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Church Life
November, 2014
Sun day Sch edule
Vol. 68, Issue 10
Come Join us at the
Sun day Sch ool - 9:15
Fellowship ~ 10:00
Worship ~ 10:30
Kid’s Church ~ 10:30
Thankful Hearts Dinner
Sunday, November 16, 2014 - 12:30 P.M.
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to pastors and pastors’ families related to four International Minis-
Distinguished Alumna 6
tries partners. We hope you’ll join us for our Thankful Hearts dinner
as we celebrate our Christian love with thankfulness for God & one
Work Day
Sermon Schedule
This year we welcome special guests, Peter and Sarah McCurdy. The
McCurdy’s have been appointed for ministry in the Dominican Republic and Cuba, where they will provide support and encouragement
This event is for all FBC congregation (members and non-members),
family and friends. This is a FREE event, but love offerings will be
Your Church Staff
Bring your favorite holiday side dish and/or dessert to share. When
Senior Pastor
Rev. Daniel W. Bellavia
Office Manager
Mrs. Krista Pelland
Director of Music
and Worship Arts
Miss Rene Ackerman
preparing your dish please, keep in mind that the McCurdy family is
Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes
& Stuffing will be provided
Accts. Payable
Mrs. Julie Huber
Ms. Erika Villegas
6520 Pilliod Road, Holland, Ohio 43528
Web address:
E-mail: [email protected]
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It is not always easy to find reasons to be thankful. Every year around the Thanksgiving table I ask my
children to tell me what they are thankful for. This is a tradition that many of you are familiar with. We
ask the young to search their memories for a reason to be thankful, to be grateful, and to be appreciative
of what they have and who they are. Some kids are quicker than others to share the things that they are
thankful about, some of it is personality, but much of it is based on age. Pre-teens usually give the best
answers as they are old enough to expect the question and young enough to care about your approval of
their answer.
Unfortunately each year many of the adults who ask the question are reluctant to answer it for themselves. We don’t always know what we are thankful for. We know what we are supposed to say, but there
are times in our lives when, even though we know the answer, we don’t really feel the answer. I write this
article to you, the ones who know that they are supposed to be grateful for the grace of God in Jesus
Christ, but can’t quite face the difficulties of life, work and ministry.
The first thing to remember is that you were not born with a thankful heart. In other words thanksgiving
is not natural to us. While your babies certainly appreciate your care, few look up from their bottle with
a wink and a “thumbs up.” I have never received applause at the conclusion of the evening meal. Furthermore Hallmark does not make cards that say thanks for providing a roof over my head and three
square meals a day (they do however make a variety of cards that say “thanks for the lovely card”).
All kidding aside; the greatest gifts that we receive are usually the ones that we are most likely to take for
granted. It is quite literally built into us to assume access to the important things while placing our greatest appreciation on the least important aspects of life. This is why kids thank you for the i-tunes gift
card, but rarely thank you for dinner. One is unexpected, while the other is assumed.
Thanksgiving is a learned behavior. Some of the most important things about us are taught to us. Think
about your tastes in art and music. People are not born with an appreciation for art or music. The music
that you enjoy is something that you were both exposed to and taught to enjoy. You probably have a
part in your brain that is wired to fondly remember the music of your childhood, no matter how “bad” it
was. Admit it; you can still remember the moment when you first heard your favorite song. It doesn’t
matter if the song was “Heartbreak Hotel” “Stairway to Heaven” or “The Macarena,” your response will
betray your upbringing. Why? Because regardless of what I want people to think I have chosen to be,
my tastes have more to do with how I was raised than what I have chosen for myself. So it is with an
attitude of appreciation and thanksgiving.
People who had loving parents have a hard time understanding how grateful they should be for that great
gift. People who were blessed with access to adequate food and water will never quite comprehend how
rare these gifts actually are in the universal scope of things. If, however, the emergency broadcasting system interrupts the broadcast on the night of the big game then “nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…”
We live with the miracle of satellite cellular phones that allow us instantaneous access to almost anyone
and anything, and yet we still find a way to complain about a bad signal or slow access. The problem
with learning to be thankful is that we focus not on the things that we have, but on the things we need or
This is why we have to strive to be thankful. This is why the scripture commands us to be thankful. This
is why we have set aside a day for national thanksgiving, because we all too easily forget the blessings
that we have received.
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Church Life
Once we acknowledge that thanksgiving is not our default setting then it is easier to reset our minds and
create the list of things that we are thankful for. Remember, thankfulness is not based on the things that
we have, but on the people that we are. With that in mind we can create our lists based on who we are.
Who I am begins with where I have come from. I would not be who I am without my parents and extended family. I grew up in an extended Italian family that showed me love and sometimes caused me
pain. I am thankful not because everything and everyone was as I would have desired them to be, not
because I have experienced the perfect life (though in their defense it was pretty darned idyllic). I am
thankful because they played a primary role in making me who I am. For good or ill I am their reflection
and for that I am thankful.
I am thankful for the family that I had a role in creating: my wife and sons. Once again I will
acknowledge that no one has a perfect family. Perfection is not necessary in order to be thankful. An attitude of thanksgiving does not demand the delivery of the perfect gift. The thankful heart accepts the
imperfect response of love. The thankful heart understands the limits of human frailty and fallibility and
appreciates the presence of loved ones and the opportunity to be a part of their lives, even when things do
not go the way we expected them to go.
I am thankful for my Church, not because it is the biggest or the best, but because you are willing to walk
with me. I am thankful that you have opened your hearts and your homes to us. I am grateful that you
have prayed for me and even when you have disagreed with my ideas you have loved me anyways. I am
thankful that God has given to us the opportunity to work together to share God’s grace with the world
around us, for the world has never needed to hear the message of the gospel more than it does today.
Finally, I am thankful for God in Jesus Christ. In this situation the last is in no ways least. I am thankful that we have received the fullness of God in His Son Jesus Christ. I am thankful that we have been
shown the character of God in the love that Jesus showed us in His sacrificial death on the cross. I am
thankful that through Him I have been given grace that can bring me to the very presence of God. I am
thankful that Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to fill me and prepare me for my daily work. In Jesus we do
not have to hedge our bets. We do not have to remind people that things are not perfect. For in Christ
we have received the perfect gift. In Jesus we have the ability to be thankful without condition.
So there you have it, my reasons to be thankful. Yours may be different, but essentially creating your list
is rather easy. You just have to remember who you are, where you have come from and what your legacy
will be, and then infuse it with the work and grace of God in Jesus Christ. Creating the list however has
never truly been the problem. Our difficulty with being thankful truly resides in our own inability to receive the love of God and learn to love who we are in Christ.
Once we understand the love and grace of God, then (and only then) can we love ourselves and see the
beauty that is woven into our own lives. Then we can see the beauty of our family, friends, and church
(no matter how messed up they are). Thanksgiving is what we are asked to give to God, but the greatest
gift of thanksgiving is that, through the love of God, God has given to us hearts that can be thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Pastor Dan
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Church Life
Honorary captains inspire Perrysburg
Football team learns life lesson from students
When the top-ranked, undefeated Perrysburg High
School football team, arms locked, took the field Friday, October 17th, seventh-grader Alex Schenk and
fifth-grader Gabe Navarette were there in the middle
leading the players onto the field.
The honorary captains and teammates warmed the
hearts of the players and coaches after sharing their
stories of struggle.
Alex, 12, a Perrysburg Junior High School student, has
a heart defect that has required four open-heart surgeries. Gabe, 11, a Fort Meigs Elementary student, has
been diagnosed with a rare cancer.
“Alex and Gabe give us inspiration,” senior captain
Michael Bogdanski said. “It helps us appreciate every
second on the field. They teach us you can’t take anything for granted, they have been through so much.”
Defensive coordinator Andy Brungard knew Alex and
Gabe from his time as a teacher at Fort Meigs Elementary. He thought bringing them onto the team would
be beneficial for the children and the team.
During games, they wear their Perrysburg yellow-andblack uniforms and stay along the sidelines, encouraging the team.
“I think they get more jacked up than the guys that get
to play sometimes,” Mr. Brungard said.
Alex tells his parents he’s the second-string running
back, a bump up from third string earlier in the year.
The two even get to go in with the team at halftime,
but “what happens in the locker room stays in the
locker room,” and both swear by it even to their parents.
Gabe spent three months in Texas earlier this year at a
specialized hospital for his cancer. He said it’s “been
amazing” to spend time with the team and find a
bunch of friends through the team.
“It is the best feeling in the world,” Gabe said about
leading the team onto the field.
Because of Alex’s heart defect he can only play Special
Olympics sports. He can’t play contact sports.
“The big thing we are trying to teach the team is there
is more to life than football, it is more important to be
men of character than win,” Mr. Brungard said.
“He feels like he is on the team,” said Heather Schenk,
Alex’s mom. “He tells people, ‘I play football for Perrysburg varsity.’ ”
“I think it has helped relax them knowing it is just a
game, and they go out and have fun with their brothers. It has helped us be successful,” he said.
Alex always tells his dad, “We’re going to state,” and
the Division II No. 1 ranking and 8-0 start for Perrysburg is backing up the talk.
Alex and Gabe go to Thursday practices during the
week — and typically get a “jet sweep” handoff they
take for touchdowns, then get lifted up by the team as
it cheers and shouts the boys’ names.
It is apparent the feeling is mutual as the football team
has adopted the two.
The honorary captains take part in the team dinners
with players and coaches where they “enjoy life together” and the team asks them about school.
On Perrysburg gamedays the two ride the bus to some
away games and lead the team out on the field during
home games.
“It is really cool because I know they have my back,
h a v e
G a b e
Page 5
Church Life
Dear Friends at First Baptist Church of
Greater Toledo,
Thank you for your donation of $97.00
for food to the Thrift Shop in September.
Your generous and faithful donations
have helped us in our mission to provide
food and necessities to those who are
struggling in our community.
We value and appreciate your outreach
as many families in our area need help.
Sincerely yours,
Marlene Snow, Board Member
Harmony Circle
Tuesday, November 18
7 pm @ FBC
“Our Annual Auction”
Please bring two wrapped surprises
and one item for the silent auction.
Guests are welcome!
2 - Janet Schneider
6 - Cynthia Schafer
11 - Wanda Leslie
13 - Larry Spencer, Jr.
15 - Tammy Campbell
16 - Heather Schenk
21 - Hope Fogle
26 - Donna King
27 - Harry McAllister
28 - Marilyn Bennett
Happy Birthday!
If your name does not appear on
the birthday list, please contact the
church office to have it added.
We rejoice with
Eric and Vicky Zahnle
in the dedication of their
infant daughter,
Katherine Elizah
on Sunday, October 5th.
Right Hand of Fellowship
To activate the Prayer Chain, call one of
the following individuals:
Valjean Lynn
Church Office
On Sunday, October 5, 2014 we welcomed
Randy Clark and Heather Wolford into the
membership of First Baptist Church.
In Loving Memory of. . .
Christine Schuttenberg
Page 6
Church Life
Ms. Melissa S. Monich
BS, Chemical Engineering ‘84
2014 Distinguished Alumna
Melissa S. Monich daughter of
Bob & Marian Smith, graduated
from the College of Engineering in
‘84 with a B.S. in chemical engineering. After earning her degree
at UT, she joined Procter and
Gamble in their Latin America Division in Cincinnati. Throughout her thirty-year career with
Procter and Gamble, Melissa has worked in various areas of product and technology development
for the company.
She began her illustrious career at P&G in the hair
and beauty care product development area. In
1996, she became P&G’s Associate Director of
Global Hair Care Product Development. She then
transitioned to London for three years, as Associate Director of Europe and Middle East Hair Care
Product Development. Returning to Cincinnati
in 2000, Melissa continued to lead several divisions over the next six years, and in 2006 she was
named Manager of Research and Development for
the Global Pet Care Division. The following year
the Divisions of Global Snacks and Beverages were
included. In 2009 she was once again promoted,
this time to Vice President of Research and Development for Global Retail Hair Care. She has
served in her current position, Vice President of
Research and Development for Global Shave Care
& Braun Devices, since 2011.
Melissa has been a steward for her community for
numerous years, serving on the Operating Committee for STRIVE and on the executive committee of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Boston.
Melissa and her husband, Don Monich, currently
reside in Boston, Massachusetts. Don is also an
alumnus of UT’s College of Engineering.
Dear Members and Friends
of First Baptist Church,
On behalf of the Church Council, I am writing to
inform you that Sylvia Loe’s last Sunday as our
Music Associate will be November 2, 2014.
All of you have experienced the faithful work
that Sylvia has accomplished with the choir and
as our organist. After a lifetime of service to local churches she returned to the Church of her
youth and graced us with her talents and spirit
for eight years.
For many years Sylvia maintained the title of
“interim” director of Music. This is because Sylvia understands that every ministry that we
begin will one day end. Sylvia understands that
in Church work you only serve a congregation
for a season but your home Church is yours for
I would like to personally thank Sylvia for all of
her hard work and camaraderie. It was a pleasure to serve with her at First Baptist Church of
Greater Toledo. I also want to let her know that
she will always have a place with us at First Baptist Church.
Sylvia committed to First Baptist Church in love;
we will return that love to her in honoring her
years of service. We are planning to celebrate
her ministry with us in the coming weeks and we
ask that you join us in our appreciation of her
Stay tuned for more information regarding these
events and the future of the music program at
First Baptist Church of Greater Toledo.
Rev. Daniel W. Bellavia
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
of Greater Toledo
6520 Pilliod Road
Holland, Ohio 43528
Phone: 419-865-9171
Fax: 419-868-4974
Email: [email protected]
Monday, December 1
7:00 pm
Sacred Grounds
Discussion Group
Join us on Monday, November 10, 17 & 24 at
Biggby Coffee in Perrysburg for our Sacred
Grounds discussion group, led by Pastor
Dan. Meetings begin at 6:30 pm in the casual
atmosphere of the Biggby Coffee (26567 N.
Dixie Hwy., next to BW3’s). Come as you are
and when you can for a time of fellowship as
we look at the news of the day with a biblical
November 2 - Communion
“The Power of Repetition”
Joshua 3: 7-17
November 9 ~ Food Sunday
“Time to Make Your Choice”
Joshua 24: 1-3a, 14-25
November 16 ~ Newsletter Deadline
Rev. Peter & Sarah McCurdy
[email protected]
ABC Missionaries to the Dominican
Republic & Cuba
2 Corinthians 5: 17
November 23 ~ Thanksgiving Sunday
“When Did We See You?”
Matthew 25: 31-46
First Sunday in Advent
November 30
“What Time Is It?”
Mark 13: 24-37
Harmony Circle—Health Kits
The October meeting of Harmony Circle produced 30 health kits for the Sparrow’s Nest
women’s shelter in Toledo; however, there remains a need for several items to complete the
kits before they can be delivered.
Needed items:
Travel Size Deodorant
Individual Tissue Packages
November 15
9:00 to
11:30 a
Wash cloths
Items may be placed in the box in the Narthex.
Cash donations to purchase items will also be
accepted and may be given to Gail Black or
Marian Smith.
Thank you for your support of this local mission opportunity.
Bring your work gloves, pruners,
rakes, and other gardening tools to
help us do a fall clean up of the flower beds around the church building.
The more the merrier! If you have
questions, contact Joyce Norman.
“LIKE” Us on Facebook: