12.11.2014 Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,
This letter is to update you about the future-plans for Riverside Public School. I
must state that Riverside Public School has always taken great joy in providing quality education
to all your children. In recent times we have had some infrastructural difficulties and they all will
be addressed immediately. All of you are probably aware that the school has been looking for
investment in order to improve infrastructure and the facilities we can offer the students.
After a long search we have found an investor who has the same philosophical outlook to
education as we do and he has come on board. However, let me categorically state that Riverside
will remain the same and will be administered in exactly the same fashion as it has been in the
past, if anything it will be better.
Our philosophy towards Academics, Extra Curricula, Co-Curricular Activities and Sports will
remain the same. Riverside is renown for its added value to students’ education and will continue
to thrive in the same fashion.
As part of our evolution we will be adding more infrastructure for the betterment of your child in
Riverside. All aspects of the child’s well being will be improved. We have already started laying
plans to add more Academic and Sporting facilities from a State of the Art of Library, Modern
Laboratories, Arts & Crafts Facilities to a Swimming Pool in the campus. Along with this, we are
planning to add Two New Shuttle/Badminton Courts, Volley Ball Courts, New Basketball Courts,
and a New Tennis Court to name a few. A strategic plan has been laid out to deliver this over the
next two years.
One other factor that will be improved will be the use of technology to enhance learning and
facilitate better communication with all stakeholders. A new informative website is in the
making and will be launched in the month of December. This will act as a central portal for all
future communication purposes.
We will take utmost care in ensuring that your faith in us remains intact. I as the Chairman of
Riverside iterate that there will be no changes in any aspects in order to ensure that Children and
Parents are comfortable.
I urge you to continue supporting the school in ways you have in the past and make this an even
“Greater School”. I remain available to address your queries if any. Happy Holidays.
Thank you
Dr. Suresh Belliraj
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