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Join us for Lunch with Joe Ripp
reporting on the progress of Time Inc.’s future course
Joseph A. Ripp was named Chief Executive Officer of Time Inc. in September 2013. For Ripp it was something of a homecoming. He began his
career at Time Inc. in 1985 as Assistant Comptroller and quickly rose
through the ranks, serving as Senior Vice President, CFO and treasurer.
After the 1990 merger with Warner Communications, he took on the role
of Executive Vice President and CFO of Time Warner. In 2001, he was
named CFO of America Online, where he oversaw advertising, technology,
operations, marketing, human resources, and legal affairs.
He left Time Warner in 2004 to become President and COO of Denderite International, a leading provider of sales, marketing, clinical, and
compliance solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry. He returned to
the media industry in 2008 as Chairman of Journal Register Co., owner of
more than 50 newspapers and over 300 multi-platform products. In 2010,
Ripp entered into a partnership with GTCR, a leading private equity firm,
to form Cannondale Investments. In 2012, GTCR and Cannondale acquired Avention, Inc. with Ripp as CEO.
Ripp served on the Boards of Whittle Communications and American
Express and was a member of the Board of Directors of Greenfield Online
until it was sold to Microsoft in 2007. He currently serves on the Board of
Directors of the Advertising Educational Foundation and is Vice Chairman
of the Lighthouse Guild. Until recently, he was on the Board of Trustees of
Manhattan College, where he received his B.A. He holds an M.B.A. from the Bernard M. Baruch College of CUNY.
At the most critical point in the company’s history since its founding by Henry Luce and Britt Hadden in 1923, Ripp
took the top position at Time Inc. After a quarter century as part of a media conglomerate, Time Inc. is independent once
again and faces the convulsive and transforming changes brought about by the non-stop unfolding of the digital revolution.
Given his broad experience in the world of both publishing and digital media, Ripp has a unique perspective on what it
will take to ensure and enhance Time Inc.’s prominence as a leading source of global news and information.
• 12:00 PM, November 11, 2014 • Buffet Lunch (including wine) $30 • 8th Floor Auditorium—Time & Life Building
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