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Practice your
Chemistry Knowledge
(10th series)
Scopes : Organic Compounds and
related reactions
Q1. The ester among the following is
(a) ammonium acetate
(b) sodium acetate
(c) methyl butyrate
(d) non of these
Q2. Benzoic acid, when heated with soda
lime yields
(a) benzadehyde (b) benzene
(c) toluene
(d) benzyl alcohol
Q3. Identify the product, Z in the
following reaction.
C6H5NH2+!X! Y!
(a) P-bromoaniline
(b) p-bromoacetophenone
(c) p-bromoacetanilide
(d) o-bromoacetophenone
Q4. When aniline is heated with
chloroform and alcoholic KHO gives
(a) (C6H5)2NH (b) (C6H5)3N
(c) (C6H5)2NCl (d) C6H5NC
N,N-dimethyl aniline in presence of
anhydrous ZnCl2
(a) azo-dye
(b) buffer-yellow
(c) malachite green
(d) none of these
Q6. Identify A, in the following reaction.
A Cl2/FeCl3
NaOH/3600C, 200 atm
(a) aniline
(b) benzene
(c) toluene
(d) acetophenine
Q7. If urea is treated with thionyl
chloride then we get
(a) NH2CCl2NH2 (b) NH2CN
(c) NH2CCl=NH (d) none of these
Q8. Oil and fats are reduced to alcohol
in the presence of catalyst. This process
is called
(a) Hydrogenation
(b) Hydrogenolysis
(c) Hardening of oil
(d) all of these
Q9. How many double bonds are possible
for organic compound, C7H6O2
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 4
(d) 3
Q10. Which of the following reagents
would form 2,2 dibromopropane
(a) CH3CH=CHBr
(b) CH!CH + HBr
(c) CH3CH=CH2 + 2HBr
(d) CH3C!CH +2HBr
Answers in the 11th series
Ans. Of 9th Series
Q1 (c), Q2 (a), Q3 (c), Q4 (b), Q5 (d),
Q6 (a), Q7 (b), Q8 (c), Q9 (a), Q10 (b)
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