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November 2014 News
13200 Olympic View Road, Silverdale, Washington 98383 ~ Phone: 360-662-8400
Chris Visserman, Principal
District Website: h p:// School Website: h p://
Parent Teacher Conferences
November 21—November 26 Dismissal At 11:45
9:10 a.m.—11:45 a.m.
Breakfast will be served at normal me.
No lunch will be served on these days.
Parent student conferences begin on Friday, November 21
and run through Wednesday, November 26. If you have not
signed up for a conference please contact your students
teacher via e-mail or by phone before or a%er school.
Conference me is very important. It offers the opportunity
to share concerns and discuss your child’s progress. Students
will also dismiss at 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, November 21st
(standards-based assessment day)
Thanksgiving Break—
no school on
November 27 and 28.
Have a wonderful holiday!
Early Release dates
November 6
1:55 pm
November 13
1:55 pm
Standards-Based Assessment Day
November 20
Some Important Everyday Reminders!
Students are not to arrive at school
before 9:00 unless they are here for
breakfast (8:50) or for a special program such as
unicycling or choir. Students must be picked up in
the pick-up zone by 3:30. Students that are
repeatedly in the office a%er 3:30 will be sent to
M&M Kids and a fee will be assessed.
If your student will be missing more than three days
of school, an Extended Leave Form MUST be filled
out one week prior to the absence. Forms are
available on-line or in the office.
Please make sure that your child is dressed
according to our dress code and the weather
condi ons. Because our weather changes
frequently, it is advisable to dress in layers.
Please mark your students coats, jackets, sweaters
and inside their lunchboxes with their last name. It
is easier to return lost items with names on them.
11:45 am
Conference Dismissal
November 21
11:45 am
November 24
11:45 am
November 25
11:45 am
November 26
11:45 am
The full
complete with all
Cougar Valley events
is located on the
last page of this
Make a Difference!!
Federal Impact Aid
Survey Forms are Coming
Home November 3!
Substituting in schools is a great way to gain experience and earn money while maintaining a flexible
schedule! Central Kitsap School District is currently
recruiting for substitute teachers and support staff.
Substitutes are vial to the success of our schools
and our students, and we seek every opportunity to
obtain and maintain a list of qualified substitutes.
Substitute Rates of Pay
Every Year the District must apply for Federal Impact
Aid funds from the US Department of Educa on.
These funds compensate CKSD for the loss of local tax
dollars from tax-exempt federal property in the
Silverdale and Bremerton area. The District must
conduct a Federal Residence and Employment Survey
on a yearly basis in order to obtain a current count of
families in the District who live and/or work on federal
property. On November 3, 2014, students will be
bringing home the survey form used for this count.
It is important that all appropriate sec?ons on the
form be filled out completely and accurately and the
form is signed and dated for each student. These
funds benefit all of our students and are used for basic
educa on programs District-wide (except for the
special educa on por on, which is used directly for
that program). Your coopera on in assis ng the
District in this maEer is greatly appreciated.
Friendly Reminders:
Please label your child’s
coats, lunch boxes, and
other “loose” items.
Lost and Found is already
filling up! Please feel free to take a look for any
items that your child might be missing.
Any Lost and Found items le%over a%er Winter
Break will be donated.
Noon Assistant
$10.76 per hour
Paraeducator I
$13.06 per hour
Paraeducator II
$13.45 per hour
Substitute Teacher
$110-125 per day (7.5 hours)
$55-62.50 per half day (3.75
Join us and make a difference! For more information, please visit .
Medication at School
Students are not allowed to carry any type of medication to
school. This includes cough/throat drops/throat sprays, aspirin (including Tylenol, Motrin, Pamprin, etc), eye drops, antacids (Tums, Maalox, Pepto Bismol, etc), anti-itch cream
(Benadryl, etc). If a student needs any type of medication, a
“Physicians Order for Med-ication at School” form is available in the office or on the Health Services Website.
This must be filled out by Parent/Guardian, signed by
your physician, and on file in the school office.
CK Celebrates Native American Culture
Please join us for a night of culture &
celebration sponsored by CK Indian Ed!
• The Canoe Family Singers- Port Gamble S’Klallam
Singers/ Dancers
• Central Kitsap Schools- Native American Projects
• Keith Egawa- Author/ Illustrator/ Book Talk/ Book
Signing “Tani’s Search for the Heart”
• Haida Heritage Foundation- Haida Singers/ Dancers
• Johnny Moses – Traditional Story Teller
• Northwest Indian College- Native Recruitment Display
• South Kitsap Indian Ed- Native Cultures Display
• University of Washington - Native Recruitment Display
Refreshments by Fairview Junior High Food Science students.
November 6, 2014 6:00-8:00 PM
Klahowya Secondary School Auditorium
7607 Newberry Hill Rd., Silverdale
When Parents Should Keep Students Home From School
One of the most perplexing problems parents face is whether to send their child to school when they are not
feeling well. No one wants to keep their student home if (s)he is not really ill, nor do they want to send an ill
child to school. The following guidelines for deciding whether or not to send your student to school until your
doctor can be contacted for an opinion.
Student may come to school IF:
Mild cold but otherwise feeling well
Student should remain home IF:
Temperature of 100 degrees or greater; Student should stay home until fever
free for 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medication)
Heavy cold accompanied by a deep hacking cough (even without a fever)
Consult your physician prior to sending student to school IF:
Abdominal pain that is persistent or severe enough to limit student’s activity (i.e. running, walking, sitting,
Rashes that cannot be readily explained
No improvement of your student’s symptoms within three to four days
With any signs or symptoms that cause you concern
May I speak to the School Nurse?
Our school nurse Sarah Lewis is in our building most Fridays and every other Thursday. If
you have questions regarding immunizations or other health services provided by Central
Kitsap School District (vision & hearing testing, scoliosis testing, etc.) you can call Health
Services Office at 662-1070.
Health Room Needs
Sometimes students come to the health room
Congratulations to our 2014-2015 ASB Officers!
President: Grace Schenk
needing a change of dry clothes.
Vice President: Sabrina Lingenbrink
We are currently in need of BLACK or BLUE
Secretary: Asha Arias
(unisex) SWEAT PANTS in
SMALL sizes. Please no jeans or
tops. Thanks for your gently used
Treasurer: Brady Rice
Public Relations Officers:
Justin Becker, Jessie Turner
~ ~ ~
October 10
October 17
Adrianna Ballard
Isaac Jalonen
Samantha Johnson
Autumn DeClerk
Alex Bauman
Carley Cargile
Aubrey Six
Charlotte Castillo
Alex Steffen
Madison Boykin
Faith Pyle
Lucy Taylor
Amanda Repine
Nathan Manke
Ian Daniels
Nicolaus Pollard
Andrew Gintz
Duncan Pruitt
Jacob Manavie
Caryi Edwards
Austin Salminen
Christian Cordero
Jackson Jones
Jocelyn Jones
Brent Castle
Kayla Hill
Jacob Pickard
Gabe Ring
Elizabeth Sorna
Riley Johnson
Aaron Stephens
Keyra Ellison
Isabella Olson
Jessie Turner
Matean Fosmo
Asha Arias
Jacob Godden
Alexander Luley
Clara Gintz
Hannah Byrd
Jacob Lingenbrink
Addison Burt
Timothy Berezhnoy
Ashlyn Soza
Jaida Jones
Grant Solvie
Jason Rodriguez
Isabel Knapper
Joseph Solomon
Maeve Wiggins
Finn Duff
Caleb Spencer
Josiah Lee
Jarred Lerma
Nollie Adams
Mason Waller
Karson Heath
Landon Stout
Ava Chadwick
Josh Cole
Kellen Swanson
Nick Malicsi
Deanna Monske
Tristan Ward
Madison Guillen
Melanie Smith
Shelton Shultz
Mariah Johnson
Phaelan Shultz
Alexis Councilor
Lillian Hopkins
Aurora Brandt
Piper Falk-Wain
Carter Chadwick
Ryder Wright
Jane Frandsen
Sonali Sharma
Tim Hicks
Tyler Lingenbrink
Dalton Ostrander
Sophie Sterchi
Celeste Elkins
Kayla Swan
Rayne Austin
October 24
October 31
Ciara George
Food Drive
Cougar Valley’s Holiday Food Drive (now un?l November 20th): the ASB and Care Club at Cougar Valley are joining
together once again to help those who are in need this holiday season. Cougar Valley would like your help! Please
consider dona ng one or more of the following non-perishable items to help our Cougar Valley families and Central
Kitsap Food Bank:
condensed milk
boxed potato mixes
canned cranberries
evaporated milk
dressing mixes
canned vegetables
brown sugar
bread mixes
chocolate chips
canned pumpkin
*if you would prefer to donate gi% cards to help purchase fresh food items, please send the cards to the office.
Thank you for your help!
Book Fair!
The book fair will be held Nov. 19th—26th
from 8:30-4:30. Volunteers are needed and
welcome! Email [email protected]
for questions.
Christyl Fisher
Book Fair Chair
Thank you!
Letters to Santa
For the last two years, Cougar Valley
Elementary has participated with our local
Silverdale Macy’s as it partners with the
“Make A Wish” Foundation. This foundation raises money for critically and
terminally ill children.
The money is raised through the “Letters
to Santa” campaign. Every year, Macy’s
donates $1 for each letter written and
delivered to the “Believe” mailbox, located
in the Macy’s store. On December 12,
National Believe Day, Macy’s will DOUBLE
that donation to $2 per letter.
Macy’s has provided us with 3,800 postcards on which to write out letters. No
stamps are necessary! Our goal this year is
to write 5,000 letters by December 12,
The world needs to know your inner
artist! PTA's Reflections Program is
underway. This year's theme is "The
world would be a better place if...".
Entries are being accepted in the categories of: Dance Choreography; Film
Production; Literature; Music Composition; Photography; and Visual Arts. For more information, go
to or contact the Cougar Valley
Reflections Chair, Kari Six at [email protected]
Entries are due to the office by November 17th,
which would raise $10,000 for the Foundation and grant a single wish. In the last two
years, our school raised over $12,000.
We can continue to write letters until
December 19th when Ryan Ramoso, the
Manager of Silverdale Macy’s joins us in the
cafeteria with our mailbox as we count and
deposit our letters. Please encourage your
children (and others, anyone can write a
letter!) to write some letters to Santa.
It’s a wonderful way to learn about
compassion and bring joy to the lives of
For more information,
contact Kim Lakes.
[email protected]
C o u g a r Va l l e y L i b r a ry
Mrs. Jennifer Cleven: Librarian/Media Specialist: 662-8420
Mrs. Selene Patterson: Library Clerk: 662-8421
October 30, 2014
Need eBook Help?
If you will be at CV for afternoon conferences November 21st, 24th, or 25th, you are invited to bring
your personal wi-fi enabled devices to the library!
We will have guest access to the library wi-fi at that
time, and I will be available to help you get connected to our eBook library on your device.
We have over 1,300 eBooks in our library; picture
books, fiction chapter, and high-interest non-fiction!
In order for your child to access the eBook “cloud”
they will need to have logged in to our FollettShelf
program at least ONE time from a school computer
this year.
If you are unable to join us in the library, please
encourage your child to stop by and pick up an instruction sheet, or visit the eBook tab on the Cougar
Valley Library website.
Volume 4, Issue
We try to keep a supply of
magazines on hand for kids
when they forget their
books on library day.
If you have copies of kidfriendly age-appropriate
magazine, we would certainly appreciate
Titles that are popular:
Lego Magazine
National Geographic Kids
Sports Illustrated Kids
Lost/damaged Library Books?
If library books are lost or damaged beyond repair, we do ask families
to pay for the book, or replace it. Paperback fine is $10, hardback is
$20. If you are able to find the same book in the same format (if a
hardback was lost, then that same title needs to be replaced in hardback format), then that would count as a replacement. Once we have
paid for a replacement, we cannot issue a refund if it is found later.
Book fines can be paid in the main office. Thanks for helping the kids
keep those books safe!
Library “Wish List”
It seems like these days we are all trying to do “more with less”! If you are
interested in helping our library to s-t-r-e-t-c-h its dollars, here are a few
things we are looking for:
* AAA and AA batteries
* vinyl bean bags
* bean-bag “filler” (styro-foam “beans” made for bean-bags)
* magazines (see examples to the right)
Thanks so much!!!
American Girl
Discovery Girls
Thank you!
Chorus News
Music News
Welcome to the busy season for music. Listed are the upcoming concerts and performances. If you have any ques ons feel free
to call me at 662-8416 or email [email protected], I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
November 6th, 6:30 pm Thursday-all 4th graders at Klahowya Secondary School for the Na ve American Cultural Celebra on.
Check below for more info.
November 8th, 11:00 am, Saturday-CV Chorus caroling at CK High School.
November 13th, 6:00 pm Thursday-all 5th graders in the CV Gym, Veterans Day Salute.
December 16th, 6:00 pm Tuesday-all 3rd graders in the CV Gym, Celebra ons from Around the World.
December 16th, 7:00 pm Tuesday-CV Chorus in the CV Gym, Winter Concert.
February 5th, 6:30 pm Thursday-Ridgetop Jr. High, Honor Choir Fes val
Music Performance for 4th grade: This year the 4th graders will be performing at
Klahowya Secondary School for The Na ve American Culture Heritage Night, Thursday
November 6th, please arrive by 6:15. This is the first me a Cougar Valley music group
has par cipated in this celebra on. There will be many par cipants from Central Kitsap
Schools and neighboring community members. Students will be using many skills from
the Washington State Music Standards and tying it into their classroom studies about
Na ve Americans.
The 5th grade concert is integrated with social studies unit about The United States and
honors our Veterans. This is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to see their
children perform and fulfills many of the Music Standards required in our class. Students are asked to wear clothing in the colors
Red, White and/or Blue. I appreciate all of your support in the music program. Please arrive in the music room by 5:45 pm.
3rd grade performance:
The 3rd graders have returned their intent to perform papers and will be assigned parts for the show the early part of this month.
This concert is integrated with their studies about the con nents and different cultures, focusing on winter celebra ons from
around the world. If you have any tradi onal costumes, from any country, the children are welcome to wear them as part of our
performance. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to perform. The prepara on and performance will fulfill many of the
Music Standards required in our class.
Chorus News
We have such a terrific group of Chorus students this year. I know you will enjoy hearing them sing. Our first concert is at CK High
School’s Holiday Cra% Bazaar, we will be caroling. Please meet in the CK band room by 10:45am. We are scheduled to sing at 11
am. I’d like to ask all the chorus students to please wear black or dark color pants or skirt and a white or very light color top. I will
have Santa hats and reindeer hats for the students if they want to wear them.
CV Chorus Winter Program is scheduled for Tuesday December 16th at 7 pm. Please arrive in the music room by 6:45…a%er the 3rd
grade performance.
Honor Choir
Honor Choir is made up of students in 6th – 12th grades. We will be allowed to take around 10 6th graders to par cipate in the All
Central Kitsap School District Honor Choir Fes val. Soon invita ons will go home invi ng 6th graders from chorus. If we are able
to take more I may be able to choose from students by their respecSul, responsible behavior as well as their singing ability. Honor
Choir Fes val is scheduled for February 5th at Ridgetop Jr. High.
If you have any ques ons feel free to call me at 662-8416 or email: [email protected] I’ll get back to you as
soon as I can.
Jill Giddings
Staff Directory
Nicole Swanson
[email protected]
Lisa Williams
[email protected]
Shelly Ortyn
[email protected]
Holly Patton
[email protected]
SpEd K-3
Lori McMicken
[email protected]
SpEd 4-6
Sue Severson
[email protected]
Debra Shibsted
[email protected]
Amy Davis
[email protected]
Nicole Yeager
[email protected]
Julie Bowman
[email protected]
Cindy Wilson
[email protected]
Karen Laberge
[email protected]
Penny Timm
[email protected]
Sarah Cole
[email protected]
Justine Zeitler-Rhodes
jus [email protected]
Donna Bittner
[email protected]
Donna McCormick
[email protected]
Brenda Newell
[email protected]
Wendy Tedford
[email protected]
Michelle Simmons
[email protected]
Jennifer Roger
[email protected]
Katie Kanzler
ka [email protected]
Audrey Milano
[email protected]
Pam Stewart
Cvoffi[email protected]
Kerry Klein
[email protected]
Jill Giddings
[email protected]
Wade Demmert
[email protected]
Stuart Logan
[email protected]
November 2014
unicycle 8:20 am
Impact Aid
Cards Due
Choir 8:30 &3:30
Daylight Saving
Time Ends. Set
clocks back 1
Impact Aid
Cards Come
unicycle 8:20
Early Release
1:55 pm
unicycle 8:20
13 Advanced
unicycle 8:20
Early Release
1:55 pm
No School
Choir 8:30 &3:30
Book Fair
No unicycle
for rest of
Choir 8:30 only
Day, 11:45
unicycle 8:20
Day, 11:45
Book Fair
Day, 11:45
5th grade
Veteran’s Day
Concert 6:30
No unicycle
Day, 11:45
Day, 11:45