Position Opening

Position Opening
Lake DeSmet Conservation District
Buffalo, WY 82834
The Lake DeSmet Conservation District (LDCD) is a local governmental entity established in 1946 to
develop and implement programs that provide leadership and technical assistance for the conservation
of Johnson County’s natural resources, agricultural heritage and resource base, to promote the control
of soil erosion, to promote and protect the quality and quantity of Wyoming’s waters and all other
natural resources, to preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, to protect the tax base and to promote the
health, safety and general welfare of the residents of Johnson County through responsible conservation
GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The successful applicant will be an “At Will”, Full-time employee. They will
be responsible for the overall administration and management of the LDCD, including day to day
business operations, natural resource program development, public relations and all related
conservation programs. This position also administers and manages the budget, provides for proper
record keeping and reporting, assists in development and implementation of policies and procedures,
prepares grant applications, ensures compliance with funding sources and regulatory requirements,
grows the LDCD cost-share program and natural resource education program, develops and implements
marketing of the District, represents LDCD at cooperative meetings, conferences and events, assists in
the development of Annual Report and Annual Plan of Work, and assists the Board chair and members
as needed.
KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: The successful candidate must have knowledge and understanding of the
local agriculture and natural resource industries, with a demonstrated ability to plan and implement
effective operations. He or she must possess leadership skills, including negotiation, problem solving,
and decision making abilities. The successful candidate must also have a professional demeanor,
excellent communication and writing skills, and an understanding of resource development techniques.
He or she must have the ability to form and maintain positive relationships with producers and patrons
of the District, the ability to lead and supervise other personnel and create a positive work environment.
The successful applicant must be bondable and must maintain a valid Wyoming driver’s license.
Additional knowledge and skills include budget development and administration, computer skills
including, but not limited to Geographical Information Systems (GIS), publication design, spreadsheets,
power point and understanding of bookkeeping programs, such as QuickBooks, experience in vegetative
and water quality monitoring, watershed and conservation planning.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Any combination of training and experience equivalent to a 4-year college
degree in a Natural Resource (or related) field plus three years of experience in a Natural Resource and /
or Management setting.
APPLICANTS: Submit resume to LDCD, 621 West Fetterman, Buffalo, WY 82834. For further
information, you may call (307) 684-2526, ext. 4.
SALARY: Commensurate with experience and qualifications
CLOSING DATE: Open Until Filled
BENEFITS: Insurance, Retirement
The District Manager (hereinafter “Manager”) is an “At Will” Employee of the Lake DeSmet
Conservation District headquartered at the Buffalo USDA Service Center within the NRCS Field
The Manager shall be the administrative officer for the District Board and shall be directly
responsible to the Board. The District Board will provide supervision and establish priorities.
The Board shall conduct performance evaluations for this position annually or as necessary.
GENERAL DUTIES of the Manager shall include:
A. Will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the District.
B. Will supervise the operations of other staff and conduct the business thereof.
C. Will administer and carry out policies and operate within the guidelines set forth by the
Board of Supervisors.
D. Will be responsible for carrying out the plans of the District, and coordinating all such
plans and activities with the appropriate state and federal planning and action agencies.
E. Will work closely with appropriate county boards, municipalities, civic and rural
organizations and others interested in District programs and projects.
F. Will be responsible for preparation of draft proposals, which will submitted for review,
approval and adoption by the Board of Supervisors, of the Annual Plan of Work,
Budget, Annual Report and Long-Range Plan along with other programs developed for
the management of the resources within the District.
A. Education/Experience. Any combination of training and experience equivalent to a 4year college degree in a Natural Resource (or related) field plus three years experience
in a Natural Resource and/or Management setting.
B. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities. The Manager shall meet the following qualifications:
1. The ability to work proficiently and independently, as well as to develop, coordinate
and implement programs as directed by the LDCD Board of Supervisors.
2. Strong oral and written communication skills are prerequisite. Special proficiency in
article, grant and report writing required.
3. Excellent proficiency in English grammar.
4. Good organizational skills.
5. Ability to meet and work with the public in a pleasant and professional manner.
6. Be familiar with computer applications, specifically Quickbooks, Microsoft Word,
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Publisher.
7. Competent in the use of geographic information systems (GIS).
8. Ability to perform multiple tasks in high-pressure environment.
9. Ability to work with minimal direct supervision.
10. Good time management and decision-making skills.
11. Ability to implement and maintain an annual budget.
12. Ability to supervise and communicate with other District employees.
13. Must be able to be bonded.
14. Background in and/or knowledge of agriculture & working ranch units is essential.
A. Supervise and be responsible for activities of the District.
1. Direct all basic office procedure.
2. Supervise other staff personnel and conduct staff meetings.
3. Set up and maintain a proper, efficient filing system.
4. Keep all financial and administrative records.
5. Maintain accurate employee records.
6. Keep a professional attitude when working with other county, state, or federal
entities in an office-sharing situation.
B. Provide the Board of Supervisor’s with all information necessary for decision making.
C. Prepare analysis of workloads and make recommendations as to allocations and needs of
personnel and equipment.
D. Negotiate contracts.
E. Prepare budget and cost-share estimates.
F. Prepare annual report.
G. Assemble data as required by standing committees of the Board in conjunction with the
Board of Supervisors.
H. Be able to explain the purpose, function, and programs of the District.
I. Coordinate all District activities with federal, state, county and local agencies.
J. Represent the Board in District’s contracts with other units of government.
K. Make necessary purchases of District equipment and supplies (office & field) subject to
policy and limitations set by the Board.
L. Represent the Board in public appearances to properly inform the public of the District’s
intent, status, and progress with programs and projects.
M. Insure a solid public relations program for public awareness of the overall conservation
program as well as the availability of technical assistance to land users through the
NRCS and cost-sharing to these same land users through the Farm Service Agency.
N. Cooperate with the news media and other educational organizations in the area to
provide information to the public.
O. Cooperate with the schools, NRCS, Extension Service and all other agencies and
organizations to promote educational programs regarding conservation within the
P. Work with WACD and NACD to review existing State Statutes and Federal Legislation
in order to keep the Board informed. Make recommendations and/or draft resolutions to
influence State policy and/or funding.
Q. Inform State Association and other State agencies regarding District operations.
Represent District at area and state meetings, when directed to do so by the Board.
R. Act as receptionist to persons visiting office or requesting information on the phone.
Answer requests, when possible, or transfer to appropriate staff member or agency.
Demonstrate an ability to get along well with others.
S. Receive and distribute incoming mail and dispatch outgoing mail for the District on a
daily basis. Take action on District mail as appropriate and as directed by the District
Board or District Conservationist.
T. Maintain District files, handbooks, manuals and other material in an orderly manner
consistent with policy or established procedures.
U. Must possess and maintain a current driver’s license and clean motor vehicle record.
The Employee:
A. Will coordinate his/her work schedule with the District Board. Core hours will be from
8 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., or as otherwise approved by the Board, with a one-hour lunch
break from 12 to 1:00 P.M.
B. Will receive his/her salary check once a month.
C. May be required to travel to attend area or state meetings, district-sponsored workshops
or training, and NRCS meetings or training. Approval for travel expense and per diem
will be approved in advance by the District Board.
D. Will maintain an accurate time and attendance record, which will be reviewed and
approved by the District Board each month.
A. Endure extended periods of sitting, standing, walking, stooping, kneeling, bending,
lifting, etc.
B. Lift up to 50+ pounds
C. Work equally well in indoor and outdoor environments.
D. Tolerate temperature extremes, intense sunlight, rain and/or snow, high winds, dust,
pollen, et.
E. Work / wade in flowing water.
F. All other duties as assigned.
1. All duties and actions of the District Manager will be performed in a safe and healthful
manner and will be carried out, at all times, in a positive, professional manner that will
reflect the best interests of the LDCD.
2. This Job Description is subject to change, based on priorities set by the Board of