Oxted Warlingham &

The Parish of
The Diocese of Arundel & Brighton
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November 2014 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time Year A
St Ambrose Church
2 Warren Park
All Saints Church
12 Chichele Road
Personal Assistant
Liz Braines
[email protected]
Hospital Chaplains
If you or one of your
relatives are being admitted
to East Surrey Hospital,
or are admitted in an
emergency, please contact
St Joseph’s Church,
Redhill and inform the
Hospital Chaplains:
Tel: 01737 761017
For those being admitted to
Croydon University
(Mayday) Hospital, you
should contact the
Chaplain through the Ward
And for St George’s,
please contact Fr Jonothan
on 0208 725 3086
Newsletter articles by
Wednesday 6 pm please
to isabelle at
[email protected] or
by text on 07760 887562
Reg. Charity No
252878 www.dabnet.org
Parish Office 01883 627762
It is with deep regret to announce that Father John Olliver died on
Thursday afternoon. Mercifully, it was a peaceful and prayerful end,
surrounded by the love and warmth of his family. Our prayers and sincere
condolences are with his family and many friends. Our special thanks are
given to all those who ministered to him especially the medical and
nursing staff, Fathers Chris. Spain and Aaron Spinelli and clergy from other
denominations in particular David Skitt and Tim Goode. Details of Fr.
John’s funeral will be announced when we hear what his family’s wishes
Our prayers and sincere condolences are with the family of Josephine
Scott who also died on Thursday. Details of her funeral at St Ambrose will
be announced next week.
May they rest in peace.
If you need to arrange a baptism, marriage, funeral or would like to receive the
Sacrament of the Sick or Reconciliation, please contact Liz Braines in the Parish
Office. Also contact Liz to arrange an appointment for School Applications for
St Francis and St Bede’s Fr Chris Spain will ️ be available to sign forms for
those who have put Fr John Olliver down as their referee and who have attended
mass at least two to three times a month over the past three years. Tuesday
18th November 6-7 pm at St Ambrose or Thursday 27th November 6.30 -7.30
pm at All Saints.
Mass Times and intentions Next Week
Saturday 15th
5.30 pm
All Saints
Daisy Pilkington (sick)
16th 9.00 am
St Ambrose
Father John Olliver RIP
11.00 am
All Saints
22nd 5.30 pm
All Saints
Deceased relatives of Jack &
Margaret Collins
23rd 9.00 am
St Ambrose Chrissie Brookes RIP
11.00 am
All Saints
People of the Parish
Confirmation classes to prepare young people in Year 10 (age 14-15) who
would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in 2015 will start at the
beginning of January. Additionally, if you or any members of your family
have missed receiving this very special sacrament preparation is available to
adults. Please contact Louise Redferne 01883 65341801883 653418 or email
[email protected]]
Our prayers and support are asked for all those living with illness and infirmity, including:
Fathers Fred Franklin, Robin Mountford, Tony Rogers, Dominic Rolls, Rob Taylerson,
Deacon Stuart Geary and Sister Vera Harrison,
Dee Barrett, Ken Belton, Malcolm Bowen, Robert Bridge, Bobbie Brookes, Mary Coll, Caroline Butler,
Frank and Maisie Butler, Olwen Carpenter, Philip Chandler, Sally Chitty, Campbell Clark,Cindy, John Cosier,
Brian Darwin, Edward Davies, John Davis, Jeremiah Dennehy, Joaquina De Souza, Gillian Dew, Peter Dew,
Frank Dunnell, Una Eaton, Cynthia Elliot, John Findlay, Lorna Georgia, John Gilford,Theresa Fitzpatrick,
Desmond Flynn, Joe and Brenda Gaffney, Vic Farmer, Paul Frederiksen, Paula Gibbons, John Gordon, Pat Hatcher,
Anne & Michael Harewood, Catherine Hayward-Martin, Sylvia Hewett, Emily Howe, Mary Jack, Mary Kennedy,
Mairead Kerr, James Duncan Kenny, Rowena Leslie, Kathryn Lewis, John Lloyd, Sean Madden, Ann O’Brien,
Kathleen Parker, Gemma Parsons, John Payne, Daisy Pilkington, Ann Reid, Deirdre Rourke, Rita Saunders, Win
Simmons, Valerie Stringer, Alison Sweeting, Audrey Wagner, Rowena Watts, Angela Wilson, Althea Woorich.
Prayer chain requests should be directed to Malcolm Bowen by phone on 01883 346230 or email at
[email protected]
CANCELLED QUIZNIGHT 15th November due to the news of Fr John’s death.
What is the meaning of “church”? Be part of a the discussions going on around the parish based on one of the Va4can II documents: Christ -­‐ Light of the na0ons. Groups are taking place: on Mondays at 10.30 am in Old Oxted, please contact Molly for informa4on 01883 715475. and at 2pm at Hunter’s Hollow, Woldingham (details from Louise Redferne [email protected] Materials for the discussions or reflec4on at home are available now priced £1.50.
Mothers Prayers The next mee4ng will be on Wednesday 19th November 2014 at 10.00 am at 25 Granville Road, Oxted. For more informa4on please contact Molly Holman on 01883 715475.
Autumn Fair 22nd November 10.00 -­‐ 12 noon at David Gresham House, 2 Oak Close, Oxted RH8 0AP entrance 50p to include a coffee and biscuits. All welcome.
Day-by-Day Advent booklets will be on sale priced
£1 from this weekend.hey consist of prayers and
meditations for each day of Advent: a really useful
aid to getting you in the mood so the stress of
commercialism is put on the back burner. Some
advent calendars for children are also available.
ALSO Advent 2014 A booklet of scripture,
reflections and prayers written by young people and
designed for small group discussion is now available
for use in parish groups or for individuals Six young
people were brought together to write reflections on
the second reading of each week of Advent, and to
design prayer activities and challenges to introduce
new methods of prayer to people around the
Diocese.To order copies contact the Diocesan
Bookshop on 01293 651165 or email
[email protected]
Pilgrimage to Rome
Monday 14 - Friday 18 September 2015
This will be led by Fr Aaron Spinelli of the
Parish of the Nativity of Our Lord in
Redhill. If you are interested, an open
evening is being held at 8 pm on 18
November at St Joseph’s, 122 Ladbroke
Grove, Redhill RH1 1LF or contact Sean
McGettrick on 01737 767352 or
sean.mcge)[email protected]/nternet.com.
Saturday 22nd November 9.30 am -­‐ 12.30 pm Oxted Community Hall Signing of Christmas Cards to Prisoners of Conscience. Cards provided by Justice & Peace. Donations to postage welcome but not necessary. Please do make a special effort to drop in that morning. Coffee and cake provided.
Collections 8th & 9th November 2014
£ 285 Loose, £ 1,205 Gift Aided.
Building Fund £136
Thank you all for your generosity
At St Ambrose - the front pews have been adapted for use by wheelchair users. If not needed by a
wheelchair user, this is a useful spot for those with push-chairs - but do remember to keep the aisle clear
during communion. A wheelchair is available at each church for use by any parishioner to make it
easier to get around for Mass or other Parish Events. Also, if you need to receive communion or a
blessing where you are sitting at Mass please let one of the welcomers know in before Mass starts.
There are also newsletters in large type format and large print versions of the Mass Sheet on Sundays.
If you are visually-impaired, or have someone at home who could benefit from this, please do take one.