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THIRTY -THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME NOVEMBER 16,2014 "'Master, you gave me five
talents. See, I have made five
more.' His master said to him,
'Well done, my good and faithful
servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give
you great responsibilities. Come, share your master's joy.' "
- Mt 25 :20b-21
November 15
Carmelo Frenna, 6th Anniversary Memorial,
requested by his wife & family
November 16
For Parishioners of Sacred Heart Church
Mary DiMasi, Anniversary Memorial, requested
by Grace Savoy, Theresa Duane & Annmarie
November 17
Mario Cedrone, Anniversary Memorial, requested
by his wife
November 18
Aime Despres, Anniversary Memorial, requested
by Lodia Bourgeois & family
November 19
Archie Cameron, 1st Anniversary Memorial,
requested by his wife & family
November 20
Pastor's Intention
November 21
MaryLou Burgess, Birthday Memorial, requested
by Bousquet Family
November 22
Paul E. Dube, Birthday Memorial, requested by
wife & family
November 23
For Parishioners of Sacred Heart Church
Fred & Kay Tortola, Anniversary Memorial,
requested by their family
The Altar Flowers for the week are a 1st Anniversary Memorial
for Peggy Storlazzi requested by her sister, Betty Arnold
The Blessed Mother Flowers for the week are in Loving Memory
of Castellana & Caramazza, requested by Angelo & Angela
The Stained Glass Window will be lit for the week as an Anni­
versary Memorial for Liliane Barba, requested by her husband,
children & grandchildren
Our prayer corner gives an opportunity to place those in need of
prayer at the center of our hearts, minds and prayers. It is also an
opportunity for those in need of spiritual uplifting, healing and
comfort to seek prayers of the community. If you would like to
submit a name for the prayer comer, e-mail us at sa­
credheart311 Before placing the name of others on the
list, please seek the approval of the person, or the family of the
person whose name you are submitting.
Please Pray For ...
Richard McDonald, Marie Sonier, Robert Byrd, John & Margaret,
Marie Woodside, Peter Donovan, Joanne Evans, Taylor C, Joe
Downs, Margaret, Nicole MacDonald, Josephine Forte, Richard
Murphy, Jr., Victor Palazzo, James Gray, Lillian Sagan, Regina
Sagan, Eileen Palumbo, Jean McLane, Linda Roy, Jim M, Christo­
pher Whalen, Lara Reynolds, Madeline Albanese, Rose Scafidi,
Roseann Trolan, Dennis Hamedy, Gloria Van Buskirk, Nick Pa­
lumbo, Cora Jean Williams, Ruth Varley, William 1. Cleary, Lydia
Melong, Charles Linehan, Fintan Stanley, Karin Conti, Evelyn
Guelli, Connie Sammartano, Todd Lawrence, Andy O'Brien, Silas
Huffman, Michael Weekley, Kevin McNamara, M.L. O'Brien,
Nicole Corrigan, Tom R., Carole Knox, Sally Mae, Jessica, Alice
B., Joseph Lee, Douglas Lee, Donna Casey, Robert Rizzo, Nancy
Malone, Paul Perry, Rose Ballo, Ruth Mulligan, Mark Elliott and
all men and women deployed around the world in military service,
and all people confined to their homes because of illness or age
and all who are ill or undergoing medical treatment. Please keep
in your prayers all the families grieving the loss of a loved one.
Readings for the Week of November 16,2014
Prv 31:10-13,19-20,30-3111 Thes 5:1-6IMt
25:14-30 or25:14-15, 19-21
Rv 1:1-4; 2:1-5ILk 18:35-43
Rv 3:1-6, 14-221Lk 19:1-10
Rv 4:1-11ILk 19:11-28
Rv 5:1-10ILk 19:41-44
Rv 10:8-1 1ILk 19:45-48
Rv 11 :4-12ILk 20:27-40
Next Sunday:
Ez 34:11-12,15-1711 Cor 15:20-26, 28IMt
Sharing Time, Talent and Treasure
The Collection last week was: $5925.00
The Second Collection this weekend for the Heat, Light & Power
PARISH NEWS, Continued
Once each month the Faith Formation Program sponsors a Coffee
and Doughnut Social as a way of welcoming the community to
share in coffee, conversation and fellowship. Please join us on
Sunday, December 7tl!, following the lO:OOAM Mass.
Increased Offertory Initiative
This past weekend at each of the Sunday liturgies Father Dennis
gave us insight on the state of the parish, its growth and its vibran­
cy. He also shared with us the challenges of meeting the needs of
the church throughout the year and the desire we all have to carry
out the mission of the new evangelization. Many of us become
complacent in our level of involvement or lack thereof as well as
in our level of giving. It is our hope that every member of our
community will consider sharing their time, talent and treasure in
a way that is faithful to the gospel. This weekend you will hear
from several parishioners who, like many of you love their parish.
They will share with us the ways in which they are actively in­
volved in parish life and in ways that they are striving to be good
stewards in today's world. We thank you all for taking the time to
listen to their witness and for your consideration in this most im­
portant initiative.
"Well done my good and faithful servant." With those words the
master in Jesus' Parable of the Talents smiles and rewards his
servant. We often cite the Parable of the Talents in relation to
stewardship. Because of our understanding of "talent," we may
assume that this is a parable about skills and those kinds of gifts.
Of course, in this case, a "talent" is a unit of money. Scholars as­
sume that the master is wealthy; therefore, whether one received
fi ve talents, two talents, or one talent, they most likely received a
huge amount of money according to our standards. That is not the
stewardship perspective of this parable. Each of us, just as the
three servants in the parable, has received multiple gifts from God
(the Master). The question posed by Jesus, and the question we
must be prepared to answer at our own judgment, is "What have
you done with the gifts you have received?" Everything we have
and everything we become are gifts from God. Like the stewards
in the parable, we have been given gifts. Do we develop those
gifts and do we share them, or do we "bury" them and really do
nothing with them? Those who do the fonner, return them with
increase to the Lord, are not only complimented, but embraced
and invited: "Come share your master's joy. - To learn more log
on to:
On the weekend of November 22-23, the second collection is for
our Retired Sisters. This annual collection helps to meet the basic
needs of some 2,000 Retired Sisters who collectively have served
the parishes, schools, hospitals, and local ministries of our Arch­
diocese for more than 54,000 years. Next week, please consider
making a generous gift to the Sisters who have served us so gen­
erously over the years. For more information, please contact Sister
Marian Batho, CSJ, Delegate for Religious at 617-746-5637 or
[email protected] Thank you for your support of our
We are in need of blankets for the Project Linus Program. If you
are interested in knitting or crocheting for Project Linus please
consider this important ministry. For free blanket patterns and
information log on to
PARISH NEWS, Continued
Come one and all to our annual Fall Meat Raffle next Friday
evening, November 21 st. This annual event is much more than a
fundraiser, it's a fun-filled social gathering hosted by the Friars
and Paul Brasco and the Brasco Family. Admission is free as are
the food and snacks featuring hot dogs, munchies, desserts and
coffee (soda and water will be available at a nominal cost). Doors
open at 6:30PM and ticket sales beginning at 7:00PM. Each round
will include a bag of choice cuts of meat and poultry, and addi­
tional drawings will include fresh turkeys, scratch tickets and
much more! Come one come all, contact us if you wish to bring a
group often and we'll reserve a table.
We are in need of a volunteer coordinator of ushers and greeters
for the 10:00AM Sunday Mass. For many years this position was
handled well by Mary Bonney, a dear parishioner who passed
away last year. We are seeking a dedicated individual to continue
the wonderful job that Mary did for so many years. Responsibili­
ties involved for this ministry are; arrive 15 minutes prior to the
start of Mass, call upon the ushers and additional parishioners to
assist with the offertory collection and assist them in that capaci­
ty. Additionally we would ask that the coordinator assist us in
recruiting additional ushers and greeters for that Mass to insure
that the offertory collections are taken courteously and efficiently
throughout the year. For additional information please contact
Bernadette at 781-893-8461 or e-mail us at sacredheart­
[email protected]
Our next Baptism preparation class will take place on Thursday,
November 20 th • Those baptizing their child at Sacred Heart
Church are required to attend the baptism class prior to their
child's baptism. We welcome expectant parents and encourage
them to attend preparation before choosing their child's godpar­
ent. Knowing the responsibilities of a godparent (sponsor) will
better prepare you for making this important choice for your child
and hislher faith life. To arrange for the baptism of your child,
please contact the Parish Office 781- 899-0469 Monday-Thursday
from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM. Baptism Classes are held in the Reli­
gious Education Center adjacent to the Parish Office building.
Each fall, in preparation for Christmas, the Parishioners of Sacred
Heart have been most generous in helping us provide holiday gift
assistance to families experiencing fmancial hardship. Applica­
tions for our "Giving Tree" were sent home to families of our
parish RE program so that they might submit requests for their
family if they are in need. Additional applications may be found
in the church for those members of our community who might be
in need of help or may know someone who is in need. We hope
to have applications returned on or before Thursday, November
20 th so that tags can be available on the Giving Tree on the week­
end of November 22 nd and 23 rd as many enjoy shopping on
Thanksgiving Weekend. Please note that Giving Tree requests are
for children ages infant/toddler to age 12 years ONLY and only
one registration form per family should be submitted.
NOVEMBER 16, 2014 PARISH NEWS, Continued
PARISH NEWS, Continued
"Is any man sick among you? Let him bring in the "priests" ofthe
church and let them pray over him. " - James 5: 14
Next weekend, November 22nd and 23 rd the Friars will administer
the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. The Friars will admin­
ister the Sacrament following the 4:00PM Mass on Saturday and
following the 10:00AM Mass on Sunday. The Sacrament of the
Sick is administered to those who are gravely ill, to those about to
undergo a serious operation and for those undergoing treatment for
the recovery of their health and for spiritual strength appropriate
not only for physical but also for mental and spiritual sickness.
Anointing of the Sick is administered by a priest to any person
who bas reached the age of reason and wh0se health is in jeopardy
due to grave illness. This rite is one way in which the Church con­
tinues the healing ministry of Jesus. The healing offered by this
anointing is forgiveness of sins, hope and inner peace, sometimes
physical healing, and an assurance of God's steadfast care, even in
death. If you or a loved one desires the healing touch of Christ, we
encourage you to partake of the sacrament of the sick. For those
who need assistance, please utilize the handicapped parking and
handicapped entrance on Grove Street and we encourage a family
member or friend to accompany those who are frail.
Eucharistic Adoration had resumed and will take place on the First
Friday of each month from 8:00AM-12:00 Noon. The Third Order
of Mary will also hold Adoration on the Third Sunday of the
month from 2:30PM to 4:00PM
To keep abreast of all that takes place .at Sacred
Heart and especially with regard to religious edu­
cation please sign-up for Constant Contact. To
register to receive our parish e-mail newsletters log
on to our web site Scroll
down to "Join our e-mail list" and enter your e­
mail then click "go". Once registered, you'll re­
ceive occasional updates on parish events and ac­
tivities. Important note: Constant Contact is our
primary source of communication for our Faith
Formation Programs, those Cllrrent subscribers
who choose to "unsubscribe" will no longer re­
ceive pertinent information regarding parish or
religious education events.
Please remember that many in our local communities continue to
struggle with hunger. When doing your weekly grocery shopping
please consider adding an item or two each week to help keep our
pantry shelves stocked . Most needed items; Cereal, Peanut Butter,
Jelly/Jam, canned tuna or chicken, canned meats such as ham or
spam, tomato sauce, pasta, rice mixes, instant potatoes, Macaroni
and Cheese, Fruit Juices, non-perishable milk products. Thank you
for your consideration.
Did you know that you can purchase Spiritual Bouquets from our
parish office? The Franciscan Missionary Union of our Friars
Province offers two options of Spirituals for those looking to offer
indulgences of Masses and Prayers for the faithfully departed. A
"One Year" membership for $10 and a Perpetual Membership for
$15 . You may purchase a Spiritual Bouquet at the parish office
Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.
We are seeking one or several volunteers for a rela­
tively simple task, to "adopt a pump". Our religious
education building contains 6 large pumps which
keep our rooms dry. They are relatively easy to main­
tain but they do require an occasional check to keep a
balanced water level in the battery. We are seeking
one or more volunteer who could take on the task of
overseeing the pumps every other month or so ·and
refilling the battery with water when necessary. John
Carter, a parish volunteer who manages the systems
in the church will be more than pleased to have a vol­
unteer or two for the RE room pumps and will walk
the volunteer through the process of checking and
filling the battery. This is the perfect volunteer oppor­
tunity for busy parishioners or Religious Education
parents who can't commit much time but would like
to help their church. For additional information con­
tact Bernadette at 781-893-8461.
WeShare, an easy and convenient way to save
time, go green and support your church . Donating
is simple, safe, and completely secure with
WeShare online giving hosted by our bulletin pro­
vider LPI. With WeShare, you can set up a recur­
ring weekly or monthly transaction or donate a
"one time gift" on any given day using your check­
ing, savings, or credit card account. You can de­
cide how much to give to any coJiection and make
changes any time, day or night. If you would like
to enroll in Online Giving, please visit https://!. If you have
any questions or concerns about the program or
would like help setting up your account, please call
our parish office at 781-899-0469.
NOVEMBER 16,2014 PARISH NEWS. Continued
The next Bristol Lodge Dinner will take place on Wednesday,
December 3 cd • The suggested menu items include; Roast Chick­
en, potato or rice, assorted vegetables. It would be most helpful if
those who plan to bring rotisserie chicken could "pre-carve" the
chicken before dropping it off. This will help insure that the meal
is served on time. Although we have many servers in the mem­
bers of the confirmation class, the policy of the soup kitchen is
that only adults handle cutlery. We appreciate your assistance in
helping in the process of meal preparation. In addition to the
main meal the soup kitchen staff serves milk or juice with the
meal, donations of these items will be greatly appreciated. Ques­
tions may be directed to our Youth Minister Laura Peterson at
[email protected] Those who wish to contribute
an entree, side or dessert are asked to drop them off either at the
parish hall kitchen by 4:30PM or directly to the Bristol Lodge
Soup Kitchen at the Immanuel Methodist Church, comers of
Moody and Cherry Streets by meal time at 5:00PM
The Society of Saint Clare, the women's group of Sacred Heart
Parish meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM.
Drawing on the virtues of Saint Clare of Assisi the mission of the
group is to share faith and prayer among the community, offer
service and charity to those in need, and to share in the mission of
the church. The members of the Society of St. Clare are a fun
loving and sociable group of woman with a common love of
Christ and desire to serve their church. Meetings are generally
held on the first Wednesday of each month, from September
through June. The Saint Clare meetings are informal gatherings
that include friendly conversation and light refreshments while
planning upcoming events and enjoying opportunities to pray and
grow in faith . All women are welcome to attend and bring a
friend. For more info, you are welcome to contact Patrice
McGregor at 781-373-1371 or [email protected]
The St. Francis of the Sacred Heart Council is once again this
year taking pre-orders for Christmas Wreaths with a Red Ribbon.
The wreaths can be ordered by completing a pre-order sales form
and leaving it with the Knights at any Mass or by placing it in an
envelope in the collection basket or mailing it to Knights of Co­
lumbus Wreaths, 311 River St, Waltham, MA 02453 . All orders
must be received by November 19lh . 50% of the proceeds from
the wreath sales go to Sacred Heart Parish and 50% go to the
Knights of Columbus charities .
On Sunday, November 23 rd our 4th Grade Students will assist at
the 10:00AM Mass. All 4th grade students regardless of their usu­
al religious education schedule are invited to participate along
with their catechists.
The EDGE Middle School Ministry will hold their yearly retreat
for students in grades 6-8 on Sunday, November 23 cd from
2 :00PM to 7:00PM. The students enjoy a lively afternoon of
games, activities, prayer and discussion. All students in the EDGE
program will be part of this faith filled afternoon retreat which
will conclude with the Mass. Parents are asked to meet their stu­
dents for the liturgy at 6:00PM.
The Sacred Heart Church Youth Group schedule for the fall and
winter will be Wednesday evenings from 7:00PM-8: 15PM. All
high school aged teens are invited to attend this lively hour of
faith sharing with friends that includes games or activities, snacks
and inspirational music/videos. Find Sacred Heart Youth Group
on Facebook and send a friend request. Parents of teens are wel­
comed to join the Sacred Heart Parents Facebook page where they
can find information on upcoming parish events. For additional
information contact Laura Peterson, Director of Youth Ministry at
[email protected] or call 781-893-8461.
The Religious Education Program is in need of volunteers to
serve as "Session Monitors" at each of the three Sunday Faith
Formation Sessions at 8:30AM, 10:45AM and 4:30PM. The role
of a Session Monitor(s) would be to check in with each class in­
suring that the students are supervised if a catechist is nmning
late. The Session Monitor would also respond to any urgent needs
during class time, if a child becomes ill, or if a catechist is in need
of assistance while gathering supplies or making copies. During
class time the Session Monitor is welcome to sit and enjoy some
down time in our parent waiting room, enjoy some coffee and
take advantage of our free WIFI! This is a perfect role for anyone
who can't commit to teach a class but would like to lend a hand
with out Faith Formation Program. Please consider helping in this
most needed position. Those interested should contact Bernadette
Scalese at 891-893-8461.
Like us? Then let us know by joining our Facebook group ; Sa­
cred Heart Church Waltham, Sacred Heart LIFE TEEN, Sacred
Heart Parents and Sacred Heart Youth Group (teens only). You
can now also follow us on Twitter @sacredheart311. Through
Social Media Networking we are able to post inspiring messages,
Catholic News and information and publicize the latest announce­
ments for upcoming parish events and holy days. Please note;
LIFETEEN and Youth Group face book pages are " invitation
only" for safety purposes. Teens who wish to join must sent a
friend request for approval.
Please join us at Saint John's Seminary's Our Lady of the Presen­
tation Lecture Hall (680 Washington St, Oak Square, Brighton)
on Monday, November 17 at 7:00PM for a lecture by John L.
Allen, Jr.. Allen is a senior Vatican analyst for CNN, a journalist,
author, and an associate Globe editor. He will join us to speak
about his insider experiences with Pope Francis and "All Things
Catholic". Free and open to the public. No RSVP required, but
seating may be limited. Free, ample parking is available a few
doors further up the lUll from the OLP Lecture Hall, adjacent to
704 Washington Street. Please email [email protected] for more
information or with questions.
St. Mary Parish in Waltham invites you to join us for Sunday
Morning Prayer. Christians throughout the world begin every day
praising God for life and blessings. We invite you to join us on
Sundays for this brief communal prayer of Psalms, Readings and
Hymns. It takes about 15 minutes. You don't need to bring any­
thing. You don't have to be familiar with the format. You don't
have to be Catholic. The Morning Prayer begins at 7:30 a.m. in
Saint Mary's church on School Street. Please know that you are
welcome and that people are praying for you at this time. If you
need more information please contact us at 781-891-1730 or
[email protected]
The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Every Day Life (the
19th Annotation Retreat) is available for Catholic Adults in a
group setting. The Spiritual Exercises extend over the course of
twenty-four weeks. This year the exercises begin on Wednesday
November 19,2014 and conclude April 22, 2015. The group will
meet weekly from 7pm to 9pm at Mount Alvernia High School,
790 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02458 . Father John Sassani and
Mary Ann McLaughlin will direct the Spiritual Exercises. For
further information please call 617-779-3640 or email spiritu­
al [email protected]
Saint John 's Seminary will once again host their annual can't-miss
Christmas event of the season, featuring the Saint John's Semi­
nary Schola (led by Music Director Dr. Janet Hunt, FAGO)
and special guests. Sunday will be a repeat performance for those
who can't make it on Saturday! The event will take place in the
Seminary Main Chapel, 127 Lake Street, Brighton MA. on Satur­
day December 6 U1 at 7:30PM and on Sunday December 7tll at
3:00PM. Mark your calendars for this very special concert.
Cursillo is a short course in Christianity. It is an encounter with
Christ in a small community of the Church, in order to deepen
your own faith and strengthen your ability to be witnesses of
Christ in the world. The dates for the weekend are:
Men's Cursillo Weekend
December 4-7, 2014
The weekends run from Thursday evening through Sunday after­
noon and are held at the Campion Center in Weston MA. For in­
formation and registration, please check the Boston Cursillo Web­
site: or call the Office of Spiritual Life at
617-779-3640 or email us at spiritual [email protected]
Marie McAvoy, a local resident and registered nurse, currently
has openings for private in-home elder care. If you have a loved
one, living with you or living alone who would benefit by Marie's
expertise in geriatric care and companionship please contact
[email protected]
Thursday, November 20, 2014 begins at 7:00PM, 200 prizes, 40
turkeys, 40 baskets of produce, 40 bottles of wine, 40 pies and 40
gallons of cider. There are 4 rounds of 50 prizes each. Each round
is a $1 per ticket. You can win the whole dinner for a dollar!
There is a 50/50 raffle and many other exciting door prizes. The
School Hall is handicap accessible. You don't even need to leave
your seat, we deliver your prize to you. We look forward to see­
ing you Thursday night!
BC High Community Receptions
Please visit our website for a list of dates and locations for these
28 receptions which are held at the homes of current parents and
their BC High students. So that we will expect you, please register
through your Eagle Account.
"Eagle-for-a-Day" Shadow Day (For Current 6tll and 8th Graders)
What better way to experience BC High than spend a half day
(7 1h grade entry) or a full day (9 1h grade entry) shadowing a cur­
rent BC High student? The EF AD Program is offered from Octo­
ber 15 th through mid February. Please let us know what day you
would like to visit and sign up through your Eagle Admissions
Account. Lunch will be provided.
Entrance Exams at BC High
Boston College High School announces Entrance Exams for
Grade 9 Applicants. The Catholic High School Placement Test
(HSPT) will take place on November 15,2014 at 8:30AM and on
December 13,2014 8:30AM **BC High also accepts the SSAT.
Grade 7 Applicants - ISEE Exams will take place on November
J 5,2014 8:30AM, December 13, 2014 8:30AM, and on January
RE Classes Grades Pre-k-5 and ROC (9 & 10)
K of C General Council Meeting
311 Club Drawing
Meat Raffle, doors open at 6:00PM
RE Classes Grades Pre-k-5
Grade 4 Mass, 10:00AM
EDGE Retreat 2:00PM-7:00PM Parish Hall
Thanksgiving day Mass: 9:00AM
No Mass on Friday after Thanksgiving.
Wreath Pick-up after 4PM Mass
No RE Classes-Thanksgiving weekend
Wreath Pick-Up after all Sunday Masses