Mitcham health facility project What?

Mitcham health facility project
NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group is examining the case for the
development of a new health facility in Mitcham.
There is a real and urgent need for a specialised facility providing medical services
to the community in this area.
A new healthcare building in Mitcham will help us to…
Reduce health inequalities by ensuring better access to health services for
Support improvements in lifestyle
Improve the detection and treatment of the major causes of mortality in
East Merton
Improve the quality and scope of care available locally
Reduce unnecessary use of hospital services, and thus provide value for
The site on which the facility will be developed is currently being determined. Four
sites have been identified that may be suitable: Birches Close, Raleigh Gardens,
Sibthorpe Road, Wilson Hospital.
We have already undertaken a site assessment survey at a public event and via
an online poll to look at aspects of each site’s suitability, such as accessibility by
public transport. The site on which the facility will developed will be confirmed by
the end of November 2014.
The services to be delivered
We have not finalised the detailed provision of medical services from the facility yet
but we have identified that there is a need for:
Space for Public Health, Social Care and the Voluntary sector
A “primary care” (i.e. GP) walk in centre
Diagnostic services
Community services
Mental health services
Children’s’ centre.
We need your help in developing these services.
At a later stage we will need your input into the design of the new building, both the
internal layout and external design.
What happens next?
We need to:
Finalise the site on which the new building will be developed and obtain
approval from NHS England to commence the preparation of the business
Design the detail of the new building, internal layout and external design
Obtain planning permission.
Completing the business case, entering into the contract and being ready to start
work on site will take about 18 months.
We hope the health facility in Mitcham will be open to the public around
spring 2018.
Mitcham health facility project
How to get involved and to contact us
At this stage we would like your feedback on:
The best way of keeping you involved e.g. should this be by newsletter, public
meetings, a project patient group?
Insert your feedback here:
The overview of services we are proposing e.g. Have we missed anything? Are
there specific comments about how the services should be delivered? Which are
the most important for the local community?
Insert your feedback here:
If you have completed the feedback section above then please post this form to
Clare Lowrie-Kanaka, Merton CCG, 120 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 IRH.
Alternatively email any comments to
[email protected] or phone: 020 3668 1221 to speak to
Clare direct.