Today's Schedule Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today's Schedule
Sunday, November 16, 2014
7:30 am - Deacons Meeting, C.E. Bldg., Rm. #3
9:00 am - Nursery (Linda Bickel)
9:15 am - Bible Fellowship (All Ages)
10:10 am - Nursery (Marjie & Nancy Wester)
Little Arrows - 2 & 3 year olds
(Kerrie Bates, Hannah Boatright)
Big Arrows - 4,5 & 6 year olds
(Joel & Michelle Sherman)
Nursery Help (Open)
10:30 am - Worship Service
12:00 pm - Newcomer's Luncheon in the Green Room at the ROC
12:00 pm - ACS Boston Trip Soup & Chili Fundraiser at the ROC
5:55 pm - AWANA
6:00 pm - Youth Group - High School (Grades 10-12)
“Sharing Christ While Serving Others”
The Lord's Day
November 16, 2014
Welcome & Announcements
Roland Gagnon, Jeremy Harris, Herb Houston, Wayne Lamb
(Please pass the Red Friendship Book)
A Time of Praise
Next Week's Ushers:
Daniel Baker, Frank Bell, Marshall Cogdill, Bill Jackson
Family Prayer Focus
Looking Ahead
Tuesday, November 18
9:00 am - Ladies Bible Study, Green Room at the ROC
Wednesday, November 19
5:30 pm - Meal at the ROC, Cost is $3.00
6:00 pm - Ladies Bible Study, Green Room at the ROC
6:00 pm - Pastor Eddie's Bible Study, C.E. Bldg., Rm. #3
6:00 pm - College & Career Bible Study, C.E. Bldg., Rm. #3
6:30 pm - Youth Group
Sunday, November 23
10:30 am - Thanksgiving Service
6:30 pm - Billy Graham Video Presentation in the Sanctuary
Thursday, November 27
Thanksgiving (Church Office Closed)
Friday, November 28
Thanksgiving Holiday (Church Office Closed)
4:00 pm - Community Cafe
Maplewood Church
25396 Highway O
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 827-0532
e-mail: [email protected]
Worship with Our Tithes and Offerings
(Big Arrows and Leaders will be dismissed at this time.)
"How Firm A Foundation" Hymn #338
"14K" 1 Pet. 1:6-7
Pastor Eddie Brown
"Just As I Am" Hymn #306
Prayer for Things Big & Small
At the conclusion of the service, join the Presider for a time of shared requests and prayer in the
Lower Level. Go down the stairs by the sound room to the class room at the foot of the stairs.
Pastor – Dr. Eddie Brown Assoc. Youth Pastor – Ty Burgoon
Presiding - Paul Calvert
Song Leaders – Don Allcorn, Matt Boatright, Roland Gagnon, Dwayne Thomas
Accompanists – Ron Anstine, Heidi Brymer, Rita White
Altar Arrangement - Judy Anstine
Praise to the Lord for stirring His people! Because of your efforts,
approximately 385 shoe boxes were packed for Operation Christmas
Child. That is 385 opportunities for a child to hear the Gospel and to
know of the love of Jesus. Many thanks to everyone that had a part.
If you:
Brought boxes
Wrapped boxes
Gave a monetary gift
Brought gifts for the boxes
Sorted and organized gift items
Packed boxes
Carried boxes
Delivered boxes
Sewed clothing
Knitted or crocheted something
Made hair barrettes or headbands
Or helped in any other way
Coming Soon to a site near you!
Carlos Leon sent me this information about Small Groups.
Five Reasons a Small Group Will Help You Grow
by Chris Morton
1. Jesus' Way of Life Cannot Be Learned Alone.
2. Support Encourages Change.
3. Relationships Lead to Sharing.
4. Mission Happens in Small Groups.
5. Small Groups Take Church Beyond Sunday.
Thank you for your part in reaching out to the children of the world.
Please continue to pray for the children and for those that work on and
deliver the boxes from here.
YOU MAY STILL HELP if you wish by giving an offering in the
next couple of weeks. Simply designate on an envelope "shoebox".
THANK YOU to all who had a part.
These are 5 good reasons to be a part of a Small Group. The Elders
are wanting to get our Small Group ministry back on track and want
to offer a few new groups beginning in January.
Maplewood Church
Children's Christmas Program
December 21, 2014
Rehearsals: Every Sunday morning, during the worship service, the
children will be practicing with Mrs. Dharma Leon and their Sunday
school teachers.
Props and Help: We will need help borrowing some props and
setting up Friday, December 19 at 5:00 pm If you can help, please
contact Dharma Leon at 473-2503.
Props needed by Sunday, December 7:
artificial Christmas tree with stand and lights only
Christmas stockings to hang on mantle (one per child in performance - 15)
Nativity figurines with baby Jesus able to be removed from the
manger. (This Nativity scene needs to be big enough to be
appreciated by the audience yet sturdy enough for kids to handle the
figures without the fear of breaking them.)
Green, red, and white tissue paper - lots
tree ornaments (unbreakable)
Someone to prepare cookie dough for sugar cookies ready to be used
with cookie cutters the day of performance on stage. Kids will
actually help make cookies on stage. (No baking, just shaping.)
Serving Christ through the performing arts,
Dharma Leon
[email protected]
(660) 473-2503
We are so glad that you chose to
worship with us today. If you are
visiting for the first time, please fill
Communication Card (located in the
pews behind the offering envelopes)
and place it in the offering plate.
Also, we ask that everyone please
sign the red Friendship Book and pass
it down the pew and back again.
Our Mission
The purpose of Maplewood Church is
to glorify God by worshipping Him,
loving one another, building disciples,
sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and
equipping others to do the same.
A nursery for ages 0-2½ years is
available for all of our Sunday
Services. The nursery is located in
the upper level of the Christian
Education Building. Enter the doors
on the north side of the building.
Little & Big Arrows
Little Arrows, for ages 2 & 3, and Big
Arrows for ages 4, 5, 6 meets during
our morning worship service. They
meet in the upper level of the
Christian Education Building. Enter
the doors on the north side of the
Family Prayer Focus
Nathaniel & Stacy Wall
Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Lehi, UT
Our men and women
in the Military
* Robert Meyer
* Jesse Wedemeyer
* James Stewart
Congregational Meetings
Christmas Eve Music Special
At our recent Congregational
Meeting we voted on whether or
not to amend the Constitution to
reduce the number of regular
meetings to two a year. The
congregation voted to keep the
number of meetings at four per
Can you believe it? It is time to
start planning our Christmas Eve
Designated Offering
"How can I support the Building
Fund?" . . . "How can I support
one of Maplewood's missionaries
with a special gift?" Please use
the Offering Envelope in the back
of the pews.
Write on the
envelope the recipient of the gift
and put your offering in the
envelope, seal it, and place it in the
offering plate when it is passed.
Simple as that!
Wednesday Evening Meal
The menu for this Wednesday,
November 19 is TBD. The meal
starts at 5:30 PM and cost is $3.00
per person.
If you would like to provide
special music Christmas Eve or at
any time, please contact the church
office as soon as possible. Special
music includes solos, duets, groups
or instruments.
11/16 Darla Steele
11/18 Frank Bell
11/19 Kandyn Hotsenpiller
11/19 Carol Sawyer
11/19 John White
11/20 Aleea Magras
11/21 Isaac Greer
11/22 Isaac Baker
11/22 Monica Magras
11/22 Rusty Wedemeyer
11/23 Glenn & Carol Perkins
Sunday, November 9, 2014
Undesignated Offering:
Worship Attendance:
Little Arrows:
Big Arrows:
Please continue to pray for:
• Sondra Calvert
• Daryl McKinney
• Jennifer Boatright
• Jim Gaertner
• Benjamin Calvert
• Jeanie Brooks
• Virgie Jackson
• Norris Herrington (Job)
• Kevin Anderson (Job)
• Linda (Marjie Wester's
• Paul (John Wester's dad)
• Aaron Kennedy (Leukemia)
• Kay Langston (Kim
Olejniczak's mom)
• Leroy & Georgia Ross'
daughter, Vivian
• Jacob Beemer (Recovering
from injuries suffered from
being hit by a car)
• Michael Ambeau
(Recovering from gunshot
• Terry Sartain (Kim
Wagenknecht's brother)
• Rhett Sneed(2 year old boy
undergoing chemotherapy)
• Laurie Liesemeyer's father,
Ted Pointer
• Neysha (Carlos & Dharma
Leon’s niece)
• Nicky (Dharma Leon's
• Karen Anstine Lamb
(Ron & Judy Anstine's
• Lynn Messer - Missing wife
of Pro-Family Leader