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 Director of Football Role Statement Main Purpose of the Position: To provide dynamic, strategic and operational leadership to the School’s GPS Sporting program, ensuring that Brisbane Boys' College [BBC] students perform competitively and have the opportunity to belong, lead, improve, serve and strive in the context of sports and activities. Primary Requirement: A Director of Football is required actively and with passion to support the College’s Co-­‐Curricular Activities Mission Statement and the Long Term Athletic Development [LTAD] Pathways program, both in theory and in term-­‐by-­‐term operation. Co-­‐curricular Program at BBC Scope of our offering: We are committed absolutely to the College Vision, “Success for every boy”, and offer high quality Arts programs, sporting opportunities, clubs and service activities in order to provide our boys with every opportunity to succeed. Co-­‐curricular Program Mission: Brisbane Boys’ College is committed to encouraging boys to develop integrity, ingenuity and creative spirit by being involved in the wide range of co-­‐curricular activities offered throughout the year. We will offer excellent conditions and enthusiastic and experienced coaches to assist in the personal, physical, spiritual and emotional development of all the boys who are involved in our programs. We intend to provide boys with the opportunity to delve into, develop and harness their psychological and spiritual reserves of defining self. All that we do will focus on providing benefit to the boys and to add value to their lives, as is our Christian Mission. Our vision is deliberately focused on our core belief that working in teams is essential to developing leadership skills, selflessness, passion and discipline, based on the foundations of Christian character. Our drive is to challenge each member of Brisbane Boys’ College to wonder, to plan, to believe and to execute our vision and to leave the school with a distinctive BBC personality and character. We will, deliberately and consistently, drive ourselves at all levels – To charge each boy to craft “the man in the mirror” – •
To search for the rules that make good self, on each boy’s own terms, and be governed by those rules To find, name and challenge external expectations To reflect on performance in our teams, and contribution to the College honestly, regularly, gently and fairly To distinguish the Co-­‐curricular Program at BBC by leading from the ground up – •
To locate and pursue actions which inspire dedication, conversation, commitment and care of all members of the College To impress peers, coaches, teachers and parents with an understated and uncompromising attention to detail and effectiveness To be an exemplar in learning, training and performing the process perfectly – •
To apply the goal setting skills learned in the Co-­‐curricular Program to all other ambitions and endeavours To be relentless and unforgiving in driving towards our collective success •
To challenge barriers to performance quality and commit absolutely to positive transformation BBC Long Term Athletic Development Program The BBC Athletic Development program is committed wholeheartedly to the College’s mission statement Success for Every Boy. Within the daily athletic life of the BBC student, he will be encouraged to fulfil his athletic potential and enjoy the progression that comes with involvement in a sport within the College’s structure. At Brisbane Boys' College, we will provide our students with the highest quality expertise and facility with certified strength and conditioning coaches to assist in the physical, psychological and personal development of the BBC boy. From prep to year 12, students will learn how to engage with activities aimed at improving their fundamental movement patterns. From the initial years of their schooling and as they grow, boys will learn how to train and develop basic motor skill patterns, before learning how to train for improvements in competition and performance; all within an enjoyable and engaging environment. It is envisaged that students will leave the College at the conclusion of their senior year with an understanding of how to take care of themselves physically, and if they wish to pursue an athletic career, they will have a solid foundation of physical, mental and emotional strength. The overall education of a Brisbane Boys' College student embraces many aspects. Within these aspects, the physical; psychological; communication and strategic learning components of a boy’s education can be fostered and nurtured within the College’s athletic development program. Within the Brisbane Boys' College athletic development philosophy, students -­‐ over time -­‐ will be encouraged to Get Strong (figure 1). This strength comes in many forms, with improvements in personal, mental, physical and psychological strength, the aims of the program cross the entire school pathway from P-­‐12. As a goal, the College believes that involvement in the extra-­‐curricular program is essential to the overall development of the boy. Physical VisualisaFon Psychological STRENGTH Strategic Learning CommunicaFon Figure 1 – Brisbane Boys' College Athletic Development Philosophy The Athletic Development Program complements this vision by encouraging students to enjoy their young physical learning environment, before learning how specifically to train for their sport. From here, students will be encouraged to be accountable to the wider program and learn to develop training strategies that are self-­‐governed and directed to improving their competitive characteristics. At BBC we do not only develop boys for specific sports; rather we aim to develop pre-­‐adolescent boys into strong young men who are capable of undertaking any co-­‐
curricular activity they choose to the best of their capability. Table 1 – Components of the BBC Athletic Development Pathway Psychological Development •
Boys will utilise the Habits of Mind concepts to engage with their athletic development from a psychological perspective, and to draw parallels with the academic component of their education Visualisation Development •
Strategic Learning Development •
BBC boys will develop methods and strategies critically to understand and evaluate their performance within the athletic development program. Again, boys will be encouraged to utilise the Habits of Mind strategies in order to overcome challenges within the Athletic Development Pathway framework. As boys develop, exposure to higher levels of metacognition are hoped to assist boys in understanding themselves, and hence how they can change their performance Communication Development •
Physical Development •
Over the course of their school lives, students will have the opportunity to develop their physical stature and develop themselves to their genetic potential in order to compete at the best level they can, within their chosen sport. Boys will be encouraged to develop their visualising skill set, by developing strategies required to tackle challenging situations in real life and in the athletic realm. Students will be encouraged to develop skills to assist them throughout their lives Within the context of an athletic setting, boys will learn how clearly and precisely to communicate with peers, coaches and teachers. By developing these communication strategies throughout their years at BBC, it is envisaged that a BBC boy will develop the tools necessary clearly to articulate his thoughts and learn to listen and understand with empathy and engagement in the sporting realm and everyday life Overall Development •
The College’s athletic development program is designed to strengthen BBC boys across multiple facets and prepare them for their lives post-­‐
school. By having an effective pathway in place from prep to year 12 to develop our boys, it is envisaged that a BBC boy will exit the College with the relevant skills and experiences to become a positive member of the community and lead the way within his chosen field. ROLE DESCRIPTION FOR DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL The role description will evolve with the ongoing development of the Director and the program. Leadership of BBC Football • Develop, articulate and embed a BBC football culture which is distinctive • Enthuse, communicate with and encourage all members of the sport, parents, students and coaches • Speak and write about football with precision, accuracy, passion and strategy • Incorporate a team approach to decision making, to include senior coaches, Director of Athletic Development, Head of Co-­‐Curricular Activities and respective parent leaders/support group • Actively support, and promote, BBC’s Long Term Athlete Development strategy • Prepare and implement policies regarding selection of athletes and leaders • Direct and monitor the work of the group coordinators Leadership of Coaching – assist the 1st XI coach and Age Group mentors to -­‐ • Develop a consistent and innovative coaching philosophy and program for boys at all levels • Actively support and consult the Director of Athletic Development in constructing conditioning programs • Implement only those training methods that are regarded as best practice, and defended by appropriate research • Plan and run appropriate Professional Development programs for coaches, at least twice per season and in the off season • Develop and publish the Learning Documentation, to include all elements of the LTAD and weekly curriculum plans • Planning, Identification, Recruitment and Management of Internal and External Coaches/Managers Culture, Brand, Communications and Reporting • Communicate defined BBC Sporting Culture and Brand in the BBC Community • Preparation of Reports -­‐ Season Plans, Season Reviews and School Communications, including College News and Football News • Foster the Development of all abilities and the enjoyment of playing sport. • Maintain high levels of Sportsmanship, fair play and standards of appearance for our students and coaches • Report regularly to Head of Co-­‐Curricular Activities Pastoral Care, Talent Management, Network Management, Stakeholder Management and Pathway Planning • Embrace and embed LTAD Philosophy. • Progression Planning and Talent Development at all levels. • Network management with relevant Community, Club, Professional, State, National and International bodies. • Work closely with President and Executive of the Football Support Group • Attend and represent the college at appropriate Meetings. • Communicate with fellow Football Directors at other schools. • Planning with State and National bodies, where appropriate. • Parent management when issues arise. • Strategic Alliances with relevant schools, colleges, universities, clubs, professional bodies, equipment providers. • Communicate with Maintenance Department as to needs/expectations. Technology, Analysis and Equipment • Identify and utilise technology to assist coaching and athlete development. • Organise filming of appropriate games and training sessions for coach and athlete feedback. • Identify appropriate equipment to enhance the development process Financial Management, Administration and Tours • Individual Sport Calendar Management • Touring, Holiday and Training Camp Planning • Preparation of Annual Budget with Head of Co-­‐Curricular Activities • Data capture and filing • Selection, Stocktake, Storage and Maintenance of Equipment Workplace Health and Safety • Work closely with the WHS officer to identify and address any Workplace Health and Safety issues that are related to the Football Program and its facilities. • All required risk/compliance assessments, policies/programs are in place and implemented. Line Manager Responsibilities • Recommend, through the Head of Co-­‐Curricular Activities and to Headmaster, a 1st XI Coach • Recommend to the Head of Co-­‐Curricular Activities, a quality coaching panel at all levels • Follow protocols regarding residential and transport elements of any events away from BBC. Management • Write, and oversee the execution of, the Football annual operational plan. • Oversee the planning, organisation, and delivery of the BBC football program. • Communicate College football records and results to the BBC Sports Administrator. • Organise season launch and end-­‐of-­‐season awards. • Co-­‐operate with the BBC Sport Directors / MICs and GPS Sport Administrators. • Establish and consolidate links with other football agencies. • Execute the College's Code of Behaviour. Finance • Prepare annual College and Support Group budget submissions. • Order and manage budget items according to accepted College practice. • Generate financial growth for the football program. Contribution to wider College Activities • Coach, and assist with the co-­‐ordination of, an “out of season” activity. • Be a visible presence at College Assemblies and within the College grounds. • Articulate a vision for sport to the academic staff, thereby increasing staff involvement in our programs. • Show interest in the academic programs of the College. • Deliberately take responsibility for mentoring scholarship holders within your sport, consulting and supporting relevant staff, Housemasters and Tutors. • Be well known in our Boarding Community The ultimate responsibility of this role is to support the Co-­‐curricular vision of the College in every aspect and the primary function is to communicate, enthuse, lead, empathise and listen to all stakeholders in order to implement appropriate change. SELECTION CRITERIA FOR DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL Demonstrated abilities to fulfil the requirements of the Role Description as outlined above. Applications including a CV, statement addressing the selection criteria, and the names and contact details of at least two recent referees should be received via email by 5pm Monday 17 November 2014 addressed to: Mr Graeme McDonald, Headmaster Brisbane Boys’ College Email: [email protected]