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St. Joseph Catholic School
43 St. Clair Street
Tilbury, Ontario NOP 2L0
Ph: (519) 682-2790 Fax: (519) 682-0581
Mrs. J. Faubert, Principal
Mrs. V. Lanoue, Secretary
Director of Education: Mr. D. Parr
Superintendent: Mrs. D. Crawford
Principal’s Message
As we enter the month of November our a en on is called
to Remembrance Day and all those who have served to
make our world a be er place. Our Catholic schools con nue to remember these sacrifices through prayer and Remembrance Day services. This month we will be holding a
prayer service on November 11th at the school and we invite our families to join us at this special me. We will also
be sending a group of students to the cenotaph to lay a
wreath that day.
This also brings to mind the core priority of our Mission and
Vision statement of “fostering stewardship, leadership and
social jus ce.”. This past month our Social Jus ce Leadership Group, and Mr. Bunda’s grade 6/7 students have been
busy collec ng food items and clothing dona ons to help
our community and to foster leadership in the area of social
jus ce. This month our Social Jus ce Leadership team will
be holding their annual Kingdom Assignment fundraiser that
will see dona ons go to our local United Way of which our
Tilbury Informa on and Help Centre is a recipient of funding.
Our students and staff live out their faith through these
many ini a ves as we strive to make our world a be er
place. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of
our families, businesses and organiza ons who work with us
and so generously donate their me and money to work
with our students to make them the Catholic leaders of tomorrow.
St. Clair Catholic School Board
Mission Statement:
Walking together in Christ’s light with parish and family,
we are called to build a safe and inclusive Catholic learning community, and to serve as partners in the forma on
of life-long learners by:
*Living our faith;
*Promo ng educa onal achievement and innova on;
*Fostering stewardship, leadership and social jus ce.
Board Chair: C. Bryden
Vice Chair: J. Van Heck
Morning supervision starts at
9:00a.m. We ask that you do
not drop off your children prior to 9:00. All
students are to report outside immediately. Students are not to come through
the front door. If students are going to
breakfast club they are to proceed inside
from the back doors. Thanks for your cooperation.
It is that me of the year when it is common
to have pediculosis (head lice) cases in a
school. Please be sure to give your child(ren)
regular head checks. If you have a case in
your home please be sure to no fy the office.
Thanks for your con nued support!
Council Corner
2014-2015 School Council ExecuƟve:
Chair—Tammy Bowden
Co-Chair—Laura VanderPryt
Secretary—Amy Car er
Treasurer—Vanessa Lanoue
Staff Reps—Ann Munroe & Lisa Vertz
Community Rep–-Julie Buston
Board Advisory Reps— Amber Barbosa
Stacey Libbrecht
All parents are welcome to a end our next
mee ng on:
Wednesday, November 5 at 6:30
Senior Volleyball Teams
Quarter AucƟon Sale
November 26, 2014
Congratula ons to our Sr. boys volleyball team
who are the champions in their league!!!
GREAT season boys! Thanks to Mr. Vadovic for
St. Joseph School is hos ng a Quarter Aucon Sale as part of our
Kingdom assignment
this year. If you know of
any venders that may
be interested in being
involved please contact the school for more
informa on. Please ask to speak with Mrs.
Vanden Enden
More informa on will be sent home in the
coming weeks—this promises to be a fun
Lauren G.
Lauren P.
Lauren M.
Alexis V.
Alexis L.
The girls are headed to the finals next week—
Our FCC food drive was a great success! Thanks to
Mr. Bunda’s grade 6/7 class for organizing the great
event. Thanks to all of those who donated for a
great cause!
Cross Country
Congratula ons to all students who par cipated in Cross Country run on October 4.
You represented St. Joseph School so well!
Thanks to Mrs. Boxall and Mrs. Sylvestre for
coaching our runners!
Social JusƟce
Our social jus ce leadership team organized
a clothing drive for the Canadian Diabetes
Associa on. Thanks to
all of the families who
made dona ons—we
are very close to filling
a truck!
Don’t forget!
Chocolate milk is sold daily for $1.00
No Parking Zone!
Please be advised the parking lot
at the south side of the school is
strictly for Tilbury Tots.
The Knightly News - November 2014
Helping Your Child to Succeed at School
10 Ɵps to help you when talking to the teacher
The parent/teacher mee ng is an important me to share ideas and informa on with your child’s teacher. You can
also discuss ways to help your child develop strengths and overcome challenges. These 10 ps will help you get the
most out of your me with the teacher. Remember: at many parent/teacher mee ngs, your me will be limited.
1. Be prepared. Before mee ng the teacher, think about what you want to know and understand about your child’s
school experience. Review the report card and write down key ques ons you want to ask.
2. Ask yourself quesƟons. Focus on what you want to get out of your parent/teacher mee ng by asking yourself
ques ons. For example, “what methods are being used to teach my child?” or “What can I do to get involved in
my child’s learning?”
3. Talk to your child before. Ask your children what they think they are good at and what needs improving. Let
them tell you how they feel about school, the teacher and ge ng along with others.
4. Arrive ready. Be sure you come to the mee ng in a posi ve frame of mind and with all the materials you need.
Bring the ques ons you prepared in advance along with your child’s report card.
5. Relax and feel confident. You know your child best and want what’s best. Remember, the teacher also wants
your child to be successful.
6. Be clear about what’s being said. If you need clarifica on or have concerns about an answer the teacher gives,
ask the teacher to explain it further. Don’t be sa sfied un l you fully understand.
7. Think about what was discussed. Take some me to think about what you and the teacher talked about. If you
are s ll unclear about something or want to ask more ques ons, don’t be afraid to call the teacher to talk further.
8. Follow-up at home. Talk with your child a er you have met with the teacher. Discuss what was talked about in
the mee ng, focusing on the posi ve and how to achieve the goals that you set.
9. Keep a log or journal. Write down the ac ons you take and any observa ons about your child. This is important
informa on that can be shared with the teacher at the next mee ng.
10. Arrange the next meeƟng. Set a date when you will call the teacher for an update on your child’s progress or to
Helping Parents Support a
Positive Attitude About Learning
As a parent, you have a profound effect on how your child thinks of themselves as a learner. Here are a
few ideas for you to think about as you work with your child to reach their full potential.
Praise your child for their hard work and effort. Children are often faced with learning new skills
that require them to persevere and work through challenges. Working hard to learn new things makes
you smarter as it makes your brain grow new connections.
Consider writing short notes with messages of encouragement to your child. Include a little message in
their lunch pail which focusses on times that they work hard and stick with learning and challenging
tasks. Celebrate effort!
Be positive about learning. For instance, if you dislike math do not share this with your
child. Research has shown that as soon as parents say that they were not good at math, their child’s
achievement and attitude about math suffers. There is nothing more powerful than letting your child see
Make a difference in the lives of children and youth:
say 'yes' to participate in the
2014 Ontario Child Health Study
and School Mental Health Surveys
The 1983 Ontario Child Health Study told us that
1 in 5 children and youth experienced serious mental health challenges.
This estimate is outdated as is much of what we know about child and youth mental health in
Ontario. The 2014 Ontario Child Health Study will tell us about the mental health status and
needs of children and youth living in Ontario today.
From October 2014 to May 2015, Statistics Canada will be inviting 7,000 families with children
aged 4 -17 years to complete an interview in their home. At the same time, McMaster
researchers will be conducting School Mental Health Surveys in 240 Ontario schools to help us
learn new ways of promoting and addressing student mental health needs.
Together, these studies will be the first of their kind in Canada
to examine the influence of family, community and school environments
on child and youth mental health.
The results will be used to develop programs and services to improve the mental health of
young people in Ontario. Results from the 1983 Study were partially responsible for over 3
billion dollars of investment in federal and provincial programs and services, resulting in the
creation of programmes such as the Ontario Early Years Centres.
Participation in the 1983 Ontario Child Health Study was over 90%. Make sure you are heard
in 2014 as well. Let's make our province a better place for children and youth. If invited to
participate, please say ‘yes’ to the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study and School Mental Health