Marks of Maturity - James 3:13-18

CPC Weekly Bulletin: November 9, 2014 — November 15, 2014
Volume 2014—Issue 45
Marks of Maturity - James 3:13-18
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As I have shared many
times already in writing and in
my messages, James’ purpose
in writing to the Jewish Christians “scattered among the
nations” was that they become mature in the faith.
The Bible doesn’t teach us
that all that matters is that we
believe in Christ Jesus for
salvation. It instructs us that
we who have believed are to
continue to grow and become
mature followers of the Lord
Jesus Christ. But sometimes
we get confused about what
that looks like. We definitely
don’t want to confuse rituals
with authenticity. This week,
we’ll be looking at a portion of
James’ letter which helps us to
clearly indentify the Marks of
In the process of my studies
Children’s Ministry This
 Children’s Church
 Elsa Peters
 Nursery
 Tammy Anhalt
 Janelle Painter
 Laura Large
= If needed
this week, I read a really good
quote by Ron Blue regarding
the main point of the passage
we will be focusing on this
week. He said, “Wisdom is not
measured by degrees but by deeds. It
is not a matter of acquiring truth in
lectures but of applying truth to life.”
Obviously, we need to be
taught and learn what should
characterize our lives, but the
knowledge of these virtues is
not sufficient. What God is
looking for is real life change
brought about by consistently
yielding to the Spirit of God in
line with the truth of His
In the passage of Scripture
we’re looking at this week,
James uses the words
“wise” and “wisdom” a
number of times and explains there are two kinds
of wisdom we can live by as
people. If we live by the
wisdom that comes from
heaven, our lives will look
very different than if we live
by the wisdom of this fallen
world and the forces of hell.
I would love to have you
join us at CPC this week to
hear James’ challenge about
how there is a great harvest
for those who live according
to the wisdom that comes
down from heaven.
Pastor Dave
CPC Impact - “Chili when it’s Chilly”
This Sunday, November
9th, we will have our second
CPC Impact event following
the morning service.
Thank you to all of you
who signed up to make chili
and bring other food items
to make this event possible.
It is exciting to have the
opportunity to fellowship
together and enjoy some
delicious chili.
We will be and using the
event to highlight the CPC
Building Fund. Everyone
that shows up for the event
will be able to vote for their
favorite chili, but anyone
can vote more by purchasing additional tickets. All
proceeds will go into the
CPC Building Fund. If you
have any questions, let me
Vicki Valora
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Volume 2014—Issue 45
Ladies’ Bible Study
THERE’S BEEN A CHANGE!! NO study on Nov. 11, 2014 because of Veteran’s Day!!
Our NEW study will begin Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 6:30-7:30PM at CPC. We will be
taking a look at 12 different women of the Bible. Each week we’ll be watching a DVD with different women speakers. Come and join us for week 1 as we learn about Eve and finding lasting
contentment in truth. We would love to have many ladies participate with us. The Twelve
Women of the Bible Study Guide by Sherry Harney is available at for about
$8. All ladies are welcome to attend.
Noble Men’s Group
This week we will be continuing our study through the Old Testament book of Joshua. Just
read chapter 11 and come join us on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 6 AM in the Church
Fellowship Hall. All men are welcome to join us for this time of prayer and Bible study.
Connect Groups
Connect Groups this week!! We will be offering two different opportunities each week!
Both groups will be organized in a similar way with time for prayer, discussion from our Sunday
morning message and fellowship.
Here are the two groups for you to chose from:
Bud and Ruth Hillemeyer - Sunday, November 9 at 6 PM
Casey and Erin Gordon - Wednesday, November 12 at 6 PM
Please don’t miss out on this great opportunity to connect with others from CPC. All
are welcome to attend. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak with Bud (928530-1802) or Casey (928-279-8106).
CPC Youth Group -The Bridge
Youth Group this week. Come and Join us!! There are two different groups for the youth of
CPC to get connected with each Sunday night based on what grade a student is in this fall.
Grades 6 -8 from 5:00 - 6:00 PM in the Youth Center
Grades 9-12 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM in the Youth Center
If you have any questions, contact Pastor Dave. ([email protected] or 262-442-6719)
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Volume 2014—Issue 45
CPC Prayer & Praise
Some requests are time sensitive and will not be able to wait until Thursday when we send out the Ebulletin. But if you have a prayer request or praise you would like to share with the CPC family, please send
them to me by Wednesday morning. As many of you know, our CPC weekly E-Bulletin is posted to the
CPC website. However, all personal prayer requests will be removed from the E-Bulletin before
being uploaded to the website. Here are some prayer requests for this week:
Note: These prayer requests and praises are for the CPC family only. They should not be taken from
the E-Bulletin and posted on any other social media sites.
Operation Christmas Child
Thank you for getting involved with Samaritan’s Purse and picking
up shoeboxes to send to children around the world this Christmas! All
50 boxes have been picked up. As you fill them, I would ask that you
say a prayer that this small token will be used by our glorious Lord Jesus to influence children and their parents to turn to Christ for salvation. He is the greatest gift ever given, but He must be received.
All boxes will need to be filled & returned to CPC by Sunday,
November 16th with a $7 check enclosed.
Building Fund Update
CPC is embarking on a building program that, Lord willing, will result in a complete updating and renovation of our church sanctuary and foyer. A Sanctuary Renovation Team of Leann Sizemore, Chris McGirr,
Mike Friend, Gary Messer and Bud Hillemeyer has been appointed to the initial task of planning the renovation project. Initial work by the team is focused on planning, scope and design followed by the development
of a proposed budget for the remodel based on bids and estimates for the work to be completed. CPC is
trusting the Lord to fund this project through the gifts of those who call Connection Point their church
home. We are trusting that the Lord will raise up the needed finances without borrowing from a bank or the
Alliance Development Fund. We ask that you first thank the Father for all that He has provided over the
many years of life of CPC and for His faithfulness to us. Scripture points out that God promises the faithful
that He will provide for them. This applies to the individual as well as the local body of believers. We also ask that you pray that the
Lord will give us wisdom and ability, and that He will raise up the needed funds to complete this important improvement project.
The Lord has already laid an initial foundation of funds and continues to add through the generous gifts of His people. If you are
able to give to the Building Fund, that would be a huge blessing! But whenever we give it is to be an outward expression of our hearts
to the Lord. The Lord wants us to give freely and with a joyful heart out of a recognition that what we have is all from Him. Even if
you are not able to give financially toward this project, please recognize that you still have a huge part to play as we join together and
keep this need before the Lord in prayer. Current Building Fund Balance: $31,335.12
Volume 2014—Issue 45
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