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October 24
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Centrally Speaking
Central Lee FFA officers participated in an agricultural industry
tour recently. One of the tours was
the innovation center and factory
of Kinze Manufacturing. For more
FFA and Ag-Ed highlights, see
pages 12 and 13.
Front L-R: Jacob Boeck, Josey
Kirchner, Emma Newberry, and
Danielle Hoeing.
Back L-R: Caleb Moore, Justin
Wright, Ethan Hellweg, Andrew
Lambert, and Addison Loges.
November 26-28
No School
Volume 127
October/November 2014
First Grade
Third Grade
FFA & Ag-Ed
Emergency Bus Routes
Go to the home page of the
Central Lee Community School’s website,
Click on “Students & Parents” and
scroll down to “Transportation”
Click on “Download the emergency bus route”
First Grade
Ms. Cunningham
Question for my students: Can you give an example of a good bucket filling/bucket filler?
Karagen: If someone gets pushed and if anyone
doesnʼt help them get back up, it breaks their
Harley: If people fall, help them back up.
Dylan: Donʼt hurt peopleʼs feelings.
Riley: Donʼt talk mean to people.
Cady: A good bucket filler is kind.
Maddie: When friends are hurt, other friends
David: No talking back.
Will: Give someone a hug.
Layla: Help the planet.
Mikayla: Friends help friends.
Kylan: When someone falls and gets hurt, tell a
Frankie: When someone is hurt, help them up.
Saphire: Donʼt punch people.
Saphara: Be safe for all people.
Ruby: Love everyone.
Hayden: Donʼt kick anyone.
Katheryn: Be kind.
Johnny: Hugging people is good bucket filling.
Brandon: Donʼt kick anyone, even when you
want to.
Mrs. Howell
This year our school-wide reading incentive
theme is a sports theme entitled Being a HAWK
is the Name of the Game. We have been reading
books about teamwork and bucket filling. We have
discussed how we can be bucket fillers in our classroom and around the school so I asked my students
what they think an example of a bucket filling
HAWK is and these are their responses:
Lily: Being kind; if someone doesnʼt have someone to play with at recess, I can play with that
Audrey: Sharing; I could share toys.
Aurora: Being nice to others; I could help them if
they need it.
Carter: Helping them; if somebody is hurt, I
could help them.
Kenna: Playing with each other at recess.
Tatum: If someone knocks down another person,
I could help him up.
Kristianna: Playing with other kids.
Caleb: If someone is pushed on the playground, I
could ask the person who pushed him to stop.
Sophie: Playing with somebody when they have
nobody to play with.
Ava: Being quiet when we are in the hallway.
Cody: If someone asks me to play with them, I
Aubrey: Donʼt hit others; keep our hands to ourselves
Trinity: Listening when the teacher is talking.
Josiah: Reading a book quietly.
Addison: If I had ice cream and someone was
sad, I could give it to them.
Colie: Helping somebody if they had an owie and
got hurt really bad.
Camden: Listening and paying attention when the
teacher is talking.
Aryk: Listening and following the rules.
Hunter: Being kind.
Mrs. Mohrfeld
Mrs. Koller
We are working hard to be great HAWKS
(Hawks Are Willing Kind Safe Students), which
fits in well with our school-wide theme this year,
Being a HAWK is the Name of the Game. Our goal
has been to read 15 minutes each day for at least
four out of the five school nights. I am hopeful that
the students will be motivated to read as much as
possible to meet their goals. Parents can help by
giving them the opportunity and listening to their
student read. We will also be incorporating Accelerated Reading goals. I asked each student to give
an example of what a good HAWK is. Their replies
were both entertaining and thoughtful:
We are off to a great start in first grade. The students are getting settled in and working on routines.
At the beginning of the year we talk about being a
bucket filler and a good HAWK. We use the book,
Have You Filled a Bucket Today? along with our
motto, Hawks Are Willing Kind Safe Students, to
teach the students that everyone has an imaginary
bucket, and your actions affect their buckets. When
you fill a bucket, you are both happy, but when you
dip in someone elseʼs bucket, you are also dipping
into your own bucket. This helps set the precedent
for the rest of the year of what we expect for be- Addison: Donʼt run in the halls. Be nice to your
havior. I asked the students for an example of a friends.
bucket filling HAWK.
Alec: Be kind to all the people in the school.
Bella: Help if someone gets hurts. Help them up.
Amelie: Helping other people.
Blake: Make sure that everyone has someone to
Addysin: Sitting still in your seat and not talking
play with at recess.
to other people.
Gracie: When someone falls down, ask them if
Charlee: Helping people when they get hurt.
they are okay.
Kaleigh: Helping someone out when they need
Jayden: You can help them get on the right bus if
they donʼt know.
Riley: Donʼt be a bully!
Jodee: You have to be good at school and be nice
Taylor: Being kind to everyone.
to people.
Dexter: Being nice to everyone.
Kinzie: If someone is sad because they donʼt have
Alton: Being nice outside of school.
Tyler: Picking up his room without being asked to anyone to play with, you can ask them to play
with you.
do it.
Korbin: If someone falls, help them up.
Vanessa: Playing nice with friends.
Lily: Be nice to your classmates by letting them
Tanner: Being kind to everyone.
swing at recess if they want to.
Makayla: Being nice to everyone.
Maddie: If someone feels sad, you can play with
Nathan: When someone is sad, you can help
Margaret: If someone is alone, you can go play
Avery: Letting people play with you that donʼt
with them.
have someone to play with.
Mylan: Help students learn.
Eliza: Helping someone on the playground.
Emma: Helping someone up when they fell down. Noah: Help someone open their locker.
Owen: Help your friends if they hurt.
Kendra: Cheering up someone who is sad.
Peter: Getting a HAWK ticket for being a good
Colton: Treating others the way you want to be
Sara: Help your friends read.
Isabella: Being nice to everyone.
Ward: Be nice to people. If they donʼt have anyMarie: Being kind to everyone.
one to play with, you can let them play with you.
Third Grade News
Mrs. Campbell
Mrs. Kruse
In our classroom this year, families will have
the opportunity to participate in a student favorite:
Mystery Readers! On specific days, our class will
host parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbors,
etc. to bring in and read aloud a favorite picture
book to our class. Students love when their family
members come into the classroom, and all students
benefit from an adult sharing their love of reading.
Because this is a mystery, all information is kept
TOP SECRET from the student, including the date
the family member is coming to read to our class.
Clues will be read to the class before the arrival of
each Mystery Reader to build suspense and keep
the students guessing who our Mystery Reader will
be! We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful
Mystery Readers this year.
We started reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.
We sent our personal Flat Stanleys off on their
adventures after reading the book. If anyone has
friends or family that would enjoy getting a visit
from Flat Stanley and has an address of someone
they know that would like a Flat Stanley sent to
them, please contact us. They would receive a childʼs
Flat Stanley character and then take him to places
of interest in their area and journal and send it back
to the student. It is a great way to learn about other
communities, families, lifestyles, and occupations.
In the past we have had awesome journals/diaries
come back to our classroom. The students really
look forward to getting the mail back and reading
about Flat Stanleyʼs adventure. We do need some
addresses for students who donʼt have any.
We are learning the reading CAFE strategies
and using the Daily Five reading process. The students have been working on their Comprehension,
Accuracy, Fluency and Vocabulary through their
reading, discussion, and writing. In Social Studies we are learning about our communities and the
different types of communities. They are learning
about the difference between rural, suburban, and
urban communities.
Our school theme this year is Being a HAWK is
the Name of the Game. The students are working
to be good citizens and treating each other fairly
and with respect. Our HAWK model—willing,
kind, safe students—is being reviewed and HAWK
tickets are being given out to students who show
HAWK behavior. Our class has participated in several class activities to get to know each other and
learn about each of our special qualities. Each child
will have a chance to be the Player of the Week as
the year progresses.
Thank you to the parents that made it to the
Meet and Greet back-to-school night. It was great
to meet you and visit with you. It is the wonderful
parents in this district that help with the success of
their students.
Mrs. Wright
New pencils, new crayons, new friends. Remember the excitement? We still have that feeling
every day and we hope it continues until the end of
the year!
To kick off the year, students read the book Flat
Stanley. The story is about a boy, Stanley, who
becomes flat when a bulletin board falls on him.
Stanley is able to travel to California inside an
envelope to visit a friend. As an extension of this
book, students created their own Flat Stanley and
wrote a friendly letter to a friend or family member
to send him to. Stanley travels with a journal that
the recipient fills out and sends back to our classroom. The journal asks specific questions about the
community they live in, which ties into our social
studies topic.
Third grade is a tremendous growing year for
students. As readers, students are pulling all of the
strategies together that were taught to them in previous grades to become a confident and fluent reader.
In math, students review addition and subtraction
facts and begin multiplication and division. What
do third graders look forward to most? Cursive!
Notes from the Superintendent
John Henriksen
Hello! A big “Thank You” to all of you who
have made the beginning of the 2014-2015 school
year such a success! Things have gone smoothly
and the students seem to have made the “summerto-school year” transition. The exciting pace of the
new school year has begun. Parents, please do not
hesitate to contact us at any time. We are partners
with you in your childʼs education. Our students
are best served when there is a strong relationship
between home and school. Phone calls and emails
are a great way to stay in communication with your
studentʼs teachers. We welcome your input as we
work together to provide the finest education possible for your children. Nothing is more important
than our children, so letʼs work together and make
this the best year ever at Central Lee!
Since the time of our last Centrally Speaking,
we have added two new staff members. Let me introduce them to you:
Gary Steffensmeier is our new Director
of Curriculum and Instruction. He is originally
from the Houghton area, and graduated from Fort
Madison High School. Garyʼs undergraduate degree is from the University of Northern Iowa in
Mathematics Education. He has a graduate degree
in Measurement and Statistics from Kansas State
University, and is completing his doctoral studies
at the University of Iowa in Education Psychology. Gary was a secondary math teacher at Department of Defense schools in San Antonio, Texas;
Leavenworth, Kansas; Ramstein, Germany; and
Waynesville, Missouri. One of his areas of expertise is integration of instructional technology into
the classroom, and prior to coming to Central, he
was teaching Technology in the Classroom to University of Iowa undergraduate education students.
Gary and his wife, Margi, have five children who
attend Central Lee.
Brandy Cunningham is our new first grade
teacher. After registration in August, it became apparent that, due to new enrollment, we were going
to need to add an additional section of first grade.
We are excited that Brandy is teaching our additional section! Brandy is from Warsaw, Illinois,
and prior to coming to Central Lee, was teaching
kindergarten and first grade at Luray Elementary
School in Luray, Missouri, for three years, and special education for six years.
Prior to her work in Luray, Brandy taught at St.
Vincentʼs Catholic School in Keokuk, and Camp
Point Central District in Camp Point, Illinois. She
holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary
Education, and a Master of Science degree in
Elementary Education, both from Western Illinois
We welcome Gary and Brandy to our Central
Lee family! As you have opportunity, please introduce yourself to them. It is exciting to have these
dedicated professionals working with our students
at Central Lee!
Hawk Central Bleacher Report
Chuck Banks, Athletic Director
Itʼs hard to believe that the 2014 fall athletic
season is underway. We have a lot of great things
going on this fall. We had our first annual Fall Blitz
to show off the football, volleyball, cross-country, cheerleaders, and band. We were able to raise
around $3,500 to go towards our new scoreboard.
Fort Madison Community Hospital has donated
$10,000 towards the purchase of our scoreboard.
We are getting closer and closer towards our goal.
We have new goal posts up, courtesy of the
school and Sports Boosters working together.
Thanks to all involved. Our gym has been redone with a new playing surface and signs—looks
outstanding! We will be auctioning off signs at
each blitz night throughout the season. Check the
schoolʼs calendar for all events coming soon.
The football team is coached by Randy Hofman.
In the battle for 218, the Hawks beat Highway 218
rival Keokuk in a hard fought battle 14-13. Week
two, the Hawks took down Danville 39-3. School
spirit and fans helped in the effort. Joining Coach
Hofman on his staff are Chuck Banks, Bob Bryant, Derek Merk, Pat Rooney, and Steve Brunstein.
Homecoming was September 26 against Louisa
The Junior High football teams are under the
direction of Kent Brisby (8th) and Al Sonnenberg
(7th). Good luck, boys.
The cross-country team has participated in three
events so far this season. Terry Soli coaches the
team. Coach Soli is also the middle school coach.
Coach Soli has a very young team this year led by
senior Ethan Kelley. He is looking for the team to
have fun and improve each meet. Central will have
its own Cross-Country Meet October 14 at Central
Lee Schools.
The volleyball team, under first year coaches
Melissa Petersen and Krista Hammer, have been in
action and have improved throughout each contest.
Teamwork is the motto for the season, building a
foundation for success. The assistant coaches are
Chris Mickelson and Tiffany Barton, and will be
coaching the Freshman/Sophomore squad.
Deena Parker and Amy Cook coach Junior High
volleyball. They have high numbers again this season and are looking to continue to set the foundation for volleyball within Central Lee.
Cheerleading is under the direction of Joyce
Burt. The team has been working very hard and is
excited to cheer throughout the athletic seasons.
Dance Team, with coach Lindsey Hamm, performed at the Montrose Watermelon Festival in
August. Coach Hamm is preparing the Dance Team
for several dance competitions this fall and winter.
Season passes for the year and fall sports are
now available. Tina Cale has those passes for sale
at home football games and at her office in the high
I love the support for our teams so far this season. On a sportsmanship note, understand that everyone involved in a contest is human. Respect the
players, coaches, and officials.
Being a fan is a privilege, not a right. And we
shouldnʼt abuse that privilege by doing anything
that could possibly hurt our team or give a bad
reputation to a fan body. (Scott Hansen, 2013)
Finally, I would like to thank anyone that supports Central Lee athletics and activities. Please
come out and watch the football, volleyball, and
cross-country teams compete. The year will be full
of upsets, surprises, and exciting games. Be a part
of the fun!
Central Lee Students Showcase Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
at International Future Problem Solving Conference
Hollie Weber, Future Problem Solving Coach
Central Lee students were honored at the 2014
Future Problem Solving Program International
(FPSPI) Conference at Iowa State University. As
the program celebrated its 45th anniversary, over
2,000 students representing 13 countries attended
the June conference.
The high school Global Issues Problem Solving
(GIPS) team of April Burgess, Asa Crowe,
Breanna Kramer, and Sara Miner responded to a
future scene based on the topic of space. During
the two-hour time limit, students brainstormed and
wrote challenges, chose one to solve, wrote detailed
solutions, developed a list of criteria questions to
evaluate each solution, and wrote a persuasive essay promoting their idea.
For the Presentation of Action Plan competition,
the team harnessed their creativity and brought
some well-known cartoon princesses to life with
only a box of pre-approved prop building supplies:
a few sheets of construction paper, paper towels,
tinfoil, pipe cleaners, and markers. Former
Central Lee students Camille and Paolo Adajar,
who qualified and competed as individual problem
solvers, joined in the skit preparation and presentation. At the closing ceremony, the teamʼs original
skit earned 5th place out of the more than 60 national and international senior teams.
FPSPIʼs mission is to develop the ability of
young people globally to design and promote positive futures using critical, creative thinking.
Founded by creativity pioneer, Dr. E. Paul
Torrance, FPSPI stimulates critical and creative
thinking skills, encourages students to develop
a vision for the future, and prepares students for
leadership roles. FPSPI engages students in creative problem solving within the curriculum and
provides competitive opportunities.
FPSPI involves thousands of students annually
from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong,
India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, and the
United States.
L-R: April Burgess, Breanna Kramer, Camille Adajar, Asa Crowe, and Sara Miner
Central Lee Students Selected to Participate
in National Leadership Program
Hollie Weber, Future Problem Solving Coach
Jacob Boeck, Weston Ensminger, Johnathan
Galbreath, Breanna Kramer, and Wesley Weirather
were selected to participate in the Economics for
Leaders program that was conducted at select college campuses across the country this past summer.
Jacob Boeck, son of Tom and Debi of Keokuk, attended the program at Yale University in Hartford,
Connecticut. Weston Ensminger, son of Doug and
Kim of Donnellson, and Wesley Weirather, son of
Paul and Cathy of Montrose, participated in the
week-long session at The University of California
in Los Angeles. Johnathan Galbreath, son of Amber
and Jason Lucas of Montrose, traveled to the University of Washington in Seattle for the program.
Breanna Kramer, daughter of Darren Kramer of
Franklin, received training at Cornell University in
Ithaca, New York.
Less than 50 students from around the country
are accepted into the Foundation for Teaching Economicsʼ Economics for Leaders program at each
site. All of the students were selected though
an application process because they have demonstrated excellent leadership potential.
During the week-long Economics for Leaders
program, students attained an understanding of
economic reasoning principles and how to employ
these concepts for successful and effective leadership. Additionally, participants achieved a heightened awareness of the impact their decisions have
on others and the responsibility that awareness imposes. Economics for Leaders is an unparalleled
learning and growing opportunity. The students
who attended called it “the experience of a lifetime” and “a life-changing opportunity.”
Funding for the studentsʼ registration and
travel was paid for through a memorial foundation
for Michael Burke run by his family. Michael was
a 1996 graduate of Central Lee who majored in
economics at the University of Iowa. This is the
fourth year students at Central Lee have attended
the Economics for Leaders programs.
Students L-R: Johnathan Galbreath, Jacob Boeck, Weston Ensminger, and Wesley Weirather
Vocal Music News
Jason Woodley, Director of Choral Music
Stepping It Up!
Rebecca Pfeiler, Director of Instrumental Music
Greetings from the vocal music department!
We have many activities scheduled for the year and
are excited to share our talents with the community. Students are busy learning All State Music,
choir music, show choir music, and choreography,
as well. A new group of talented Pink Ladies are
busy rehearsing music that they will be performing
You can keep track of the Central Lee Vocal
Music Department several ways:
The High School and 7th/8th Grade Bands
marched with pride at the Tri-State Rodeo Parade
on September 6 in Fort Madison. They made an excellent start for the new school year.
The competion season for the High School
Marching Band began September 20 at the
Donnellson Fall Festival, Fort Madison Marching
Band Classic, and the Mount Pleasant Marching Facebook page: www.facebook.com/clchoirs
Twitter page: @CentralLeeChoir
If you want to see more of the High School Choir website is http://centralleechoirs.wix.com/
Band, come check them out at every home football
game this season.
Upcoming Vocal Music Events
October 14, SEICDA HS Honor Choir
October 25, All State Auditions
November 11, Menʼs Choral Festival
November 20–22, IHSMA All State Music Festival
Fruit & Candy Sales
October 13 - 27
To Order, Contact a Central Lee
Music Student in Grades 6-12
Delivery Date: December 7
Items will arrive in time for holiday gifts!
High School Art
Jamie Jones, Instructor
Contest Results for the 2013-2014
High School Art
We had an amazing show season!
Congrats to all who had artwork shown!
Conference Art Show
Best of Show went to Central Lee this year!
Hunter Roush, colored pencil, “Baby Nephew”
Chromatic Drawing (color)
1st, Raegan Mickelson, colored pencil, “Glamorous”
2nd, Chelsea Page, colored pencil, “Inferred Portrait”
3rd, Raegan Mickelson, colored pencil, “Pucker Up”
Achromatic Drawing (black/white)
2nd, Chelsea Page, pencil, “Converse Shoes”
Acrylic Painting
1st, Tessa Lamartine, acrylic, “Wild Flowers”
Computer Generated
2nd, Nettie Wildrick, computer, “Sound”
2nd, Molly Westermeyer, clay, “Busy Bee”
3rd, Raegan Mickelson, clay, “Pretty Bird”
1st, Cole Garrelts, clay, “From the Deep”
Judgesʼ Category
2nd, Lily Fuger, colored pencil, “Stargazer”
3rd, Hunter Maxwell, pastel, “Calla Lily”
Lily Fuger, Colored Pencil “Stargazer Lily”
Keokuk Art Show
1st, Chelsea Page $75
Color Drawing
2nd, Austin Kirchner $50
Mixed Media
3rd, Hunter Maxwell $25
Chelsea Page, Graphite Drawing, “Converse Shoes”
Fort Madison Art Show
Color Drawing
1st, Raegan Mickelson
Honorable Mention, Raegan Mickelson
Honorable Mention, Lily Fuger
Honorable Mention, Hunter Maxwell
3rd, Chelsea Page
Honorable Mention, Chelsea Page
Mixed Media
Honorable Mention, Nettie Wildrick
1st, Molly Westermeyer
Honorable Mention, Cole Garrelts
Raegan Mickelson, Colored Pencil, “Pucker Up”
For the start of the 2014-2015 school year, the
High School Art students have been busy helping to redecorate the art room, adding landscaping
blocks to the new patio outside the greenhouse window, and planning which potted plants we can use
so that they can be inside during the cold months!
Many students have started the school year with
lots of new project ideas to challenge themselves
as well as learning some new techniques including
encaustic painting, which is painting with hot cake
wax. This technique is full of texture and can have
some very cool abstract effects to their artwork.
Some of the many other art projects going on now
include oil painting, large clay sculpture, paper
quilling, graphite pencil drawing, and perspective.
The Art Club is planning on a large amount of
handmade items for sale during November and
December. Some of those items include handmade
cards, personalized ornaments, coasters, jewelry,
pallet signs, and watercolor calendars. We will also
be auctioning off two baskets with Scentsy items
and handmade items from the students!
Be on the lookout! We will post dates on the
Facebook page when things are available for purchase.
Conference Art Showʼs Best of Show
Hunter Roush and his colored pencil
“Baby Nephew”
Central Lee Sports Boosters
Craft Show
October 25, 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
at the High School
Lunch Will Be Served
Crafters May Reserve a Booth by Contacting
Shirley Happs at (319) 835-5596
Central Lee
Agriculture Education
and FFA Activities
Above, Trenton Pohren stands before his sweet corn
acreage. The sweet corn is Trentonʼs Supervised Agricultural Experience Program. Trenton and other students learn valuable hands on experience and management techniques through this integral part of Agriculture
Left, Lauren Hulsebus is pictured with one of his
Supervised Agricultural Experience projects of laying
hens. Lauren raises beef cattle and participates in Career
Development events as well.
Members of the Central Lee FFA remain busy
throughout the entire year working on Supervised
Agricultural Experience projects. L-R) Justin
Wright, Mr. Robert Galle, and Luis Galle.
Mr. Galle provides facilities and expertise to AgEd/FFA members to enhance learning in the classroom. His guidance and direction provide valuable
hands-on experiences for those students who may
not have facilities or equipment to raise livestock.
Dalton Dresser prepares his prize Holstein cow for
show at the Lee County Fair. FFA members gain valuable management skills in all aspects of agriculture
through required work in their Supervised Agricultural
Experience Projects. The projects also bring to life
some of the learning that takes place in the classroom.
Below, Austin Faeth (left) and Ethan Faeth prepare to
enter the show ring at the Iowa State Fair. The pair received numerous ribbons and awards at this yearʼs Iowa
State Fair in Des Moines. The brothers receive training,
mentoring, and encouragement from their parents, Lynn
and Heather Faeth, veteran exhibitors of horses nationwide.
Above, Danielle Hoenig (right)
prepares to milk her goat at the Lee
County Fair in Donnellson. Hoenigʼs
mother, Francis (left) has been instrumental and supportive of Danielleʼs
numerous Supervised Agricultural
Experience projects over the years in
Ag-Ed and FFA.
Central Lee FFA officers and representatives of the J.J. Nichting Company are pictured with an art print painted
by world renowned artist Dan Dunn. Front L-R: Bill Kuntz, Sales Manager; Josey Kirchner, 3rd Vice-President;
Emma Newberry, Secretary; Weston Ensminger, Sentinel; Jacob Boeck, Vice-President; Karl Stuekerjuergen,
General Manager; and Sylvan Nichting, Owner. Back L-R: Tom Boeck, Chapter Advisor; Rick Galle, Reporter;
Ethan Hellweg, 2nd Vice-President; Caleb Moore, Treasurer; Andrew Lambert, President; and Mr. Brent Koller,
The J.J. Nichting Co. was
the high bidder for the painting
inspired by both farmers and by
images shown in the Case IH
sister company Ram® Trucksʼ
Year of the Farmer commercial.
Case IH has pledged to match
every dollar raised in the sale
with a matching pledge directly
benefiting the FFA chapter of
each winning bidderʼs choice.
The J.J. Nichting Co. chose to
donate the money raised to the
Central Lee FFA Chapter.