P M. C

3221 Titanic Circle – Melbourne, FL 32903
Mobile: 505-314-4642 - Email: [email protected]
 Florida Institute of Technology
҉ Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering – Class of 2016
҉ Coursework includes: Java 2, Discrete Math, Digital Logic, Computer Design, Intro to Sftwr Dev w/
C++, Circuit Theory, Software/Hardware Design, Microcomputer Systems I, Multifarious Systems I
 University of New Mexico
*Dual Enrollment w/ High School
҉ Coursework: Computer Programming Fundamentals (Introduction to Java)
 Central New Mexico College
*Dual Enrollment w/ High School
҉ Coursework: Introduction to Computers/Technology, Introduction to Computer Animation, Introduction
to Business, Business Interpersonal Skills, Photoshop
 Fluent HTML/CSS, procedural PHP, MySQL. Functional knowledge of Javascript, MATLAB/Simulink
 Familiar with Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office
 Studied C, C++, Assembly, and Java
 Experienced developing Windows Forms applications with C# in Microsoft Visual Studio
 Experienced in working with command-line utilities
 Familiar with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronics prototyping platforms
 Not afraid to dive into documentation and get projects done
 Strong computer troubleshooting skills
 Familiar with consumer computer hardware and can build computers from bare parts
 Experienced in the administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of home-grade networks
 Experienced in the set-up and preparation of electronics for use
 Fluent in Spanish
 Hands-on, great researcher
 Self-motivated student who enjoys learning new skills
 Organized, self-starting quick learner
 2012~2013 Student Engineering Trainee – NASA Kennedy Space Center
҉ Performed system testing of a model-based simulation of Orion spacecraft cooling equipment.
҉ Participated in evaluation of automated, yet securely isolated application provisioning solutions for
providing platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service.
҉ Evaluated datacenter backup solutions and engaged sellers to provide proofs of concept.
҉ Provided high-level support for a variety of ongoing projects like test lab equipment upgrades.
 2011 Technology Support Representative III – Florida Institute of Technology Tech Support.
҉ Set up new systems and clean/maintenance existing systems for faculty and staff.
҉ Troubleshooting of the computer and technology issues of the university population.
҉ Assisted users with accessing the online learning system, their accounts, and their email
 2010 Web Designer – Adobe Computers of Albuquerque, NM
҉ Renovated the website to include more up-to-date information and functionality
 2010 Computer Technician – [email protected] (www.aims-unm.org)
҉ Installed and set up 90 laptops and 20 desktops for the new school year in two weeks
 Coded a visual backend to track in-shop computers in PHP. It’s now in production use at FIT Tech support.
 Created a website that scrapes data from fit.edu’s servers and displays course information in a more
intuitive and friendly manner for students. coursealfred.com vs. fit.edu/schedule-of-classes/fall/
 Teaching myself C# and exploring object-oriented programming with Visual Studio 2012
 Built a sensory and communications system for the payload of a rocket. (cansatcompetition.com)
 Coded a web-based ticketing system to handle whitelist requests of players for a Minecraft server.
 Figuring out and putting to work exotic components like nixie tubes to use with an Arduino microcontroller
 Service and repair of computers and electronics hardware for friends and family