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Worser Bay School Children love learning. At our school, the entire school community can:
* See achievement celebrated and children valued as individuals; * Feel motivated and inspired to participate; * Experience success.
Ka mau te wehi! (Grasp the Magic!)
We made the
most of the good
weather earlier
this week long jumping
and enjoying the
sun at Worser
Bay Beach.
Term 4, Week 4, Friday 7 November 2014
Kia ora e te Whanau o Whetukairangi
The big weekend is finally here and the weather is going to
be suitably perfect for Wild Things to Play!
The Worser Bay School Fair signs have been causing
intrigue all week on the Peninsula. What a build up, what a
slick operation, what a commitment from the community.
I always love the buzz of parents in and around the school
leading up to the Fair, you bring a different energy with you.
Please remember that the Children's Parade kicks off the
Fair. This is an opportunity for the children to dress up and
really feel part of it all.
Enormous thanks to the Fair Committee who have been
sticking tightly to the full on Fair project plan for the
majority of 2014. Your contribution is so very much
appreciated and I'm sure you will feel totally satisfied and
proud when you finally sit down on Sunday.
Parents, please come to the upstairs bar area at The Roxy
next Thursday 13th November at 7.00 pm. For the last
few years we have booked this upstairs area as a space
where parents can mix and mingle, have a snack and
purchase a drink. We can celebrate the year and the
tremendous effort that our Worser Bay Parent Community
makes to creating such a special school.
So "Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so
endlessly delicious". Ruth Reichl (Food Guru)
Nga mihi
EZ Athletics payment and permission slip - if relevant.
Diary Yr 6, Matariki/Māhutonga and Inquiry Events - p3 & 5
Thursday 13 November - The Roxy 7.00 pm - Enjoy a drink,
snacks, and get together. (Whole Parent Community)
Friday 14 November - Assembly 9.10 am
Thursday 11 December - Year 6 Dinner
(Year 6s plus their parents)
Tuesday 16 December - The Farewell 'WRAP'
(Whole Parent Community)
Please take a look at our blogs!
It’s here at last!
Sunday, 9 November, 2014
11.00 am - 2.00 pm
See you there!!!
Pay for: Sausages (Tuesdays $2 each), Sushi (Fridays), Trips, Sports Payments (currently Flippaball, Floorball and EZ
Athletics), Sport T-Shirts, etc.
- Worser Bay School Fair 2014
Year 6 End of Term Activities and Events
1. We have booked a Zoo Sleepover for the Year 6 children on 3rd December. Price will include a light
supper and continental breakfast. Please eat dinner before you arrive. Sleepovers start at 7pm.
2. We are taking the children to Porirua Pool on 10th December. Please let Nicola know if you are able to
help on the day. Email: [email protected]
We are also planning a week at the beach for all of our Matariki/Māhutonga students Thursday 11th and Friday 12th December and
Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th December. Activities will include snorkelling, sailing, skateboarding, kayaking. There will be a BBQ
on the beach, at a small charge. Brooke and his students from Wellington High School will be leading these activities.
We just have some costs to finalise - we will let you know when it’s online at so that there is only one payment
required for the Year 6 activities (which will include the Year 6 Yearbook) and one payment for the Beach Week.
See Page 6 for an important notice re an event coming up on Tuesday, 2nd December.
This week we took advantage of the good weather. We went to the beach to have a go at Long Jump. The longest
jumpers will compete in the Eastern Zones Athletics event.
Virtual Field Trip
This week some of us have been on a virtual field
trip to Antarctica. You can find out more on our
Antarctica Vehicles
To get there they got on a C 17 US Air Force plane,
(massive!!) then to get around on the ice they had snow cats
and custom named Ivan the Terra bus. They all had tracks
and wheels designed to be great for the ice!
Now and again they had to drill into the ice to see how thick
and safe the ice was.
By Leo and Jack
In Antarctica it is dry with not much moisture, so you need to
take a lot of water. You also have another bottle which you
pee in so DO NOT mix the two up! You have to have layers of
clothes which includes jackets, wind breakers and other layers of clothing. There is a piece of clothing for every part of
the body so it is basically only your eyes uncovered. Interesting Fact is that Antarctica is around 50 times our size and is
the coldest, driest and windiest country. 90% of the world's
ice is in Antarctica.
By Gretel
Homework and Choice Activities are on the blog:
See Page 6 for an important notice re an event coming up on Friday, 12 December.
Check out our blogs: and
Our Principal’s Awards for the term focus on Creativity.
Awards for this week were for Being Actively Involved in my
own learning.
Autahi and Tautoru:
Matilda, Joni, Luca, Joel, Alexander B., Jupiter, Libby, Lachlan.
Māhutonga and Matariki:
Manaia, Eloise, Louise Mc., Maya, Linnea, Jack M., Adam,
Emma S., Joab.
Attention all parents of students in Māhutonga/Matariki
plus parents of this year’s Year 3 students.
Innovators’ and Inventors’ Fair:
Tuesday 2nd December
Time: 6 - 7.30 pm
To conclude our year of Inquiry we will be presenting the
wonderful creative thinking of our students. Bring Fish and
Chips and come and hear about the kids’ inventions, their
ideas and the creative process they have all been through.
We would also love to take this opportunity to share our
planning for the first 2015 Inquiry with you and get your ideas.
This is why we would love Year 3s plus parents to come
along too!
Watch this space for more details.
Senior Team
Autahi and Tautoru Taking Action Around Innovation
Innovators’ and Inventors’ Presentation:
Friday 12th December.
Time: 9.30-11.00 am
To conclude our year of Inquiry we will be presenting the
wonderful creative thinking of our students. We invite whanau
to stay on after the assembly to share in the children's
We will be discussing the kids’ inventions, their ideas and the
creative process they have all been through. We also want to
share our planning for the 2015 Inquiry with you and get your
ideas and contributions to this.
Watch this space for more details about this.
Junior Team
Welcome to Sammy, whose family is already a part of the
Worser Bay School Community.
We look forward to guiding your development and learning.
Board Shorts
The teaching staff and board met recently for a very
productive away day. As a result, Board members have a
deepened understanding of how the team plans to develop
its work with our children over the coming months. The
Board is there to support this and make sure teachers have
the best possible resources to continue the excellent work
going on in the classroom.
At last week’s board meeting, we discussed the draft
budget and how best to support successful learning in
2015, as well as making provision for the usual building
and maintenance demands of our property and grounds.
Board members expressed their deep gratitude to all those
who have devoted so much time to making this year’s fair a
success. The Board looks forward to celebrating this
fantastic effort and achievement at the Roxy on Thursday
13th November.
Just to remind you once more…
New Online Payment System
This term, we are piloting a new secure payment system
with Wrap it Up Limited. They’ve developed an online ordering and payment facility for all school activities. This means
you will be able to select a range of school “products” such
as sausage sizzles, school excursions and sporting
activities and pay for them online either by internet banking
or credit/debit card.
The great thing about it is that you will be able to select
activities for more than one child and order sausages (for
example) for multiple weeks at a time.
Think of it like a shop. You can select as many or as few
“products” as you like for one or more children. You go to
the checkout, confirm your purchases and pay for them.
The system also stores a record of your purchases in your
account. It’s quick and simple. And there’s no more paper
permission slips as this is also done online. We can reduce
our paper and you can stop worrying about mislaying
While it will not be mandatory to use the Wrap it Up system,
we recommend it as it will help us reduce the hours currently spent on the administration of payments and financial
record keeping. We’ve had a 4-year association with Wrap it
Up Limited and, to date, they have always provided us a
fantastic service that we can rely on. They have very good
systems in place and have always provided us with
excellent customer service.
We’re excited about the new system and encourage you to
try it. It will certainly simplify your school payments. To help
with the pilot, we’ll be sending out a number of surveys
throughout the term to gather your feedback.
As well as the surveys, please feel free to feed comments
back to the school office directly, or contact Jane at Wrap it
Up on 021 234 9688.
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