New Headway Intermediate Fourth edition French Wordlist Unit 1

New Headway Intermediate Fourth edition
French Wordlist
Unit 1 active adj
alleyway n
amazingly adv
archaeology n
area n
background n
barrel n
Basque adj
beat v
bilingual adj
block n
brief v
bright adj
cancel v
cancellation n
carelessly adv
cherish v
childhood n
client n
close adj
close-knit adj
communal adj
community n
cosmopolitan adj
cracked adj
culture n
daylight n
demolition n
destroy v
dressmaker n
earthquake n
elderly adj
end up v
equator n
extended family n
extinct adj
fee n
filling n
for good forbid v
frail adj
frugally adv
global warming n
(not) go far v
/%A:ki"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@/
/"b&[email protected]/
/%baI"[email protected]/
/%k&[email protected]"leISn/
/"[email protected]@sli/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"nIt/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]"mju:[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/%[email protected]"lISn/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/%end "Vp/
/I"[email protected](r)/
/Ik%stendId "f&[email protected]/
/[email protected] "gUd/
/[email protected]"bId/
/"fru:[email protected]
/%[email protected] "wO:mIN/
/%[email protected] "fA:(r)/
actif/active ruelle
quartier milieu tonneau, fût basque
battre bilingue immeuble mettre au courant intelligent
annulation négligemment chérir
enfance client proche
uni/unie commun(e)
culture lumière du jour démolition détruire couturier/couturière
séisme àgé/âgée finir par devenir équateur famille étendue disparu/disparue honoraire plombage
pour de bon interdire fragile frugalement réchauffement climatique (ne pas) aller loin He plays tennis a lot, so he’s very _______________________.
The shop is in a tiny _______________________.
This car is _______________________ fast!
He’s interested in history and _______________________.
She lives in a poor _______________________ of the city.
She comes from a rich _______________________.
The wine is kept in wooden _______________________.
He comes from the _______________________ region of Spain.
Arsenal _______________________ Chelsea 3-0.
He’s _______________________ – he speaks English and German.
They live in a new _______________________ of flats.
Carla has _______________________ me about the meeting.
_______________________ children learn quickly.
She _______________________ her party because she was ill.
The restaurant is fully booked, but they may get a _______________________.
I _______________________ left my bag in the shop.
Thank you for your present – I will _______________________ it.
He spent his _______________________ in Canada.
Bank managers give advice to their _______________________.
I’m very _______________________ to my brother.
This is a very _______________________ community.
The students share a _______________________ kitchen.
The park is used by the whole _______________________.
New York is a _______________________ city, with people from all over the world.
The cups were all old and _______________________.
Chinese _______________________ is very interesting.
It’s easier to drive in _______________________.
The building is unsafe and due for _______________________.
The building was _______________________ by fire.
She works as a _______________________ in a clothes factory.
An _______________________ makes the ground shake.
She looks after her _______________________ grandmother.
She studied English, and _______________________ becoming a teacher.
It is very hot on the _______________________.
He’s got a large _______________________, with 26 cousins!
There are not many tigers left – they are almost _______________________.
Lawyers often charge very high _______________________.
I had a _______________________ at the dentist’s this morning.
Have you left England _______________________, or will you return one day?
Smoking isn’t allowed – it’s _______________________.
Her grandfather is old and _______________________ now.
We saved money by eating _______________________.
Pollution from cars causes _______________________.
£20 won’t _______________________ in London – it won’t even buy a meal!
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
go live v
go on about v
headquarters n
heritage n
hold v
hopefully adv
hospitality n
iceberg n
immediate family n
kit n
life expectancy n
loads n
mainly adv
make v
means n
motto n
muffin n
municipal adj
neutral adj
nonsense n
noticeable adj
on the clock n
operator n
opportunity n
originally adv
performance n
pin number n
policy n
preschool n
prestigious adj
presumably adv
profile n
propaganda n
provide v
pyjamas n
raise v
reach v
regret n
research n
rubbish n
settle down v
shortly adv
similarity n
slum n
storey n
stressed adj
structure n
stuck adj
suburb n
survey n
take away v
take home v
tricky adj
/%[email protected] "laIv/
/[email protected] "Qn @baUt/
/%hed"kwO:[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%hQspI"t&[email protected]/
/I%mi:[email protected] "f&[email protected]/
/"laIf Ik%[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"nju:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@bl/
/%Qn [email protected] "klQk/
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/%[email protected]"tju:[email protected]/
/@"[email protected]@li/
/[email protected]"fO:[email protected]ns/
/"pIn %[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/prI"[email protected]/
/prI"zju:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"g&[email protected]/
/[email protected]"vaId/
/[email protected]"dZA:[email protected]/
/%setl "daUn/
/%[email protected]"l&[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/%teIk @"weI/
/%teIk "[email protected]/
entrer en service
ne pas arrêter de parler de
siège social héritage attendre, ne pas quitter
avec un peu de chance hospitalité iceberg famille proche tenue
espérance de vie beaucoup principalement faire
moyen devise muffin municipal(e)
neutre idioties
évident/évidente au compteur opérateur/opératrice occasion à l’origine représentation code secret
politique école maternelle prestigieux/prestigieuse sans doute biographie propagande fournir
pyjama élever (des enfants) atteindre regretter recherche nul s’installer bientôt ressemblance
taudis étage stressé/stressée
structure bloqué(e)
banlieue enquête emporter
gagner difficile The new computer system _______________________ yesterday.
He’s always _______________________ football!
The company’s _______________________ is in Paris.
Egypt has a very rich _______________________.
Please _______________________, and I’ll put you through to Mr Blake’s office.
_______________________, I’ll pass my exams!
Thank you for your kind _______________________.
You can see _______________________ near the North Pole.
I only invited my _______________________, not all my aunts and uncles.
Manchester United wear a red and white _______________________.
_______________________ is high in most European countries.
John will pay – he’s got _______________________ of money!
He’s travelled a lot, _______________________ in Europe.
I’m sorry, I can’t _______________________ Tuesday. I’m busy.
The plane is a fast _______________________ of transport.
My _______________________ is ‘Never give up!’
She makes delicious chocolate _______________________.
The town has some lovely _______________________ buildings.
The referee should be _______________________.
That’s not true - it’s _______________________!
It was _______________________ that she was tired.
My old car’s got 150,000 miles _______________________.
An _______________________ answered the phone and asked who I wanted to speak to.
I would love the _______________________ to travel.
_______________________, she’s from Slovakia.
We saw a _______________________ of Hamlet last night.
Never tell anyone your _______________________.
What is the government’s _______________________ on education?
Children go to _______________________ at 2 or 3 years old.
The film won several _______________________ awards.
He’s from France, so _______________________ he speaks French.
I read a _______________________ of the singer Beyoncé.
The story wasn’t true – it was just _______________________.
The school _______________________ pens and paper.
He put on his _______________________ and climbed into bed.
It’s hard work _______________________ children.
The temperature _______________________ 42 degrees.
Her biggest _______________________ is not going to university.
They are doing _______________________ into the causes of cancer.
That film was awful – it was _______________________!
They decided to get married and _______________________.
I won’t be long – I’ll see you _______________________.
I can see some _______________________ between you and your brother.
Most of the houses are _______________________, with no electricity or running water.
The building has got six _______________________.
Most students get _______________________ at exam time.
The _______________________ of society is changing.
We were _______________________ at the airport for two days!
I live in a _______________________ of Leeds, not in the city centre.
We did a _______________________ on students’ eating habits.
Two coffees to _______________________, please.
She _______________________ about £500 a month.
I can’t do this puzzle – it’s quite _______________________.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
ultimately adv
urgent adj
vote v
vote n
well-balanced adj
widely adv
/"[email protected]/
/"3:[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/%wel"b&[email protected]/
puis, après urgent élire vote équilibré(e)
généralement, très lu I’m studying law, and _______________________ I want to be a lawyer.
I need to see you now! It’s _______________________!
Who did you _______________________ for in the election?
Everyone over 18 has the _______________________.
She seems happy and _______________________.
His books are _______________________ read.
/"&[email protected]/
/&m"b&[email protected]@(r)/
/"&[email protected]/
/"bA:[email protected]/
/%bi: In "tVtS/
/bi "sItSueItId/
/"bO:dIN %sku:l/
/"brO:dkA:[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"k&S [email protected]/
/k&"[email protected](r)/
/"k&[email protected]@Ul %dIS/
/k&tS "Vp Qn/
/"tS&[email protected]/
/"tS&[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]"s3:nd/
/[email protected]"s3:[email protected]/
/[email protected]"vi:[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/%deI "Qf/
/"di:[email protected]/
/%3:n @ "lIvIN/
/"3:[email protected](r)/
accomplir en fait sensationnel(le)
ambassadeur annuel/annuelle assister faire cuire
secteur bancaire
griller au barbecue affaire/occasion être en contact être situé pensionnat, internat bouillir chef
personnalité de la télévision budget majordome ambiance frénétique
cash-flow, marge brute d'autofinancement caissier/caissière
cocotte se mettre au courant difficile fondation caritative charmant chèque hacher se concentrer
conservateur/conservatrice pratique s’en sortir jour de congé respectable assistant(e) documentaire perceuse obéissant/obéissante obligation gagner sa vie personne qui gagne bien sa vie excentrique She finally _______________________ her plan.
No, _______________________ he’s not Spanish, he’s Portuguese.
The hotel was great, and the food was _______________________!
He works as the German _______________________ in London.
He has an _______________________ salary of £35,000.
How many people will _______________________ the wedding?
Let’s _______________________ a cake for Dad’s birthday.
He works in _______________________.
We _______________________ some steak in the garden.
I got some real _______________________ in the sales.
I’ll _______________________ with you next week.
The office is _______________________ on March Road.
He was sent away to a _______________________.
Shall I _______________________ some water to make coffee?
I’ll ask my _______________________ if I can have a day off.
She wants to be a television _______________________.
Our _______________________ for this project is £3000.
A _______________________ organizes all the staff in a big house.
There’s a _______________________ in the school at the end of term.
The business is having problems with _______________________.
He handed his money to the _______________________.
Cook the meat in a _______________________ in the oven.
It’s good to _______________________ your news.
Skiing is a _______________________ sport.
The _______________________ ‘Shelter’ helps people who have nowhere to live.
What a polite and _______________________ man!
I’ve sent you a _______________________ for the full amount.
First, _______________________ the onions.
When I’m tired I can’t _______________________ on anything.
She was _______________________ about my health.
She doesn’t like change – she’s very _______________________.
There’s a shop on the corner, which is very _______________________.
I don’t know how she _______________________ with all her work.
I have two _______________________ a week.
He’s got a _______________________ job in a bank.
My _______________________ will take over while I am away.
I watched a _______________________ about Hungary.
I’ll make a hole in the wall with my electric _______________________.
She was a _______________________ daughter who looked after her parents.
It is your _______________________ to tell the police about this.
Most people have to work to _______________________.
Doctors earn a lot – they are high _______________________.
She’s a lovely old lady, but a bit _______________________.
Unit 2 accomplish v
actually adv
amazing adj
ambassador n
annual adj
attend v
bake v
banking n
barbecue v
bargain n
be in touch (with) v
be situated v
boarding school n
boil v
boss n
broadcaster n
budget n
butler n
buzz n
cash flow n
cashier n
casserole dish n
catch up on v
challenging adj
charity n
charming adj
cheque n
chop v
concentrate v
concerned adj
conservative adj
convenient adj
cope v
day off n
decent adj
deputy n
documentary n
drill n
dutiful adj
duty n
earn a living v
earner n
eccentric adj
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
employee n
engagement n
enormous adj
expand v
expedition n
extensively adv
extravagantly adv
ferry n
fly by v
food processor n
fry v
get away from it all v
golf n
goods pl n
handyman n
hardly ever adj
hardware n
hard-working adj
head of state n
heir n
helmet n
herb n
honey n
host v
housekeeper n
huge adj
human resources n
hunting n
in charge in response to included adj
inconvenience adj
industry n
invoice n
involve v
keep fit v
lamb v
land v
laptop n
lavish adj
lifeguard n
lifetime n
lively adj
look forward to v
luxury n
madly adv
maid n
managing director n
manufacture v
meditate v
memo n
mild adj
minced meat n
/In"[email protected]/
/I"nO:[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"dISn/
/Ik"str&[email protected]@ntli/
/"flaI %baI/
/%fU:d "[email protected]@(r)/
/%get @"weI [email protected] It O:l/
/%hA:dli "[email protected](r)
/"hA:[email protected](r)/
/%hed @v "steIt/
/[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]/
/"haUski:[email protected](r)/
/%hju:[email protected] rI"zO:sIz/
/In "tSA:dZ/
/%In rI"spQns tu/
/%[email protected]"vi:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%ki:p "fIt/
/%lUk "fO:[email protected] [email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%m&nIdZIN [email protected]"[email protected](r)/
/%m&nju"f&[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/%mInst "mi:t/
obligation énorme agrandir expédition en profondeur fastueusement
passer vite
robot de cuisine faire frire s’évader golf articles homme à tout faire presque jamais matériel informatique travailleur chef d’état héritier/héritière
casque herbe aromatique
chéri(e) accueillir gouvernante
très grand/grande ressources humaines
en réponse à compris(e)
desagrément industrie
facture impliquer se maintenir en forme agneler atterrir ordinateur portable généreux/généreuse sauveteur vie animée attendre avec impatience luxe follement femme de chambre président, directeur général fabriquer méditer note doux viande hachée The business has 300 _______________________.
I won’t be able to come to the party – I have another _______________________.
This jacket is far too big – it’s _______________________!
The hospital is too small and must _______________________.
We’re going on an _______________________ up the Amazon.
She has read _______________________.
The room was _______________________ decorated.
We got the _______________________ from England to France.
The weeks soon _______________________.
I made the soup in a _______________________.
_______________________ the chicken in vegetable oil.
I need a holiday to _______________________!
Do you play _______________________?
The shop sells shoes and leather _______________________.
A _______________________ does small jobs around the house.
He’s so lazy – he _______________________ does any work!
Our computer _______________________ is quite old now.
You have to be _______________________ to do well in business.
_______________________ from France and Germany will meet to discuss the problems.
She is _______________________ to her father’s fortune.
Motorcyclists have to wear a _______________________ in Britain.
She grows _______________________ in her garden.
I love you, _______________________.
Which country will _______________________ the next Olympics?
He has a _______________________ to run his house.
They live in a _______________________ house with ten bedrooms.
You need to get on well with people to work in _______________________.
A lot of people are against whale _______________________.
Who’s _______________________ of this department?
I am writing _______________________ your advertisement.
Is food _______________________ in the price of the holiday?
I apologize for the _______________________.
She works in the travel _______________________.
Please send me an _______________________ for the work.
Two men were _______________________ in the robbery.
He goes jogging to _______________________.
Farmers start _______________________ in the spring.
Our plane _______________________ at Heathrow at two o’clock.
You can use your _______________________ on the train.
He gave her many _______________________ presents.
The _______________________ dived into the sea to save her.
These changes won’t happen in my _______________________.
It’s quite a _______________________ town – there’s lots to do.
I’m _______________________ my holiday next month.
She lives a life of _______________________, with beautiful clothes and expensive food.
I was _______________________ jealous of her new shoes.
_______________________ make the beds and tidy the rooms.
The _______________________ is head of the company.
The company _______________________ toys.
I do yoga and I _______________________ to relax.
He sent me a _______________________ about the meeting.
You don’t need a coat – it’s quite _______________________ today.
I make spaghetti bolognese with _______________________.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
mix v
modernize v
monarch n
negotiate v
occupy v
organic adj
passionately adv
payment n
peel v
personnel n
plant v
politician n
porter n
portray v
praise v
product n
promote v
qualification n
racket n
rarely adv
reception n
reckon v
recruit v
redecorate v
responsibility n
ridiculous adj
riverside n
roast v
royal adj
sales pl n
screwdriver n
serve an ace v
service v
shift n
shooting n
sketch v
slave n
sleeping bag n
small talk n
smart adj
soap n
socializer n
squeeze v
state n
stiff adj
support n
surfboard n
sweat v
sweetheart n
tackle v
tantrum n
tax n
tell off v
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/nI"[email protected]/
/"p&[email protected]@tli/
/"[email protected]/
/%p3:[email protected]"nel/
/%[email protected]"tISn/
/"pO:[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%ri:"[email protected]/
/rI%[email protected]"[email protected]/
/rI"[email protected]@s/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"skrU:[email protected](r)/
/%s3:v @n "eIs/
/"sli:pIN %b&g/
/"smO:l tO:k/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]"pO:t/
/"t&[email protected]/
/%tel "Qf/
mélanger moderniser monarque négocier occuper
biologique passionnément paiement peler personnel planter homme/femme politique porteur représenter
louer/faire l’éloge de produit encourager qualification raquette rarement réception estimer recruter redécorer responsabilité ridicule bord de la rivière
faire rôtir
tournevis servir un ace réviser poste tir faire une esquisse esclave sac de couchage menus propos chic feuilleton sociable presser état bien tassé assistance (surf)board suer/transpirer
petit(e) ami(e)
s’attaquer á
crise de colère impôt réprimander _______________________ the sugar and butter together.
The old theatre was _______________________ last year.
Who was the British _______________________ before Elizabeth II?
They are trying to _______________________ a pay increase.
He was _______________________ with work all afternoon.
_______________________ food is grown without chemicals.
She believes _______________________ that killing animals is wrong.
_______________________ is now due.
_______________________ and chop the apples.
We need to recruit some new sales _______________________.
I’m going to _______________________ a rose in the garden.
_______________________ must find an answer to the problem of global warming.
The _______________________ carried our bags for us.
Golf is often _______________________ as a sport for the rich.
My boss _______________________ me for my good work.
They sell their _______________________ all over Europe.
The government tries to _______________________ healthy living.
You need _______________________ to be a teacher.
Can I borrow your tennis _______________________?
I usually work late and _______________________ get home early.
There will be a formal _______________________ to welcome all the guests.
Do you _______________________ he’s telling the truth?
We need to _______________________ a new IT manager.
We’re going to _______________________ the whole house.
It’s a big _______________________ looking after children.
No, of course not! That’s a _______________________ idea!
Their house is on the _______________________.
I _______________________ a chicken for lunch.
The _______________________ gardens are open to the public.
Our _______________________ have increased this year.
I need a _______________________ to put this desk together.
She _______________________ to win the tennis match.
They make and _______________________ washing machines.
Factory workers often work eight-hour _______________________.
Do you think _______________________ is a cruel sport?
John _______________________ a lovely picture of our dog.
No, I won’t do that for you – I’m not your _______________________!
He’s bought a _______________________ for his camping holiday.
I hate making _______________________ with people I don’t know.
She was wearing a _______________________ black suit.
Do you think there are too many _______________________ on TV?
She loves parties – she’s a real _______________________.
You _______________________ oranges to make orange juice.
Look at the _______________________ of the floor – it’s really dirty!
He poured himself a _______________________ whisky.
He gives help and _______________________ to all his staff.
A big wave knocked him off his _______________________.
He was _______________________ because he was so hot.
She’s a lovely girl – a real _______________________.
The government must _______________________ this problem.
He went into a _______________________ and started shouting at everyone.
Everyone pays _______________________ on money they earn.
His boss _______________________ him _______________________ for being late.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
term-time n
throne n
torch n
trade n
training n
understanding n
valet n
wealthy adj
weed v
weigh v
well-intentioned adj
workforce n
zoom n
/[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"st&ndIN/
/%vi: aI "pi:/
/%wel In"tenSnd
pendant le trimestre trône lampe de poche commerce formation compréhension valet VIP riche désherber peser bien intentionné(e)
effectif zoom She studies hard during _______________________.
Queen Elizabeth came to the _______________________ in 1953.
It’s dark outside – take a _______________________ with you.
This agreement will encourage _______________________ between the two countries.
It takes five years of _______________________ to be a doctor.
She has a good _______________________ of Chinese culture.
His _______________________ helps him to get dressed.
This room is only for _______________________.
Bill Gates is a very _______________________ man.
Let’s _______________________ the garden, it looks a real mess.
_______________________ the ingredients carefully.
She is very _______________________, and never intends to upset people.
The company wants to increase its _______________________.
Use the _______________________ on your camera to bring things closer.
/@"kO:dIN [email protected]/
/@"[email protected]/
/@"[email protected]@ri/
/"A:t%di:[email protected](r)/
/@"[email protected]/
/"b&[email protected]/
/[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]"lekSn/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]"mIt/
/"d&[email protected](r)/
/dI"[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]"neIt/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
selon adorer alliance
pharmacie, apothicaire
marchand d’art asile balcon interdire bannir supporter supplier bien-aimé(e)
aveugle enterrer cimetière maladroit collection aux couleurs vives consoler commettre froid couple poignard
aube/aurore déclarer refuser dépression malgré renvoyer donner/faire un don dynastie électrique étreinte ennemi It’s going to be hot tomorrow, _______________________ the weather forecast.
I _______________________ Italian food – it’s delicious!
The two countries formed an _______________________, and promised to fight for each other.
She went to the _______________________ for some medicine.
_______________________ buy and sell works of art.
They thought he was mad, so they put him in an _______________________.
The house has a _______________________ overlooking the garden.
Smoking is _______________________ here.
John was _______________________ from the kitchen.
The pain was so bad I couldn’t _______________________ it.
She _______________________ him for help.
She cried when her _______________________ dog died.
He is _______________________ in one eye.
There is treasure _______________________ here.
This is the _______________________ where Mozart is buried.
Tom is always breaking things – he’s so _______________________.
She’s got a large _______________________ of books.
I like wearing _______________________ clothes, not dark ones.
I put my arm around her to _______________________ her.
We will find out who _______________________ this crime.
I don’t know why Tom is being so _______________________ with me.
Mike and Lisa are a lovely _______________________.
He attacked me with a _______________________.
We got up at _______________________.
She _______________________ that she was leaving England for ever.
I asked her to come with us, but she _______________________.
Many people suffer from _______________________ after an illness.
We enjoyed the day, despite the rain.
She was _______________________ from her job because she was always late.
They _______________________ a lot of money to charity.
The Tudor _______________________ lasted several centuries.
The atmosphere at the concert was _______________________!
She greeted me with a warm _______________________.
We will fight against our _______________________!
Unit 3 according to prep
adore v
alliance n
apothecary n
art dealer n
asylum n
balcony n
ban v
banish v
bear v
beg v
beloved adj
blind adj
bury v
cemetery n
clumsy adj
collection n
colourful adj
comfort v
commit v
cool adj
couple n
dagger n
dawn n
declare v
decline v
depression n
despite prep
dismiss v
donate v
dynasty n
electric adj
embrace n
enemy n
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
entire adj
eternal adj
exile v
explode v
fair adj
fair enough adj
fall in love v
fancy v
farewell n
fellow adj
feud n
fiercely adv
flu n
friar n
funny adj
genius n
glad adj
go out v
(go) weak at the knees grief n
hateful adj
hatred n
head over heels heavily adv
hold hands v
horrible adj
horrified adj
identify v
incredibly adv
insane adj
instantly adv
jealous adj
lifeless adj
liquor n
madness n
move v
nature n
nightmare n
nobleman n
on the mend overwhelmed adj
part v
pay attention peace n
piece n
pleasurable adj
poison n
porcelain n
precious adj
pretend v
priceless adj
psychiatrist n
psychology n
/In"[email protected](r)/
/Ik"[email protected]/
/[email protected](r)/
/%[email protected] I"nVf/
/%fO:l In "lVv/
/[email protected]"wel/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"dZi:[email protected]/
/[email protected] "aUt/
/[email protected] %wi:k @t [email protected] "ni:z/
/%hed @[email protected] "hi:lz/
/%[email protected] "h&ndz/
/"[email protected]/
/In"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"m&[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]@n/
/%Qn [email protected] "mend/
/%@[email protected]"welmd/
/%peI @"tenSn/
/"[email protected]@bl/
/"pO:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/saI"[email protected]/
/saI"[email protected]/
tout(e) entier/entière
exiler exploser beau/belle justifié/très bien
tomber amoureux
s’enticher de qq’un adieu compagne/compagnon
vendetta violemment grippe moine drôle génie content(e)
sortir se sentir défaillir douleur, chagrin odieux/odieuse haine faire la culbute fortement se tenir la main horrible
horrifié(e) identifier incroyablement
sur le coup/instantanément jaloux/jalouse sans vie
alcool folie
déménager nature cauchemar noble en voie de guérison comblé(e) de bonheur
se séparer faire attention
pièce agréable poison porcelaine précieux/précieuse
faire semblant d'une valeur inestimable psychiatre psycholgie She spent her _______________________ life in this house.
Religion offers the promise of _______________________ life.
The king was _______________________ to Europe.
A bomb _______________________ in the city centre.
He rescued the _______________________ princess.
He didn’t want to come, which was _______________________.
We _______________________ as soon as we met.
Bob’s looking at you – I think he _______________________ you.
He left without a goodbye or _______________________.
She chatted to her _______________________ travellers.
The _______________________ between the families continued for many years.
‘Go away!’ he said _______________________.
I haven’t got the _______________________ – it’s just a bad cold.
He became a _______________________ in a religious community.
The machine was making a _______________________ noise.
Mozart was a musical _______________________.
I’m _______________________ no one was hurt.
Who is Bess _______________________ with at the moment?
She went _______________________ when she saw him.
She wept with _______________________ when her husband died.
The idea of fighting was _______________________ to him.
I was filled with _______________________ for that awful man!
She fell _______________________ into the water.
It was raining _______________________.
They were walking along, _______________________.
What’s that _______________________ smell?
I was _______________________ when I saw the mess.
She couldn’t _______________________ the thieves.
The film was _______________________ funny!
I felt as if I was going _______________________.
He was killed _______________________ in the explosion.
She was _______________________ because I had more money than her.
She looked pale and _______________________.
Children under 18 cannot buy intoxicating _______________________.
It would be _______________________ to pay so much money!
My family _______________________ to London when I was two.
He had problems of a medical _______________________.
I had a terrible _______________________ last night.
She wanted to marry a rich _______________________.
I’ve been ill, but I’m _______________________ now.
She was _______________________ with joy.
We _______________________ at midnight, and both went home.
This is important, so _______________________.
After 20 years of war, everyone is ready for _______________________.
This is the most expensive _______________________ in the collection.
It was a very _______________________ trip.
We killed the rats with _______________________.
Most plates are made of _______________________.
She keeps her _______________________ jewels locked away.
I closed my eyes and _______________________ to be asleep.
This painting is _______________________ – it’s worth so much you can’t put a price on it.
The _______________________ helped me to understand my problems.
She’s studying _______________________ at university.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
publish v
pulse n
quarrel v
race v
rancour n
razor blade n
reciprocate adj
recognize v
regrettable adj
reject v
rescue v
self-portrait n
sense of humour n
several adj
shame n
shiny adj
sister-in-law n
slip v
slow motion n
smash v
soul n
stab v
stuff n
stunned adj
suicide n
swear v
tension n
testify v
thank goodness tight adj
tomb n
tragedy n
tragic adj
treasure n
tummy n
unfortunate adj
unfortunately adv
uninvited adj
unite v
unrecognized adj
upside down adj
valuable adj
vase n
vial n
vineyard n
voluntarily adv
warring adj
wed v
weep v
windowsill n
woe n
wretched adj
yoga n
/"[email protected]/
/"r&[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected] %bleId/
/rI"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/rI"[email protected]/
/%sens @v "hju:[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/@ "SeIm/
/"[email protected](r) In %lO:/
/%[email protected] "[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/[email protected](r)/
/%T&Nk "[email protected]/
/"tr&[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/Vn"fO:[email protected]@t/
/Vn"fO:[email protected]@tli/
/%Vn"[email protected]/
/%VpsaId "daUn/
/"v&[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"[email protected]@li/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@/
publier pouls
se disputer/quereller courir rancœur
lame de rasoir réciproque
reconnaître regrettable rejeter/refuser
secourir/sauver autoportrait sens de l’humour plusieurs
belle-sœur glisser au ralenti briser âme poignarder choses/trucs
suicide jurer tension témoigner dieu merci
juste/serré tombe tragédie tragique trésor ventre
malheureusement sans invitation
unir pas reconnu
à l’envers précieux/précieuse
vase fiole vignoble volontairement en guerre/en conflit se marier pleurer appui de fenêtre malheur misérable yoga This book is _______________________ by Oxford University Press.
I felt her _______________________, to check she was alive.
They are always _______________________ about money.
She _______________________ downstairs to open the letter.
He spoke calmly, without anger or _______________________.
He cut himself on a _______________________ while he was shaving.
I hated him, and the feeling was _______________________.
I didn’t _______________________ you with that hat on.
It is _______________________ that we have to close the school.
She _______________________ his offer because it wasn’t good enough.
Firemen _______________________ her from the burning house.
A _______________________ is a painting of yourself.
Tom’s always laughing – he’s got a great _______________________.
He’s applied for _______________________ jobs.
It’s a _______________________ you can’t come to the party.
He was wearing _______________________ black shoes.
Liz is my _______________________ – she’s married to my sister.
I _______________________ on the wet floor.
We watched the goal again in _______________________.
I dropped my glass and it _______________________.
Some people believe their _______________________ continues to live after they have died.
A man attacked her and _______________________ her with a knife.
There was lots of nice _______________________ in the shop.
He looked _______________________ when I told him he’d won.
He committed _______________________ by hanging himself.
It’s true, I _______________________ to you!
The argument caused _______________________ between us.
I had to _______________________ in court.
_______________________ you’re safe!
This jacket is too _______________________ for me.
He was buried in a large _______________________.
His death was a terrible _______________________.
This was a terrible _______________________ accident.
There is _______________________ buried here.
I had eaten too much and my _______________________ was hurting.
It was an _______________________ accident.
_______________________, our flight was delayed.
There were a lot of _______________________ guests.
The leaders hope to _______________________ their two countries.
This is a new disease which was _______________________ until last year.
Turn the picture round – it’s _______________________!
It’s made of gold, so it’s quite _______________________.
She put the flowers in a _______________________.
We heated the chemicals in a small _______________________.
Grapes are grown in a _______________________.
She offered money _______________________, before I asked.
They hope to bring the _______________________ countries together.
The couple plan to _______________________ next year.
He _______________________ when his father died.
There was a photograph on the _______________________.
She told me all her problems and _______________________.
Where’s that _______________________ boy gone?
_______________________ is very relaxing.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
Unit 4 access n
accessory n
adjust v
apparently adv
appreciate v
bargain n
battered adj
(be) considered v
be/get stuck v
benefit n
borrow v
bottle bank n
bring up v
bring up v
chore n
claim v
code n
confront v
council house n
cuddly adj
cut off v
cut off v
deal with v
decorate v
demand n
dig v
dilemma n
disagreeable adj
discipline n
disqualify v
domestic adj
drink-driving n
dump v
electronic adj
embarrassing adj
enter v
equipment n
era n
fair adj
fairground ride n
fiancée n
fine n
footpath n
freeze v
fuss n
gadget n
gain v
get through v
get through v
gift-wrap v
give (sb) a lift n
/&k"[email protected]/
/@"p&[email protected]/
/"bA:[email protected]/
/"b&[email protected]/
/[email protected]"[email protected](r)/
/bi "stVk/
/"[email protected]/
/"bQtl %b&Nk/
/%brIN "Vp/
/%brIN "Vp/
/[email protected]/
/[email protected]"frVnt/
/"kaUnsl %haUs/
/%kVt "Qf/
/%kVt "Qf/
/"di:l wID/
/"[email protected]/
/dI"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"gri:@bl/
/[email protected]"mestIk/
/Im"b&[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/I"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@/
/[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected] %raId/
/%get "Tru:/
/%get "Tru:/
/"gIft %r&p/
/%gIv @ "lIft/
accès accessoire s’adapter apparemment apprécier affaire cabossé(e)
considérer être coincé/bloqué
allocation emprunter
conteneur de collecte de verre usagè élever mentionner/soulever
revendiquer code
confronter HLM
retrancher, isoler couper traiter/gérer décorer demande creuser
dilemme désagréable discipline disqualifier domestique l'alcool au volant déverser électronique gênant
entrer équipement ère
juste manège
amende sentier se bloquer histoires gadget
parvenir à supporter
faire compraendre/réussir à avoir
faire un paquet-cadeau conduire Students have _______________________ to the whole library.
She has different _______________________ to go with different clothes.
She soon _______________________ to university life.
_______________________, they’re going to close the swimming pool.
Thanks for your help – I really _______________________ it.
These shoes are only £10 – a _______________________!
He was carrying a _______________________ old suitcase.
It is _______________________ impolite to ask for more.
_____. Can you help me?
You can claim _______________________ if you are too ill to work.
Can I _______________________ your pen for a moment?
Take the old bottles to the _______________________.
I want to _______________________ my family in the country.
You should _______________________ it _______________________ at the next meeting.
Cooking and cleaning are _______________________.
She stepped forward to _______________________ her prize.
What’s the international _______________________ for Germany?
They _______________________ him with all the evidence.
The government owns _______________________, and rents them to people.
The kitten was soft and _______________________.
They feel _______________________ living so far away.
The operator _______________________ me _______________________.
I don’t know how to _______________________ this problem.
We need to _______________________ the kitchen.
I support nurses’ _______________________ for higher pay.
He _______________________ a hole in the sand.
We face a difficult _______________________, and must make a decision.
There was a _______________________ smell in the kitchen.
Good _______________________ is important in schools.
She’s been _______________________ from the competition.
This equipment is not for _______________________ use.
A lot of accidents are caused by _______________________.
They shouldn’t _______________________ chemicals in the river.
You can buy some books in _______________________ form.
It was _______________________ when I fell over.
We _______________________ the building.
You need expensive _______________________ for some sports.
She lived during the Victorian _______________________.
He’s got more than me – it’s not _______________________!
I hate going on _______________________ where you get turned upside down.
Sara is his _______________________ – he’s going to marry her next year.
There is a £30 _______________________ for dropping litter.
The _______________________ goes through this field.
The screen _______________________ when I try to use the Internet.
He made a terrible _______________________ when I told him he couldn’t come with us.
You can get a clever _______________________ for opening tins.
We couldn’t _______________________ entry to the building.
She helped me _______________________ the experience.
I couldn’t _______________________ to Max last night.
Could you _______________________ these flowers, please?
Shall I _______________________ to the station?
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
give in v
give up v
go with the flow great-grandmother n
greet v
have an open mind v
hi-tech adj
idiomatic v
in spite of prep
increase v
iron v
keep quiet v
make v
match n
medical adj
menace n
military service n
missionary n
morals pl n
naïve adj
optimist n
out of work parking ticket n
permissible adj
pessimist n
pick up v
pick up v
point of view n
pump n
punk n
push up v
put up with v
qualify v
react v
ready adj
regard n
remove v
retell v
role n
row n
scary adj
schooling n
servant n
set an example v
set up v
share v
space station n
spread v
stepfather n
strict adj
strip v
suit v
take after v
/%gIv "In/
/%gIv "Vp/
/%[email protected] wID [email protected] "[email protected]/
/%greIt"gr&[email protected](r)/
/h&v @n %@[email protected] "maInd/
/%[email protected]"m&tIk/
/In"spaIt @v/
/"[email protected]/
/%ki:p "[email protected]/
/%[email protected] "s3:vIs/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%aUt @v "w3:k/
/"pA:kIN %tIkIt/
/[email protected]"[email protected]/
/%pIk "Vp/
/%pIk "Vp/
/%pOInt @v "vju:/
/%pUS "Vp/
/%pUt "Vp wID/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"s3:[email protected]/
/%set @n Ig"zA:mpl/
/%set "Vp/
/[email protected](r)/
/"speIs %steISn/
/"stepfA:[email protected](r)/
/%teIk "A:[email protected](r)/
céder, capituler abandonner suivre le mouvement arrière grand-mère
saluer avoir l’esprit ouvert sophistiqué, de pointe idiomatique en dépit de
ne rien dire
gagner match médical
service militaire
missionaire mœurs
sans emploi/au chômage contravention
reprendre découvrir
point de vie/avis
punk faire augmenter
réagir prêt(e) considération
retirer répéter
rôle, fonction dispute
angoissant scolarité domestique montrer l'exemple fonder partager
station spatiale
se propager beau-père strict(e)
convenir ressembler à The government will not _______________________ to terrorists.
He had to _______________________ running when he hurt his knee.
I don’t mind what we do – I’ll _______________________.
Your _______________________ is the mother of your grandparent.
He _______________________ me with a cheerful ‘Hello’.
I haven’t decided – I _______________________.
Our new washing machine is very _______________________.
An _______________________ meaning of ‘take off’ is ‘to become successful’.
We swam in the sea _______________________ the cold.
I asked my boss to _______________________ my salary.
My shirt is clean, but it needs to be _______________________.
He asked me to _______________________ about his plans.
We _______________________ £200 by selling some old clothes.
Did you see the Chelsea _______________________ last night?
She’s studying for a _______________________ degree.
Bad drivers are a _______________________ on the roads!
He had to do a year’s _______________________ in the army.
Mother Teresa was a _______________________.
This behaviour was not acceptable to the _______________________ of that time.
She’s very _______________________ and will trust anyone.
He’s an _______________________ – he’s always cheerful.
There are no jobs, so a lot of people are _______________________.
You can’t park there – you’ll get a _______________________.
It is not _______________________ to use mobile phones during exams.
Don’t be such a _______________________ – it will be fine!
Sales have _______________________ this year.
I _______________________ some interesting information.
Everyone has a different _______________________ on this issue.
All the _______________________ at the petrol station were busy.
_______________________ is a type of loud rock music.
The war will _______________________ the price of oil.
He has to _______________________ a lot of pain.
He has just _______________________ as a lawyer.
How did Sara _______________________ when you told her the news?
Dinner’s not _______________________ yet.
He has no _______________________ for other people’s feelings!
Cut the fruit in half and _______________________ the stone.
He _______________________ the joke to all his friends.
What is your _______________________ in the organization?
They’re always having _______________________ about money.
It was _______________________ being in that house alone.
She finished her _______________________ at 16.
They’re very rich – they’ve got _______________________ to do everything for them!
You should _______________________ for the children.
They _______________________ a charity to help children in need.
We _______________________ the food between us.
The astronauts spent a week in the _______________________.
Word _______________________ very quickly about the party.
My mother has remarried, so I have a _______________________.
My parents were very _______________________ – I wasn’t allowed out after dark.
He was _______________________ of his prize because he had cheated.
I don’t think this dress _______________________ me.
I _______________________ my father.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
take up v
tear n
thrift n
token n
tonic n
transform v
transport v
treat n
valuable adj
Victorian adj
wardrobe n
wireless adj
woodwork n
/%teIk "Vp/
/[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]@n/
/"v&[email protected]/
/vIk"tO:[email protected]/
/"wO:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@s/
larme économie, épargne
jeton fortifiant transformer
transporter cadeau/plaisir de (grande) valeur
armoire sans fil
menuiserie She _______________________ dancing, and found she really enjoyed it.
A few _______________________ rolled down her cheeks.
She believes in _______________________, so she never wastes money.
You need a _______________________ for the machine.
Drink this _______________________ – it will help you feel better.
They _______________________ the old school into a house.
The goods are _______________________ by sea.
We’re going out for a meal as a special _______________________.
Some of the paintings are quite _______________________.
Life was very different in _______________________ times.
I hung my coat in the _______________________.
We’ve got a _______________________ mouse for the computer.
In _______________________ classes, you learn how to make things out of wood.
Unit 5 addiction n
dépendance advance n
alien n
/"[email protected]/
amateur adj
/"&[email protected]@(r)/
astronaut n
/"&[email protected]:t/
astronaute, cosmonaute
attitude n
awareness n
/@"[email protected]@s/
beyond your wildest dreams /bI%jQnd jO: %waIldIst "dri:mz/ au-delà de ses rêves les plus délirants
blackness n
/"bl&[email protected]/
obscurité breakthrough n
découverte capitale
cause for concern /%kOz [email protected] [email protected]"s3:n/
source d’inquiétude
cell n
cellule centenarian n
/%sentI"[email protected]@n/
centenaire confidently adv
/"[email protected]/
avec confiance confirmation n
/%[email protected]"meISn/
confirmation consciousness n
/"[email protected]@s/
conscience controversial adj
/%[email protected]"v3:Sl/
cookery n
/"[email protected]/
cuisine current adj
/"[email protected]/
curvature n
/"k3:[email protected]@(r)/
courbure cyber- /"[email protected](r)/
damage n
diseased adj
disorder n
/dIs"O:[email protected](r)/
trouble distribute v
distribuer, répartir drought n
sécheresse emotion n
/I"[email protected]/
émotion energy n
/"[email protected]/
énergie evacuate v
évacuer evidence n
/"[email protected]/
evidence n
/"[email protected]/
évidence existence n
/Ig"[email protected]/
existence expand v
expect a baby v
/Ik%spekt @ "beIbi/
attendre un bébé
expense n
dépense extend v
prolonger He’s an expert in video game _______________________.
This is a major scientific _______________________.
They believe they saw an _______________________ spaceship.
He’s an _______________________ artist – he just paints for fun.
The _______________________ spent three weeks in space.
She has a positive _______________________ towards life.
We now have more _______________________ of the importance of exercise.
Starring in a Hollywood film was _______________________.
They looked out into the _______________________ outside.
This was a major _______________________ in medicine.
His behaviour is a _______________________.
Your body is made up of _______________________.
Someone who lives to 100 is a _______________________.
She smiled _______________________.
We will send _______________________ of your booking.
She lost _______________________ when she hit her head.
Abortion is a very _______________________ issue.
All children are taught _______________________ at school.
What is your _______________________ address?
He suffers from _______________________ of the spine.
The pictures travel through _______________________ space.
The wind caused _______________________ to some buildings.
Doctors replaced his _______________________ heart.
Some teenage girls suffer from eating _______________________.
They _______________________ food to homeless people.
Many trees died during the _______________________.
He never cries or shows his _______________________.
Wind power is a natural form of _______________________.
Some people were _______________________ from their homes during the floods.
The police have _______________________ that she is guilty.
That’s all the _______________________ I need.
Do you believe in the _______________________ of ghosts?
The company will _______________________ into Asia next year.
She’s _______________________ in May.
We booked the holiday without thinking about the _______________________.
We loved the hotel, so decided to _______________________ our stay.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
fiction n
fingers crossed flood n
forecast n
form v
galaxy n
generate v
generation n
get in v
give birth v
glow v
half-time n
heatwave n
hopeless adj
human n
hurricane n
ice n
infinite adj
injection n
injure v
knowledge n
laboratory n
limb n
major adj
mammal n
mankind n
marvel n
melt v
meteorologist n
minority n
mission n
nuclear energy n
orbit n
organ n
out adj
parallel adj
permafrost n
photographer n
pill n
presence n
pretty adv
primate n
prove v
quote v
rainfall n
rapidly adv
realist n
reassure v
reduce v
regenerate v
regrow v
replace v
research n
/"[email protected] "krQst/
/"g&[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"reISn/
/%get "In/
/%gIv "b3:T/
/[email protected]/
/%hA:f "taIm/
/"[email protected]@s/
/"hju:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/%mi:[email protected]"[email protected]/
/maI"[email protected]/
/%nju:[email protected](r) "[email protected]/
/"O:[email protected]/
/"p&[email protected]/
/"p3:[email protected]/
/[email protected]"[email protected]@(r)/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%ri:@"[email protected](r)/
/%ri:"[email protected]/
/%ri:"[email protected]/
croiser les doigts
inondation prévisions (météos)
former galaxie générer génération arriver donner naissance briller mi-temps vague de chaleur sans espoir homme ouragan glace
injection (se) blesser connaissance laboratoire membre
mammifère humanité, espèce humaine merveille fondre météorologue minorité mission
énergie nucléaire orbite organe impossible parallèle permafrost photographe pilule/médicament présence
assez primate prouver citer pluviosité
rapidement réaliste rassurer
réduire regénérer repousser remplacer
recherches Do you like reading facts or _______________________?
I’ve got my driving test tomorrow, so _______________________ that I’ll pass.
Heavy rain often causes _______________________.
The _______________________ said it’s going to rain.
The rock band _______________________ two years ago.
The Milky Way is a _______________________.
The idea _______________________ a lot of excitement.
What will life be like for future _______________________?
The train _______________________ to York at 14.30.
She _______________________ to a baby boy.
A light _______________________ in the distance.
The manager changed the team at _______________________.
The temperature reached 43 degrees during the _______________________.
I tried playing tennis, but I was _______________________!
Most pollution is caused by _______________________.
The _______________________ damaged many buildings.
Be careful – there’s _______________________ on the road.
Space is _______________________ – it doesn’t end.
I had an _______________________ to help with the pain.
He fell and _______________________ his foot.
Scientists are always trying to improve their _______________________.
The tests are carried out in our _______________________.
Some people lost _______________________ in the explosion.
Pollution is a _______________________ problem in many cities.
Dogs and cats are _______________________.
This problem will affect all _______________________.
The film shows the _______________________ of nature.
The chocolate had _______________________ in the sun.
_______________________ study the weather.
A small _______________________ become addicted.
They are planning a _______________________ to Venus.
Some electricity is produced by _______________________.
There are many satellites in _______________________ around the Earth.
Doctors can transplant _______________________ such as the heart and liver.
Sorry, Wednesday’s _______________________ for me.
A square has two pairs of _______________________ lines.
_______________________ is ground that is always frozen.
He wants to be a professional _______________________.
The doctor gave me some _______________________.
We require your _______________________ at the meeting.
They’re young, but their music is _______________________ good.
Monkeys are _______________________.
The evidence _______________________ that he was guilty.
The study _______________________ reliable research.
What’s the average _______________________ in your country?
Paul looked at his watch and left _______________________.
I’m a _______________________, so I know we might not win.
She _______________________ me that everything was OK.
The government must _______________________ unemployment.
If you cut off one of its legs, a new one will _______________________.
The plant will _______________________ if you cut it down.
I need to _______________________ my old computer.
The study quotes reliable _______________________.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
resource n
revulsion n
rocket n
science fiction n
sensational adj
sensor n
shorten v
sink into v
skydiving n
snowstorm n
spine n
status n
/%[email protected] "fIkSn/
/sen"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/%sINk "Intu/
/"[email protected]:m/
/"[email protected]/
révulsion fusée science-fiction sensationnel(le)
capteur raccourcir s'enfoncer parachutisme tempête de neige
colonne vertébrale statut /"stVdi/
étude /"su:[email protected]/
convenable /[email protected]"plaI/
approvisionnement /%teIk [email protected] "grA:ntId/
considérer tout naturel
besogne /"teknIkl/
technique /[email protected] "nO:m/
pendant/durant /"[email protected]:m/
orage /"tQpIk/
thème /"treInIN/
entraînement /%tr&nsplA:n"teISn/
univers /"v3:[email protected]/
vertébré /"[email protected]@s/
/"v3:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@s/
apesanteur study n
suitable adj
supply n
take for granted task n
technical adj
the norm n
throughout prep
thunderstorm n
topic n
training n
transplantation n
tropical adj
universe n
vertebrate n
vigorous adj
virtual adj
weightlessness n
The country has natural _______________________ such as oil and coal.
She feels _______________________ at the idea of eating meat.
They fired the _______________________ into space.
She loves reading _______________________.
Some newspapers are full of _______________________ stories.
The machine has light _______________________ to detect light.
These trousers are too long – I need to _______________________ them.
The wheels _______________________ the mud.
I don’t like flying, so I would hate _______________________!
Many roads were blocked by snow during the _______________________.
He broke his _______________________, so he can’t walk now.
Although he has been there for five years, he still has the _______________________ of an illegal
The _______________________ quotes reliable research.
Those jeans aren’t _______________________ for an interview.
_______________________ of food were flown to the area.
Children nowadays _______________________ modern technology _______________________.
Cleaning is a very boring _______________________.
I need _______________________ advice on my computer.
Having a home computer is now _______________________.
It is very cold _______________________ the winter.
There was a _______________________ with thunder and heavy rain.
We chose the environment as our _______________________.
Professional footballers do _______________________ every day.
There are not enough hearts available for _______________________.
Barbados has a _______________________ climate.
Scientists believe the _______________________ started with a Big Bang.
All _______________________ have a backbone.
He gave the door a _______________________ push.
He spends hours in a _______________________ world.
They experienced the feeling of _______________________ in space.
Unit 6
appliance n
associate v
astronomy n
attractive adj
badly behaved adj
basement n
battery n
bomb n
bother v
brightly adv
button n
cashmere n
casual adj
cattle n
celebration n
china n
clearance n
coach n
/@"[email protected]/
/@"[email protected]/
/@"[email protected]/
/%b&dli bI"heIvd/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"k&[email protected](r)/
/"k&[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@ns/
/[email protected]/
appareil associer astronomie attirant(e)
mal élevé(e)
sous-sol pile bombe déranger/ennuyer
vivement bouton
célébration porcelaine liquidation
entraîneur They sell kitchen _______________________ such as kettles.
I _______________________ wine with France.
He’s interested in _______________________ and the stars.
She’s a very _______________________ girl.
I can’t stand _______________________ children!
The _______________________ is below the ground floor.
I need to put new _______________________ in my camera.
The planes dropped _______________________ on the village.
I quite like the winter – the cold doesn’t _______________________ me.
Everything in the room was _______________________ coloured.
I pressed the _______________________ to call the lift.
She bought an expensive _______________________ jumper.
She was dressed in _______________________ clothes – jeans and a T-shirt.
They have _______________________ and sheep on the farm.
There were _______________________ in the street after the victory.
They’ve got cups, dishes, and other _______________________.
It’s a _______________________ sale, so they want to sell everything in the shop.
Our football _______________________ taught us how to play.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
consume v
cosmetics pl n
cosy adj
cottage n
crumble v
curiosity n
curly adj
dome n
dominant adj
drive (sb) crazy v
emigrate v
equipped adj
file n
fluently adv
full-time adj
fully adv
garlic n
get together v
gigabyte n
glassware n
good-looking adj
gravitate v
guarantee n
hand-made adj
handy adj
hard disk n
hard-working adj
homecoming n
housewife n
hut n
hyperactive adj
immense adj
in tune with independent adj
ingredient n
insecure adj
irreplaceable adj
kitchenware n
lentils pl n
like chalk and cheese linen n
long-lasting adj
low-fat adj
loyalty n
massage n
medium height n
mud n
night-life n
orchard n
painkiller n
panoramic adj
paradise n
practical adj
/[email protected]"sju:m/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%draIv "kreIzi/
/%get [email protected]"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"glA:[email protected](r)/
/%g&[email protected]"ti:/
/%hA:d "dIsk/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"&ktIv/
/%In "tju:n wID/
/%IndI"[email protected]/
/In"gri:[email protected]/
/%InsI"[email protected](r)/
/%IrI"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/laIk %tSO:k @n "tSi:z/
/%[email protected]"f&t/
/"[email protected]/
/"mi:[email protected] %haIt/
/"O:[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/%p&[email protected]"r&mIk/
/"p&[email protected]/
consommer, manger
product de beauté
douillet/douillette cottage, chaumière
se désagréger
curiosité bouclé(e)
dominant faire devenir fou/folle
dossier couramment temps complet, plein temps pleinement ail se retrouver gigaoctet
objets en verre
garantie fait main pratique disque dur travailler/travailleuse
retour au bercail
femme au foyer
immense en accord avec
indépendant ingrédient
manque d’assurance
irremplaçable vaisselle
comme le jour et la nuit
lin durable allégé(e)
loyauté massage taille moyenne boue vie nocturne verger analgésique panoramique paradis pratique We _______________________ all the chocolates between us!
You should choose _______________________ that are right for your skin type.
The sitting room was warm and _______________________.
They live in a lovely _______________________ in the country.
The stone wall was old and _______________________.
I opened the box out of _______________________.
She’s got lovely _______________________ hair.
I could see the golden _______________________ of the mosque.
He never lets anyone else speak – he’s too _______________________.
Sam is so annoying – he _______________________!
They _______________________ to Australia.
The kitchen is well _______________________.
She clipped the papers into a _______________________.
She can speak French _______________________.
I don’t want a _______________________ job – just two days a week.
We are _______________________ aware of the problems.
Shall I add _______________________ to the sauce?
We _______________________ for lunch once a month.
It’s got a 60-_______________________ hard disk.
I bought a glass bowl in the _______________________ department.
He’s _______________________, and he’s a nice guy!
We usually _______________________ towards the kitchen.
The phone comes with a one-year _______________________.
This bag wasn’t made in a factory – it’s _______________________.
The extra cupboards are _______________________ for storage.
My computer’s not working – I think it’s a problem with the _______________________.
He’s very _______________________ so I’m sure he’ll be successful.
We’re looking forward to his _______________________.
She’s a _______________________ and doesn’t go out to work.
We stayed in a wooden _______________________ in the mountains.
Jack’s _______________________ – he just can’t sit still.
This meeting is of _______________________ importance.
He’s not _______________________ his emotions.
Tom doesn’t need other people – he’s very _______________________.
I bought the _______________________ to make a cake.
She’s _______________________ and has no confidence.
Don’t break that vase – it’s _______________________.
I bought a pan in the _______________________ department.
We had meat with _______________________.
We’re completely different, _______________________.
They sell towels and bed _______________________.
They had a _______________________ relationship.
She only eats _______________________ yoghurt.
She showed great _______________________ by continuing to support her friend.
I had a neck _______________________ to relax me.
He’s not very tall – just _______________________.
His boots were covered in _______________________.
The _______________________ is great – lots of bars and clubs.
They’ve got an _______________________ of apple trees.
I took a _______________________ for my headache.
The room has a _______________________ view of the lake.
The island is perfect – a _______________________!
This car doesn’t look great, but it’s very _______________________.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
premises pl n
pre-packed adj
prosecute v
purchase v
rabbit n
relieve v
remind v
responsible adj
restore v
safety n
seek v
sell out v
sentimental adj
shelter n
simply adv
smart adj
smartly adv
sociable adj
solid adj
staff n
stationery n
stone n
subscribe (to) v
take-away adj
tempting adj
terrace n
the ladies n
think straight v
tiny adj
toiletries pl n
top floor n
treasure v
turmeric n
wavy adj
wear n
wedding n
well behaved adj
well dressed adj
whisper v
woollens pl n
young at heart adj
/rI"[email protected]/
/%sel "aUt/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]@bl/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/[email protected]"skraIb/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected] "leIdiz/
/"TINk %streIt/
/"[email protected]/
/"tQp %flO:(r)/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"t3:[email protected]/
/[email protected](r)/
/%wel bI"heIvd
/%wel "drest/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/%jVN @t "hA:t/
acheter lapin soulager rappeler responsable restaurer sécurité chercher
se vendre tous sentimental(e)
abri simplement élégant(e)
avec élégance sociable solide personnel/employés fournitures de bureau
s’abonner (à)
à emporter
terrasse toilettes pour dames penser clairement
articles de toilette dernier étage tenir beaucoup à curcuma ondulé vêtement mariage bien élevé(e)
bien habillé(e)
chuchoter lainages jeune d'esprit
He was asked to leave the _______________________.
I bought a _______________________ pizza.
There was no evidence, so the police decided not to _______________________ him.
You can _______________________ tickets online.
The dog chased a _______________________ across the field.
He gave me a tablet to _______________________ the pain.
George _______________________ me of my father.
You have to be very _______________________ to be a parent.
The old theatre is being _______________________.
You have to wear a seat belt for _______________________.
We are still _______________________ the truth.
The tickets _______________________ within two days.
I keep her letters for _______________________ reasons.
They made a _______________________ to keep them dry.
We don’t eat rich food – we eat very _______________________.
Wear _______________________ clothes to an interview.
He was _______________________ dressed in a suit and tie.
Harry loves parties – he’s very _______________________.
The table is made of _______________________ wood.
How many _______________________ do you employ in the company?
You’ll find pens in the _______________________ department.
I picked up a _______________________ and threw it into the sea.
Do you _______________________ to any magazines?
I don’t often cook - I buy _______________________ meals.
The chocolate cake looked very _______________________.
We sat outside on the _______________________.
She went into _______________________ to wash her hands.
I was so tired I couldn’t _______________________.
It’s a very small flat – the kitchen is _______________________!
They sell soap and other _______________________.
We live on the fourth floor – the _______________________.
I _______________________ our friendship.
_______________________ adds a lovely yellow colour to food.
She’s got dark _______________________ hair.
They’ve got some lovely evening _______________________.
They’re getting married – the _______________________ is next month.
The children were polite and _______________________.
She’s always smart and _______________________.
‘Keep quiet,’ he _______________________.
You should wash _______________________ separately.
She’s 70, but she’s very _______________________.
/@"[email protected]/
/@"gri:[email protected]/
/@"plaI [email protected]/
/"O:[email protected](r)/
/bi "kreIzi @baUt/
/bi "fQnd @v/
/bi "ki:n Qn/
/%sn&p "Vp/
accord postuler pour, poser sa candidature auteur (être) fou/folle de
aimer beaucoup, se passionner pour arracher We’re not _______________________ to such hot weather.
We finally reached _______________________.
Are you going to _______________________ that job?
She is the _______________________ of several detective stories.
It’s obvious that he’s _______________________ her.
I’m really _______________________ my grandmother.
She seems quite _______________________ the idea.
The nice shoes were _______________________ quickly in the sale.
Unit 7
accustomed adj
agreement n
apply for v
author n
(be) crazy about v
(be) fond of v
(be) keen on v
(be) snapped up v
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
best-selling adj
can’t bear v
can’t stand v
chamber n
chaos n
common adj
contact v
continent n
copy n
countless adj
create v
deathly adj
decade n
demanding adj
dominate v
doubles pl n
downpour n
elect v
enthusiastic adj
eternity n
euphoria n
fail v
fan n
fancy dress n
female n
fine adj
foxhunting n
gifted adj
goblet n
ground n
hallow n
harmony n
have a word v
heated adj
hero n
horseriding n
I don’t mind image n
infectious adj
institute n
introduce v
invest v
kid v
launch v
leisure n
lifestyle n
loathe v
longhand n
magic n
make your mark v
male n
measles n
media n
/%kA:nt "[email protected](r)/
/%kA:nt "st&nd/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/ju:"fO:[email protected]/
/%f&nsi "dres/
/"h&[email protected]/
/"hA:[email protected]/
/%h&v @ "w3:d/
/"[email protected]@U/
/aI %[email protected] "maInd/
/In"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"dju:s/
/"[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]/
/%meIk jO: "mA:k/
/"mi:[email protected]/
à succès ne pas supporter ne pas supporter pièce chaos répandu contacter/prendre contact continent exemplaire innombrable créer mortel/de mort décennie exigant(e), astreignant(e)
dominer doubles déluge élire enthousiaste éternité euphorie échouer fan, supporteur déguisement femelle bien, parfait chasse au renard doué gobelet terrain saint(e)
harmonie dire un mot vif/vive, passionné(e)
héros équitation
cela m’est égal
image contagieux
institut introduire investir
taquiner, faire marcher lancer loisir mode de vie détester
écriture normale/courante magie se faire un nom mâle rougeole médias He wrote a _______________________ cookery book.
I _______________________ this music – it’s just noise!
I _______________________ being late – it really annoys me!
There is a secret _______________________ behind the wall.
Everyone was screaming – it was _______________________.
These animals are very _______________________ in England – you see them everywhere.
Please _______________________ me if you have any questions.
Asia is the largest _______________________ in the world.
I’ve got a _______________________ of all her books.
He’s very popular – he’s got _______________________ friends.
They _______________________ a terrible mess.
There was a _______________________ silence.
The 1960s was an interesting _______________________.
Mountain climbing is physically _______________________.
Tom _______________________ the conversation – no one else said very much.
In tennis, you can play singles or _______________________.
There was a sudden _______________________ of rain.
They will _______________________ a new President next year.
She’s very _______________________ about art.
He promised to love her for _______________________.
She had a feeling of _______________________ when she realized she had won.
If you don’t work, you’ll _______________________ your exams.
He’s a Manchester United _______________________.
Everyone at the party was in _______________________.
With lions, the _______________________ do the hunting.
‘Will you meet us there?’ ‘Yes, _______________________.’
In _______________________, dogs are used to kill a fox.
He’s a _______________________ musician.
They drank out of silver _______________________.
What’s the name of the _______________________ where Manchester United play?
A _______________________ is an old word for a holy person.
They try to live in _______________________ with nature.
Can I _______________________ with you later?
They had a _______________________ argument.
Johnny Depp plays the _______________________ of the film.
_______________________ is my favourite sport.
It’s OK. _______________________ waiting.
On the screen was an _______________________ of a flower.
He has an _______________________ laugh.
I studied at the London _______________________ of Design.
This new product was _______________________ last month.
She _______________________ her money in the business.
I thought he was _______________________, but in fact he was being serious.
They’re _______________________ a new product next week.
People now have more time for _______________________.
She enjoys a glamorous _______________________.
I _______________________ that man – he’s awful!
I don’t like writing in _______________________ – I prefer to work on a computer.
He did some _______________________ tricks for the children.
He wants to _______________________ in Hollywood.
The _______________________ are usually bigger than the females.
Both the children are ill, they’ve got _______________________.
The crime was reported in the _______________________.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
medieval adj
mob n
musical n
myth n
name v
numerous adj
obsession n
once and for all orphan n
passionate adj
philosopher n
phoenix n
poverty n
power n
powerful adj
producer n
psychological adj
public school n
regular adj
resign v
respond v
rivalry n
slow down v
soccer n
socialite n
sort out v
stage n
statistics n pl
sticking point n
strike n
superstar n
sympathy n
talent n
tattoo n
the big time to the full totally adv
track n
trademark n
try one’s luck twinkly adj
underwear n
video game n
violent adj
waste ground n
wizard n
/"nju:[email protected]@s/
/%wVns @nd [email protected](r) "O:l/
/"p&[email protected]@t/
/fI"[email protected]@(r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]"dju:[email protected](r)/
/%[email protected]"lQdZIkl/
/%pVblIk "sku:l/
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected] "daUn/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]@laIt/
/%sO:t "aUt/
/[email protected]"tIstIks/
/"stIkIN %pOInt/
/"su:[email protected]:(r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"t&[email protected]/
/[email protected] "bIg %taIm/
/[email protected] [email protected] "fUl/
/"[email protected]@li/
/%traI wVnz "lVk/
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/"[email protected] %geIm/
/"[email protected]@nt/
/"weIst %graUnd/
/"[email protected]/
médiéval/du Moyen Age
foule comédie musicale mythe nommer nombreux/nombreuses obsession une fois pour toutes orphelin(e)
philosophe phénix pauvreté puissance puissant
producteur psychologique école publique
régulier/régulière démissionner répondre rivalité ralentir/freiner football
mondain régler scène statistiques point de désaccord/de friction grève superstar sympathie talent tatouage en haut de l’échelle pleinement totalement piste marque de fabrique tenter sa chance scintillant sous-vêtements
jeu vidéo
terrain vague magicien(ne)
People lived in castles in _______________________ times.
The angry _______________________ marched down the street.
He’s starring in a new _______________________ on Broadway.
It’s not true that women are worse drivers than men – it’s a _______________________.
They _______________________ John as their leader.
She was late on _______________________ occasions.
He’s got an _______________________ with money – he thinks about it all the time.
We need to agree _______________________.
She became an _______________________ at the age of 12, when her parents died.
He’s _______________________ about music – he loves it.
Socrates was a famous _______________________.
In stories, the _______________________ is a bird that rose up again from the ashes of a fire.
There is a lot of _______________________ in some African countries.
These animals have great _______________________ and beauty.
This car’s got a very _______________________ engine.
The _______________________ is the person in charge of making a TV programme.
The clinic helps children with _______________________ problems.
In Britain, you pay to go to a _______________________.
He was a _______________________ visitor to our house.
He _______________________ from his job.
He didn’t _______________________ to her question.
There is a lot of _______________________ between the two brothers.
You should _______________________ and relax sometimes.
In the US football is called _______________________.
She’s a wealthy _______________________ who goes to all the best parties.
We must _______________________ this problem.
She stood up on the _______________________ and started singing.
There are new _______________________ on unemployment.
The _______________________ was money – we just couldn’t agree about that.
Postmen went on _______________________ for more money.
He has become a tennis _______________________.
When her mother died, I sent a card to express my _______________________.
She’s got a real _______________________ for music.
He had a _______________________ of a bird on his arm.
Many singers dream of reaching _______________________.
She believes in living life _______________________.
The two towns are _______________________ different.
We ran twice around the running _______________________.
All their products carry the company’s _______________________.
He _______________________ at acting.
He’s got _______________________ eyes.
He was dressed only in his _______________________.
He spends hours playing _______________________.
This was a very _______________________ crime.
The supermarket will be built on _______________________ outside the city.
I don’t believe in witches and _______________________.
/@"[email protected]/
/[email protected]"lu:n/
ascension, montée
ballon I felt nervous as I _______________________ his office.
The plane took off and began its _______________________ to 6000 metres.
We hung _______________________ around the room before the party.
Unit 8 approach v
ascent n
balloon n
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
base n
battle n
bite v
blow v
blow up v
body language n
bold adj
bunk bed n
canoe n
catapult v
clap v
cliff n
conquer v
crew n
cross v
crossing n
cure v
dare v
daring adj
declare v
defeat v
defeat n
empire n
face v
fearless adj
ferry v
fighter n
force v
found v
freak (out) v
gene n
get out of hand v
(go) over someone’s head v
(have a) sweet tooth v
hit a problem v
hollow adj
honestly adv
hug v
iceberg n
illiterate adj
infection n
initially adv
innocent adj
install v
kick v
kick up a fuss v
kneel v
lack n
ladder n
lick v
lifeboat n
/[email protected]/
/%[email protected] "Vp/
/"bQdi %l&NgwIdZ/
/[email protected]/
/%bVNk "bed/
/[email protected]"nu:/
/"k&[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/[email protected](r)/
/[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/dI"[email protected](r)/
/%di: aI "waI/
/%di: en "eI/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]@s/
/"[email protected](r)/
/%get aUt @v "h&nd/
/[email protected] %@[email protected] ... "hed/
/h&v @ %swi:t "tu:T/
/%hIt @ "[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/I"[email protected]@t/
/I"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@nt/
/%kIk Vp @ "fVs/
/"l&[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
bataille mordre
souffler gonfler langage corporel hardi/assuré lit superposé
catapulter applaudir falaise
conquérir, vaincre
point de passage guérir oser osé(e)
battre défaite
empire affronter intrépide
faire passer/traverser, emmener
combattant, lutteur forcer fonder, créer flipper
gène dégénérer, échapper à tout contrôle être dépassé(e)
avoir un faible pour les sucreries rencontrer un problème
honnêtement étreindre iceberg
analphabète infection à l’origine, au début innocent installer taper
piquer une crise s’agenouiller manque échelle lécher canot de sauvetage The company has its _______________________ in New York.
She died after a long _______________________ with cancer.
She _______________________ into the apple.
He _______________________ on his soup to cool it.
Will you help me _______________________ these balloons?
His _______________________ showed that he was nervous.
I didn’t feel _______________________ enough to introduce myself.
The children sleep in _______________________.
We travelled up the river in a _______________________.
When she crashed, she was _______________________ out of the car.
The audience _______________________ loudly.
He fell off a high _______________________ into the sea below.
I managed to _______________________ my fear of heights.
The _______________________ helped the passengers.
We _______________________ the river by boat.
This is the easiest _______________________ over the river.
Doctors can _______________________ some kinds of cancer.
Would you _______________________ to jump off here into the sea?
This was a _______________________ attack in broad daylight.
He was _______________________ the winner.
They _______________________ their enemy and won the war.
Arsenal suffered a 3-1 _______________________ last week.
He loves doing _______________________ like putting up shelves.
The police found traces of his _______________________ at the crime scene.
The Roman _______________________ stretched all across Europe.
We _______________________ many problems on our journey.
You have to be _______________________ to do skydiving.
There’s a boat to _______________________ people across the river.
They see themselves as freedom _______________________.
You can’t _______________________ students to work.
My grandfather _______________________ the family business.
I _______________________ when I saw those huge spiders!
Your _______________________ determine what colour hair and eyes you have.
It started as a joke, but it _______________________.
He tried to explain it to me, but it went _______________________.
I love chocolate – I’ve got a really _______________________.
The trip started well, but then _______________________.
There’s a _______________________ tree in the park.
It wasn’t me – _______________________!
He ran towards me and _______________________ me.
Titanic hit an _______________________.
He’s _______________________ – he can’t read or write.
Wash the cut, or you might get an _______________________.
I didn’t enjoy maths _______________________, but now I love it!
He was found to be _______________________ of the crime.
We decided to _______________________ central heating into our house.
He _______________________ the football.
We _______________________ when they sent us the wrong tickets.
She _______________________ down before the King.
They were weak from _______________________ of food.
He climbed up the _______________________ onto the roof.
The dog _______________________ my hand.
There weren’t enough _______________________.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
lower v
maiden voyage n
manpower n
military adj
nail n
numerous adj
overcome v
overweight adj
oxygen n
oyster n
panic v
pass n
perish v
phobia n
pitch black adj
plain n
playground n
poisonous adj
pray v
program n
prosperous adj
province n
psychotherapist n
pull (sb) leg v
put up v
raft n
recognize v
reduce v
regularly adv
remain v
remarkable adj
remote adj
revolutionary adj
rule v
scar n
scratch v
see eye to eye v
set off v
sickness n
silly adj
slide v
slip v
snorkel n
soldier n
stack n
stare v
steerage n
struggle v
suffer v
sumptuous adj
superior adj
survive v
swallow v
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/%meIdn "vOIIdZ/
/"m&[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"nju:[email protected]@s/
/%@[email protected]"kVm/
/%@[email protected]"weIt/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]@/
/%pItS "bl&k/
/"[email protected]@s/
/"[email protected]&m/
/"[email protected]@s/
/%[email protected]"[email protected]/
/%pUl ... "leg/
/%pUt "Vp/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@li/
/rI"mA:[email protected]/
/rI"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"lu:[email protected]@ri/
/si: %aI tu "aI/
/%set "Qf/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/su:"[email protected]@(r)/
/[email protected]"vaIv/
/"[email protected]/
abaisser, mettre à la mer premier voyage d’un navire main-d’œuvre militaire ongle
plusieurs surmonter en surpoids
oxygène huître paniquer franchir col phobie noir complet/nuit noir
plaine cour de récréation
vénéneux, venimeux, toxique
prier programme prospère province psychothérapeute faire marcher (qq'un) héberger radeau reconnaître réduire régulièrement rester remarquable lointain révolutionnaire
gouverner, diriger cicatrice griffer partager le point de vue, être d’accord partir vomissements bête decendre en glissant glisser tuba soldat tas dévisager entrepont
avancer en luttant
souffrir somptueux/somptueuse
survivre avaler They _______________________ the lifeboats.
Titanic hit an iceberg on her _______________________.
The company needs more skilled _______________________.
He decided on a _______________________ career.
He banged some _______________________ into the wall.
I can’t come tomorrow, for _______________________ reasons.
He had to _______________________ many problems.
If you eat too much, you will become _______________________.
We need to breathe _______________________ to stay alive.
We had _______________________ as a starter.
I _______________________ when I saw the fire.
There is a narrow _______________________ over the mountains.
Thousands of men _______________________ during the war.
I’ve got a _______________________ of spiders – I’m terrified of them!
It was _______________________ outside.
Lions live on the _______________________ of Africa.
The children were playing in the _______________________.
Don’t eat those mushrooms – they’re _______________________.
Everyone _______________________ that the children would be found alive.
What computer _______________________ do you use for writing letters?
His business did well, and he became _______________________.
Canada is divided into _______________________.
A _______________________ helps you to talk about your problems.
He’s not being serious – he’s just _______________________.
Come and stay with us – we can _______________________ you _______________________.
They built a _______________________ out of logs, and used it to sail down the river.
He is _______________________ as a great artist.
They have _______________________ the price to only £10.
I talk to him _______________________, once a week.
Please try to _______________________ calm.
This was a _______________________ achievement.
They live in a _______________________ village in the mountains.
This is a _______________________ new treatment for the disease.
The President _______________________ the country.
The cut left a _______________________ on his face.
The cat _______________________ my face.
We always argue – we never _______________________.
We _______________________ for London the next day.
He’s suffering from _______________________.
The children were laughing and being _______________________.
We _______________________ down the bank towards the river.
Be careful you don’t _______________________ on the ice.
We swam in the shallow water with masks and _______________________.
He wanted to become a _______________________ and carry a gun.
There was a huge _______________________ of dirty dishes.
Everyone was _______________________ at me.
Many people were trapped in _______________________ below the water level.
We _______________________ through the deep snow.
She _______________________ from terrible headaches.
There were two _______________________ ballrooms.
The new sports centre is bigger, and has _______________________ facilities.
You can’t _______________________ for long in very cold water.
She chewed the biscuit and _______________________ it.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
sweaty adj
symptom n
tear down v
terrified v
terror n
threaten v
trek n
tribesman n
tune n
unbelievable adj
unsinkable adj
waste your breath v
whistle v
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected] "daUn/
/bi "terIfaId/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/%VnbI"li:[email protected]/
/Vn"[email protected]/
/%weIst jo: "breT/
en sueur
symptôme abattre être terrifié(e)
terreur menacer
randonnée homme de tribu
musique impensable, incroyable
perdre sa salive (pour rien) siffler, siffloter I was hot and _______________________ after running.
The main _______________________ of measles is a rash all over your body.
They’re going to _______________________ the old cinema.
I was _______________________ when I saw all the snakes.
She screamed with _______________________.
They _______________________ to kill the prisoners if the money was not paid.
I was tired after the three-day _______________________ through the mountains.
Some _______________________ on horses showed them the way.
I like the _______________________ of that song, but not the words.
I find it _______________________ that someone can behave in that way!
They said Titanic was _______________________.
Don’t _______________________ trying to persuade me – I’ll never change my mind.
He _______________________ while he worked.
bien rempli(e)
une éternité seul(e)
arrêter solde patienter encore un peu
sang se donner la peine
faire du brainstorming/
faire du remue-méninges
copain brutaliser croiser
cambriolage champion nettoyer compenser déclarer couplable conseiller/conseillère
curieux/curieuse déterminé(e)
douzaine disfonctionnel(le)
économiser efficace aîné(e)
rencontre entrer
exploser anonyme avoir honte fraude faire comprendre grimacer, sourire gymnase We had an _______________________ holiday.
A lot of criminals are drug _______________________.
We had to wait for _______________________!
She’s lived _______________________ since her husband died.
The police _______________________ two men for the crime.
The _______________________ in my bank account is now £30.
If you can just _______________________ me one moment, I’ll find your file.
I cut myself and got _______________________ on my shirt.
I was angry because he didn’t _______________________ to phone me.
We all _______________________ some ideas at the beginning of the meeting.
Unit 9
action-packed adj
addict n
ages pl n
alone adj
/@"[email protected]/
arrest v
balance n
/"b&[email protected]/
bear with v
/"[email protected] wID/
blood n
bother v
/"[email protected](r)/
brainstorm v
buddy n
bully v
bump into v
/%bVmp "Intu/
burglary n
/"b3:[email protected]/
champion n
/"tS&[email protected]/
clean up v
/%kli:n "Vp/
clear v
/[email protected](r)/
convict v
/[email protected]"vIkt/
counsellor n
/"[email protected]@(r)/
curious adj
/"[email protected]@s/
determined adj
digit n
dozen n
dysfunctional adj
/dIs"[email protected]/
economize v
/I"[email protected]/
effective adj
eldest adj
encounter n
/In"[email protected](r)/
enter /"[email protected](r)/
explode v
/Ik"[email protected]/
faceless adj
/"[email protected]/
feel ashamed v
[%fi:l @"SeImd]
fraud n
get through to v
/%get "Tru: tu/
grin v
gym n
They grew up together – they’ve been _______________________ for years.
The boys laughed at me and _______________________ me.
I _______________________ Mark in the library.
There was _______________________ in the house next door.
He is the world _______________________ at cycling.
Who is going to _______________________ this mess?
It usually takes three days for a cheque to _______________________.
There wasn’t enough evidence to _______________________ her of the crime.
Talking to a _______________________ helped me feel better.
I was _______________________ to know what was in the bag.
We are _______________________ to win this competition.
Please type in the first two _______________________ of your security number.
A _______________________ eggs, please.
In a _______________________ family, the members don’t help and support each other.
We need to _______________________ and save money.
Take this medicine – it’s very _______________________.
He is the _______________________ of three brothers.
He’s had several _______________________ with the police.
Type your number and then press ‘_______________________’.
He _______________________ with anger when he saw the mess.
I didn’t want to talk to a _______________________ person on the phone.
I _______________________ when I realized what I had done.
Using someone else’s credit card is a common kind of _______________________.
I managed to _______________________ her that people wanted to help.
He _______________________ with pleasure when he saw us.
You do exercise in a _______________________.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
hand over v
head teacher n
heroin n
hit rock bottom homeless adj
idiot n
imprisonment n
in touch jail v
knock over v
letter box n
light v
limit n
litter bin n
locate v
make a scene v
mind your own business need stitches n
ordinary adj
outburst n
over the moon overdrawn adj
passer-by n
penniless adj
phone in v
play truant v
prison n
protect v
punish v
punishment n
purpose n
pursue v
queue n
receipt n
register v
rehabilitate v
release v
relieved adj
restorative justice n
rude adj
scream v
scruffy adj
shop-lift v
social worker n
stop dead v
storm off v
stuff v
stunned adj
suspect v
temperature n
theft n
tremble v
urban adj
/%h&nd "@[email protected](r)/
/%hed "ti:[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/hIt %rQk "[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@s/
/"[email protected]/
/Im"[email protected]/
/In "tVtS/
/%nQk "@[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected](r) %bQks/
/"[email protected](r) %bIn/
/[email protected]"keIt/
/%meIk @ "si:n/
/%maInd jo:(r) @Un "[email protected]/
/%ni:d "stItSIz/
/%@[email protected] [email protected] "mu:n/
/%@[email protected]"drO:n/
/%pA:[email protected]"baI/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected] "In/
/%pleI "tru:@nt/
/[email protected]"tekt/
/"[email protected]/
/"p3:[email protected]/
/[email protected]"sju:/
/"[email protected](r)/
/rI%stO:[email protected] "dZVstIs/
/"[email protected] %w3:[email protected](r)/
/%stQp "ded/
/%stO:m "Qf/
/[email protected]"spekt/
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/"3:[email protected]/
remettre directeur/-trice héroïne être au plus bas sans toit idiot(e)
emprisonnement en contact emprisonner/écrouer
renverser boîte aux lettres
allumer limite poubelle
localiser faire toute une histoire
mêle-toi de tes oignons
avoir besoin de points de suture ordinaire emportement passager être aux anges à découvert passant(e)
sans le sou
téléphoner faire l’école buissonière
prison protéger
punir punition objet, but exercer queue reçu
réhabilitater relâcher soulagé(e)
justice réparatrice grossier/grossière hurler, crier débraillé(e)
voler à l’étalage
assistant(e) social(e)
s’arrêter pile, s’arrêter net
sortit comme un ouragan
bourrer étourdi(e), assommé(e)
soupçonner température
vol trembler
He asked to see my passport, so I _______________________ it _______________________.
The _______________________ is in charge of the school.
He used to inject himself with _______________________.
I _______________________ when I lost my job and my home.
We need more shelters for _______________________ people.
You’ve broken it! You _______________________!
He was finally free after three years of _______________________.
When he left, he promised he would keep _______________________ with me.
He was _______________________ for three years.
Mind you don’t _______________________ your drink over.
A letter came through the _______________________.
It was cold so we _______________________ a fire.
What’s the speed _______________________ on this road?
She put her old ticket in the _______________________.
The police have _______________________ the stolen car.
She was shouting and _______________________.
I was just sitting there, _______________________.
It was a bad cut, and it _______________________.
It looks like an _______________________ car, but in fact it’s a boat as well.
I was surprised by her _______________________ of emotion.
We were _______________________ when we won.
I haven’t got any money – my bank account is £35 _______________________.
She fell in the street, and a _______________________ helped her.
I’ve spent all my money – I’m _______________________!
People can _______________________ to the show.
Some children decide to _______________________ and not go to school.
She was sent to _______________________ for two years.
We put criminals in prison to _______________________ society.
You have done wrong, so you must be _______________________.
Criminals are put in prison as a _______________________.
I couldn’t see the _______________________ of the meeting.
I have no time to _______________________ a hobby.
There was a long _______________________ at the ticket office.
If you want to take something back to a shop, you need the _______________________.
At first I didn’t _______________________ that she was there.
They try to _______________________ criminals so they don’t commit more crimes.
She was _______________________ from prison last month.
I was _______________________ when the doctor told me I was all right.
In _______________________, criminals try to help the victims of their crime.
She was very _______________________ and just pushed past me.
‘Help!’ she _______________________.
You can’t wear _______________________ clothes to an interview.
He was caught _______________________ a pair of jeans.
_______________________ help people with social problems.
He _______________________ when he saw me.
He _______________________ in a bad mood.
I _______________________ the shopping into my bag.
I was too _______________________ to speak.
I don’t know, but I _______________________ he’s in London.
He’s got a high _______________________– he must be ill.
He was sent to prison for the _______________________ of a car.
I was _______________________ all over with fear.
They live in an _______________________ area.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
victim n
violence n
/%vi: eI "ti:/
/"[email protected]@ns/
victime violence The price includes _______________________.
He was the _______________________ of a violent attack.
When a man tried to stop them, they reacted with _______________________.
/@"mi:[email protected]/
/"&[email protected](r)/
/@"[email protected](r)/
/"b3:[email protected](r)/
/%k&[email protected]"leISn/
/[email protected]"p&sIti/
/[email protected]"Ti:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@n/
/"tSeIndZIN %ru:m/
/[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
/[email protected]"reISn/
/"[email protected]@Uz/
/I"steIt %[email protected]/
/%eTnIk "gru:p/
/[email protected]"[email protected]/
/"fi:[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
sembler arc
en fait brasserie
hamburger calcul capacité cathédrale président vestiaire charbon code commerce complexe en cristal tous les jours, quotidiennement
décoration dépeindre appareil
diagnostiquer numérique caractéristique, distinctif
district efficace étreinte agent immobilier groupe ethnique installations prouesse caractéristique passer comme un éclair
flotter fonder concert glisser gothique coupe de cheveux arrêt
mal de tête, migraine phare gros titre, manchette écouteurs The house does not have basic _______________________ like a shower.
200 years ago my _______________________ lived in Scotland.
She _______________________ to be upset.
The window was in the shape of an _______________________.
There are no trains today, so _______________________ we’re stuck here!
Beer is made in _______________________.
She came third, so she won the _______________________ medal.
I ordered a _______________________ and chips.
I couldn’t do the _______________________ in my head.
This bowl has a _______________________ of one litre.
There’s a large _______________________ in the city centre.
The _______________________ welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.
We got changed in the _______________________.
They burn _______________________ or wood on the fire.
They write their messages in a secret _______________________.
It is a world centre for _______________________.
Making paper is a very _______________________ process.
We drank out of the best _______________________ glasses.
He travels to London _______________________.
It’s a beautiful old building, with wonderful _______________________ inside.
The painting _______________________ two women.
This _______________________ is for opening bottles.
I was being sick, and the doctor _______________________ food poisoning.
We’ve got a new _______________________ TV.
The New York skyline is very _______________________.
The city is divided into four _______________________.
They offer a quick and _______________________ service.
He greeted her with a warm _______________________.
An _______________________ will sell your house for you.
There are many _______________________ in New York.
The new sports centre has wonderful _______________________.
Reaching the North Pole was an amazing _______________________.
They have modernized the house, but kept some of its original _______________________.
Cars _______________________ past us on the motorway.
There were lots of small boats _______________________ on the water.
The city was _______________________ in 1614.
I like Madonna – I went to one of her _______________________ last year.
The boat _______________________ smoothly across the water.
Their house is a large _______________________ building.
I must go to the hairdresser – I need a _______________________!
The bus came to a _______________________ outside the bank.
The police put _______________________ on him and took him away.
I’m going to lie down – I’ve got a _______________________.
It was dark, so I switched the car _______________________ on.
The _______________________ read ‘Girl rescued from fire!’
I usually listen to music with _______________________.
Unit 10 amenity n
ancestor n
appear v
arch n
basically adv
brewery n
bronze adj
burger n
calculation n
capacity n
cathedral n
chairman n
changing room n
coal n
code n
commerce n
complex adj
crystal adj
daily adv
decoration n
depict v
device n
diagnose v
digital adj
distinctive adj
district n
efficient adj
embrace n
estate agent n
ethnic group n
facilities pl n
feat n
feature n
flash v
float v
found v
gig n
glide v
Gothic adj
haircut n
halt n
handcuffs pl n
headache n
headlight n
headline n
headphones pl n
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
headquarters pl n
headstone n
headway n
high tech adj
home-made adj
influence n
inner city n
instantly adv
laundry n
log onto v
major adj
motorbike n
motorway n
mouth (of a river) n
net n
newsagent n
nickname n
notice board n
online dating n
onscreen n
operate v
original adj
outdated adj
palace n
penthouse n
plumbing n
poster n
print v
regeneration n
remote n
restoration n
retired adj
revolving door n
satellite navigation n
sharp adj
silicon n
skateboarding n
skyline n
social networking n
span n
statue n
stick v
sticky adj
storage n
suncream n
sunglasses pl n
supply v
surface n
surgeon n
switch v
teabag n
teacup n
teatime n
/%hed"kwO:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/%haI "tek/
/%[email protected]"meId/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"sIti/
/"[email protected]/
/%lQg "Qntu/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]@baIk/
/"[email protected]@weI/
/"nju:[email protected]/
/"[email protected]:d/
/%QnlaIn "deItIN/
/"[email protected]/
/"p&[email protected]/
/"[email protected]@(r)/
/rI%[email protected]"reISn/
/rI"[email protected]/
/%[email protected]"reISn/
/rI"[email protected]/
/rI%vQlvIN "dO:(r)/
/%s&[email protected] n&vI"geISn/
/"[email protected]/
/%[email protected] "netw3:kIN/
/[email protected]"plaI/
/"s3:[email protected]/
/"ti: b&g/
siège pierre tombale progrès haute technologie, de pointe fait maison influence quartiers déshérités, centre ville
immédiatement lessive se connecter
majeur moto
autoroute embouchure réseau marchand(e) de journaux
écriteau, panneau d'affichage
service de rencontres en ligne à l´écran opérer original
palais appartement de grand standing plomberie poster, affiche imprimer regénération télécommande restauration retraité(e) tambour
navigation par satellite coupant, tranchant silicone skateboard ligne d’horizon réseau social travée, portée statue coller collant(e) rangement crème solaire lunettes de soleil fournir surface chirurgien changer sachet de thé tasse de thé heure du thé The company’s _______________________ are in Paris.
His _______________________ gives the dates of his birth and death.
We’ve done quite a lot – I think we’re making _______________________.
His car is new and very _______________________.
They sell _______________________ cakes and biscuits.
New York has an _______________________ throughout the world.
The crime rate is high in the _______________________.
When I met him, I knew _______________________ that we were going to be friends.
His mother still cleans for him and does his _______________________.
For more information, _______________________ the BBC website.
Having no electricity is a _______________________ problem.
A lot of people use _______________________ in cities.
Driving on a _______________________ is quicker than driving on small roads.
It is located at the _______________________ of a river.
The _______________________ is the Internet.
I bought a newspaper from the _______________________.
Its _______________________ is ‘The Big Apple’.
Information about classes is on the _______________________.
She met her husband on an _______________________ website.
You can read books and watch films _______________________.
Doctors _______________________ to save his leg.
We decided to go back to our _______________________ plan.
These ideas seem _______________________ now.
The king lives in a huge _______________________.
He lives in an expensive _______________________ apartment.
The _______________________ is awful – there’s never any hot water!
She’s got _______________________ of pop stars on her wall.
His name was _______________________ on the front of the book.
The area is run-down and in need of _______________________.
Where’s the TV _______________________? I want to change channels.
This money will pay for the _______________________ of the old theatre.
Tom doesn’t work now – he’s _______________________.
She walked through the _______________________.
If your car’s got _______________________, you can find places easily.
Be careful with that knife – it’s very _______________________.
_______________________ is used to make microchips.
A lot of young people enjoy _______________________.
The New York _______________________ is very distinctive.
You can put information about yourself on _______________________ websites.
The bridge crosses the river in a single _______________________.
There’s a _______________________ of Nelson Mandela in London.
I _______________________ a stamp onto the envelope.
Glue is _______________________.
The sheds are useful for _______________________ – we keep all our tools there.
Put _______________________ on before you go out in the sun.
The sun was bright, so I put my _______________________ on.
They grow fruit and _______________________ it to supermarkets.
Oil floats on the _______________________ of water.
A _______________________ performs operations in a hospital.
We _______________________ to BBC1 to watch the news.
I put a _______________________ in a cup and made some tea.
We drank out of china _______________________.
Hurry up – it’s nearly _______________________!
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
thriving adj
trace v
tradition n
traffic jam n
traffic lights pl n
traffic warden n
transfer v
transistor n
treat v
triumph n
tube n
undivided adj
unsupported adj
waiting room n
wallpaper n
wool n
wrapping paper n
/[email protected]"dISn/
/"tr&fIk %dZ&m/
/"tr&fIk %laIts/
/"tr&fIk %wO:dn/
/tr&n"[email protected](r)/
/%[email protected]"pO:tId/
/"weItIN %ru:m/
/"wO:[email protected](r)/
/"r&pIN %[email protected](r)/
prospère retrouver
tradition embouteillage feux de signalisation contractuel(le)
transistor traiter triomphe tube entier, entière
sans soutien salle d’attente papier peint
laine papier d’emballage Stamford is a busy, _______________________ market town.
The police have not managed to _______________________ the witness yet.
It is a _______________________ to give presents at Christmas.
We were stuck in a _______________________.
She stopped at the _______________________.
A _______________________ gave me a parking ticket.
He was _______________________ to a different hospital.
A _______________________ is a small electronic device.
We can _______________________ this illness with modern drugs.
The players lifted the silver cup in _______________________.
She rolled the photograph up and put it into a cardboard _______________________.
The large office was left _______________________ into smaller rooms.
Some parts of the roof were left _______________________.
Please take a seat in the _______________________.
There was pink _______________________ on the walls.
Is that jumper made of _______________________?
She bought some _______________________ to wrap up the present.
/[email protected](r)/
/@"[email protected]/
/%&nI"v3:[email protected]/
/@"p&[email protected]/
/@"[email protected]/
/bi rI"flektId/
/bI%kVm [email protected]"[email protected]/
/%breIk "aUt @v/
/%breIk "Vp/
/[email protected]/
/%klVb [email protected]"[email protected](r)/
/kVm "Vp wID/
/[email protected]/
/%i:t "aUt/
/%i:t "Vp/
se passer de connaissance avoir les moyens, se permettre agité(e)
anniversaire de toute façon apparemment athlète disponible pile se refléter commencer à se méfier
écervelé(e) s’échapper rompre hématome cambrioler chandelier salut!
chimpanzé se cotiser indice proposer cricket corneille, corbeau coupable déshydrater point terrible sec
larguer/plaquer déjeuner ou diner en ville finir son assiette
Can you _______________________ a few pounds for charity?
Paul is an _______________________ of mine – we work in the same office.
I can’t _______________________ to go out tonight – I haven’t got any money.
She seemed _______________________ and couldn’t sit still.
It’s our _______________________ today – we’ve been married for ten years.
I don’t want to go for a walk. It’s too cold, and _______________________ I don’t feel very well.
I’ve heard that he lives in New York and _______________________ he’s really rich.
_______________________ from all over the world compete in the Olympics.
Tickets are _______________________ at the ticket office.
My camera needs a new _______________________.
The moon was _______________________ in the water of the lake.
The police _______________________ because he kept changing his story.
Who’s that stupid _______________________ boy?
Three prisoners _______________________ the prison yesterday.
Tom and Carol have _______________________ – they’re not going out any more.
I’ve got a _______________________ on my arm where I bumped into a door.
We’ve been _______________________ three times.
She placed a _______________________ on the table and lit the candle.
‘Bye. See you tomorrow.’ ‘OK. _______________________. Bye.’
_______________________ are closely related to humans.
We _______________________ to buy him a present.
The police searched the room for _______________________.
George _______________________ a few suggestions.
In _______________________, you hit a ball and run between two points.
A _______________________ is a large black bird.
This was a serious crime, and the police are determined to find the _______________________.
You will _______________________ if you don’t drink enough.
Remember to put a _______________________ after www in website addresses.
Oh, no. That’s _______________________ news!
Do you prefer sweet or _______________________ wine?
She doesn’t want to go out with Matt any more so she’s going to _______________________ him.
I don’t fancy cooking tonight – shall we _______________________?
Come on, _______________________. We need to leave soon.
Unit 11 (to) spare v
acquaintance n
afford v
agitated adj
anniversary n
anyway adv
apparently adv
athlete n
available adj
battery n
(be) reflected (in) v
become suspicious v
bird-brained adj
break out of v
break up v
bruise n
burgle v
candlestick n
cheers chimpanzee n
club together v
clue n
come up with v
cricket n
crow n
culprit n
dehydrate v
dot n
dreadful adj
dry adj
dump v
eat out v
eat up v
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
elementary adj
entry n
eyesight n
fall out v
feather n
find out v
flatmate n
gamble v
have around v
hopefully adv
hurriedly adv
identical adj
impatiently adv
intruder n
investigation n
irritably adv
jelly n
lecture n
liar n
lightning n
lightning conductor n
long jump n
look like v
lottery n
lump n
make (sth) up v
make up (with sb) v
mimic v
mineral water n
motive n
naturally adv
No kidding! obviously adv
on tiptoe optical illusion n
oversleep v
parrot n
personally adv
presumably adv
promote v
radar n
ransack v
really adv
refuse v
responsible adj
rugby n
save up v
scandal n
shrink v
skyscraper n
snowflake n
sole n
solve v
/%fO:l "aUt/
/"[email protected](r)/
/%faInd "aUt/
/%h&v @"raUnd/
/"[email protected]@li/
/In"tru:[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"laItnIN [email protected]"[email protected](r)/
/"lQN dZVmp/
/"lUk %laIk/
/"[email protected]/
/%meIk "Vp/
/%meIk "Vp/
/"[email protected]@l %wO:[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"n&[email protected]/
/%[email protected] "kIdIN/
/"[email protected]/
/Qn "[email protected]/
/%QptIkl I"lu:Zn/
/%@[email protected]"sli:p/
/"p&[email protected]/
/"p3:[email protected]@li/
/prI"zju:[email protected]/
/[email protected]"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/rI"[email protected]/
/%seIv "Vp/
/"[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/[email protected]/
élémentaire entrée vue se brouiller plume découvrir colocataire jouer avoir près de soi avec un peu de chance
précipitamment identique impatiemment intrus/intruse investigation avec irritation gelée lecture menteur/menteuse éclair, foudre paratonnerre
saut en longeur ressembler
loterie morceau
faire la paix, régler imiter eau minérale mobile naturellement sans blague!
bien sûr, évidemment sur la pointe des pieds illusion optique se réveiller trop tard
perroquet personnellement vraisemblablement
promouvoir radar
mettre à sac, saccager vraiment refuser responsable rugby économiser
scandale rétrécir gratte-ciel flocon de neige semelle élucider It’s not difficult: in fact it’s quite _______________________.
They managed to gain _______________________ to the empty house.
I need glasses because my _______________________ isn’t very good.
They used to get on really well, but they’ve _______________________ now.
Birds are covered in _______________________.
Have you _______________________ where she lives?
She shares a flat with two _______________________.
I never play cards for money – I don’t like _______________________.
I like _______________________ you _______________________.
I haven’t got a job yet, but _______________________ I’ll find one soon.
She picked up her bag and left _______________________.
The two boys look _______________________ – I can’t tell which is which!
‘Hurry up,’ he shouted _______________________.
He found an _______________________ in his house.
The police will continue their _______________________ until they discover the truth.
‘Not now, I’m busy,’ she said _______________________.
The kids had ice cream and strawberry _______________________.
Some students only have five or six _______________________ a week.
He’s not telling the truth – he’s a _______________________!
There was a storm, with thunder and _______________________.
There is always a _______________________ on the top of a tall building.
In _______________________, you try to jump as far as you can.
‘What’s that?’ ‘I don’t know. It _______________________ a bird.’
Are you going to buy a _______________________ ticket? You might win!
She put another _______________________ of coal on the fire.
Is that true, or did you _______________________?
We had a row last night, but we _______________________ afterwards.
Some birds can _______________________ sounds that they hear.
A sparkling _______________________, please.
His _______________________ for the murder was money.
They were very close, so _______________________ she’s upset that they’ve broken up.
‘We won!’ ‘_____! That’s brilliant!’
It’s raining, so _______________________ we can’t play tennis.
I had to stand _______________________ to reach the top shelf.
I thought there was water on the road, but it was just an _______________________.
I _______________________ and was late for work.
_______________________ are colourful and live in tropical jungles.
This car’s quite popular, but _______________________ I don’t like it.
She’s got lots of money, so _______________________ she can afford it.
My boss has promised to _______________________ me if I continue to work hard.
Ships use _______________________ to locate other ships.
Burglars had _______________________ the bedroom, looking for jewellery.
‘She’s an actress.’ ‘_____! How exciting!’
She said the meal was awful, and she _______________________ to pay for it.
Who is _______________________ for this mess?
In _______________________, you hold the ball and run with it.
I’m _______________________ for a new car.
The President’s behaviour caused a political _______________________.
My top _______________________ in the wash, so it’s too small now.
The office is on the 22nd floor of a _______________________.
A few _______________________ started to fall.
There was some mud on the _______________________ of my shoe.
Some crimes are never _______________________ by the police.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
sort out v
spike n
strike v
take up v
threshold n
tidy up v
to be honest translation n
trick n
tutor n
undoubtedly adv
unplug v
Who on earth …? wobbly adj
work out v
work (sth) out v
zillions pl n
/%sO:t "aUt/
/%teIk "Vp/
/"[email protected]/
/%taIdi "Vp/
/[email protected] bi: "QnIst/
/"tju:[email protected](r)/
/%hu: Qn "3:T/
/%w3:k "aUt/
/%w3:k "aUt/
/"[email protected]/
arranger pointe
frapper s’adonner à seuil
ranger être honnête traduction blague/tour
tuteur/tutrice indubitablement débrancher Qui donc?
réussir, aboutir trouver un arrangement des millions et des millions
Everything’s arranged – we just need to _______________________ the transport now.
Running shoes have _______________________ on the bottom.
The tree was _______________________ by lightning.
She’s decided to _______________________ a new hobby.
£4000 a year is the tax _______________________ – if you earn more that that, you have to pay tax.
It took us ages to _______________________ after the party.
It’s very kind of her to buy me wine, but _______________________ I never drink it.
We have to do a _______________________ into English.
He loved playing _______________________ on the other children.
The students all have a personal _______________________.
He is _______________________ the best swimmer in the world.
Don’t forget to _______________________ the iron when you’ve finished with it.
_______________________ is that?
This chair doesn’t feel safe – it’s _______________________.
Don’t worry – things will _______________________ OK.
It’s a difficult sum – I can’t _______________________ the answer.
There were _______________________ of people at the party!
/@"b&[email protected]/
/%&[email protected]"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/bi dI"sendId [email protected]/
/bi %[email protected]"[email protected](r)/
/[email protected]"dISnz/
/%[email protected]"dIkt/
/"[email protected] tu/
/dIs"O:[email protected](r)/
/I"[email protected]/
/Ig"[email protected]/
/"hi:[email protected](r)
/"[email protected]/
abandonner absurde accuser s’adapter
adolescent agnostique aliéner angle vente aux enchères descendre, être issu(e) de ignorer offre plupart enchaîner se charger clinique concept
conditions contredire
contraire à créationniste trouble encourager égalité évoluer ex-
existence expert gavage bavarder guérisseur hérésie The car was _______________________ by the river.
That is an _______________________ and stupid suggestion.
Rob _______________________ me of stealing the money.
Our business must _______________________ to the changing economy.
The magazine is popular with _______________________ girls.
An _______________________ is someone who does not know if God exists.
Some young people feel _______________________ from society.
He wanted to tell the story from a different _______________________.
At an _______________________, the person who offers the most money buys the goods.
He _______________________ a French nobleman.
She was reading, and seemed to _______________________ of my presence.
He put in a _______________________ of £300.
We have already done the _______________________ of the work.
He _______________________ the dog to a post.
Do you _______________________ for delivery, or is it free?
She was treated for depression at a private _______________________.
The _______________________ of time is difficult to explain.
The working _______________________ in the factory are awful.
I gave the answer, but Laura _______________________ me and gave a different answer.
Her parents were angry because she got married _______________________ their wishes.
_______________________ believe that God created the world in six days.
She suffers from a stomach _______________________.
Everyone _______________________ me to apply for the job.
They are demanding _______________________ for all citizens.
Animals and plants _______________________ over time.
An _______________________ president is someone who used to be the president.
The struggle for _______________________ means only the strongest survive.
He knows a lot – he’s an _______________________ on cars.
The police used _______________________ to make the prisoners eat.
They’re always _______________________ about other people.
Some plants can be used as natural _______________________ for cuts and bruises.
People who criticized religion were accused of _______________________.
Unit 12
abandon v
absurd adj
accuse v
adapt v
adolescent adj
agnostic n
alienate v
angle n
auction n
be descended from v
be unaware (of) v
bid n
bulk n
chain v
charge v
clinic n
concept n
conditions pl n
contradict v
contrary to adj
creationist n
disorder n
encourage v
equality n
evolve v
ex- existence n
expert n
force-feeding n
gossip v
healer n
heresy n
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
heretical adj
heroine n
highs and lows pl n
hip n
hunger strike n
hurl v
hysterical adj
in the public eye incapable adj
indifferent adj
individually adv
influential adj
insoluble adj
irresponsible adj
ketchup n
law-breaker n
many happy returns mediocre adj
meditate v
mesmerize v
method n
migraine n
militant adj
/[email protected]"retIkl/
/"[email protected]/
/%haIz @nd "[email protected]/
/"[email protected] %straIk/
/In [email protected] %pVblIk "aI/
/In"[email protected]/
/In"[email protected]/
/%IndI"[email protected]/
/In"[email protected]/
/IrI"[email protected]/
/"lO:[email protected](r)/
/%meni %h&pi rI"t3:nz/
/%mi:di"@[email protected](r)/
/"[email protected]/
/"[email protected]/
/"mi:greIn, "maIgreIn/
/"[email protected]/
hérétique héroïne des hauts et des bas hanche grève de la faim lancer hystérique au regard du public incapable indifférent individuellement influent insoluble irresponsable ketchup délinquant bon anniversaire médiocre méditer hypnotiser méthode migraine militant /%[email protected]"veISn/
motivation /%n&[email protected] sI"lekSn/
sélection naturelle /"[email protected]/
notion /@b"s3:v/
observer /@"[email protected]@nt/
opposant /@"rIdZIneIt/
provenir de, être originaire de /"pA:sw3:d/
mot de passe /[email protected]"sweId/
persuader /"pl&nIt/
planète /prI"[email protected](r)/
présentateur /"[email protected]/
processus /[email protected]"[email protected]/
promotion /[email protected]"test/
protester /%pUt fO:[email protected]/
avancer /"reIlINgz/
balustrades, grilles
/%reIn "daUn/
pleuvoir /"r&[email protected]/
rationnel /%[email protected]"mend/
recommander /rI"kO:dIN %stju:[email protected]/
studio d’enregistrement /rI"maInd/
rappeler /%repju"teISn/
réputation /rI"v3:s/
reculer /"[email protected]/
rythme /raIt/
droit /%raIt"wIN/
de droite
/"[email protected]/
émeute /[email protected]"teIt/
tourner /"selaUt/
revendre /sen"[email protected]/
motivation n
natural selection n
notion n
observe v
opponent n
originate v
password n
persuade v
planet n
presenter n
process n
promotion n
protest v
put forward (a theory) v
railings pl n
rain down v
rational adj
recommend v
recording studio n
remind v
reputation n
reverse v
rhythm n
right n
right-wing adj
riot n
rotate v
sell-out n
sensational adj
Ideas that criticized religion were considered _______________________.
The _______________________ of the film is a young woman called Lizzy.
We all have _______________________ in our lives.
Those trousers don’t fit me – my _______________________ are too big.
She refused to eat, and went on _______________________.
She _______________________ a brick through the car window.
She became _______________________ and wouldn’t calm down.
Celebrities have to live _______________________ – they are watched all the time.
He is ill and _______________________ of working.
I didn’t like the film – I thought it was a bit _______________________.
You can work _______________________ or in pairs.
Ghandi was a very _______________________ leader.
Many of these problems are _______________________ – there is no answer.
It was _______________________ to leave the children alone.
Would you like _______________________ with your chips?
Thieves and murderers are _______________________.
It was my birthday, so everyone wished me _______________________.
I don’t think his books are good – I think they’re _______________________.
When you _______________________, you sit quietly and make your mind calm.
I was _______________________ by the movement of her hands.
What is the best _______________________ of punishing criminals?
A _______________________ is a very bad headache.
The leader is very _______________________ – he’s prepared to use any means to achieve what he
Making money was his only _______________________.
The strongest animals survive through _______________________.
They don’t accept the _______________________ that all people are equal.
The police _______________________ them secretly through hidden cameras.
He has a lot of supporters, but also some _______________________.
The pollution _______________________ in the factory.
You can’t open his files unless you have his _______________________.
I wanted to stay at home, but Tim _______________________ me to go to the cinema with him.
How many _______________________ are there in our solar system?
She’s a well-known TV _______________________.
Change is sometimes a slow _______________________.
She worked hard and soon got _______________________.
People marched through the streets to _______________________ about the price rises.
He _______________________ a few theories for discussion.
There were iron _______________________ around the building.
Stones _______________________ on us from above.
She put forward a clear and _______________________ argument.
I _______________________ that he should stay in bed until he felt better.
The album was recorded in a _______________________.
Can you _______________________ Matt that we’ve got a meeting this afternoon?
This brilliant film will do a lot for her _______________________ as an actress.
She _______________________ into a parking space.
Rock music has a strong _______________________.
Everyone has basic human _______________________.
He’s got very _______________________ political opinions.
A _______________________ broke out in the prison and two guards were killed.
The big wheel _______________________ slowly.
There are no tickets left – the show’s a _______________________.
The story was just _______________________, with very few facts.
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist
sex-symbol ébranler signification, importance simplement taillader espèce
renverser arrêt
lutte suffragette partisan(e) du droit de vote pour les femmes tactique télescope théorie menace saper invérifiable Fashion models and film stars are often _______________________.
The news _______________________ him badly.
This document is of great _______________________.
I’m sorry – it’s _______________________ impossible.
Someone had _______________________ his car tyres.
Many _______________________ are now in danger of becoming extinct.
Be careful you don’t _______________________ your coffee.
The road was flooded, so the traffic came to a _______________________.
Life is a _______________________ for poor families.
The _______________________ wanted women to have the right to vote.
_______________________ believed that everyone should have the right to vote.
They discussed their _______________________ before the match.
You can look at the moon through a _______________________.
There are several _______________________ to explain how the universe started.
These laws are a _______________________ to our freedom.
She made fun of him and _______________________ his authority.
The figures are _______________________ so we can’t check if they are correct.
sex symbol n
/"seks %sImbl/
shake v
significance n
/sIg"[email protected]/
simply adv
slash v
species n
spill v
standstill n
struggle n
suffragette n
/%[email protected]"dZet/
suffragist n
/"[email protected]/
tactic n
telescope n
/"[email protected]/
theory n
/"[email protected]/
threat n
undermine v
/%[email protected]"maIn/
unverifiable adj
/Vn"[email protected]/
New Headway Intermediate French Wordlist