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PR 100 Baking tin release spray
Special release agent for baking, cooking
and barbecuing
Perfect release spray for bread and any kind
of bakery products
100 % vegetable oils
Odourless and tasteless
Large 600 ml spray tin for professionals,
economical consumption
Worldwide sales
Min. shelf-life18-months
Fields of application
Bakeries, bakery shops, butcher’s,
comercial kitchens and restaurants
Special tins, waffle irons, casserole dishes
Suitable for universal use, low mist effect
Practical and always readily available when
you are in a hurry
Minimum order quantity 12 spray tins in a container
All DÜBÖR products are made with 100 %
vegetable ingredients and do not contain any
substances that are subject to declaration.
Our company has been IFS-accredited since 2005.