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Novembe r 2014
450 Lee Avenue
Satellite Beach, FL 32937
Where there is no Vision, the people perish.
Proverbs 29:18
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November 2014
Everyone is catching the fever!! Ask about how
you can be a part of a LifeTogether home group.
New groups are now forming. Don’t be left out of
this exciting ministry. Call the Church Office.
STEPHEN MINISTRY makes Satellite Beach United
Methodist Church a more caring place.
The Vision newsletter deadline is on the
following dates listed for each month.
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November 14 is the deadline for December
December 12 is the deadline for January
January 16 is the deadline for February
Please email all news items to [email protected], or drop it in the
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As always, your input is both welcome and appreciated!
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Mary Williams
Eric Ruoff
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Susan Siemer
Senior Pastor
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Office Administrator
Thanksgiving falls at such a wonderfully
strange time of the year. On election years, it is right
after we have finally stopped the political ads about
this year’s candidates and elected our next set of
leaders. I am truly thankful that the season of
political ads is finished and sometimes thankful for
the new leaders elected. (Mostly I just wish we had
better choices from which to choose.)
Thanksgiving is the week before
Season—the beginning of the Christian year and the
coming of the Christ child at Christmas. Advent was
originally intended to acknowledge that God had
given us a bountiful harvest—enough to last through
the oncoming winter. Any time earlier would be in
the middle of the harvest time somewhere in the
For the church, Thanksgiving falls at the best
possible time because it is the close of our year, and
we can truly remember all God has done this year.
We had a great winter with numerous people
coming to the Cantata and Christmas Eve services.
Lent led us toward Easter and the resurrection of
Christ with great services held with the
community at the sunrise. We had over 1500
between the three services in Satellite Beach. That
is almost a tithe (1/10th) of the population
between the causeways.
 The church has seen new members join and our
worship lively and passionate.
 There were children’s and youth programs all year
Satellite Beach United Methodist Church
long that helped our youth and children draw
closer to God.
is a is
no Vision,
the peopleand love for God
among our young members as a result of the
many programs and gathering opportunities they
have shared.
 Several adults have spoken about their own
spiritual growth during this year as we
concentrated on stewardship.
This month, at the close of our Church year,
we will pause with the rest of the country and give
thanks that our loving God has extended to us over
the year past.
In the midst of all of this, there are the purely
personal things that have happened.
 We have celebrated graduations and births.
 We have mourned the passing of loved ones.
 Some have found new work following a lay off.
 We have celebrated milestone birthdays and
 And God has been present each and every day in
our lives.
Maybe the greatest thanksgiving should be
that God has allowed our eyes to be open to see His
handy work within our lives. There may be some who
come to Thanksgiving Day wondering why we should
pause at all to thank anyone. But the grace of
knowing Jesus reminds us of the love of God
extended toward us in so many ways.
I hope your Thanksgiving Day this year is filled
with family and friends and all the things that will
help you remember just how loved you are by God
this year. Happy Thanksgiving. May you find a new
depth in your thanksgiving to God who loves you.
Dr. Joe
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November 2014
Please remember to pray for the needs in
our church body and community. In our
weekly worship bulletin, you will find recently occurring prayer concerns.
A Look
At Our Faithfulness
September 2014
The following prayer concerns are of a more ongoing basis.
Men and women of our armed forces: *Rob Bird, *Jason Borondy,
Ben Brown, Brian David Dice, *Chuck Fischer, James E. Harris IV,
*Zach Heim, *Bill Intille, Sean Keane, Craig Lambert, Vance Lambert,
Patrick Miller, Jeff Peppers, Justin Peppers, Andrew Peppers, Blake
Rogers, Mike Taylor, Hanz Welo, Connor Whitson.
Missionaries: John & Lynn Lehn; Croatia; Kathy Harris, Moscow;
Jim, Kathy, Stephen and Hillary Mehl, Salvador; Pastor Maikel, Mir
Iglesia Metodista in Cuba; Larz & Karen, Asia; and Bobby & Katie
Hamlett in Thailand. All storm and natural disaster victims throughout the world.
Prayers of Concern: Johnny Adair, James Allen, *Bruce Bodin,
Larry Booth, Roy Carr, *Fran Darnell, *Floyd Denney, Earl Hayes,
*Emery Jones, *Gloria Keys, *Linda & Rich Krebs, *Joyce Marks,
*Sandra McCoy, *Harry Maxwell, James Miles, * Gene Mill, *Jewell
Mitchell, *Mickey Mutter, Helen Patterson, David Pieschel, Sandy
Rowse, Kim Ruoff, Caroline Siemer, *Velma Smith, *Tommie Spessard, *Doris Tantum, Donna Taylor, Gloria Tribou,*Mary Lou Tutt
Long Term Care: Life Care Center, Melbourne - Caroline Siemer;
Life Care Center, Palm Bay - Harry and Donna Maxwell; Emeritus Marilyn Koss; Century Oaks - Bill Yeager; Palm Bay Home –
Geneva Yeager
*denotes church family
Budget Required
$ 38,615.40
$ 376,500.15
Budget Received
$ 1,642.39
$ 20,968.32
Extra Mile Giving - Missions
Miscellaneous Missions
$ 221.00
Children’s Home
$ 365.00
Croatia Mission
$ 260.00
Thailand Mission
$ 50.00
Good Samaritan
$ 343.00
Cuba Missionaries
$ 450.00
Cuba General Fund
$ 218.10
Potato Project
$ 974.00
Total Missions
Dream-Fellowship Hall Upgrade
Capital Improvements
The sympathy of the congregation is extended to:
Donations have been made to the
TREE OF LIFE fund in memory of:
Lori and Dan Chaulk and family on the death
of Lori’s mother, Shirley True who passed
away October 3, 2014.
by Tom and Juliette Yearty, Emerald
Isle Neighbors , Jim and Jean Tate,
and Charles and Inge Holland.
to our very own Andrea Smith
who was selected as the Teacher of the Year
at DeLaura Middle School.
Time to set your clocks back
an hour on
Sunday, November 2 at 2:00 am.
If you’re not up that late, be sure to set
it back before you go to bed!
Year to Date
November 2014
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October was Community Helper Month and we had lots of visits from parents and local community helpers. Satellite Beach Police Officer Greta came to visit with her car and the students got to talk on the police car loud speaker. She brought the 911 phone to each classroom, and the children learned how to dial 911.
The Satellite Beach Fire Department came with an engine that had a ladder truck, which was
very exciting as the children watched it extend the bucket up high and then rotate it around.
The students got to walk through the truck and engine and get a close up look at the tools.
All the classes visited the Pumpkin Patch with Miss Mary, picked out little pumpkins and played fall games.
During November we will learn about food, nutrition, farms and how to be thankful for what God has
For more info on the preschool visit We are happy to give tours of our school
to parents interested in enrolling their student, just call me.
Susan Siemer, Preschool Director 777-016, X223
$ 2,881.10
$ 910.00
$ 125.00
$ 3,916.10
A PEW BIBLE has been donated to the church in
memory of:
by the New Horizon Circle
A donation has been made to the HANDYMAN
MINISTRY in honor of:
by Thelma Witzleb
Is there someone who has touched your life whom you
would like to remember with a gift, either in their
memory or in their honor? We publish the information
in the Vision and a card will be sent to the family informing them or your donation. You may designate any
ministry in the church as the recipient of your gift.
Fire Department with Ladder Truck
Police Department visits Preschool
SUNTREE CAFÉ at 718 S. Patrick Drive looks forward to hosting SBUMC in November. Donna and her staff always treat us well and the food is always delicious. They were
the second restaurant to support our Dining Out Program which started in 2007. Their
hours are:
every day from 7 am to 2pm. On Friday night they serve delicious New England Seafood from 4 to 8 pm.
Remember to tell your server that you are from the church and sign SBUMC on your bill. Give Donna a “hi or a
hug” and thank her for always inviting us back and being generous to us by giving SBUMC a 10% discount every
day of the week.
A reminder that Beachside Grille on A1A will give SBUMC 10% of your bill every time you eat there and write
SBUMC on your bill.
Thank you for supporting this fund-raising program/ministry for our Fellowship Hall.
This sure is a fun way to raise money, don’t you agree?
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Novemberr 2014
Christmas is Coming!
Remember that our Operation Christmas Child boxes are due back to the church by Sunday, November 9. We
take them to a central location where they will be shipped to children in need. Thanks so much for your help
in spreading the joy of Christ around the world.
For those of you making your Christmas lists early this year for family and friends, consider giving
them a gift from our Alternative Christmas Market. This year we will be “selling” mosquito nets for
UMCOR’s Imagine No Malaria initiative and a variety of items, including animals, tools, and educational materials from
Church World Service. We will have cards available so that you can notify the recipient of the gift given in their
name. The Mission Committee will be in the lobby in December with information on these worthy causes.
Cuba is a third-world country, with no reliable infrastructure or clean water. No one starves, but many experience hunger. Despite the physical difficulties, the country is alive for Christ! There are currently 384 Methodist churches, and hundreds more Missions, in Cuba, with an annual growth rate of 10%. Although we have 683 Methodist
churches in the Florida Conference, only 186 have adopted a sister church.
Just to illustrate some of the problems they face, our Pastora Elizabeth is suffering from foot fungus. She was
prescribed a medicine, but the pharmacy could not mix the compound she needed because they had "run out of their
electricity allotment" for the month! Pastor Rafael has been trying to build a new church in Buenanoche with the help of
his sister church in Oviedo, but has run into many roadblocks trying to locate a source for the building materials he
needs. The police have come to his home twice, conducting a thorough search, with no explanation, thoroughly scaring his wife and kids. Finally they told him they were looking for proof that his building materials were illegal. He was
able to produce records and receipts to show otherwise. The motorcycle we provided for Pastor Maikel has been an
immeasurable blessing in his work, allowing him access to all of the missions; however, it constantly needs work and
parts which are often next to impossible to find. Daily life is a constant challenge.
To try to alleviate some of the difficulties they face, to free them up to do the Lord's work rather than the daily
struggle, we provide some financial support to our sister church, as well as some needed material goods. Once a year,
we send money to Pastor Maikel so that the church can provide a Christmas "feast" for the people of Mir Methodist. If
you are able to help with this worthy Mission, please contribute to the Cuba Ministry, account #1020. And, as always,
please keep them in your prayers. Rest assured they are ever faithful to pray for their brothers and sisters of SBUMC!
November 2014
for the
We had a delightful time October 13 -16, 2014 at Epworth
By The Sea, on St. Simons Island, Georgia. This was my
fourth year attending, and it was just as breathtaking as it
was the first time I went.
Georgia Garrett
Beyond 50 Ministries—
ReFired Servant
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13
Our study “Seedtime and Harvest: Growing in the Spirit”
started with Bishop Ivan M. Abrahams, from South Africa.
Bishop Abrahams is the General Secretary of the World
Methodist Council. He spoke about how he planted the
Christian seed in Africa and watched the people grow in
their faith. He also talked about our being good Christians and taking care of the environment. Then we had a
very uplifting experience as we helped Bishop Richard
Looney plan his funeral. The closing speaker was Rev.
Gina Campbell, Director of Worship at the Washington
National Cathedral, who spoke about Christ planting a
seed in her when she was young, and that was how she
rose to where she is today.
em r
N enda
St Marks United Methodist Church would like to extend to the congregants of SBUMC and their
families and friends an invitation to a special Grief Share event called “Surviving the Holidays.”
It will be held in the Fellowship Hall at St. Marks from 10:00 to 12:00 on Saturday, November 15.
There will be a cost of $10.00 at the door.
A houseparent at the Florida United Methodist Children's Home wrote, "Here at FUMCH we try our
best to understand the pain, the disappointment and frustration, the loneliness, the anger, the heartache, the brokenness of the human spirit and the mental anguish that our residents sometime experience as they enter the healing process at this Sanctuary of Hope...God understands what empathy
means...He really does."
On October 2, 2014, some of the ladies in our church visited and toured the FUMCH. We were all
very impressed with the campus, the programs and opportunities available for the children residing
at the home, as well as the caring, friendly, professional attitude of the staff with whom we had contact. If you wish to visit this wonderful facility, you may call the FUMCH and schedule a tour.
A resale shop benefiting the FUMCH had their grand opening on October 15, 2014. It is located at
2460A South Volusia Avenue in the Four Townes Shopping Center, Orange City, Florida. It is a new opportunity for churches, groups and individuals to support the FUMCH with donations of items to sale and by
purchasing items on sale.
The FUMCH has a goal of providing each child at their facility $150.00 in gift cards for Christmas. They
are requesting that we purchase gift cards from Visa, Master Card, American Express, Target, Wal-Mart, or
any major retail store in increments of $10.00, $20.00, or $25.00. All gift cards should arrive at the children's home before December 8, 2014.
Please note that our final fifth Sunday giving to the FUMCH is November 30, 2014. We still need to
give $2,769.47 to reach our church's giving goal for 2014.
Thank you for your support of the Florida United Methodist Children's Home.
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Charlotte Attride, Don Moore, Laverne Warner,
Alice Gentile, Georgia Garrett, Lil Moore,
(seated) Dr. Evelyn Laycock, Bible Study Leader
16 John Baker
23 Lillian Moore, Jack Fields
29 Gloria Keys
We would like to celebrate YOU!
Call the church office (777-0116) to be
included in our Celebration Calendar.
NOVEMBER 22, 12:45 P.M.
Cocoa Village Playhouse will be producing “Broadway on
Brevard” for their 25th season at Cocoa Village Historic
Theatre. Their first show is “SHREK” the musical, about
an ogre who lived in a far away swamp. His guarded
solitude is suddenly shattered by an invasion of fairy tale
characters. They were all banished from their kingdom
by the evil Lord Farquaad. Determined to save their
home, Shrek cuts a deal with Farquaad and sets out to
rescue Princess Fiona. Rescuing the princess was harder than accepting her deep, dark secret. The play starts at
2:00 pm on Saturday, November 22. Payment of $26.00
for play and transportation due by Wednesday, November 12. We meet at our church and the bus leaves at
12:45 p.m. Dutch treat supper after the show and returning about 7:00 p.m.
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At 1:00 pm, we will hear from Deborah Moyer, dedicated
musician and artistic soloist with a life-long passion for
violin. Deborah has 19 years of experience and has studied under various world-renowned instructors. She has
extensive background in many areas of performing and
teaching, including piano and vocal training. Deborah
studied for 5 years under former Metropolitan Opera singer Mark Baker. Deborah is Eldon and Iris Moen’s granddaughter. Eldon will be accompanying her as they perform a Christmas program for us. Chef Tony will prepare
a wonderful meal for us and the Happy Cookers will make
us a fabulous dessert. Reservations are required by
Thursday, November 20 or sign up in the church office or
call the church office at 777-0116. $8.00 is payable to
Georgia, the church office or at the door.
I am looking for 2 more families that would be willing to
open their homes for our Christmas Homes Tour in December. If you would consider this, please contact me at
773-5535 and leave a message or let me know at the YAH
luncheon. We always look forward to this holiday tour.
2 Young At Heart Luncheon
?? Christmas Homes Tour
January 2015
20 Young At Heart Luncheon
4 Surfside Playhouse - ”Guys and Dolls”
(Support our Lions Club)
7 Cocoa Village Playhouse - “West Side Story”
17 Young At Heart Luncheon
17 Young At Heart Luncheon
28 Cocoa Village Playhouse - “My Fair Lady”
21 Young At Heart Luncheon
2 Cocoa Village Playhouse – “Fiddler On The Roof”
19 Young At Heart Luncheon
November 2014
Is Wednesday, November 19 following
a FREE dinner. This will be our last
“Heavenly” Wednesday Night dinner
for the season. We will eat at 5:30 and
start decorating at 6:15.
Please join us as we enjoy food, fellowship and Fun
adorning our church for the Christmas Holiday.
So we can have enough food, please let us know
you are coming by signing the “Let’s Connect” card
in the bulletin or call the church office at 777-0116
Everyone who enjoys the snacks in
the Lobby on Sunday morning (and
that’s a lot of people!) would like to
thank Dave Clarke for all of the
effort he does to bring us such yummy treats!
Every week we get treated with the snack cakes, donuts,
cookies, etc. that he faithfully brings to the church.
Thank you, Dave! You are appreciated!
Susie Dyer
Thank you for the food before us,
Friends beside us,
Love among us.
I appreciate everyone who helped me and
thanks for All the support I received at our
Heavenly Wednesday Night Dinners.
Susie Dyer
On September 20, Daniel
Kneessy “Aged Out” of Troop
309 by turning 18. Prior to
this, he has earned his third
Eagle Palm which was
awarded September 29.
29. What this means is that
earning the rank of Eagle
requires 21 merit badges, in
additional to all the positions
of leadership and an Eagle
project. One Eagle Palm signifies an additional three
months of service in leadership, and five additional merit
badges—there is a gold, bronze, and silver palm. Daniel
has earned all three in his years as a scout and has completed 38 separate merit badges.
As always make sure your payment is in 10 days before
each activity. Contact me or the church office if you are
unable to attend. If I don’t hear from you, I will call the first
person on the waiting list. If you are not sure if you have
signed up for an activity, check the reservation book in the
office or the sign up sheets at the YAH Luncheons.
“(God’s) peace will guard your hearts and minds as you
live in Christ Jesus.” Philippians: 4:7 (NIV)
Please prayerfully consider spending a week in late March,
on Mission, in the beautiful Appalachian Region of Eastern
Kentucky. It will be an experience that will have a profound
impact on all who attend. Questions?
Contact John Sutherland at [email protected]
November 2014
Camp Son ‘N Fun Topics are:
Page 5
Mary Williams, Children’s Director
Nov. 2—Overheated
Proverb 12:22 “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord
but those who act faithfully are His delight.”
Nov. 9—Your Name Is Mud
1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just
and will forgive us our sins and purify us from
all unrighteousness.”
Nov. 16—Children’s Program/Pancake Breakfast with the Scouts
Nov. 23—Charlie Brown and Snoopy will visit us
during our annual tradition, “Charlie Brown
Thanksgiving” and we’ll assemble a
Thanksgiving basket for a needy friend
Nov. 30—A Big Hook for Little Tow
James 1:4 “Let perseverance finish its
work, so that you may be mature and
complete, not lacking anything.”
Camp Son ‘N Fun Info:
Camp Son ‘N Fun is held during
Sunday School time in the “Far
East” wing. An enthusiastically
decorated room called Faithland
is where most of the Camp Son
‘N Fun adventure is held. We
use a variety of techniques to
impact the lives of our children
I interviewed one of our involved 6 year olds and asked him what he
with a Christian message.
We study many social issues this
was thankful for. His answer surprised me because of the Christian
season, using short, expressive
maturity. He said, “I’m thankful for God bringing people here (to
videos as a springboard. Crafts,
SBUMC), and that God and Jesus really exist.” When I asked him
snacks and activities round out
what the best thing about Children’s Ministry was, he answered, “I’m glad that He made
the time we have together.
church alive.” What insightful answers! What are you thankful for? I am so thankful to
Jesus said, “Let the little children
hear answers like those from the children that I serve! I am also thankful for all the other
come to me, for the Kingdom of
super people that help me in my ministry on a regular basis.
God belongs to these . . . . And
I’d also like to thank in a BIG way, Patsy Countryman, Debbie Hall and our teens who are He blessed them.” We are
here every week to help in Children’s Church. And Thanks to my wonderful, caring Nurse- blessed to be in a relationship
ry staff—Georgia Garrett, Amy Lueck! There are so many more to thank, so please “CYH,” with your children! Bring them
to us, and they will surely learn
Consider Yourself Hugged!
about the Kingdom of God!