Standardised power plant units Our technology. Your success.

Our technology. Your success.
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Standardised power plant units
Combined cycle power plant (CCPP)
It was a première for KSB’s customer Siemens to implement the concept of a stand-
Arrubal, Spain
ardised power block. The blocks are fitted with identical key components such as
boilers, turbines and pumps, which have proven successful in many currently operat-
Situated in the La Rioja province in the
ing plants. KSB provided all the design data required for the planning process already
north of Spain, the power plant generates
at the quotation stage. Sound technology, competitive pricing and short delivery times
1.1 % of the entire power plant capacity
convinced the customer. KSB and Siemens concluded an exclusive framework agree-
available in Spain. Especially during the
ment on the supply of main pumps (HGC 5/9 and WKTB 7/1+3). The agreement
summer months, power plants like this,
specifies the exact details of hydraulic data, pump design, prices and delivery times
which can respond flexibly to the demand,
for this power plant type. The standardised power plant unit can be adjusted to suit
are very attractive. Combined cycle power
every site and customer worldwide. Following on from Arrubal, identical power plant
plants can reach their rated output with-
units have been built in Köln-Niehl / Germany, Tahaddart / Morocco, Kaarstoe / Nor-
in a short time. They also have high part
way, Songkhla / Thailand and Livorno / Italy. Based on the framework agreement
load efficiencies. The standardised power
with Siemens all of these power blocks are equipped with KSB pumps.
plant units are equipped with advanced,
highly efficient technology. The Arrubal
combined cycle power plant comprises two
units with an output of 380 MW each. The
units are designed as single-shaft systems
with the gas and steam turbine arranged
on the same shaft.
With this project KSB’s newly developed Indian condensate
For more information please contact:
pump WKTB has been successfully placed on the European
Bernd Hoffmann (pumps), +49 6233 86-1972
market. The design details were defined in close cooperation
[email protected]
with Siemens, who also audited the Indian KSB factory. A KSB
supervisor was in charge of installation, commissioning and
Hannes Haas (valves), +49 9241 71-1566
trial operation.
[email protected]
Michael Matthes (service), +49 6233 86-3100
Customer / engineering contractor:
Scope of supply
Siemens AG Power Generation,
HGC 5/9 boiler feed pumps
Erlangen, Germany
Operator: gasNatural SDG S.A
Commissioned 2004
Pumps with electric motor on a
common baseplate, instruments,
automatic recirculation valve and
sound insulating hood
WKTB 7/1 + 3 condensate pumps
Pumps with electric motor on
foundation frame, instruments and
automatic recirculation valve
SEZ 9-75 cooling water pumps
Pumps with electric motor on
foundation ring, inlet cone and
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67227 Frankenthal (Germany)
Technical data
Flow rate
353 m3/h
1546 m
78.2 %
2985 rpm
Motor rating
2000 kW
Flow rate
500 m3/h
223 m
77.5 %
1480 rpm
Motor rating
460 kW
Installation depth
3000 mm
Flow rate
10080 m3/h
23.2 m
86.5 %
594 rpm
Motor rating
810 kW
Installation depth
3580 mm
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