Main Import

Main Import
Overview :
During the import_proper phase all the Repository objects and table entries are imported. Then actions such
as distribution, conversion, activation and generation occur.
Main Import : During the main import actual import oft he packages happen and all the data will be imported
into the system.
Logs :
When the import in SPAM\SAINT is stuck in the import_proper phase during the main import the following
logs can be checked to know the cause for the error
SPAM\SAINT – Action Log
Log file: DIR_TRANS\log\ SAPI*
For more information about the logs to be checked during the SPAM\SAINT import of the packages please
refer the KBA
1846111 - Logs that need to be checked while importing a package using SPAM/SAINT
Common Known Issues :
1. When the main import of the packages is running in SPAM the logs will be updating in the
DIR_TRANS\tmp which indicates the import is running. When the logs are not getting updated in the
DIR_TRANS\tmp then the import is in hanging status.The cause for this on-hold behaviour is the
presence of SLOG<>SID.LOC file in DIR_TRANS/tmp. This file contains the pid of the previous tp
and R3trans processes which no longer runs after the initial termination. However the LOC file
remains in the tmp directory.Subsequent repeat of the phase does not progress because the system
detects the presence of the existing LOC file and hence assumes that the import is running and
awaits the response from non existant tp and R3trans processes.To fix the issue the following needs
to be performed:
a. Kill any left over tp and R3trans processes.
b. Check there is no entry in TRBAT and TRJOB tables.
c. Backup and remove the semaphore file and the SLOG<>SID.LOC files from the
DIR_TRANS/tmp directory.
d. Continue the Import from SPAM/SAINT
2. The main import terminates with the following error in SAPI*.log and the issue can be fixed by
updating the tp & R3trans to the latest version available in the SAP Service Marketplace.
The SLOG in the DIR_TRANS/log shows the below error:
ERROR: stopping on error 16 during MAIN IMPORT
The Import log (SAPI*.LOG) in DIR_TRANS/log of the package contains the following error:
AETW000 ===> HALT: Windows exception c0000005 occurred. Please contact the SAP Support.
3. The below specified errors related to the background jobs might occur in the SLOG*
The following call returned with exit code 7:
sapevt.exe SAP_TRIGGER_RDDIMPDP -t name=PRD
Background jobs cannot be started.
Please check trace file dev_evt.
(This warning is harmless if no further warnings follow.)
WARNING: System PRD. Warning.
20130313163157 :
The following call returned with exit code 7:
sapevt.exe SAP_TRIGGER_RDDIMPDP -t name=PRD
Background jobs cannot be started.
Please check trace file dev_evt.
(This warning is harmless if no further warnings follow.)
Reason: The system is unable to trigger the batch jobs due to one or more misconfigured system
parameters used by sapevt (SAP Event Trigger).
Solution: Please ensure your TMS configuration is fully consistent, by checking all points of note
#1541076. After that, repeat the SPAM/SAINT import again.
4. The main import oft he packages can terminate with the following error in the SAPI*.log and can be
resolved by updating R3trans to the latest version available in the SMP.
1AETW000 SQL error 24374 occured: ORA-24374: define not done before fetch or execute and
2EETW000 Please contact the SAP support.
4 ETW000 End of Transport (0016).
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import 'IMPORT_PROPER' phase in SPAM or SAINT
2. 1738989 - Upgrade/Support Package import hang due to INACTIVE wait event "SQL*Net break/reset
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