Living with Less Fear In Our Lives: Trusting in a Wise,

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Rev. Ron Rolheiser, OMI, is a Roman Catholic
priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of
Mary Immaculate. He is president of Oblate
School of Theology in San Antonio, TX. He is an
internationally known author, retreat leader, speaker and community builder. He writes a weekly
column that is carried in over 70 newspapers
around the world. He is the author of many books,
Oblate School of Theology
Living with Less Fear
In Our Lives:
Trusting in a Wise,
Prodigal, and Fully
Empathic God
with over ten currently in print. His writings have
great appeal to those who are reflective of their
own spiritual journey. His teaching is offered with
simple clarity, excellent exegesis, and many literary and cultural references that often provide the
learner with lasting insights.
A Retreat with
Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI
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February 22-26, 2015
Oblate Renewal Center
5700 Blanco Road
in conjunction with
A walking path on the Oblate Renewal Center grounds
Whitley Theological Center
285 Oblate Drive
San Antonio, TX 78216
L iv ing w it h Less Fea r I n Ou r Li ves:
Tr us ti ng in a W ise, Pr od ig al , a nd F ul ly Em pa t hi c Go d
Most of us live with too many fears in our
lives. And all of us live with religious fears,
fears about God, about life, and about our eternal destiny.
 What kind of fear is healthy in our lives
and what kind is unhealthy?
 From where do our religious fears originate?
 How do we tell healthy fears from unhealthy ones?
This retreat will examine the origins and the
complexities of religious fear and, after giving
fear its proper due, will examine some biblical
principles which invite us to live with less fear.
Oblate Renewal Center
How much does it cost?
The retreat registration fee of $590 includes reception, all
meals, banquet and
snacks. In addition,
single occupancy
rooms are $60 per
night; double occupancy rooms are $38
per person per night. Limited space available.
Come enjoy some quiet time in south Texas at the newly
renovated Oblate Renewal Center. The center features
 a welcoming retreat setting with tranquil grounds for
quiet walks and contemplation.
 healthy, delicious meals prepared by our awardwinning professional culinary team.
 private and semi-private accommodations.
 Spiritual direction is available.
 Commuters are welcome.
The center is conveniently located in north central San
Antonio, less than a ten minute drive from the San Antonio International Airport.
The retreat includes
 Sunday evening welcome and social with Fr. Ron
Rolheiser, OMI
 teachings from Fr. Rolheiser
 optional presentation on the “Glory of the Cosmos”
 opportunities to walk the grounds of the renewal
center and enjoy O’Shaughnessy Library
 time for prayer and Mass
 time for reflection, journaling, and reading
 Optional local tours will be available for an additional fee:
 Hike Enchanted Rock with Fr. Rolheiser ($ 35)
 Tour San Antonio Missions with historian
Fr. Bob Wright, OMI ($ 25)
 Tour popular sights of San Antonio with
experienced tour guides ($ 25)
Check-in begins at 2:00 PM on Feb. 22nd, 2015. Social
starts at 5:30 PM, dinner at 6:30 PM. Retreat ends after
dinner on Thursday evening, Feb. 26th.
For more information
or to register over the phone,
call Brenda at 210-341-1366 x 212
Mail registration to
OST Continuing Education
285 Oblate Drive
San Antonio, TX 78216
Name _______________________________
Address ______________________________
City ___________________ State ________
Zip ____________
e-mail _______________________________
Special needs: ________________________
____ Single Occupancy $ 60 per night
____ Double Occupancy $ 38 per night (pp)
____ Commuter
Name of roommate:
Dates of lodging:
__ Feb. 22 __ Feb. 23 __ Feb. 24 __ Feb. 25 __ Feb. 26
Method of payment:
Make check payable to Oblate School of Theology
□ Check # _______
□ MasterCard
□ Visa
□ Discover
Early registration (by Dec. 5, 2014) ($550)
Retreat Registration Fee ($ 590)
Tour / hike Enchanted Rock ($ 35)
Tour San Antonio Missions ($ 25)
Tour of highlights of San Antonio
($ 25)
______ optional donation to Oblate
School of Theology
$ ___________ Total
Name (print) on credit card:
Credit card number
_______________ __________________________
Expiration date ___________ 3 digit code ______
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