Custom Blend Powder
(8120 Penn Avenue So
Bloomington, MN)
Seating is limited. Pre-registration on-line at
More Info contact Sharon Robinson at [email protected]