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Our 34th Year Serving Troy’s Business Community Every Monday
Monday, Nov. 17, 2014
Hookah Lounges Can’t Win
Expanded Hours in City
Vol. 34, No. 11
City of Troy Accepting
Applications to Fill
Council Seat
The City of Troy is accepting
applications on or before Monday,
November 24 at 12 p.m., at the City
Clerk’s Office from Troy residents
interested in being appointed to fill
the upcoming vacated seat on the
Troy City Council.
Councilmember Wade Fleming’s
successful election as an Oakland
County Commissioner requires him
to resign his position as a City
Council member. This resignation
must occur prior to Mr. Fleming’s
assumption of duties as a
Commissioner in January, 2015.
Section 6.7 of the City of Troy Charter
allows the remaining six members of
City Council 30 days to appoint a new
City Council person to fill the term
until the next election, which occurs
in November 2015.
At that time, there will be an election to fill the remainder of the term,
which expires in November 2017. In
2012, City Council created a process
for filling a vacancy in elected office,
and City Administration recommends
this same process be followed.
Applications are available at the
City Clerk’s Office, 500 W. Big Beaver
or call 248-524-3316.
Kiwanis Welcomes
Rabbi Joe Klein
The origins of all are religious
beliefs will be the topic when Rabbi
Joe Klein addresses the Troy Kiwanis
Club at its weekly luncheon at
Maggiano’s on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at
noon. If you’ve been thinking about
serving the community, Kiwanis may
well be a good place to start. Guests
are always welcome. For more information, call 248-649-0780.
Health & Fitness
Police Report
RAISING THE COLORS at the annual Veterans Day Ceremony in front of Troy
City Hall last Tuesday were Troy Police Honor Guard members, Officer Peter
Minton, left, and Officer Russ Bragg.
Hookah lounges are not getting
expanded hours back. Troy had set
hours of operation for smoking
lounges at midnight in May 2013.
Recently an owner of one of the
lounges had ask council to reconsider
and allow them to stay open until 2
a.m., citing a large loss of revenue since
council set the midnight closing.
In considering the request at last
Monday’s City Council meeting, Troy
Police Chief Gary Mayer reminded
council why they had changed the
hours of operation, and set a limit on
how many hookah establishments
they would allow in Troy.
Chief Mayer pointed out that the
hookah establishments had attracted
large crowds, and had interfered with
parking for other businesses in the
shopping plazas. In addition, these
crowds had generated numerous calls
for the police, including a shooting,
drug and alcohol possession and
fights. The lounges were also allowing
minors under 18 in the establishments,
which violates state law.
Troy Police Sgt. Josh Jones, who
oversees the hookahs, told council
“things have been very smooth over
the last year ... and that goes hand-inhand with Chapter 77 ... because of the
hours restriction.”
Troy also looked into the hours of
operation in other cities. Sgt. Jones
noted there was only one hookah
establishment in Rochester and it had
agreed to reduce its hours from 3 or 4
a.m. to 2 a.m. Both Rochester and
Shelby have been considering ordi-
nances for hookah lounges. Plymouth
also has a proposed ordinance.
Southfield has an ordinance in place.
Before the ordinance, Sgt. Jones
noted that 90 percent of the 48 calls to
hookah lounges had occurred after
The police recommend no changes
to the ordinance, and council agreed,
See CITY COUNCIL, page 2
Ready to Take
Your Ideas to
“If you have any ideas for the legislature, let me know,” declared Marty
Knollenberg the day after the electorate
voted to return him to Lansing. A threeterm member of the Michigan House,
this time Knollenberg has won a 4-year
term in the Michigan Senate, for the seat
being vacated by Sen. John Pappageorge,
who also was term-limited from public
Knollenberg told his fellow members of the Troy Kiwanis Club that he was
“really excited” to be going back to
Lansing, and likes what he’s seen Gov.
Snyder and his fellow Republicans
accomplish for the state in the past four
Armed Forces & Citizens
Honor Veterans in Troy
It was a beautiful day on the
Veterans Plaza at Troy City Hall last
Tuesday as members of the Armed
Forces and local citizens gathered to
remember those who had served our
country to guarantee the freedoms
we all enjoy.
With a musical salute to each of
the branches of service from the
Heritage Concert Band, the day was
one for reflection and thanks.
Guest speaker for the event was
Command Sergeant Major Karl E.
Schmitt, US Army, TACOM Life Cycle
Management Command. He’s served
our country for the past 29 years. He
pointed out that Michigan has over
680,000 veterans we should thank.
And we should all remember that
these men and women had a sense of
patriotism, a common goal and the
wilingness to sacrifice to the very
fiber of their being to protect what we
hold true.
Schmitt also reminded us that
not only members of the Armed
Forces made sacrifices to keep us
free, so do their families. His family
has moved a dozen times and his four
children have attended 16 different
schools in three different countries.
“I express to you that my family
sacrificed more than I did.”
Why did he stay in the Army?
Perhaps it was the educational
opportunities, but the big reason he
stayed was because “I was needed. I
stayed to help.”
He wanted “to guarantee that his
children would live in a free country.”
See VETERANS, page 2
Troy Women’s Association
43nd Annual Juried
Elf Shelf Arts & Crafts Show
November 29th, 2014
(Saturday after Thanksgiving)
9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Troy High School
4777 Northfield Parkway
South of Long Lake Between Crooks and Coolidge
$3 donation to local charities
Featuring Over 200 Select Artisans
For More Information Call 248.988.0426
Page 2
“I drive way too fast to worry
about cholesterol.”
—Author Unknown
November 17, 2014
“A lawful kiss is never worth as
much as a stolen one.”
— Guy de Maupassant
“Hope is the ability to hear the
music of the future.”
— Jeanette Lawrensen
We Will Be Open Thanksgiving Day!
Thursday, November 27th
Call For Details
Italian Grille
Lunch • Cocktails • Dinner
Picano’s Family Proudly
Serving You For 29 Years
Regular Menu & Turkey Dinner Too!
Toyoda Gosei Buys Building
and Wins a Tax Abatement
CITY COUNCIL, From page 1
and voted to take no action on Chapter
77. They also noted they have put this
question to rest.
In other business, Toyoda Gosei
NA Corp. is expanding its presence in
Troy. The company, an automotive supplier, has purchased the building at
1400 Stephenson Highway and will
make an investment of over $4.2 million
in equipment and renovations,
explained Troy Tax Assessor Nino
Licari to council. In addition, the company will be bringing an additional 51
jobs to the existing 136 that are currently located here.
To that end, Toyoda Gosei advised
the city the company would like to
apply for a tax abatement. The first
step in that process is an Industrial
Development District (IDD), which
Toyoda Gosei asked Troy City Council
to grant at last Monday’s meeting.
Licari noted the company was
applying for a personal property tax
abatement. Troy does not give tax
abatements on the value of real property. Because of the investment, Licari
noted the company would be eligible
for a nine-year abatement of $85,000 on
their overall tax bill. The city would
realize $28,400.83 in taxes that it does
not currently receive.
Council quickly voted to establish
the IDD and then grant the abatement.
The vote was 5-1, with Councilman
Doug Tietz voting no. He explained that
he doesn’t believe in giving abatements. Mayor Slater was late to arrive,
as he had been out-of-town for the
weekend and his plane had just landed
at metro.
Call Now To Make Your Reservation!
(248) 689-8050
3775 Rochester Rd. • Troy
1/2 mile North of Big Beaver Rd. (16 Mile) N. of I-75
Banquet Facilities • Outside Catering •
OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon.-Thurs. 11:30 - 10:00 • Fri. 11:30- 11:00• Sat. 12:00 - 11:00 • Sunday 12:00 - 9:00
2360 Rochester Court
Troy, MI 48083
Now Booking For
Holiday Parties,
Corporate Events
& Weddings!
3 Great Rooms
to Chose From
- Great Hall
- Burns Room
- Board Room
Call Kathleene Erkenbrack for Hall Rates & Discounts
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• Beautiful Rustic Dining Room with
Vaulted Ceilings and Fireplaces
• Capacity Seating 225 (175 Great Hall)
• Dance Floor
• Stage and Podium
• Audio Visual Equipment
• Full On-Site Technical Services Available
• Full Bar
REMEMBERING THE SACRIFICES made by our veterans is always on the agenda for members of the Cpl Stanley L. Moore Marine Corps League, pictured
here at the annual Veterans Day Ceremony at Troy City Hall.
We Honor Those Who Sacrifice
So We May Live in Freedom
VETERANS, From page 1
But along the way, Sgt Major
Schmitt said he learned some important life lessons.
First, he learned compassion, to
be aware of the struggles other people face in the world.
He also learned tolerance. Not
everyone we encounter, he noted, will
have the same beliefs we do, but we
should understand where they are
coming from and respect their feelings.
He also learned restraint. “I try
every day to be a better person than I
So while we’re living the American
dream, Sgt Major Schmitt advised that
we all remember “it’s the veterans
who defend that dream.”
In remembrance of all veterans
who have served in all our wars, the
Troy Police Honor Guard placed a
memorial wreath on the Veterans
Monument in front of Troy City Hall
and the Heritage Concert Band closed
with “God Bless America.”
November 17, 2014
Widowed Men s
Breakfast Held on
Thursdays at Lukich’s
Join other widowed men at Lukich
Family Restaurant (1st & 3rd Thursday
of each month) at 9 a.m. at 3900
Rochester Road in Troy. Find out more
about other Widowed Friends activities. Contact Ray at 248-585-5402 for
more information.
FEMA Registration
Deadline Nears
The State of Michigan and FEMA
report that the registration deadline
for Michigan residents affected by
last August's severe storms and flooding is approaching.
Monday, November 24 is the last
day that homeowners, renters and
businesses can apply for federal disaster assistance. To date, more than
111,000 residents have registered
with FEMA online at or have called 800-621-3362.
Hundreds more are registering every
Troy Historic Village’s
“The Giving Christmas”
Troy Historic Village presents “The
Giving Christmas” on Saturday,
December 6, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Visitors will
tour the historic buildings, decorated
with holiday greenery provided by the
Troy Garden Club. Refreshments will
include hot mulled cider courtesy of the
Troy Garden Club, and Christmas cookies. Children may visit Santa in Old Troy
Church, make a craft to take home, and
print a postcard in the Print Shop.
Carols performed by local singers and
played on the harp and guitar.
Toys for Tots will have active duty
Marines and Marine Veterans at the
Village taking donations of new
unwrapped toys for local children in
need. Troy Historic Village began collecting donations on November 10 and
will continue thru December 12, the
Marines will facilitate the collection
only on December 6, during “The
Giving Christmas” event.
Lighthouse of Oakland County will
also accept donations during “The
Giving Christmas”. LOC supports local
families in need. Items requested by
LOC can be found on the Wish List here:
V.pdf. Visitors will also learn how they
can make Christmas special for families
by participating in the LOC “Adopt-AFamily” program.
Boy Scout Troop #1701 will raise
money by selling wreaths, popcorn and
Jelly Belly’s during the event.
Price: $6 adults, $4 seniors, FREE
for kids 12 and under. No registration
necessary. FREE Parking will be provided with a shuttle bus from Zion Church
(3668 Livernois).
Page 3
Be Wary of Phone Scams the IRS Will Not Call You!
If you think we
are immune from IRS
scam artists in our area, think again.
Twice last month clients called us
saying they received a phone call from
someone purporting to be from the
IRS saying the taxpayer owed back
taxes. In both cases the caller threatened to send the sheriff to arrest them
for non-payment.
Even more astounding, the caller
left his call back phone number!
These con-artists can sound very
convincing. They use fake names and
bogus IRS identification badge numbers. They disguise the caller ID to
make it look like the IRS. What’s more,
they may even have the last four digits
of your social security number.
Other signs of a scam include
demanding payment without giving you
a chance to question the amount or
requesting an appeal; asking for a debit
or credit card number over the phone.
On the flip side, they may say you
are due a refund and trick you into providing personal information.
One way to check out the legitimacy is to Google the phone number. We
did so in one case and found numerous
posts about it being a scam.
An important thing to remember is
that the IRS will not call a taxpayer without first mailing an official notice.
In the last year the federal government received over 130,000 complaints
reporting over $8 million in losses
nationwide. Michigan taxpayers lost
about $119,000, putting the state in 14th
In addition to the phone scams,
there is a new email phishing scam. It
appears to be from the IRS with a link to
a fake website which mirrors the IRS
official website. The official website is
These emails contain the fake IRS
website and direct that ”you are to
update your file immediately.” Don’t
respond to this email or click on the
link. Forward it to the IRS at
[email protected]
Also remember the IRS does not
New location.
New possibilities.
Come visit
your new AT&T
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Offer Valid
Nov. 21-23
use any social media, text messages or
unsolicited emails.
If you think you may owe taxes,
call the IRS at 800-829-1040 and workers
can assist you with a payment plan. If
you know you don’t, or don’t believe
you do, report the incident to the
Treasury Inspector General for Tax
Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484,
or at
If you have been the target of a
scam, contact the Federal Trade
Commission and use the FTC Complaint
Assistant. Choose “other” then
“imposter scams.”
You can contract Tim Pearson &
Company, Inc. at 70 West Long Lake
Rd., Suite 118, Troy, Mi 48098. For
more information, call 248-720-0608
or Fax: 248-720-0611. The email
address is: [email protected]
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Join Channel 955 for fun and prizes!
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Located on the west side of Woodward just south of Lincoln St. next to the Original Pancake House
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Page 4
November 17, 2014
Anyone Can Paint in Steve Wood’s Class
Absolutely anyone can paint!
Television artist Steve Wood will have
you painting like an artist in one class.
An 11 x 14 painting will be completed
in class. Paint, brushes, canvas boards
and all other supplies are included in
the fee. Location: Troy Community
Center, 3179 Livernois. Call 248-5243484 to register now. Fee: $27.50; NR
$37.50 Ages: 16 and older
Act # 145932E Thursday, Nov. 13
6-8 p.m. Window Flower Box
Act # 145932F Thursday, Dec. 11
6-8 p.m. Christmas Season
Italian! As Only Mamma Can Make It!
Place Your Holiday Catering Orders Now!
1/2 OFF
of Wine
Every Friday
(586) 264-5252
for a 10 ounce cut of Prime Rib
Accompanied by your choice of soup or
salad and pasta or potato and vegetable
Every Wednesday
2505 E.14 Mile Rd.
Sterling Heights
(Between Dequindre and Ryan)
Mon.-Thur. 11:00 am - 9:30 pm • Friday: 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
Saturday: Noon - 10:30 pm • Sunday: Noon - 9:00 pm
Education Will Be a Knollenberg Priority
KNOLLENBERG, From page 1
Knollenberg, a long-time Troy resident, will represent the eight cities in
Senate District 13 – Troy, Clawson, Royal
Oak, Berkley, Bloomfield Hills,
Bloomfield, Rochester and Rochester
Hills. He noted this is the largest voting
district in the state in terms of voter
He sees running government as a
“community business,” and says the he
learned in the Michigan House that you
get things done by “building relationships on both sides of the aisle. To be
effective, you have to build those relationships.”
He added that he sees Detroit poised
to emerge from bankruptcy in a positive
light. “For Michigan to be successful,
Detroit has to be successful,” he said,
noting that when the bond rating services are looking at a city or county, they
always ask “What’s happening in
As for the issues he anticipates taking center stage in Lansing, Knollenberg
said it will be: 1. education, 2. the economy and 3. road issues.
We may not all agree on how we get
these issues settled, but Knollenberg
says we all want certainty, that it’s important to know what the future holds. “I
think the governor has created that certainty,” and that the legislature can make
plans now knowing that there will be
budget that’s balanced, and growing.
Businesses that might want to come
to Michigan don’t like it when they don’t
know what to expect from the government, Knollenberg pointed out.
For those who don’t know,
Knollenberg suffers from hearing loss,
which was discovered when he was
three years old. He got some special education until being mainstreamed in second grade.
“Education is so important,” he continued. “If I hadn’t had that special attention early on, I wouldn’t be where I am
He wants to see our educational system provide students the “tools and
skills to succeed, so they can do the jobs
that are out there.” He doesn’t believe
that means every child should be sent to
college, some jobs are trades that require
Knollenberg believes the state should
look at more closely.
He doesn’t seem to be a fan of giving
NEWLY ELECTED TO REPRESENT US in the Michigan Senate and the U.S.
House of Representatives are Marty Knollenberg, left, in the Senate, and Dave
Trott, soon to be a Congressman in Washington, D.C.
money to firms that create jobs; after all
if you can create jobs, why do you need
state money?
Oh, roads, he signed. “If we’re trying
to promote jobs and tourism we have to
take care of our roads.” He noted that if
you know the old saying: Don’t judge a
book by its cover, you can see that our
roads are our cover in Michigan and we
are being judged by them.
Voters, Knollenberg added, were
frustrated that the current legislature
went home without doing anything about
the roads. Whether this lame duck legislature will act or not, we’ll just have to
wait and see.
Don’t be surprised if Knollenberg
calls you some time and asks: Are you
happy with what we’re doing in
Lansing?” He likes to do those cold calls
to connect with voters and find out what
you really want the state to do for all of
us. He plans to do them a couple hours
every week.
6th Annual Kids4Kids Sale at Schroeder Elementary
2032 E. Square Lake Rd. • Suite 300 • Troy
(248) 813-8540 Fax 813-8598
Once again the philanthropic students of Schroeder Elementary, 3541
Jack Drive,are holding their 6th Annual
Kids4Kids Sale on November 20th from
4:05-6:30 p.m to raise funds to build a
school in Haiti. The students will price,
sort, market and cashier the sale and
DONATE all of the sales to the school in
If you have any gently-used, kidfriendly items you would like to donate,
please drop them off at Schroeder from
Nov. 17-20. All are encouraged to come to
the sale and spread the word! Fantastic
selection of games, puzzles, toys, crafts,
costumes, etc. Please contact Jennifer
Weallans: 248-990-3220 with questions.
Great selection! Great prices!
All buildOn proceeds go to the
school, the students traveling over must
pay their own way. When the high
school students return from their trip,
they bring back photos of the newly built
school and show the Schroeder students
all the lives they are changing. buildOn
has doubled the amount of schools they
have built since Schroeder first started
supporting them 6 years ago. Please
help support this event!
(248) 524-4868
FAX (248) 524-9140
P.O. Box 482 • Troy, MI 48099
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November 17, 2014
“Interstellar” Is More Than a Science Fiction Tale
D i r e c t o r
Christopher Nolan’s
“Interstellar,” is celestial, cerebral
and, at times, slow moving. With a
nod to such classics as “2001: A Space
Odyssey,” Nolan has created a lengthy
(168 minutes) and heady film about
black holes, wormholes, the theory of
relativity, and ultimately, love.
Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne
acted as a consultant and executive
producer on the film, and that may
explain why there’s a lot of talk about
theories. While the plot centers on
space exploration and an astronaut’s
attempts to save Earth from destruction, the film – at its core – delves into
the relationship between fathers and
daughters, and family members in
As the film opens, a few elderly
people are talking about their experiences in rural America – at a time
when crops such as wheat and okra
have died out, and people must feed
solely on corn. Waves of dust cover
the town where Cooper (Matthew
McConaughey), a former NASA pilot
and single father, lives with his daughter Murph (played by Mackenzie Foy
as a young girl); his son, Tom (Casey
Affleck) and his father-in-law, Donald
(John Lithgow). Though reminiscent
of John Steinbeck’s Dustbowl in “The
Grapes of Wrath,” the situation here
seems worse because the Earth is
dying out.
As Cooper says to his father-inlaw, “We used to look up at the sky
and wonder about our place in the
stars. Now we just look down at our
place in the dirt.”
Through a mysterious sign –
which Cooper’s daughter calls a poltergeist – the former astronaut is led
to an underground facility that now
houses NASA. There, he encounters a
former teacher, Professor Brand
(Michael Caine), who lures him into a
plan to save the species. Apparently,
some “five dimensional beings” have
created a wormhole near Saturn. As
Brand explains, the astronauts would
be able to travel through the wormhole to search for habitable environments in the cosmos. Brand’s daughter Amelia (Anne Hathaway) and two
other crewmembers (David Gyasi and
Wes Bentley) travel with Cooper in a
spaceship called the Endurance.
There’s a heart-wrenching scene
in which Cooper says good-bye to
Murph, who refuses to let her father
go, even though he promises to
return. The young Murph, who’s 10,
had an intuition that her dad might be
gone a long time or never return. As
Cooper discovers after they land on a
planet orbiting a black hole, one hour
equals seven years on Earth. He had
joked with his daughter that they
might be the same age when he comes
back home. Soon, we see Murph as a
grown-up scientist (Jessica Chastain,
in a stirring role) working for Brand.
Unlike other space dramas, this
one has limited action sequences -though one of the more exciting ones
involves Matt Damon (no spoilers).
There’s way too much talk about theories such as reconciling quantum
mechanics with the general theory of
relativity With the exception of a
scene involving the spaceship caught
in tidal waves on one planet, the special effects aren’t that impressive.
The father-daughter love story
that shapes the heart of the film is its
strongest thread. Both McConaughey
and Chastain deliver solid performances. Caine is comfortable in his role
as the authority figure (though having
him repeat Dylan Thomas’ poem, “Do
not go gentle into that good night”
more than once was unnecessary).
Hathaway’s character seems a bit too
icy and clinical at first. Then she
wants to make a decision about the
crew’s next destination based on her
Nolan (who wrote the script with
his brother Jonathan Nolan) has created an ambitious film, but the journey isn’t always an enjoyable one.
Save The Date
Mark your calendar for the
5th Annual Holiday Shopping Extravaganza
at Boulevard Health Center
Great Shopping, Complimentary Hors d’oeuvres,
Live Entertainment, Psychic Readings, Door Prizes,
Massages, and Much Much More!
Bring in this ad
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Thursday, November 20th • 3:00 - 7:30 PM
Hosted by
3500 W. South Blvd. • Rochester Hills
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Page 6
November 17, 2014
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Hosts Movers for
Meals Drive to Aid Hungry Families
The holiday season is a time to
give thanks, feast on home-cooked
meals, and create memories with
loved ones. Sadly, many families in
America aren’t able to create these
traditions because they’re without
basic food essentials in their homes.
To fight hunger this holiday season, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Troy is
hosting its Movers for Meals collection drive to provide families with
nonperishable food items with the
goal of feeding families throughout the
holiday season. The collection runs
Better Made’s Chocolate Covered Chips & Pretzels Are Back
now through November 24.
This year, TWO MEN AND A
TRUCK® is partnering with local
schools surrounding Troy to collect
nonperishable (no glass, no expired
food) food items for local families in
need. The public is welcomed to drop
items off at the TWO MEN AND A
TRUCK® Troy office, 1250 Rankin Dr.
Suite D in Troy.
For additional information about
Movers for Meals, visit twomenanda
Just in time for the holiday giving
season, Better Made Snack Foods’
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Athens Theatre Company Presents “EMMA! A Pop Musical”
The Athens Theatre Company will
be presenting the World Premier of
EMMA a Pop Musical! on December 5,
6, 12, and 13 at 8:01p.m. and Dec. 7and
14 at 3:01 p.m. at Athens High School
4333 John R Road, just north of
EMMA A Pop Musical is based on
the Jane Austin novel of the same
name. The movie CLUELESS was also
based on the novel. The story is
brought into modern day at Highbury
Prep School as Emma plays matchmaker to her fellow students and
some of her teachers with unsuccessful consequences. She is unable to see
Looking For Love:
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Founded in 1930 in Detroit as Cross
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This silly boy could be just the buddy you need. Jester is a 2year-old Hound mix and is very playful and energetic! He’s
sure to keep you on your toes with his sweet, fun-loving personality! The adoption fee includes sterilization, age-appropriate vaccinations, the MHS Adoption Guarantee and much
more. For more information, visit or call the MHS Rochester
Hills Center for Animal Care at (248) 852-7420 and provide the pet ID number, 790216.
Michigan Humane Society Rochester Hills adoption
hours: Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Wednesday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Visit for pictures and
descriptions of many available pets!
the boy who loves her because she is
so busy being a matchmaker for the
rest of the school.
The songs in the show are popular music set to fit the story. The first
song is “Going to the Chapel.” Many
other past as well as current favorites
are featured in the show such as the
Whitney Houston hit, “How Will I
Know,” Cindy Lauper's “Girls Just
Want to Have Fun,” Katy Perry's "Roar"
and many other well known songs.
Michael Barra formerly of Disney
has formed a Production Company,
Stageworks Media, to produce new
musicals. This is the first time this
show will be produced on a stage. It is
an exciting adventure for the ATC to
produce an original show. It is fun for
the entire family. The songs will have
you singing along.
Tickets can be reserved by calling the box office at 248-823-2923 or
emailing [email protected]
Tickets will also be available at the
door. Tickets are $15.00 for adults,
$10.00 for students and $5.00 for seniors.
Friends of Troy Seniors
Invite You to Meeting
Friends of Troy Seniors will meet
at the Troy Community Center on
November 20th, 1 - 2 p.m. The Friends
of Troy Seniors will meet on the third
Thursday of every month at 1pm in
the Troy Community Center.
Join the Troy Interfaith
Group Thanksgiving
Everyone is invited to the Big
Beaver United Methodist Church, 3753
John R Road, on Sunday, Nov, 23, from
7 - 8:30 p.m. for the Annual Troy
Interfaith Group’s Thanksgiving
Celebration, Representatives of many
faiths will share prayer, readings,
music, and fellowship.
National Study of Breast Cancer ‘Targeted Drug’
Study medication may reduce risk of
cancer recurrence for those with BRCA
Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
researchers recently enrolled the
nation’s first participant in an important
national study evaluating the effectiveness of a new investigational drug in
reducing cancer recurrence in breast
cancer patients with the BRCA mutation.
The BRCA1 and 2 genes are important causes of hereditary predisposition
to breast and ovarian cancer, as they
significantly increase the risk of these
and other cancers. The drug, olaparib,
works by inhibiting the ability of a cancer cell to repair DNA damage. The drug
targets the specific molecular defect
which exists in patients who carry a
mutation in one of the BRCA1/2genes.
Olaparib is an experimental medication
and not approved by the Food and Drug
Administration for use in any type of
"This is a study of a targeted medication, olaparib, for breast cancer
patients who carry a BRCA1/2gene
mutation predisposing them to a high
risk of developing breast cancer. This
marks the first time that this drug is
being offered to individuals with early
stage breast cancer and is the only
study which specifically targets this
very high risk group,” explains Dana
Zakalik, M.D., corporate director, Cancer
Genetics Program, Beaumont Health
System and the site's principal investigator.
Chris Behn, 67, of Port Sanilac was
diagnosed with breast cancer this past
spring and underwent surgery in April.
Her oncologist, Youssef Hanna, M.D.,
encouraged her to consider joining this
research study as it provided an opportunity to have access to a drug which
has been demonstrated in multiple,
early studies to be effective in treating
breast cancer, especially in BRCA1/2
gene mutation carriers. She says, "It's a
great opportunity. This randomized
study may help a lot of women, including me. As a participant, I'll get more follow-up care 10 years after finishing my
12 months of medication.”
The multicenter research has two
study groups. Group 1 will receive a
placebo, a tablet that looks like the
World Pneumonia Day Encourages Caution
Newswise — World Pneumonia Day,
held annually on November 12, was an
opportunity to raise awareness about
pneumonia globally; to promote prevention and treatment; and to generate
action to fight the illness. World
Pneumonia Day is designed to create
public awareness about pneumonia, promote interventions for preventing and
treating pneumonia, and support action
plans to combat pneumonia.
Pneumonia is an acute infection
that affects the lungs, making breathing
difficult and limiting oxygen intake. Poor
nutrition, lack of breastfeeding, exposure to indoor air pollution or passive
smoke exposure, HIV infection, premature birth, overcrowding and poor living
circumstances predispose a child to
developing pneumonia.
Pneumonia is the also the commonest cause of infectious disease-related
death in adults.
Pneumonia is the cause of death in
nearly one in five children under 5 years
worldwide. While pneumonia deaths in
children under 5 years of age have fallen
from 1.7 million cases to 1.3 million
cases annually over the past decade, too
many children die from pneumonia
every year. Most of these deaths are preventable, and more than half of all
deaths occur outside a health facility.
Most cases of pneumonia are preventable or treatable.
For most patients effective management of severe pneumonia requires simple interventions -- supplemental oxygen, prompt provision of appropriate
antibiotics and intravenous fluids.
FIRS calls on governments, health
care programs, clinicians, public health
specialists and non-government organizations to strengthen the following interventions to reduce the burden and
deaths from pneumonia:
• Strengthen health systems to
ensure access to effective preventative
and treatment strategies for pneumonia
Vaccination against whooping
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)
Universal access to pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) is a priority for all
Timely, appropriate treatment;
• Optimize childhood nutrition
including promotion of exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age and continued breastfeeding complemented by
nutritious solid foods thereafter;
• Improve access to safe drinking
water, hand washing facilities and sanitation;
• Reduce exposure of children to
passive smoke and to indoor air pollution;
• Reduce HIV incidence and severity
through strengthening of prevention of
mother to child programs and early use
of antiretroviral therapy; and
• Increase funding for research to
develop improved strategies for prevention and management of pneumonia.
– Forum of International
Respiratory Societies (FIRS)
study drug but contains no medication.
Group 2 will receive the study drug olaparib in the form of a tablet. A computer will assign participants into treatment groups. This is called randomization.
This study is open to women who
have triple negative breast cancer, are
BRCA1/2mutation carriers, and who are
receiving chemotherapy as part of their
breast cancer treatment. It is anticipated that this study will open in the near
future for hormone receptor positive
breast cancers as well. Following completion of chemotherapy, individuals
will receive olaparib or a placebo as
part of randomization and will take their
tablet for 12 months and will be followed closely for 10 years.
Dr. Zakalik adds, "Early studies
demonstrated this drug was highly
active in targeting the specific molecular defect in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers,
with few side effects when compared to
chemotherapy. It gives hope to many
women who carry a genetic predisposition to breast, ovarian and other cancers. This is an excellent example of
personalized medicine, which is gaining
importance in oncology care and is
available for patients at Beaumont
Health System.”
For more information on clinical
cancer research opportunities at
Beaumont Health System, contact
Jennifer Roye, RN, at 248-551-9517.
Sleeping Strengthens and Improves Memory
Your mind is surprisingly busy
while you snooze. During sleep you
can strengthen memories or "practice"
skills learned while you were awake
(it’s a process called consolidation).
"If you are trying to learn something, whether it’s physical or mental,
you learn it to a certain point with
practice," says Dr. Rapoport, who is an
associate professor at NYU Langone
Medical Center.
In other words if you’re trying to
learn something new—whether it’s
Spanish or a new tennis swing—you’ll
perform better after sleeping.
“Thank You for Giving Us
the Opportunity to Care
for You Over the Years!”
Dr. Katie Grech & Dr. Sheila McKenzie
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Difficulty breathing?
Mold, hayfever? It’s the
an appointment
Get skin tested
and you may be
Welcoming patients of all ages • Evening & Saturday appointments available
Bhavin Patel, MD • Achin Kim, MD
Board Certified, American Board of Allergy & Immunology
Most insurances accepted
950 West Avon Road, Suite A-5 • Rochester Hills, MI 48307 • 248-651-1133
4600 Investment Drive • Suite 110 • Troy, MI 48098 • 248-267-5008
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November 17, 2014
Novel Approach to Treating Blindness in Elderly
Scientists at Florida Atlantic
University have found that sulindac, a
known anti-inflammatory drug, can protect against oxidative damage due to agerelated macular degeneration (AMD).
Their studies suggest that sulindac
could be an inexpensive and relatively
non-toxic therapeutic approach for treat-
ing AMD, one of the primary causes of
vision loss in the elderly. AMD gradually
destroys sharp, central vision, which is
needed for seeing objects clearly and for
common daily tasks such as reading and
driving. Currently, no cures exist for the
majority of AMD cases.
is pleased to announce
the opening of our
2nd location.
Our new office is conveniently
located on Van Dyke Avenue.,
one block south of 27 mile road in
Washington Township.
We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of obstetric and
gynecologic services as well as
full scope Midwifery Care.
58851 Van Dyke, Suite 100
15959 Hall Road, Suite 301
Beth K. Mutch, MSN, FNP-BC
Tanya M. Vaughn, MS, CNM, FNP-BC
Rhonda L. Kobold, DO, FACOOG
Teressa C. Kuz, MSN, WHNP-BC
Contact our main office at
586-247-8609 to make your
appointment today.
For more information visit us at:
The Art of Smiles
Multiple Models Reveal New Genetic Links in Autism
Newswise — With the help of
mouse models, induced pluripotent
stem cells (iPSCs) and the “tooth
fairy,” researchers at the University of
California, San Diego School of
Medicine have implicated a new gene
in idiopathic or non-syndromic
autism. The gene is associated with
Rett syndrome, a syndromic form of
autism, suggesting that different types
of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
may share similar molecular pathways.
The findings are published in the
Nov. 11, 2014 online issue of Molecular
“I see this research as an example
of what can be done for cases of nonsyndromic autism, which lack a definitive group of identifying symptoms or
characteristics,” said principal investigator Alysson Muotri, PhD, associate
professor in the UC San Diego departments of Pediatrics and Cellular and
Molecular Medicine. “One can take
advantage of genomics to map all
mutant genes in the patient and then
use their own iPSCs to measure the
impact of these mutations in relevant
cell types. Moreover, the study of
brain cells derived from these iPSCs
can reveal potential therapeutic drugs
tailored to the individual. It is the rise
of personalized medicine for
mental/neurological disorders.”
But to effectively exploit iPSCs as
a diagnostic tool, Muotri said
researchers “need to compare neurons derived from hundreds or thousands of other autistic individuals.”
Enter the “Tooth Fairy Project,” in
which parents are encouraged TO register for a “Fairy Tooth Kit,” which
involves sending researchers like
Muotri a discarded baby tooth from
their autistic child. Scientists extract
dental pulp cells from the tooth and
differentiate them into iPSC-derived
neurons for study.
“There is an interesting story
behind every single tooth that arrives
in the lab,” said Muotri.
The latest findings, in fact, are the
result of Muotri’s first tooth fairy
donor. He and colleagues identified a
de novo or new disruption in one of
the two copies of the TRPC6 gene in
iPSC-derived neurons of a non-syndromic autistic child. They confirmed
with mouse models that mutations in
TRPC6 resulted in altered neuronal
development, morphology and func-
How to Stay Healthy This Winter Following Eastern Medicine Guidelines
Newswise — While mainstream
medicine recommends eating right,
exercising and getting your flu shot to
stay healthy during cold weather
months, Eastern medicine takes this
advice a step further.
“Traditional Chinese medicine
teaches us to live in harmony with the
seasons to protect our health,” said
Aaron Michelfelder, MD, a family medicine and integrative medicine physician at Loyola University Health
System. “Making certain adjustments
to our diet, sleep regimen and lifestyle
will make us more in sync with nature
and better equipped to cope with the
plunging temperatures."
Dr. Michelfelder recommends the
following Eastern medicine tips to
“winterize” your body and protect
your health this season:
Eat warming herbs and foods.
The environment and the food we eat
can create imbalances in the body,
according to Eastern medicine guidelines. Using warming ingredients for
meals that are in season to counteract
any imbalances created by the cold
weather. Warming herbs and foods
include cinnamon, ginger, garlic, spicy
foods, sweet potatoes, squash, meat
and nutrient-dense soups and stews.
Cutting Edge Diagnosis & Treatment
with Cognitive Training
Daniel J. O'Brien DDS, PC
Family Dentistry Specializing In:
• Preventative and Restorative
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Non-Surgical Treatment for TMJ
• Oral Surgery
Root Canals
Oral Cancer Screenings
Digital X-rays
FREE Exam & X-Rays
On Initial Visit • New Patients Only
3796 Rochester Rd. • Troy
Worth Remembering!
You can improve your
memory after just two to
three months in our
cognitive training program.
Call for a
FREE Consultation
Diagnosis and Treatment for:
• Assessment and cognitive
training for all forms of dementia
• Assessment and cognitive
treatment for ADD/ADHD
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• EMDR/Post Traumatic Stress
• Learning Issues
• Autism Spectrum/Asperger's
• General Therapy
Acce nces
tion. They also noted that the damaging effects of reduced TRPC6 could be
rectified with a treatment of hyperforin, a TRPC6-specific agonist that
acts by stimulating the functional
TRPC6 in neurons, suggesting a potential drug therapy for some ASD
The researchers also found that
MeCP2 levels affect TRPC6 expression.
Mutations in the gene MeCP2, which
encodes for a protein vital to the normal function of nerve cells, cause Rett
syndrome, revealing common pathways among ASD.
“Taken together, these findings
suggest that TRPC6 is a novel predisposing gene for ASD that may act in a
multiple-hit model,” Muotri said. “This
is the first study to use iPSC-derived
human neurons to model non-syndromic ASD and illustrate the potential of modeling genetically complex
sporadic diseases using such cells.”
For more information on the
Source Newsroom: University of
California, San Diego Health
47818 Van Dyke Ave. • Shelby Township • 586.323.3620
Save raw, leafy greens for the summer.
Eat less. We typically are not as
active during the winter so we require
less food. Cut down on your caloric
Sleep more. Traditional Chinese
medicine recommends following the
sun and sleeping more in the fall and
winter because we have fewer hours
of daylight. It is best to get nine to 10
hours of sleep as opposed to the recommended eight hours in the summer
and spring.
Slow down. We should expect
ourselves to slow down naturally and
be less active during winter months.
This is a hard concept for many
Americans to grasp given our busy
Meditate more. As our bodies naturally slow down, it is best to slow the
mind as well through meditation.
Don’t resist what the body is naturally
meant to do this time of year.
Turn to acupuncture. An
acupuncture winterizing treatment
naturally restores balance and boosts
energy levels.
Practice self-care. Get a massage,
engage in social activities and take a
vacation, if possible. Self-care will help
you recharge your body.
“Our immune system is naturally
suppressed in the winter,” said Dr.
Michelfelder, who also is a professor
at Loyola University Chicago Stritch
School of Medicine. “Try not to fight
the seasons. If we are not aligned with
the natural cycles of life, we won’t be
able to recharge our immune system
to protect our health.”
Source Newsroom: Loyola
University Health System
November 17, 2014
Myths and Facts About
Tooth and Jaw Pain
Years ago when I
was still a dental
student, I remember
listening to a popular morning radio show. One of the
disc jockeys was complaining about
the cost of his dental bill. What followed was a rip session on dentists.
There were two quotes from the show
I still remember : "Take my advice
folks; don't go to the dentist unless it
hurts" and "If it ain't broke, don't fix
Although this was a morning comedy show, it was apparent to me that
on this particular subject - especially
the advice - these guys were dead serious. I admit I was offended and even
thought about calling them. However, I
had enough sense to know my call
would only serve as the butt of several more jokes. My next thought was if
the conventional dental wisdom of
these two jokers was followed by the
public, the number of root canals and
tooth extractions would likely quadruple for their listening base.
A doctor's oath is to work to eradicate disease and nothing less.
Therefore - better late than never - I
offer my reply to Drew and Mike's
advice from 1994 (in case you are still
following it)!
"Don't go to the dentist unless is
hurts!".....Let's take a look at this one. I
believe most of you are wise enough
to see the danger in this suggestion. I
just want to offer the facts as to why
this is a bad idea. The nerves inside
our teeth are very well protected.
Teeth are meant to take hundreds of
pounds of pressure every single time
we chew. With this fact in mind, it
should be apparent our nerves our
not meant to be easily aroused inside
the pulp chambers of our teeth.
If we apply this resilience to a
stimulus such as to tooth decay, it
may be a little easier to understand
why our teeth don't ache the moment
a cavity begins. Since our teeth are
made to adapt to varying factors of
pressure and temperature, they can
also acclimate to a slow moving cavity.
But here is the default: once tooth
decay reaches the nerve, it does the
same thing 100 percent of the time - it
creates pain and then it dies and
A great amount of our natural
tooth is destroyed before the pain
may alert us to act. It's important to
understand decay moves inward and
outward as it progresses toward the
nerve chamber; it follows a pattern
that eats the tooth away in a pyramidal direction toward the base. This
means the earlier decay is detected
the smaller the restoration. Likewise,
the deeper the decay, the larger and
more costly the restoration. Simple
fillings can quickly become crowns
and root canals or even extractions.
And decay never ever stops growing!
"If it ain't broke, don't fix
it!".....This common aphorism works
nicely in many situations that buy us
more time to ignore a potential problem. Then, when the problem is
adamant, whatever is broke gets fixed
or replaced. It's all a matter of whether
or not one wants to be inconvenienced now or at a future time which
may or may not be the worse possible
time with the worse possible outcome.
When we apply this little "if it
ain't broke" saying to a situation
involving our teeth, I encourage you to
study the logic. Decay - and gum infections for that matter - is bacteria,
which is an active disease process in
not only our mouths, but our entire
body system. This means our mouth is
sending bacterial through our saliva
and bloodstream to other areas of our
body. The American Heart Association
confirms that 50% of the bacteria
related to heart blockages come from
unhealthy mouths.
What is your idea of broke.....when
a tooth hurts and requires much more
costly and less predictable results? Or
is it when you are diagnosed with high
blood pressure related to an
unhealthy mouth? Or, to take it logically further, is "it" broke when you
end up with cardiac arrest? My hope
for you is that you consider a health
problem to be a "breakage" the
moment your dentist diagnosis a
pathological condition in your mouth.
This means catching the problem
before the pain. After all, 85% of dental
chair diagnoses are under circumstances where no pain is yet involved;
and isn't that's the point!?
Daniel J. O’Brien D.D.S., P.C.
has his offices at 3796 Rochester
Rd., between Big Beaver and Wattles
Rds. He can be reached at 248-5260120
“As a well spent day brings happy
sleep, so life well used brings happy
— Leonardo da Vinci
“Men make use of their illnesses at
least as much as they are made use of
by them.”
—Aldous Huxley
Page 9
“A bad cold wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't for the advice of our
—Kin Hubbard
Dr. Staci Hopkins
& Dr. Melissa Kennedy
“Providing Excellent Care
With Compassion and Dignity”
to Our Team!
We Offer:
• State-of-the-Art Care
for Women
• Individualized Health Care
Plans for Every Patient
• Complete Range of
Obstetrical and
Gynecological Services
for Women of All Ages
Staci Hopkins, M.D. & Melissa Kennedy, M.D.
Rochester Hills/Wellpointe Bldg.
Lake Orion
4550 Investment Dr. • Suite 200
1701 South Blvd. East • Suite 200
1455 South Lapeer Rd. • Suite 208
ulti- Specialtt y H
ealth C
aree Services
Se r v ic e s C
entralized U
nder One
One Roof
R oof
PATIENTS at tthe
ealth care
NTER ooff hhealth
ayne State
State University
Universi t y Physician
Physician Group
fe rs m
ul ti-special t y health
heal th care
ca re services
ser vices
att a n
ew cl
inic iin
a k l a nd C
ount y.
‡ De
r matology
‡ E
ndocr inology
‡ F
ami ly Medicine
M ed i ci n e
Hospital Workers Wash
Hands Less Frequently
Toward End of Shift,
Study Finds
Hospital workers who deal directly with patients wash their hands less
frequently as their workday progresses, probably because the demands of
the job deplete the mental reserves
they need to follow rules, according to
new research published by the
American Psychological Association.
‡ Gastroenterology
‡ IInterventional
nter ventional N
eu rology
‡ O
‡ O
r thopaedics
‡ O
tola r yngology
‡ Pain
Pain M
oy C
560 E.
E. Maple
Maple Road
Road ‡ Troy,
Troy, M
MII 48083
4 8 0 83
Located at
at the
the corner
corner of
of Stephenson
Stephenson Hwy.
Hw y. and
and Maple
Maple Road.
‡ Physical
Physical Medicine
M ed i ci n e a
nd R
ehabi l itation
‡ Women’s
Women’s H
ea lth
To schedule an appointment,
call 248-581-5200.
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Page 10
November 17, 2014
July 22, 2013
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TV Journalist & Jewelry Designer,
Laughter, Music, Everything await 1st
baby. Expenses paid. 1-800-933-1975 ♥
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Drivers w/CDL: Walk-Away Lease. Zero
Down, No Balloon Payment, 2 Year
Warranty. Contract Rates as high as
$3/mile - 877-936-0012
Most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant
and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and
invokes you universally, as the patron of
hopeless cases, of things almost despaired
of. Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone
Make use I implore you, of that particular
privilege given to you, to bring visible and
speedy help where help is almost despaired
of. Come to my assistance in this great need
that I may receive the consolation and help
of heaven in ail my necessities, tribulations,
and sufferings, particularly— (Here make
your request) and that I may praise God with
you and all the elect forever. I promise, 0
blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of' this
great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully
encourage devotion to you. Amen.
Thank You St. Jude
JESUS be adored, glorified, loved
and preserved throughout the world
now and forever. Sacred heart of
Jesus pray for us. St. Jude, worker of
miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, helper
of the hopeless, pray for us. Say this
prayer nine times a day for nine days.
By the 8th day your prayer will be
answered. It has never been known
to fail. Publication must be promised.
Thank you St. Jude for Prayers
Experienced DCL A or B Vac truck operators for environmentl company in Troy.
Send resumes to Fleet Manager,
via fax: (248) 269-6041 or email:
[email protected]
Lunch and Dinner. Apply within, Picano’s
Italian Grille, 3775 Rochester Rd. Troy.
Solid wood dining table and four chairs.
Excellent condition. Asking $200.00 Will
text picture. (248) 891-7622
Lead Beginning Preschool Teacher wanted for growing Child Care Center in Troy.
(248) 689-9929
with the sound
of the great
Highland Bagpipes
and Line Cooks
Italian Grille
Lunch & Dinner
Apply Within
3775 Rochester Rd. Troy
248.399-1101 t/f
Residential Snow Plowing
Seasonal Rates
Starting at $225
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Novenaʼs $17.00 each
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Special Readings $20
Rich is Also Available
For Parties & Private
A novena is a nine-day period of private or public prayer to obtain special graces, to implore special favors, or to make special petitions. (Novena is derived
from the Latin "novem", meaning nine.) As the definition suggests, the novena has always had more of a sense of urgency and neediness.
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November 17, 2014
Impaired Driving Is Dangerous & Dumb
begin their holiday
shopping – Loss prevention at Nordstrom Rack advised
police that the suspect had selected several items of merchandise with no
regards to size and approached the
cashier. The suspect requested the
cashier look up her mother’s account
stating she was an authorized user. Loss
prevention contacted Nordstrom Credit
Department and was advised the
account had been compromised. The
suspect, a 20-year-old from Detroit was
arrested for “Illegal Use Of Credit Card.”
■ This is why you’re supposed to
check your credit report regularly. A
Glenwood resident reported that she
had applied for a mortgage. The complainant stated she was advised that her
credit report showed she had two credit
cards from US Bank with balances totaling $28,608.00. Complainant advised she
never had these credit cards.
■ Oops. Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding at I-75 and Crooks.
When the driver reached in his glove
box officers observed a pill bottle containing marijuana. Officers also discovered a pipe used to smoke marijuana in
the trunk. The driver, an 18-year-old from
Bloomfield Hills, was cited for
“Possession of Marijuana” and
“Possession Of Narcotic Paraphernalia.”
Some people never learn.
Officers investigated a vehicle stopped
in the intersection at Maple and
Stephenson just before 10 p.m. Officers
observed the driver to have a strong
aroma of intoxicants coming from his
person. The driver admitted to drinking
and failed field sobrieties. The driver
had prior convictions for drunk driving.
The driver, a 50-year-old from Troy, was
arrested for “Operating While
Intoxicated 3rd Offense.” Breath test
results were 0.21%, very drunk.
■ Drugs and driving don’t mix.
Officers investigated a rear end accident
at Dequindre and Wattles. The responsible driver was observed to have slurred
speech and dilated pupils. The driver
failed field sobrieties and admitted to
taking multiple prescription narcotics.
The driver, a 50-year-old from Pontiac,
was arrested for “Operating Under the
Presence of Drugs.” A blood draw was
conducted with results pending.
■ It is the most popular vehicle in
America. An employee on South Blvd.
reported that she parked her 2006 Ford
F350 pickup in the lot at 6:40 a.m. and.
when she returned at 5:40 p.m. the vehicle was missing.
You don’t need a badge to
guess this might be a drunk when it’s
just after 2 a.m. Officers stopped a vehi-
cle weaving out of its lane at Rochester
and Big Beaver. Officers detected a
strong odor of alcohol coming from
inside the vehicle. The driver admitted
to drinking and failed field sobrieties.
The driver. a 27 year old from Rochester
Hills, was arrested for “Operating While
Intoxicated.” Breath test results were
.19%, which is unfortunately beginning
to sound familiar and means you’re very
■ Thank goodness it wasn’t rush
hour. Officers responded to a call of a
driver passed out at the wheel at
Rochester and Square Lake at 2:33 a.m..
Officers detected a strong odor of intoxicants coming from inside the vehicle.
The driver admitted to drinking and
failed field sobrieties. The driver, a 24year-old from Rochester Hills, was
arrested for “Operating While
Intoxicated.” Breath test results were
0.25%, well now we’ve got three times
the legal limit.
■ This is quite the list of charges..
At 3:26 a.m. on Sunday morning, officers
responded to an accident at Big Beaver
and Alpine where the driver rear-ended
a vehicle and then fled. Officer located
the responsible driver who admitted to
drinking and failed field sobrieties. The
driver, a 20-year-old from Warren, was
arrested for “Operating While
Intoxicated,” “Hit And Run” and Fail To
Report Accident.” Breath test results
0.12%. He’s not even old enough to drink
and these charges could ruin his future.
Those are risks kids shouldn’t be taking.
■ More drunken stupidity. Officers
responded to an accident at Winter and
Fernleigh at 5:46 a.m. on Sunday morning where the responsible driver had hit
a tree. The driver admitted to drinking
and failed field sobrieties. The driver, a
23-year-old from Davisburg, was arrested for “Operating While Intoxicated.”
Breath test results were 0.21%.
Note: If you have any information
on the aforementioned crimes, or any
other offenses, please call the Troy
Police Department at 248-524-3477. If
you wish to remain anonymous, you
may call 248-524-9777 and leave a
Page 11
Benefit for Toys for Tots & Troy Freedom Center
Enjoy this potluck dinner at VFW
Hall, 3025 Coolidge, Berkley on
Saturday, Nov. 29, from 5 - 9 p.m.
Freedom Center Family Support
Group in conjunction with the United
States Marine Corps Reserve and
Berkley VFW Post 9222 cordially invite
you to dinner (Cash Bar) to Benefit for
Toys for Tots and the Troy Freedom
Admission $8.00 and includes dinner and you add the a new unwrapped
toy ( No cloth or stuffed toys Please)
For Reservations call Sal Haji 248703-5907.
“Making mistakes is not a problem, not catching those mistakes is
where the trouble starts.”
— Ed Berger
Real Estate Classes
Become an Agent
In 2 Weeks
Real Estate One
70 W. Long Lake Rd., Corner of Livernois • Troy
Call David Reese at
Troy Police Investigators Arrest Two Suspects in
Multi-Jurisdiction Realtor Open House Larcenies
Troy Police Investigators have
arrested two suspects in connection
with numerous realtor open house larcenies where predominantly credit cards
were taken. Troy Police investigators
were assisted by investigators from
Sterling Heights and Royal Oak Police
Departments. Charles William Frazier,
age 39 from Detroit and Durand Laurent
Micheau, age 44 from Detroit are suspected in open house thefts from June
through October throughout 15 communities in three different counties.
The suspects would commit the
crimes with one of the suspects distracting them the realtor, while the other suspect committed the theft. Typically, one
of the suspects would coerce the realtor
outside to look at the back yard, property line or down to the basement under
the ruse of looking at the furnace while
the second suspect would steal a wallet
containing money and credit cards. In
some of the open houses, homeowner’s
unsecured valuables such as jewelry
were also taken.
Durand Laurent Micheau was
arraigned at 52-4 District Court in Troy
on November 1, 2014 before Magistrate
Clement J. Waldmann and charged with:
• Two counts of “Larceny in a
• Two counts of “Fraudulent use of a
Financial Transaction Device”
Micheau was given a $100,000 cash
or surety bond. He appeared on
November 4, 2014 before Judge Kirsten
Nielsen Hartig of the 52-4 District Court
for a preliminary exam.
Charles William Frazier was
arraigned at 52-4 District Court on
November 6, 2014 before Magistrate
Donald R. Chisolm on one charge of
“Fraudulent Use of a Financial
Transaction Device.” Bond was set at
$100,000 cash or surety and the next
court date is scheduled for November
12, 2014 before Judge Kirsten Nielsen
Hartig of the 52-4 District Court for a preliminary exam.
Other jurisdictions are currently
pursuing charges against these two suspects.
Troy Police would like to remind
realtors and homeowners to stay vigilant and aware during open houses and
house showings. Homeowners should
also lock up and secure valuables.
November 27, 2014 • 11 am - 9:30 pm
Exclusive Thanksgiving Day Menu Served All Day
(Everyday menu, not available)
$39.95 per person/$17.95 ages 5-12
Family Style Dinner
Served with fresh baked bread
———— First Course ————
Compliments of the Chef
Assorted Bruschetta Plate (not available with carryout)
———— Second Course ————
Please choose two:
Maggiano’s Salad • Caesar Salad • Chopped Salad • Italian Tossed Salad
———— Third Course————
Served with Cranberry Relish. Please choose two:
Traditional Roast Turkey Breast with Giblet Gravy & Focaccia Sausage Stuffing
Country-Style Baked Nueske Ham with Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia with Sage, Lemon & Tomatoes
Please choose two additional sides:
Tuscan Creamed Corn • Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Creamed Spinach • Garlic Mashed Potatoes • Focaccia Sausage Stuffing
Please choose two pastas:
Taylor Street Baked Ziti • Our Famous Rigatoni “D”®
Spaghetti & Meatball • Four Cheese Ravioli†
Gnocchi & Italian Sausage • Pasta of the Day
———— Fourth Course————
Please choose two:
Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake† • Warm Apple Crostada
Chocolate Zuccotto Cake • Tiramisu
Carry-Out Packages Available for $200
Serves Approximately 5 People
Orders must be placed by Monday, November 24th • Call for Details
Call 248.205.1060 For Reservations
2089 WEST BIG BEAVER RD. • TROY • (248)205-1060
†Dish contains nuts
Page 12
November 17, 2014
Change Bad Habits to be Debt Free
Most of us want
to be rich, famous,
and good-looking,
and since it’s unlikely very many of us at all will achieve
that trifecta, most of us would settle for
one of those three. And research says
that means wealth, given that the other
two are usually the result of genetics or
good fortune.
And even though we would ‘settle’
for being rich, the funny thing is that
most of us can achieve a degree of
wealth all on our own by simply
becoming free of debt. No, that doesn’t
mean you break open the piggy bank
and buy lottery tickets, nor does it
mean you buy a ski mask and frequent
convenience stores at midnight.
What is DOES mean is that you follow several simple rules for your life,
and then have a very nice and comfortable retirement, one in which eating cat
food is precluded. And the sooner you
follow these rules, the earlier you’ll
achieve wealth, and the more of it, too.
Debt-free people pay attention to
detail, by doing small things, like actually checking their credit card statement for erroneous or fraudulent
charges. They also pay their balance
each month, rather than paying 15% or
more in interest and fees. They check
all their financial papers for accuracy.
Debt-free people, although perhaps
having an accountant, do not simply
sign papers they’re given. Instead, they
go over their tax documents and banking statements, making sure that they
KNOW where their money is, and
where it is going.
Debt-free people live on less than
they make. Understandably, there are
families in which every nickel earned is
needed just the basics, but most people reading this article come from middle and upper-middle class families. If
you save and invest 10-20% of your
income, and then live on the other 80%,
you are living beneath your means.
Poor people, even those with high
incomes but little wealth, live above
their means.
Debt-free people don’t live for
today, but plan for tomorrow. They
realize that to achieve financial success
will take decades, not weeks, and so
they develop a plan, and then stick
with it. Debt-free people possess traits
such as perseverance and tenacity. It
really comes down to self-control, not
only in not eating that last piece of
pizza, but also in financial discipline.
Debt-free people save, and save a
lot. They always max out their 401(k)
at work, and take advantage of their
employer match, whatever that might
be. They also save money in banks,
and have post-tax investments in mutual funds and other vehicles. They
diversify so that any market correction
doesn’t impact their investments as
much as it would others. Debt-free
people save , on average, 22% of their
income, and they do it for decades, too.
Debt-free people set goals, and
ones that are achievable. And once
they reach that goal, they set a new
one. It’s like running a 10K race, and
telling yourself it’s just one kilometer
more every time you reach a check
Debt-free people learned to say
‘No’ at impulsive purchases. They will
buy a Seiko watch rather than a Rolex.
They will buy a Chevrolet rather than a
Lexus. They will eat at home, rather
than eating out all the time. This doesn’t mean they don’t have fun; they do.
But debt-free people know how saying
‘No’ to small things can add up to big
money over the years.
Debt-free people understand the
power of cash. They don’t buy stuff
until they have the money to pay for it.
They make of a lot of small purchases
with cash instead of debit cards, so
that they stop spending when their wallet gets thin rather than whipping out
the plastic.
And lastly, debt-free people prefer
experiences over things. They value
family, friends, and times spent together rather than taking having the latest
phone, tablet, or flat-screen TV. They
would rather have you over for a
potluck dinner three or four times a
year than seeing you once at that fancy,
expensive restaurant. At the end of the
day, debt-free people treasure the people in their lives, and not their things.
[[email protected]]
Holiday Classic Comes
to Life as Avon Players
Presents “Miracle On
34th Street”
Theater-goers can check one thing
off their holiday wish list: an enchanting live performance suitable for all
ages as Avon Players presents Miracle
on 34th Street based on the beloved
holiday motion picture starring
Maureen O' Hara and Natalie Wood.
Miracle on 34th Street runs November
28-December 13.
Tickets for all shows are $16 ($14
on Sundays for students and seniors).
Call 248-608-9077 for tickets or order
online at
Group rates are available by calling the box office. "Like" Avon Players
Theatre on Facebook for special offers
on tickets. Visa and MasterCard are
“ Nobody works harder than a
curious kid.”
— David "Doc" Searls
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Telescopes • Collectible Toys
Games Workshop • Coin Supplies
Doll House Miniatures
Train Repair & Parts
Tues.-Fri. 11 am-7 pm • Sat. 11am-6 pm
Sun. & Mon. Closed
3278 Rochester Rd. • Troy
4 Blocks North of Big Beaver
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our Beauty.y.y
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Are small lines around your eyes or
forehead revealing your age?
Now it’s easier than ever to soften age lines,
wrinkles on the forehead and crows feet.
rroy Grand
BOTOX® injections
$10 per unit
BOTOX® cosmetic, the #1 in-office cosmetic
procedure in the U.S., is now being performed
by trusted U-M providers near you.
Call the U-M Vein Center in Troy today to
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Through December 31, 2014
U-M Vein
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r y Medical Plaza • 1777 Axtell Road,, Suite 201
r y, MI 48084-4435