How to purchase land at Newhaven, Grove

How to purchase land at Newhaven, Grove
Due to the high level of interest from customers wishing to purchase land at the first release from
Newhaven’s Grove village, it is important that you read through the information below and make
contact with the sales team prior to the release day. This will allow us to better prepare you for the
day and ensure a relaxed buying process giving your more time to concentrate on your new home.
1. You must arrive at the Newhaven Sales Office at 8am sharp with your $5,000 deposit.
2. The Sales Office will open at 8am and customers will need to complete a Land Release
Registration Form on arrival. Doors will be closed at 8.10am.
3. The Sales Team will collect all forms at 8.10am which will then be sorted based on the length
of time each customer has been on the Newhaven database.
4. The Sales Team will announce the order of buyers one-by-one.
5. When your name is announced, you must select your preferred lot from the lots still
available. You will then be given an appointment time that same day to return to the Sales
Office to sign up your land contract.
6. If your preferred block is sold by the time your name is announced, you will have the option
to purchase from the remaining blocks or you may choose to opt out of the release.
 Prior to release day, submit a finance pre-approval/eligibility letter provided by a lending
institution to the Newhaven sales team by emailing to [email protected] If your
pre-approval/eligibility letter does not meet Stockland’s criteria, you may be prohibited from
purchasing on the day so you are encouraged to do this in advance.
 Request a copy of a blank contract from the Newhaven sales team and familiarise yourself
with it prior to release day.
 Remember to organise your $5,000 deposit via electronic funds transfer, cheque, EFTPOS or
credit card (1% surcharge) ready to pay on the day. We are unable to accept cash.
 Select a settlement agent and have their details ready as this information needs to be
included on the land contract.
 We suggest you identify at least 3 preferred lot options. A Newhaven Sales Professional will
confirm whether any of your preferred lots are available for purchase at the time that your
name is announced to make your lot selection.
NOTE: This information relates to the land release scheduled for 8am on Saturday 15th November 2014.