Top to Top Executive Forum February 24-25, 2015 | Miami, FL Event Overview

February 24-25, 2015 | Miami, FL
Top to TopExecutive Forum
Event Overview
With the ongoing move to multichannel shopping, U.S. retailing is in a state of rapid change—some might say turmoil! Today more
than ever, retailers are looking for a few select supplier partners to forge a path together. The Top-to-Top Executive Forum is our
signature invitation-only annual event designed to brief you on the latest developments in retail, encourage peer networking and
problem-solving, and improve your 2016-17 strategic customer business planning and 2015 Top-to-Top meetings.
This event will include two days of focused dialogue on a wide range of business issues impacting U.S. retailers and your business.
To apply insights to business plans, we’ll offer one-on-one sessions with our subject matter experts as well as individualized Q&A
meetings to help your senior team members sort implications for short- and long-term planning. Your colleagues will leave this
event with tools and action plans in hand, ready to deploy back at HQ.
This event will provide actionable insights on
the following agenda topics:
Event Structure
• REengineer Growth Planning: Master Shopper Centric
Growth Plans. Identifying growth opportunities can’t start at
the “total customer” level. You need to master your shopper
centric growth plans by finding the shopper segments you
can win with, knowing where they shop, and identifying which
clusters of your customers you can win with.
• This two-day event will be a mix of presentations and
facilitated group working sessions.
• REconnect With The Omni Shopper. As the line between
“media consumption” and “path to purchase” blurs you
need to build processes, tools and planning models to allow
for a much more integrated approach to marketing and
trade spending.
• Facilitated working sessions allow ample opportunity
for your company to distill relevant learnings and
implications into action plans for your Top-to-Tops
with key customers.
• REalign To New Retail Business Models. Media, services
and data have move to the forefront of business planning
causing business models to disrupt. Almost every retailer
that matters will run a variety of stores with different shopper
modes and economic models. You must understand and
incorporate the new capabilities needed in order to thrive
with these models.
• REfocus Your Analytics. Digital, mobile, and media have
changed what analytics look like and how businesses and
shoppers digest them. You must look at analytics with an
outcome based, future focused lens.
• RElearn Capabilities. The skills required of your sales
and marketing teams are foundationally changing. These
teams will need to both do their jobs and lead their teams in
markedly different ways.
• Presentations are intended to serve both as
resources for information and as catalysts for
discussion and application.
• In advance of the event, we’ll work closely with you
to identify specific strategic priorities or business
issues that you’d like to prioritize and discuss to
customize your agenda.
The Biltmore Miami Coral Gables
1200 Anastasia Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(855) 311-6903
Room rate: $319
Cut-off date: 1/30/2015
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