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12 November 2014
Volume 10.2.4
Message from Director
What is the spirit in Spirit Week?
You will notice that many of our students are not in uniform
this week. This is part of the Spirit Week organised by
the Habitat for Humanity Gotong Royong group to raise
money for house building for underprivileged families in Indonesia. Students themselves will travel to a local village
and construct a house using the money they have raised.
The students organised the Spirit Week themselves, negotiating the date with the management of the school, advertising and will evaluate the success of their event at the end of
the week. Spirit Week is concept from America, the idea of
which is to build the sense of community and unity in the
school, to increase the school spirit. Students participate by
dressing up in different themes each day of the week. Another example of this was the fabulous turn out of witches,
ghosts and skeletons for the annual FoCCS Halloween Party,
an annual school tradition. This year was a resounding success and raised over Rp 100 MILLION for the designated
FoCCS causes and charities. A huge thank you goes out to
all involved.
Last week, the students from Year 7 to 9 collaborated on
various projects, a report of which follows in this newsletter.
Again fostering a sense of community and unity in the middle school, as well as giving our students an opportunity to
work together to use their skills of inquiry on independent
projects. It was wonderful to see the fruits of the projects in
the exhibition on Friday. Inquiry forms the basis of all teaching and learning, from the Preschool right through to the IB
Diploma, and is truly the spirit of what we do here at CCS.
Beccy Fox
CCS Director
Staff news
Ms Vicky Purser has left CCS to pursue her new career as
a mum! We wish her good luck with her new adventure.
Ms Shelley Smithdale, an experienced Drama teacher,
joins us from Canada.
We wish Angela Martin all the best as she has left CCS for
personal reasons.
Matthew Buxton will take over as Acting Head of Secondary.
Monday 10th
Thursday 20th
KS3 Art Exhibition, Library.
Friday 14th November
Primary assembly, Student
Council, Basketball court,
Bake sale: Year 3.
Friday 21st November
Primary assembly, Year 3C,
MFH, 1.45pm.
Bake sale: Year 4.
Birthdays This Week
14 Nov
16 Nov
17 Nov
19 Nov
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Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Project Based Learning Week (Transitions)
Last week, all of our Secondary students in Year 7 to 9 spent the week carrying out projects
based around the theme of ‘Transitions’. PBL is an opportunity for students to further develop
the skills that they learn in their normal subject lessons, such as critical thinking, problem
solving, communication and collaboration.
This year, teachers set up a huge range of activities with many groups going off campus, to
different areas of Bali, for the exploration of their own particular theme. To give a flavour of
some of the work that went on during the week, we had groups working on creating a sustainable garden in the school, looking at how transport in Bali could be improved, helping
parents and students with their new beginnings at CCS and how to make food production
more sustainable in Bali.
The week culminated with an exhibition of the learning and work produced during the week
on Friday afternoon. This year it was attended by parents and Primary students as well as our
Secondary students.
Thanks to all of our students and everyone involved for making another great project week
and we look forward to another great project during Term 4.
Take a look at the pictures to get even more of a flavour for what was happening in the Secondary school last week.
Marco Campisi
KS3 Curriculum Coordinator
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Movember is the month formerly known as
November, where men across the globe join
together to raise awareness and funds for
men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health.
Men (also known as Mo Bros) sign up online
Starting clean-shaven on November 1st, these men donate their face for 30 days by growing
and grooming the best moustache they can muster. Mo Bros effectively become walking,
talking billboards for men's health raising funds and awareness along the way.
Our CCS Movember team (Messrs. Briggs, Yuda, Wayan, Dewa, Henson, Mowen, Woof,
Jaberzadeh, Buxton and Coppin) has taken on the challenge and will be seen sporting various
moustache styles over the month ahead.
If you would like to donate to the Movember cause (through Prostate Cancer Canada) then
please leave donations with the school shop.
School Committee Meeting - October
The school committee, made up of members of the school board, teachers, student representative and parents, meet monthly to discuss policies, updates and
relevant issues pertaining to the school.
At this month’s meeting we discussed the director’s report and budgets and a
strategic school plan to adapt to the new Indonesian laws regarding International schools. A policy for scholarships is being implemented and the issues of
traffic and security were also on the agenda. A FOCCS representative was in
attendance and updated the committee on the great work it has been doing,
including Halloween and their fundraising efforts.
As always, any comments or questions are welcomed. Our email address is
[email protected]
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Dear Parents, Guardian’s, Friends and Supporters of Canggu Community School,
On Friday evening 31 October, FOCCS held its annual Halloween event at the Canggu Club on
the Sporting field. I am pleased to report that the event was a resounding success on many
Attendance figures were in excess of 1200 people. We raised over IDR100,000,000 for FOCCS!
Yes that is correct folks, IDR100,000,000 which will form part of our overall revenue for the
2014/2015 year. We will be able to distribute these funds to various charities, assist in the welfare and education of children who do not have the same opportunities as a lot of other people,
as well as the purchase of assets for CCS for the benefit of all students and a raft of other assistance to the community.
The organisation and running of such a successful event does not happen by itself, however,
the success of the event speaks for itself.
I take this opportunity to thank the following contributors for the mammoth effort to produce
the event. The Halloween committee consisiting of Katrina, Tanya, Liz, Gemma, Helen, Cindy,
Alexa, Sarah-Jane, Terri, Matt, Jacyntha and our CCS representatives Beccy, Sarah & Kayti.
They planned, organised, spent considerable amounts of their own money, sweated, cried, and
overall worked really hard, to make this event the success it was. In addition the parents and
friends who volunteered on setting up the venue, all of the above committee, as well as Simon,
Glen, Matt, Todd, Henk, Katerina, Jacqui, Kylie, Uliana, Hina, Lena, Tracey, Nicole, Graham and
Kim and Tonia for their excellent artistry expertise, what a dedicated hard working bunch.
Beccy Fox and all the teachers and staff at CCS, in particular Pak Made and his staff, who were
absolutely fantastic. Jodie was yet again an excellent MC & knows exactly how to get a crowd
of people into the spirit of the event. We had excellent DJs in Krishna, a Year 12 student, with
great support and direction from Mr Jaberzadeh, one of our CCS teachers.
Management and staff of the New Canggu Club who, without the support of, this event could
not happen with the results achieved. I make special mention of Simone and Tony Smith &
Subina & the entire team of the New Canggu Club by providing the venue and their unmeasurable support.
All of the Sponsors who selflessly made a contribution we appreciate immensely.
The bottom line was that this event was about the families of Canggu School, enjoying a safe
well managed event that was also open to families of other schools to attend and interact for
an exciting and fun evening.
The Haunted House had a queue all night, the Secondary school dance party rocked, the pumpkin carvings were sensational & all the stalls were busy with families having a great time.
We welcome new people to become involved with FoCCS as many hands make light work and,
as we have more events on the calendar for this year, your contribution will be appreciated.
There are over 560 children at the school, representing approximately 390 families.
If you have something to contribute in any manner, please come to a meeting. All upcoming
FoCCS meetings are published in the newsletter.
Kind regards,
Andrew Phillipps
FoCCS Chairperson