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Events Media Information 2015
01 Welcome
02 Large industry events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-4
03 Awards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-6
04 Roundtables. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
05 Exclusive networking clubs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
06 What our delegates had to say in 2014…. 10
07 Making headlines the world over. . . . . . . . . 11
08 Contacts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Welcome to Insider Publishing Ltd, a
premium content financial publisher
based in London and New York.
Insider Publishing has been dedicated to
supplying its professional readers with firstto-market news, analysis and comment on
the global (re)insurance industry.
We define our content as “insight
and intelligence” and deliver it to our
sophisticated markets through a whole
series of media; print, online, digital, social
and events.
Our titles – The Insurance Insider, IQ
magazine, Trading Risk & Inside FAC – are
renowned for being unique gateways to
the leaders, opinion formers, executives
and investors of the global P&C
(re)insurance industry. They are relied upon
for their combination of editorial expertise,
exclusivity of news and depth of analysis.
Insider Publishing prides itself on hosting
great events that resonate with industry
professionals, advisers, suppliers and
investors, from highly focused roundtable
discussions, networking clubs, and dinners
to large-scale events that attract up to sixhundred delegates.
The common denominator for all our
events is that we provide topical, relevant
opportunities for informative discussion on
the issues ‘du jour’, together with unrivalled
networking opportunities, fuelled by
the senior audiences that read our
publications. For our commercial partners,
these are unique platforms to access and
communicate with the industry’s genuine
If you are interested in working with us
in other media areas, including print and
digital formats, please refer to our other
detailed media packs which are available to
download from
Thank you for your interest in our
business and we look forward to working
with you in 2015…
The Insider Publishing Team
Events Media Information 2015
02 Large industry events
New York 2013
London – 5 February 2015
New York – May 2015 (date tbc)
We start the year with our annual scenesetter in London on 5 February. This will
be a morning conference followed by a
VIP lunch. The event typically attracts over
three-hundred industry professionals to
Lime Street to hear what the year has in
In May, InsiderScope will hold its all-day
conference in New York with an array of
panel discussions, accompanied with a
networking lunch. This event will again
attract over two
hundred senior
executives and
“InsiderScope is a fantastic
forum to discuss the latest
trends and developments
within the Global Insurance
industry, A must-be-there
forum to start the year”
Gerard-Jan van Berckel,
Rogge Global Partners
investors working in the US & Bermudian
P&C (re)insurance markets. Access to these
audiences provide marketers with the
perfect platform to communicate their
corporate messages via the following
typical sponsorship opportunities,
c Speaking roles
c Sponsored editorial coverage
c A campaign of pre-event advertising
online and offline in The Insurance Insider
c Prominent on the day event branding
and exhibition space
c Complimentary delegate spaces
c Editorial profile in review articles
High level 2014 speakers included:
c Denis Kessler, Chairman and CEO, SCOR
c Eric Andersen, CEO, Aon Benfield
c Pat Ryan, Chairman & CEO, Ryan
Specialty Group
c Tom Bolt, Director of Performance
Management, Lloyd’s
c Michael Millette, Global Head of
Structured Finance, Goldman Sachs
c John Charman, Chairman & CEO,
c Nick Frankland, Chief Executive Officer,
Guy Carpenter EMEA operations
c Hank Greenberg, Chairman & Chief
Executive Officer, Starr Insurance
Holdings, Inc
c Dinos Iordanou, President & Chief
Executive Officer, Arch Capital Group Ltd
c Dr John Seo, Co-Founder and Managing
Principal, Fermat Capital Management
c Tim Richison, CFO, California
Earthquake Authority
c Steve Hearn, Chairman, London Market
Group, Willis
For details of all our
2015 events please visit
Events Media Information 2015
02 Large industry events
CFO Forum – June 2015 (date tbc)
Shaping the market’s financial future…
In 2015, we will again be gathering
the London market’s chief financial
decision makers to discuss and debate
how insurance leaders can identify, and
successfully navigate the obstacles in their
path to achieve growth in their businesses
in 2015. The event is accompanied with
an elite panel of industry experts to share
their thoughts and opinions on current
market movements.
investors every September for setting the
agenda as to what will be really discussed
at the Monte Carlo Reinsurance RendezVous.
Pre-Monte Carlo Executive Briefing –
9 September 2015
The Insurance Insider’s Pre-Monte Carlo
Executive Briefing is relied upon by
hundreds of industry executives and
Baden-Baden – October 2015 (date tbc)
For the fourth year running, we expect
to be marketing Guy Carpenter’s annual
Reinsurance Symposium, gathering over
600 senior (re)insurance executives in
Trading Risk New York Rendez-Vous –
October 2015 (date tbc)
Trading Risk will continue to host
its annual Rendez-Vous in New York.
This event is firmly established in the
reinsurance convergence calendar and
attracts two hundred delegates.
the Kongresshaus. Along with asking
clients to partner with us on our own
internally run events, we also welcome the
opportunity to discuss with you, any ideas
on how we can help market any briefings
of your own. Please contact us for further
information (see page 12).
The Xchanging London Market
Conference – November 2015 (date tbc)
The Xchanging London Market
Conference is the premier all-day
gathering of industry professionals
involved in the London insurance market.
Over three-hundred delegates meet in the
City of London to discuss all strategies,
while hearing the thoughts of the
industry’s rainmakers.
Sponsorship opportunities
at these events include:
c Speaker opportunities
c Branding and advertising
c On the day exposure
c Delegate passes
Events Media Information 2015
03 Awards
10 September 2015
As the most influential, respected and
best-read publication among senior
executives in the international
(re)insurance markets, The Insurance
Insider will once again hold its
(re)insurance and global specialty awards
in September 2015.
The Honours are a platform for
acknowledging excellence, professionalism
and pioneering spirit in the London
and international (re)insurance markets.
“Remarkable evening… put
me down for two tables front
centre for next year!”
Julie Lynch, Xchanging
Honours entries are adjudicated by a
combination of industry experts and “wise
men.” The Insurance Insider Honours are NOT
about applauding initiatives from service
providers or heavy advertisers. Instead, the
focus is entirely on underwriting excellence
and entrepreneurialism.
Partnering with the Honours provides
marketers with a minimum of a six-month
marketing campaign before and after the
event, including a variety of digital and print
advertising and brand awareness platforms
distributed to a truly global audience.
The event itself is attended by 650
leading industry professionals of the global
(re)insurance market and will be a
must-attend event on the (re)insurance
calendar in 2015. We look forward to your
c Young Broker of the Year
c Young Underwriter of the Year
c Risk Carrier of the Year
c Underwriting Initiative of the Year
c Broking Initiative of the Year
c Launch of the Year
c (Re)insurance Transaction of the Year
c M&A Transaction of the Year
c Broker of the Year
c Cuthbert Heath Award –
(Claims and Losses)
c CFO of the Year
c Outstanding Contributor of the
Year – Distribution
c Outstanding Contributor of the
Year – Risk
c Life Time Achiever
Events Media Information 2015
03 Awards
Trading Risk Awards – 18 June 2015
Trading Risk presents its annual awards
in June 2015. Celebrating excellence
and innovation in the sector, its success is
marked year-on-year by the huge market
support it receives in quality and the
number of its submission.
The Trading Risk Awards continue to
raise the benchmark of professionalism
and achievement in this fast-developing
Every year, the awards are judged by an
independent panel of industry figures and
are a way of acknowledging and rewarding
the pioneering spirit that drives this sector’s
Award sponsors benefit from up to six
months of unique marketing opportunities,
including a variety of digital and print
advertising and brand awareness platforms.
The partnership culminates in the event
itself – a black tie dinner attended by 300
leading industry professionals – and the full
colour post-event magazine distributed to
all attendees, winners and subscribers to
Trading Risk.
In other words, the senior professionals,
advisers and investors who operate in the
(re)insurance/capital markets sector.
c Young Meteor of the year
c Reinsurer/Sponsor of the year
c Investor of the year
c Initiative of the year
c Manager of the year
c Market facilitator of the year
c Life transaction of the year
c Non-life transaction of the year
c Outstanding contributor of the year
“I look forward to the Trading Risk
Awards night every year. It is great
to connect in-person with those
I email and phone regularly over
the course of the year”
Brent Poliquin, AIR Worldwide
Events Media Information 2015
04 Roundtables
The Insurance Insider, Inside FAC and
Trading Risk Roundtable events are the
perfect marriage between the needs of
our corporate partners and our market
expertise and relationships.
We will be hosting a variety of these in
2015 attracting industry rainmakers to
debate topical issues.
Discussion themes for 2015 include:
c Reinsurance
c London Market
c Trading Risk
c Capital management
c Legacy
A thought-provoking and revealing special
supplement is then produced and
distributed to all relevant readers.
It is a powerful medium for our corporate
partners wanting exclusive branding.
Partners receive:
c Editorial input
c Participation
c Exclusive branding
c Ability to scope industry strategy
c Powerful networking
Locations for 2015 Roundtables:
c Bermuda
c New York
c London
c Zurich
c Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous
Events Media Information 2015
05 Exclusive
networking clubs
The London 100 is the pre-eminent
forum for the one-hundred most
senior executives in the London
insurance market. It is a non-partisan,
truly independent body that allows the
industry’s thought leaders to exchange
ideas, cultivate debate and manage
change within the London market.
Membership is strictly by invitation
only and is highly prized. It is restricted
to the CEO and other selected board
level executives (chairman, head of
underwriting or large divisional head)
from the top (re)insurers and brokers who
are based and operating in the London
“The L100 provides a range of
speakers throughout the year,
which are always uncannily
topical and interesting.
Coupled with the opportunity
to network with peers, the L100
breakfasts are one of the few
invitations that I look forward
to accepting”
Russell Higginbotham, CEO
Swiss Re UK, Reinsurance Client
market. The forum meets regularly in a
variety of different guises, from intimate
roundtable discussions to annual lunch
This exclusive sponsorship allows you
to have unparalleled access to the onehundred most influential executives in the
market via:
c Quarterly meetings
c Working groups
c Annual lunch
c Whitepapers
c Prominent branding
“The London 100 has defined
itself as the go to forum
to discuss the key issues
and challenges facing the
leadership of the Global
Julian James, President,
Allied World Assurance Company
(Europe) Ltd
There are five partner places and typically
only one becomes available each year
because of the popularity of this forum.
Please contact us for more information
for the rare sponsorship opportunities
Pat Ryan, Aon and
Ryan Specialty
Group founder
Events Media Information 2015
05 Exclusive
networking clubs
London Market Claims Council is a
unique forum for the major insurers and
reinsurers, brokers and senior claims
handling professionals of the London
insurance and reinsurance market.
Like the London 100, the LMCC is the
forum to exchange ideas, cultivate debate
and pursue best market practice in the
world’s leading specialty insurance and
reinsurance market.
It is also by exclusive invitation only. This
exclusive sponsorship allows you to have
unparalleled access to the one-hundred
most senior claims executives in the
market via:
c Quarterly meetings
c Working groups
c Annual drinks reception
c Annual survey
c Whitepapers
c Prominent branding
There are four partner places and typically
only one becomes available each year
because of the popularity of this forum.
“The LMCC success is due
to its unique focus, not only
allowing the usual time to meet
with peers but also incredibly
interesting and diverse
speakers that are just not
available in any other the other
claims committee or meetings
I attend”
Peter Dalton, Claims Director,
Cooper Gay & Co Ltd
Please contact us for more information
for the rare sponsorship opportunities
Events Media Information 2015
06 What our delegates
had to say in 2014…
“InsiderScope is an exceptional event”
James Peavy, A.M. Best Company
“Always topical, excellent speakers, target
rich environment”
Brad Kading, Association of Bermuda
Insurers and Reinsurers
“An excellent panel of experienced
market leaders, delivering four insightful
and thought-provoking presentations. I
look forward to next year”
Richard Pagram, Catlin Syndicate
“Once again The Insider have put on a
superb market briefing with topflight
speakers. Having the event early in the
year, gives the audience a respected
insight into the results of the past 12
months and expert predictions as to
what we can all expect throughout the
coming year”
Laurence King, THB
“An excellent opportunity to hear from
the industry moves and shakers about
topical issues impacting our day to day
James Lewis, Amlin London
“I thought the conference today was first
James Sibthorp, Eames Consulting
Group LLP
“The Insider once again have
demonstrated inside knowledge of
the forces at work within the insurance
Suki Basi, Russell Group
“I always look forward to the Trading
Risk Awards and the networking
Luca Albertini, Leadenhall Capital
“Superb content, animated and
interesting speakers ensuring an
excellent morning”
Mark Dainty, HFG
“Trading Risk’s inaugral London Executive
Briefing was an impressive summary of
the state of the ILS market from some
of its key players and thought leaders.
Brilliant food for thought”
Clive O’Connell, Goldberg Segalla
Global LLP
“Still the definitive
London Market
Ed Slade, CIO, Tysers
Events Media Information 2015
07 Making headlines
the world over...
Insider Publishing prides itself on
delivering breaking news first and
helping shape the industry’s agenda.
Its timely content and its ability to get
the truth out of the rumours, and report
on what is really happening in the
international (re)insurance markets makes
headlines the world over. Here are just a
few examples…
29 November 2013
Evening Standard –
Lloyd’s eyes female boss
3 July 2013
Financial Times –
Dangers of Buffett’s
Aon deal
12 September 2013
Bloomberg – AIG said to opt
against Buffett reinsurance
amid clash
17 July 2014
The Australian – QBE
may offload US
‘middle market’ unit
5 February 2014
Financial Times –
Brit Insurance hires
bankers for return
to market
Events Media Information 2015
08 Contacts
Insider Publishing Ltd
3rd Floor,
41 Eastcheap,
Spencer Halladey
Commercial Director
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7397 0613
Rob Hughes
Advertising Manager
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7397 0611
Mark Geoghegan
Editor of The Insurance Insider
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7397 0618
Adam McNestrie
Deputy Editor
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7397 0618
David Bull
North American Editor
Email: [email protected]
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