St. Andrew Announcements Ignatian Prayer Experience Offertory Collections - Oct. 26

November 9, 2014
The Feast of the Dedication
of the Lateran Basilica
St. Andrew Announcements
Ignatian Prayer Experience
St. Ignatius invited people to prayer
that included scriptural meditation,
imagination in prayer, and the Examen of Consciousness. During this
four-week series, you will learn prayer
practices that are best for you.
Come learn new ways to pray. Come
to experience Ignatian Prayer. Come
to deepen your prayer life.
Each evening will include a presentation on prayer, quiet time to practice
the prayer form presented, and an
opportunity for faith sharing for
those who wish.
Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30PM
November 19, December 3, 10, 17
Meeting Location: St. Thomas More
Catholic Church, 3525 SW Patton
Road, Portland, OR 97221
Free Will Offering
Advance registration
is encouraged.
Call 503-223-4190 or
email [email protected]
Offertory Collections - Oct. 26
Year to
$104,418.95 $108,346.14
Sprinkling the Coffin
When the body of the deceased arrives at
the door of the church for the Catholic funeral
rites, the priest sprinkles the coffin with holy
water. If the body has been cremated, he
sprinkles the remains. He draws from a bucket
of blessed water or directly from the baptismal
font if the font is located by the door.
There are all sorts and kinds of
For Catholics accustomed to signing thembirthday parties. Church buildings,
selves with holy water every time they enter
as well as the people who use them,
the church, sprinkling the body seems perfectly
natural. To visitors from other churches, it may
have anniversaries for their beginseem strange. We use holy water to remind us
nings. Today it is for Our Savior’s
of our baptism. We enter the building with this
Basilica and Saint John’s Baptistery,
simple reminder of the sacrament that gave us
the pope’s cathedral as bishop of
new birth. As the deceased enters the church
the people of Rome. We belong to
for the final time, we sprinkle this faithful
the “Roman family” in the church,
member of the community with holy water for
so it is our feast too. Celebrate the
the same reason. At death, this gesture seems
Lord’s coming! God’s people are
even more significant. After all, baptism begins
truly the place of Christ’s presence
our life in Christ. Our death will bring our life
in this world. We would all do well
in Christ to its completion.
Bulletin Deadlines
Sprinkling the coffin takes place whenever
to celebrate the birthday of our own
In order to ensure timely printing
the body arrives at the church. If the vigil for
church or parish or community of
and delivery for bulletins, materials
the deceased has taken place in church the
faith and acknowledge Christ’s presfor next Sunday’s bulletin must be
night before the funeral, the reception of the
ence with thanks.
Text, Philip J. Sandstrom, STD © 2000, OCP. received by 5 PM on Monday. Please body with sprinkling takes place then. If the
vigil was at another location, the sprinkling
ensure your items are proofread
All rights reserved.
takes place at the beginning of the funeral
and edited before sending your anToday’s Readings
nouncements to Joy Wallace at joy.
After the communion prayer, the funeral
Ezekiel 47: 1-2, 8-9, 12; 1 [email protected]
concludes with the final commendation.
ans 3:9 - 11, 16-17; John 2: 13-22
Children’s Liturgy Needs As a sign of farewell, the priest incenses the
body of the deceased out of respect. He may
We need leaders for liturgy of
also sprinkle the coffin with holy water as a rethe Word for Children. We need
minder of baptism, but usually this is omitted
catechists/leaders for grades K-2
if the sprinkling took place at the beginning of
and 3-5. This is a once a month, fun the Mass.
During November we remember
commitment working with children.
The sprinkling is one of many symbols at
friends and family who have died.
the funeral Mass that recall baptism. Together
Much support is given. Contact
these symbols remind us of the gift of faith
Please add the names of people you
April Sandoval.
received by the faithful departed, their life in
Baptism Information
want remembered by our community
in the book that is located near the
For more information on having your Christ and their hope of resurrection. by Paul
Turner Copyright © 2012 Resource Publications, Inc.,
Baptisimal Font.
child baptized at the parish, please
contact Carmi Lyon at 503.231-9140 160 E. Virginia St. #170, San Jose, CA 95112, (408) 2868505.
or [email protected]
Join Us
To find out about the St. Andrew Parish Community, we invite you to fill out the Registration Form found on the Hospitality tables at both entrances to the church. Someone from the Hospitality/Welcoming Committee will call you soon. You can also find
helpful information at our website,
The Catholic Community of St. Andrew
806 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR 97211 Ph. 503-281-4429 Fax 503-281-4411
Sunday Eucharist: 9:30 am (English), 12:30 pm (Spanish)
Weekday Eucharist: 9:00 am (Tuesday-Friday)
Reconciliation: 5:00 pm Saturday
First Saturday of each month, the 5:30 pm bilingual Mayan
Community Eucharist is in Spanish and Kanhoval
Fr. Dave Zegar, ext.11
[email protected]
Karina Felix, ext. 15
[email protected]
Community Center
Joy Ruplinger, ext. 16
[email protected]
Emergency Services
Joe Condon, 971.244.0339
[email protected]
Hispanic Ministry Diana Ruiz, ext. 17
[email protected]
Ricky Ford, ext. 10
Michael Prendergast, ext. 12
[email protected]
Office Manager
Robbie Bello, ext. 10
[email protected]
Religious Education
April Sandoval, ext. 23
Safe Team representative
[email protected]
Angel Pulido, ext. 10
Youth Ministry
Heather Moline, ext. 37
[email protected]
Ministries & Programs
Art & Environment
La Misa Domingo: 9:30 am (Ingles), 12:30 pm (Español)
La Misa diaria: 9:00 am (Martes-Sábado)
Confesiones: 5:00 pm los Sábados
Primer Sábado del mes, misa bilingue Maya Kanhoval y Español a
las 5:30 pm
Tom La Voie 503.737.5570
[email protected]
Community Forum
John Villaume 503.282.1705
[email protected]
E-mail Prayers
Louise Kasper 503.280.2690 [email protected]
Gay/Lesbian Ministry
Valerie Silliman 503 953-6242
[email protected]
Jerry Deas 503.319.1326
[email protected] Gospel Choir
Edna Hicks 503.287.2360
Elizabeth Weber 503.493.9271
Liturgical Music
Michael Prendergast, ext. 12
[email protected]
Infant Baptism
Carmi Lyon 503.231.9140 or
[email protected]
Rite of Christian
Carol Kelley
Initiation of Adults
[email protected]
Senior Ministry
Lucinda Tate
[email protected]
St. Andrew Legal Clinic 503.281.1500
St. Andrew Nativity School 503.335.9600
One Spirit-One Call [email protected]
Los Ministerios
Asistentes Pastoralesy
Comité Hispano
Diana Ruiz 503.281.4429, ext. 17 Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
[email protected]
Crecimiento Familiar -
Isabel Cruz 503.287.6818
[email protected]
Ramón Jacob 503.288.5913
Deaconoy Ministerio Maya Romeo Jimenez 971.221.6298
[email protected]
Grupo de Jovenes
[email protected] Lectores
Esteban e Isabel Ruiz 503.735.4617
Preparación Bautizos
Diana Ruiz 503-281-4429. ext. 17
Promotores de Salud
Imelda Cervantes [email protected]
Martina Murray 503.281.2329
Council & Committee Chairs
Administrative Council Auction Co-Chairs
John Kelly 503.528.8221
[email protected]
Patty Gardner 503.936.5542
[email protected] and Casey Boggs 310.403.3941 [email protected]
Building & Maintenance Jerry Lindsay 503.757.6644
Community Center Lisa Hatten 503.880.0116
Management Council [email protected]
Hispanic Committee
Bertha Moseson 503.729.8075
[email protected]
Liturgy Commission
Michael Prendergast, ext.12
[email protected]
MACG Core Team
Bev Logan 503.922.9481
[email protected]
Pastoral Council
Christy Mason 503.961.2723
[email protected]
Personnel Committee
Joan Miller 503.703.3315
[email protected]
St. Vincent de Paul Joe Condon 503.288.3290
[email protected]
St. Andrew Weekly Calendar Nov. 9 - 15
Thursday Saturday Coffee and socializing
Gospel Choir Practice 7:00 PM
Dental Clinic 8:00 AM
Scripture Study 7:30 PM
Now and At Our Hour of Death Workshop
8:30 AM
View our Parish Calendar at
for all meetings and events
St. Andrew Announcements, Continued
St. Vincent de Paul/St. Andrew Emergency Services
Risk Taking
Preparación pre-bautismal es cada
Discipleship is not just a comfortable holding onto the
gifts that God has given us. It challenges us to action, to
segundo sábado de mes a las 7pm. Y los
risk taking, to increasing the yield of good works and shar- bautizos son cada cuarto domingo del
ing these with others, and to refraining from excuses for
mes (excepto durante cuaresma). Llame
our failures.
a Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17 para
The risks that earn us affirmation as “good and trustworregistrarse.
thy” servants are the ordinary kingdom exchanges of daily
life: forgiving rather than burying a grudge in our hearts; Primera Comunión Las clases inician en
el mes de octubre, los miércoles de 6:30
standing by another in times of sorrow, failure or misunderstanding; giving someone the benefit of the doubt; associating with those whom a 7:45. Registraciones están cerradas.
many consider the “wrong kind” of unacceptable people; laying down one’s life for Quinceañeras:
another—perhaps a misunderstood friend, rebellious child, a terminally ill spouse,
Se realizan cada tercer sábado del mes.
aged parents.
Tienen que ser miembros de la parroAll this “now” effort is preparing us for the “not yet” entry into the kingdom.
quia y tener la primera comunión hecha.
Sr. Verna Holyhead, an Australian Sister of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St. Llame a Diana al 503-281-4429 ext 17
para registrarse y confirmar la fecha.
Christmas Food Box Program is around the corner:
Sign ups for a Christmas food box began Wednesday, Nov. 5. They end on Bodas: Comunicarse directamente con
Padre David al 503-281-4429 ext 11.
Dec. 12, 2014.
A maximum of 150 families who are living within our service boundaries;
St. Andrew E-mail
Delivery day is Saturday, Dec. 20, from 9 – 12 pm
Sign-ups to donate turkeys or cash are in December after the 9:30 a.m. Mass.
If you wish to have something an(Did you know that last year, the two holiday food box programs, Christmas and
nounced to the community, please send
Epiphany, provided 194 families with food boxes? Fed 905 folks? Distributed more your message to Joy Wallace at
than 300 chickens and 40 turkeys? Not to mention the scores of gifts and books
[email protected] as a Word
given to more than 200 children? Thank you for these wonderful gifts to our comdocument that is proofread and edited
before sending.
Youth Ministry News!
Please pray for the youth who are on retreat this weekend in White Salmon. We are
focusing on stillness and mindfulness in an age of activity and technology.
Fall pancake breakfast fundraiser after mass next Sunday, Nov 16. See flyer in
bulletin. Come very hungry.
Middle-schoolers are invited to join both St. Andrew and Holy Redeemer youth
groups for a trip to CALLED! Middle School youth rally on Saturday, December 13,
in the afternoon and evening. Email CYM Heather with questions.
Save the date of Sunday, Nov 23, at 2pm, when youth/families are
invited to a Thanksgiving service trip to St. Francis Dining hall.
Gospel Choir
The St. Andrew Gospel Choir will rehearse Wednesday Nov. 12 and
19 at 7:00 pm in the church. The choir will sing at mass on 4th Sunday
Nov. 23rd. Anyone wishing to join the choir please come to rehearsal. If
coming for the first time please call ahead to 503-477-0424 as we sometimes have last minute changes.
Birthdays This Week
Prayer Requests
For prayer requests via e-mail, please
contact Louise Kasper at 503.280.2690,
or e-mail your request to [email protected]
Religious Education News
First Communion
classes are being delayed. New start date
Wednesday, October
29th. Classes are
from 6:30-7:45 in the community center. For more info call April Sandoval
at 503.281.4429 ext. 23.
Las clases de primera comunion se han
retrazado. La nueva fecha de inicio es
mièrcoles octubre 29 de 6:30 a 7:45
en el centro comunitario. Para más
información llame a April Sabdoval
al503-281-4429 ext 23.
Today: Daniel Craddock, Maria Fleming, Teodoro Hueta-Jaramillo,
Rosamaria Juan, Bev Logan
Next week: Marieke Mertz, Michelle Mura, Megan Nealis, Bill Bache,
Roberto Cruz, Thomas Kelly, Angela Kremer, Brad Werth, Luis Alfaro,
Patrick Moore, Joshua Perez, Nathaniel Collett, Noah Sandoval, Angel
St. Andrew Parent Support
Pulido-Barrita, John Braunger, Sandy McDonald, Erin O’Brien Powers, Michelle
Network Website
Logan, Marie Logan, Renaldo Sandoval and Mary Lou Betzing
You can find the website at: http:// This Week
Christy and Michael Mason, Erik and Pamela VanDerWolf