Beyond Depression: Healing Using the Satir Model Helping People Change Workshop Series

Helping People Change Workshop Series
Beyond Depression:
Healing Using the Satir Model
With Kathlyne Maki-Banmen, MA, RCC Individual, Couple and Family Therapist
Satir Institute of the Pacific Director of Training
When: February 27th & 28th, 2015 9 am – 5 pm (Friday and Saturday)
Cost: $300.00 per person (SIP Member and Early Bird Rates Available)
(Payment accepted via PayPal, Credit Card or Cheque)
Location: Fernie Women’s Resource Centre, 1592-10 Avenue, Fernie, BC V0B 1M0
About The Program
Depression is sometimes considered to be a modern epidemic. As the stresses of everyday life increase
in the modern world, people’s inability to cope with the overwhelming impacts of stress may result in
depression. Depression is a condition that can significantly affect one’s ability to enjoy a life of meaning
and contribution. The treatments for depression often result in a reduction of symptoms and therapy
often focuses on managing one’s depression. Many practitioners look to behavioral or pharmaceutical
means to counter depression, but find that their interventions have limited success.
In the Satir Model, depression is explained in terms of a symptom intended to be the solution to internal
pain and chaos. It is possible, through a deeply experiential, transformational therapeutic process, to
greatly reduce the impact of the pain and chaos, and help the client to re-choose life so that she can grow
in a positively directional way towards peace, joy and empowerment.
This will include:
 How to help the client change their intrapsychic system including their emotions, perceptions,
expectations and behaviours.
 How to help clients accept their internal experience, including the emotions they are having difficulty
 How to help clients connect with their Life Energy in a positively directional way towards choosing
 How to help clients develop a connection with their internal resources.
 How to help families connect and support each other in healthy ways and heal from the impact of
The workshop will incorporate lecturettes, discussion, experiential exercises, demonstrations and skill
development practice as part of the program.
Outline of the Program
Day 1: What Is Depression?
1. What the literature says about depression
2. The intrapsychic system of individuals exhibiting depression
3. The symptom as a solution
4. Special issues and concerns with depression: working with medical professionals
5. The transformational change process: Working with the intrapsychic system, not the behaviours
6. Connecting with spiritual Life Energy to facilitate change
7. Setting therapeutic goals for positively directional change
8. Releasing past negative impacts experientially for lasting energetic change
Day 2: Transformational Change with Depression
1. Case study: conceptualizing a family with depression
2. Small and large group sharing and debrief
3. Live client demonstration
4. Debrief of therapy session
5. Question and answer session
Workshop Leader
Kathlyne Maki-Banmen, MA, RCC, has trained family and psychotherapists in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, China, the
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Thailand, Turkey, Israel, Canada and the USA. She has been providing workshops and
seminars to therapists, educators and parents for over thirty years. Ms. Maki-Banmen spent over ten years working
with at-risk adolescents and their families in public schools in British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Maki-Banmen is the
Director of Training, a former president and a program leader of the Satir Institute of the Pacific. She is also a member
and director of the International Family Therapy Association and a member of the British Columbia Association of
Clinical Counsellors. Ms. Maki-Banmen is a government endorsed international training consultant and supervisor for
accredited therapy licensure programs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia providing training and supervision for the
program faculty. Ms. Maki-Banmen is in private practice in Delta, BC, Canada, working with individuals, couples and
families in therapy.
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