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The Greenbriar Wire
November , 2014
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Our Team
Alexandra Maliwacki
Director of Nursing
Kera Literal
Director of Rehab
Debbie Craft
Director of Admissions
Matt Cohen
Director of Social Services
Lakena Williams
Director of Dietary
Gloria White
Human Resources
Makissa Abner
Director of Recreation
Deborah Cornish
Director of Housekeeping
Amber Dumont
Director of Maintenance
Jeff Pook
Clinical Educator
Mary Jo Millward
MDS Coordinator
Tammy Goodwin
Business Office Manager
Angela South
Medical Records
Jodi Logan
Letter from the Administrator
I would like to introduce our new Director of
Admissions, Matt Cohen.
Matt moved to Florida in 2002 from Ohio. He
currently resides in Sarasota with his wife Paige, and
daughter Layla. Prior to starting at Greenbriar, Matt
worked as a certified surgical/medical assistant for 5
years then made the decision to seek a degree in
marketing. Looking for a chance to grow
professionally, he accepted the job here at
Greenbriar and started in late August.
In his free time, Matt enjoys all sports, traveling, and
spending as much time as possible with his wife and
daughter. His office is located in the Rapid Recovery unit
next to the entrance, please stop in and introduce
Welcome Matt!
Time to Fall Back
Daylight Saving Ends
Sunday, November 2nd
Member of the Month: Stephen B.
Associate Birthdays
Makissa Abner 11-13
Shateka Blue 11-8
Kataria Boles 11-15
June Douglas 11-23
Dequan Ford 11-15
Christine Fullerton 11-29
Angela Grimm 11-6
Francesca Hunt 11-16
Leitha Johnson 11-17
Sherry Larkins 11-8
Tawanza Mays 11-27
Diane Portas 11-25
Kentisha Purvis 11-13
Karla Schuchmann 11-26
Jadonia Truewell 11-1
Lauren VanDyke 11-18
Dondra Arrington 11-2-07
Searnesha Blanc 11-23-11
India Dunbar 11-03-13
Amber Dumont 11-03-11
Lawanda James 11-18-13
Josefina Molina 11-04-13
Diane Portas 11-04-13
Nuntika Sathapananoon 11-11-07
Sandra Wagner 11-19-12
Veronica Walle 11-17-07
By: Deborah Cornish
Stephen B. is our member of the
month. He entertains not only
him self but others as well. He is
full of stories of a very
fascinating life. He was born in
Baltimore MD & has one
brother. When he graduated
from high school he went to
work at Head Start as a
Teacher’s Asst. He decided to
attend Boston St. College and
obtained a degree in Health
Education. Once out of college
he sold pharmaceutical vitamins
to medical professionals. His
profession required him to travel
a lot. Stephen has held many
positions over the years and
came to FL
about 3 years
Today he
enjoys reading
the daily paper on the patio in
the morning with his coffee. He
“rocks” at Trivia programs as he
is a wealth of knowledge! And of
course he continues to have an
interest in Oriental Medicine and
how diet, exercise, herbs &
vitamins play a role in our
health. Stephen is easy going,
fascinating to visit with and
always wearing his smile!
Associate of the Month: Quiana Matthews
By: Deborah Cornish
Quiana was born in Sarasota FL. And graduated from Booker High
School. Once out of high school, she became a manager of a Dunkin
Donuts. Later she went to Walgreens and worked in the photo lab.
There she was promoted to Pharmacy Tech. where she received special training. One of her Grandmothers became ill and she decided at
that time to become a C.N.A. Quiana wanted to help the family to
care for her. She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
Today, Quiana’s 12 year old son, Michael, keeps her very busy as he is
involved in football. They have lived in Bradenton
the last 2 1/2 years. Last March Quiana came to
work at Greenbriar. She loves the action of our RRU
and enjoys keeping very busy to provide the quality
of care that she feel each person deserves.
We are proud to name Quiana our Associate of the
Family & Friends
Please join us for a Very Special Thanksgiving Meal on
Thursday November 27th at 12:00 Please RSVP at our Front
Our Departments
From Kera’s Desk
By: Kera Literal, DON
On The Schedule This Holiday Season?
Matt Cohen
Makissa Abner,
Human Resources
Gloria White,
Director of Food &
Deborah Cornish,
Recreation Director
Amber Dumont
Tammy Goodwin,
Housekeeping Director
There are very few people who would actually choose to work on a
holiday. If you find yourself caring for our members during this holiday
season remember, even fewer would actually choose to be a patient
on a holiday. Our business is caring for others, and there are no
holidays from our work.
Working on a holiday provides us a unique opportunity to connect
with our residents. There is no better compensation, then the feeling
we get when we go that extra mile for a resident and their loved ones.
As Patti Digh states in her book, Life is a Verb, “How are we changing
the people around us by how we respond to them, or don’t?” She
encourages others to give of their time, to be fully present and be
engaged in the process. This is especially powerful with our residents,
their families, and our coworkers.
MDS Coordinator
Jeff Pook
Malinda Greene,
Maintenance Director
Angela South,
Business Office
Debbie Craft,
Rehab Director
Lakena Williams
Social Services
Mary Jo Millward,
Clinical Educator
Medical Records
Jodi Logan
Working together on a holiday can help build stronger relationships
with our co-workers. At Greenbriar, we try to foster this comradery by
providing a delicious Thanksgiving meal for our residents and staff. In
years past, our associates have coordinated dessert items, with each
person bringing in a special dessert or family recipe for staff to enjoy.
Share a WOW moment with our team members, and each share what
we’re truly thankful for.
Many of us are experts with the care of others, but quite neglectful to
our own needs. Ensure you are getting adequate sleep, eating a
nutritious diet, and engaging in healthy hobbies. If you are struggling
with feelings of resentment or burnout during this holiday season, I
encourage you to reach out to myself and the management team. You
may simply need to remind yourself that what we do makes a
difference everyday. Our own physical and emotional health plays a
key role in our ability to care for our residents.
If you find yourself working a shift or
two this holiday season, I challenge
you to commit to implementing the
suggestions above. I challenge us to
commit to caring for ourselves so that
we may better serve the needs of our
members. I challenge all of us to
continue our culture of WOW!
Birthday & Safety Award Cerebration
Member Birthdays
Peggy A. 11-06
Beverly M. 11-09
Glenn M. 11-26
John N. 11-24
John T. 11-05
Michael W. 11-22
Cynthia W. 11-13
Birthdays and Balloons!
Games l
Solutions :
Rehab News
By: Lisa Snyder and Kathryn Pratt
Meet John T.
John has been a resident here in our Rapid Recovery
Unit at Greenbriar Rehabilitation in Bradenton, FL.
For the last 3 months. Our Rapid Recovery Unit
specializes in rehabilitating and returning our
residents back to their daily lives and returning home
as quickly as possible. John came to us after being
hospitalized. had previously suffered an accident
which kept him in a wheelchair for the past 36
months. This accident caused him to lose his left leg
below the knee. As traumatic as the injury was, John
has persevered.
Upon arrival, we assessed John’s functional level and
determined that he would indeed require extensive
physical therapy for lower extremity strengthening
and safe ambulation with his below knee
prosthesis. As well, he would also require
occupational therapy to assist John in upper body
strengthening and activities of daily living.
Johns positive
upbeat attitude has
brought life to the
therapy gym and
facility. John is
always encouraging
the other residents
and staff. He
motivates everyone
to work hard and do their best. He is truly an
inspiration to all.
Please follow John’s exciting transformation in
upcoming articles.
From Gloria’s Kitchen
Submitted by : Gloria White
Chili Cranberry Meatballs (a Recipe for some of those Holiday gatherings!)
2 pounds of frozen meatballs
1 bottle chili sauce
1 can jellied cranberry sauce
Place meatballs in crock pot. Whisk together chili sauce and cranberry sauce. Pour
sauce over meatballs and stir. Cook on low heat for 2-3 hours or until meatballs are
thawed and hot.
Greystone 5K for Breast Cancer
By Tori Couch
October marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and
Greystone did our part by participating in and donating to
the second annual Tampa Bay Buccaneers Treasure Chests
5K Run/Walk, proceeds of which were donated to breast
cancer awareness and education as well as research funds.
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death and the
most commonly diagnosed form of cancer among women,
claiming 40,000 lives a year. One in eight women are
diagnosed during their lifetime.
Greystone sponsored 55 associates who woke up bright
and early to participate in the event, running or walking
for the cause. Both local associates from our
Tampa office as well as those as far away as The
Club Health & Rehab made the early morning
journey to Raymond James stadium for the run.
Thanks to all our associates that participated!
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