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Rev. Eric Gyan: ext. 12
[email protected]
Deacon Assistants
Bill Blair: ext. 30
[email protected]
Jodi Moscona: ext. 30
[email protected]
Community Services would like to thank:
* Megan Upperman from University High at LSU for
hosting a food drive at her school. 633 lbs. of
food was collected and donated to St. Theresa of
Avila Community Services.
Business Manager
Heather Melancon: ext. 15
[email protected]
* Galvez Middle School Beta Club sponsor, Susan
Director of Christian Formation
Alice Blair: ext. 11
[email protected]
Lynn Dodge: ext. 20
[email protected]
Ballard, and the Gonzales Middle Jr Beta Club .
Their club held a food drive in October which
collected 439 lbs. of food.
* the Gonzales Rotary Club for hosting their annual
Director of Community Services
Anna Sparacino: ext. 13
(225) 647-4001
[email protected]
Treat or Trick night.
It was a raging
SUCCESS! We collected 4,587 lbs (over 2 tons )
of food (Mr. Olin Berthelot collected 953 lbs of
food in his truck alone).
Administrative Assistant
Cindy Richard: ext. 0
[email protected]
This will surely help us to help others during the
holiday season.
Janet Compton: ext. 22
[email protected]
Marita Decuir
D.J. Marchand
Parish Data Facilitator
Edith “Duke” Soulier: ext. 14
[email protected]
Pictured above and right:
STA Community Services
volunteers work diligently to
sort through nonperishable
Parish Office Hours
8:30 am -4:30 pm
Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil: 4:00 pm
Sunday: 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30 am
Tuesday , Wednesday & Friday: 6:30 am
(Tuesday Novena following Mass)
Thursday: 8:00 am
Communion Service
Monday: 6:30 am
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday: 2:45 - 3:30 pm
Communal services during Advent and Lent.
Priest available for private appointment by calling
the Parish Office
EA/EI Regional Catholic Schools
St. John Primary (PK-3)
Kim Naquin, Principal
37407 Duplessis Road
(225) 647-2803
St. Theresa Middle (4-8)
Chris Musso, Principal
212 East New River St.
Gonzales, LA
(225) 647-2803
Parish membership is open to all Catholics who
reside within the territory of St. Theresa Church
Parish and other Catholics with permission of
their respective local pastor. Stop by the Parish
Office to pick up a form or call Duke.
The family should make arrangements with the
Parish Priest.
For information on Baptism, First Eucharist,
RCIA, Confirmation, or Parish School of Religion,
call Alice Blair.
Engaged couples must contact Parish Priest at
least six (6) months prior to anticipated wedding
Emergency calls are immediate. Hospitals are
visited weekly and by request. Holy Eucharist is
taken to homebound parishioners weekly with
arrangements made through the Community
Services Office.
Anointing can be arranged with the Parish Priest.
Information for our bulletin is due by Monday
noon prior to the next weekend date. Questions?
Contact Duke at the Parish Office.
I Must Change
By Blessed Cardinal Newman
In Meditations and Devotions, “God Alone Unchangeable”
Thou alone, O my God, are what Thou ever hast been!
Man changes. Thou art unchangeable;
nay, even as man
Thou has ever been unchangeable,
for Jesus is yesterday and today Himself, and forever.
Man on the contrary is ever changing.
Not a day passes but I am nearer the grave.
Whatever be my age, whatever the number of my years,
I am ever narrowing the interval between time and eternity.
I am ever changing in myself.
O my God, I am crumbling away, as I go on!
I am already dissolving into my first elements.
My soul indeed cannot die, for you have made it immortal;
but my bodily frame is continually resolving
into that dust out of which it was taken.
All below heaven changes:
spring, summer, autumn, each has its turn.
The fortunes of the world change;
what was high, lies low;
what was low rises high.
Riches take wings and flee away;
bereavements happen.
Friends become enemies, and enemies friends.
Our wishes, aims, and plans change.
There is nothing stable but Thou, o my God!
And Thou are the center and life of all who change,
who trust Thee as their Father, who look to Thee,
and who are content to put themselves into Thy hands.
I know, O my God, I must change,
if I am to see Thy face!
I must undergo the change of death.
Body and soul must die to this world.
My real self, my soul, must change by a true regeneration.
None but the holy can see Thee.
Oh, support me, as I proceed in this great, awful, happy change,
with the grace of Thy unchangeableness.
My unchangeableness here below is perseverance in changing.
Let me day by day be molded upon Thee,
and be changed from glory to glory,
by ever looking towards Thee,
and ever leaning on Thy arm.
I know, O Lord, that I must go
through trial, temptation, and much conflict,
If I am to come to Thee.
I know not what lies before me,
but I know as much as this.
I know, too, that if Thou art not with me,
my change will be for the worse, not for the better.
Whatever fortune I have, be I rich or poor,
healthy or sick, with friends or without,
all will turn to evil if I am not sustained by the Unchangeable;
all will turn to good if I have Jesus with me,
yesterday and today the same, and forever.
The parade route will begin on Irma Blvd.,
proceed to Worthey then Cornerview and back
to Irma.
Audio of Father Eric’s Fold of the Redeemer
class available on our website!
If you missed a session or would like to review
one, go to:
Click on Fold of the Redeemer.
Classes are listed in chronological order.
Keep Our Census Current
Please be sure to notify
Duke Soulier (ext. 14 or at
[email protected])
Church Office in writing/email
with a change of address, phone
number, or family status.
Gonzales Dental is having a food drive during the
month of November. For every 5 non-perishable
items donated you will be entered in a raffle to win
a free ZOOM in office teeth whitening
treatment! Donations are welcome from all
members of the community. The drawing will be
held December 1st.
Help us give thanks by giving back to those in need.
Thank you from all of us at Gonzales Dental!
Dr. Joshua Girod, DDS
318 E. Cornerview St, Gonzales, La 70737
(225) 644-2183
Monday-Friday 8 am-5pm
A look ahead...
Parish events, saints & special observances
Tis the Season!
November 9-15, 2014
Starting last Sunday the Christmas envelopes were placed in the back of
church. The Christmas Angel Tree will be set up the weekends of
November 22/23 and November 29/30 to assist with Christmas gifts for the
needy. (Gifts will need to be returned to church on Sunday, December
We need:
Christmas cards for the prison ministry.
Location Legend:
School Cafeteria (CAFE)
Christian Formation Center (CFC)
Convent Meeting Room (CMR)
School Library (LIB)
Youth House (YH)
Parish Office (PO)
Church (CH)
Socks both male and female for the
healthcare/retirement homes.
Sunday, November 9th:
The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
PSR Class grades 7-11, 10am with
11:30am Mass
Your old wrapping paper.
Call Anna Sparacino at the Parish Office with any questions.
Confirmation Sponsor meeting
10am (Gym)
Rite of Acceptance for Confirmation
Candidates 11:30am Mass
Monday, November 10th:
St. Leo the Great
Tuesday, November 11th:
St. Martin of Tours
Veterans Day
Fold of the Redeemer Class 6:30pm (CH)
Family of Faith 7pm (CH)
25th & 50th Anniversary Celebration
On Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 3pm at Our Lady of Mercy Church (445
Marquette Ave., Baton Rouge), Bishop Robert W. Muench will celebrate a
liturgy honoring couples on their 25th, 50th and 65th or greater wedding
anniversary . There will be a reception at Our Lady of Mercy Parish
Activity Center following the mass.
Couples reaching these anniversaries at any time during the year of 2015
are invited to the mass and reception as well as the families of the
honored couples. Please contact Duke Soulier at the Parish Office to
Born to Run
Wednesday, November 12th:
5K Run / 1 Mile Fun Run & Walk
Saturday, November 22, 2014
North Boulevard Town Square, Downtown Baton Rouge
Thursday, November 13th
The 2014 Born to Run 5K in Baton Rouge is a great opportunity for runners
and walkers alike to take an active role in the Woman’s New Life Center
mission. Woman’s New Life Center is a life-affirming counseling and medical
center that serves women facing unplanned pregnancies in the Greater Baton
Rouge and New Orleans areas. You can help us continue to save and
change lives by participating in Born To Run .
St. Josaphat
PSR Class grades 1-6, 6 pm, (CH)
RCIA 7:10 pm (CFC)
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
8 am Mass (CH)
St. Theresa 2nd graders
First Reconciliation Service 6:30pm
Saturday, November 15th :
St. Albert the Great
Blessed Virgin Mary
Register online at:
8:00am – Sign-in, pick up t-shirts
9:00am – 5K run and I Mile Fun Run/Walk begins
After Race – “Birth” Day Party un
* Kids, strollers and pets welcome! Bring your own lawn chairs, blankets, and
sunscreen! Questions?
Contact: Ali Dazzio at 504-496-0212 or [email protected]
“Here below to live is to change, and to be perfect
is to have changed often.”
Blessed Cardinal Newman, DCD, 1845
Weekly Collections
November 1/2
Regular Collection: $ 19,746.14
Jambalaya Pot:
Upcoming Collections
November 23
Campaign for Human
The Catholic Tour Company is a 34 year old Catholic Travel
Apostolate that has been able to secure 50 spots for the upcoming
showing of the Original Shroud of Turin, the Burial Cloth of Our
Please call/visit the Catholic Tour at 1-877-627-426 or
You can also email us at
[email protected] for pricing, itinerary and
necessary registration forms.
Christian Formation Upcoming Events
Sunday, November 9th:
PSR – grades 7-11: 10 am (with 11:30 am Mass)
Confirmation Sponsor Meeting: 10 am (Gym)
Rite of Acceptance for Confirmation Candidates 11:30am
High School PSR Retreat for grades 9, 10 and 11
When: Sunday, November 16, 2014
11:20 am till 6:00 pm
Where: begins with 11:30 am Mass in church
and continues in the school gym till 6 pm
Wednesday, November 12th:
PSR (grades 1-6) and RCIC: 6 - 7 pm
RCIA: 7:10 pm – C.F.C.
Conducted by DYRT (Diocesan Youth Retreat Team)
Thursday, November 13th:
Reconciliation Service (2nd graders) at 6:30 pm in church
Shorts are ONLY allowed as long as they touch the top of
your knee (no nylon shorts - no short shorts).
Sunday, November 16th:
PSR – grades 7 & 8: 10 am with 11:30 am Mass
PSR Retreat for grades 9, 10 & 11: begins with 11:30 am
Remember if you are unable to attend this retreat, you
must make it up at another church parish by March 1,
2015. All students must attend a retreat each of their 3
years of high school PSR in order to be confirmed in the
11th grade.
Mass and concludes at 6 pm
The Sacrament of Reconciliation
This is a very special year for those
children in the second grade. They will be
preparing to experience Jesus’ forgiving
love in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
and to receive Him in the Sacrament of
the Eucharist, where He invites them to
Himself and to one another.
Sacrament of Reconciliation will be celebrated this
Thursday evening, November 13th at 6:30 pm for our
forty students preparing for this sacrament for the very
first time.
Participating in the Sacrament
As we participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
each of us comes face to face with the mystery of God’s
love. This sacrament helps us experience God’s
forgiveness firsthand. Hopefully, we will come to
experience Jesus’ “look of love.”
Catholic Daughters
of the Americas
St. Theresa of Avila
Court # 1955
CDA would like to extend an invitation to
Catholic lay and religious 18 years and
older who wish to participate in social
and charitable activities to attend our
next meeting on Thursday, November
20, 2014, at 9 am at the KC Hall on Irma
Answer the Lord's call with faith,
generosity, and love by joining the
Catholic Daughters of the Americas!
Above is the statue on
display at the national
An Examination of Conscience - Our
Responsibilities to God
CDA office
† Have I prayed every day?
† Have I been rebellious toward God and his
† Have I misused the name of God by swearing and
† Have I gone to Mass on Sunday or have I rebelled
and been stubborn about going to Mass?
† Have I told the Father that I love him for creating
me and making me his son/daughter?
† Have I thanked Jesus for becoming man, dying for
my sin and rising to give me eternal life?
† Have I asked the Holy Spirit to help me conquer sin
and temptation and to be obedient to God’s
Please join us for this special celebration or for the Parish
Sacrament of Reconciliation on Tuesday, December 9th at
7 pm.
Our Patroness:
Blessed Mother
Book of Remembrance
Throughout the month of November, we invite you to
write the names of your deceased loved ones in the
Book of Remembrance. The Book of Remembrance is
located in front of church by the statues of Mary and
Joseph. This book is a symbol of our prayer that our
faithful departed may be more deeply united with the
saving passion, death and resurrection of our Lord.
Vocation View
Are your eyes open to the presence of God?
Pray for the wisdom to know God’s will in your life.
Perhaps it is to serve Him as a priest, sister or brother.
If so, contact Fr. Matt Dupre at 225.336.8778 or
[email protected]
Please pray for...
Joy Lonibos
Penny Besson
Ann Marix
Pat Gautreau
Casey Blanchard
Blaise Babin
Lincoln Babin
Alma Cadenhead
Hope Zeringue
Daphne Ballard
Kolton Townsend
Lynn Cavalier
Mike Profito
Len Matherne, Jr.
Roy & Betty Stern
Vivian Bourque
Midred Young
Mass Intentions
Sarah Courville
Benny & Beverly Stanley
Ray Rabalais
Janine & Ryan Quibadeaux
Beverly Simpson
Lula “Sis” LaPorte
Aubree Persac
Marley Frakes
Alex Marito
Gage Capello
November 8-15, 2014
M/M Wilbert Sheets, Ana Marchand
Harry Hanson, M/M P.J. Roth families
M/M Bruce Acy family, M/M Neil Simon
M.J. & Ellen Ambeau, Perry Schexnayder
For the people
M/M Sully Gautreau, Cathy Lambert
M/M Telesmar Landry, Harold Gautreau
M/M Tracy Gautreau, Janet Bernades
M/M Walter Mott, M/M Andrew Marchal
Donald Gautreau, Mona Braud
E.L. Daigle, Daphne Danna
11:30a Anne & Ken Fisher, Margaret Dupuy
Allbritton & Shiel families
Confirmation candidates
To submit names for this prayer list contact Duke Soulier at the Parish Office by
noon each Monday . Names will remain on list for 30 days.
Communion Service
The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
November 9, 2014
Elma & Clifford Decoteau
The LORD of hosts is with us;
our stronghold is the God of Jacob.
Jeremy Courtney, Robert Friloux
— Psalm 46:8
L.P. Bourque family, Hudgens Braud
family, Sitman Loupe family, Porciau
family, Robert Tucked
Clem & Constance Washington
Sanctuary Lamp
November 2014
L.P. Bourque
LeCompte family, Rush family
Donnie Mire
Loretta Soileau
Janet Bernades
The mass book is now open for October, November, & December
2014. If you have called in a mass intention and a communion
service is in its place, a mass will be honored by being sent to a
mission. Please call Cindy at 647-6588 after 9am, M-F, to schedule
a mass.
In all of today’s readings, the temple is prominently mentioned. Ezekiel speaks of streams of living water
flowing out from the temple, watering the desert, bringing life to all living things, offering fresh healing to
God’s people. Paul reminds the Corinthians that their faith rests upon the firmest of foundations, Christ
himself. More than that, Paul reveals that those who follow Christ are themselves temples, temples of the
Holy Spirit; that is, God dwells not only with them, but in them. For the Jews of Jesus’ time, the temple
had come to be identified with the presence of God and the only place where authentic worship of God
took place. Jesus had a different perception. Jesus identified himself not with the temple, but as the
temple. In so doing, Jesus indicated a dramatic shift in what it means to worship God, to be in God’s
presence. No longer was a place to be the focus of prayer. Instead, a person, the
person of Jesus
Christ, becomes the center of our worship.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Altar Server Training
Applications Now Available
St. Theresa of Avila is proud to
have elementary age, high
school as well as adult servers.
This ministry is open to
anyone, male or female, who
has completed their First
Applications are printed on
blue paper and are located on
the table near the confessional.
Check it out:
John Martinez, III
Camille Peno
Bailey Tortorich
Braden Tregre
Paige Geeck
Brayden C. Picou
McKenzi Babin
Clint Smiley
Sydney Cain
Kaide Brock
Jacob Furlow
Cale Marix
Wisdom is the founda on, and jus ce the work
without which a founda on cannot stand.
—St. Ambrose
First Reading — I saw water flowing out of the temple; wherever the
river flows, every living creature shall live (Ezekiel 47:1-2, 8-9, 12).
Psalm — The waters of the river gladden the city of God, the holy
dwelling of the Most High (Psalm 46).
Second Reading — Do you not know that you are the temple of God,
and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? (1 Corinthians 3:9c-11, 16-17).
Gospel — Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up
(John 2:13-22).
The English transla on of the Psalm Responses from Lec onary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, Interna onal Commission on English in the
Liturgy Corpora on. All rights reserved.
Monday: Ti 1:1-9; Ps 24:1b-4ab, 5-6; Lk 17:1-6
Tuesday: Ti 2:1-8, 11-14; Ps 37:3-4, 18, 23, 27, 29; Lk 17:7-10
Wednesday: Ti 3:1-7; Ps 23:1b-6; Lk 17:11-19
Thursday: Phlm 7-20; Ps 146:7-10; Lk 17:20-25
Friday: 2 Jn 4-9; Ps 119:1-2, 10-11, 17-18; Lk 17:26-37
Saturday: 3 Jn 5-8; Ps 112:1-6; Lk 18:1-8
Sunday: Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31; Ps 128:1-5; 1 Thes 5:1-6; Mt
25:14-30 [14-15, 19-21]
For several weeks, we have considered penance as a
sacrament of forgiveness, and yet there are two
other sacraments in this category. The first, of
course, is the Eucharist itself. The other is the
sacrament of the sick, long associated with penance.
The Le er of James sets out the deep tradi on for
caring for the sick: sending for the priests, who will
pray and lay their hands on the sick ones, anoin ng
them with oil, and giving them forgiveness. Long
before other rites of penance developed, the
sacrament of the sick was therefore a profound
experience of forgiveness. Jesus o en healed the
sick, nearly always as a visible sign of forgiveness of
sin. The tradi on didn’t unfold smoothly, however,
and within a few centuries the oil of the sick was
taken home to be applied by caregivers as a salve, or
even to be drunk as a medicine. As early as the second century, bishops were therefore urging that
priests should be the ones to visit those separated
by illness from the Sunday assembly. Thus the
prac ce of consigning the Eucharist and the oil of
the sick to the non-ordained faithful to bring home
was rela vely shortlived.
—Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.