The Voice November 2014

November 2014
Sunday Worship
10:15 a.m.
It was intermission at a recent filled-to-overflowing concert at McMillan Public Library.
I was lucky to get one of three single seats left in the Fine Arts Center – I claimed the
seat second from the end way up in the back. Even though there were refreshments and
snacks in the main entrance lobby, I chose to stay put and read my e-book. The
gentleman next to me left to check out the goodies.
Watchword for 2014
Christ says, “This is the
will of him who sent me,
that I should loose nothing
of all that he has given me,
but raise it up on the last
John 6:39
Two couples took positions in the aisle to stretch their legs and entered into a
conversation about the latest news item – the Ebola “crisis.” One woman said she had
planned to visit relatives in Texas in the near future and was considering cancelling her
plans. After all, there were those two nurses from Texas who had contracted the illness
and their futures were uncertain according to news reports. Another person in the group
expressed his concern for his safety with this outbreak of four Ebola cases and his fear of
traveling anywhere in the United States. “One can’t be sure of anything anymore!” And
in the midst of this fear, God showed up!
Moravian Motto
In essentials, unity
In non-essentials, liberty
In all things, love
The gentleman next to me returned and handed me a napkin containing cookies and said,
“I thought you might like some goodies – I noticed you chose to stay put during
intermission.” I was almost speechless! In the midst of the “fear” talk, here was a man
showing compassion and thoughtfulness to a stranger. Jesus shows up even in the
simplest acts of kindness. The stranger transformed into acquaintance and Dave and I
had a very nice albeit short conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with fear but
talking about God’s care for us. Really! We had a conversation about God’s care for
Church School
9:00 a.m.
Rev. Mary Lou Plummer
Board of Elders
Robin Werth, Vice-Chair;
Matt Fletcher, Kay Heller,
Becky Jacoby, Ashley
Kelnhofer, Jill Kemp, Bill
Mohr, Sandi Mroz
Board of Trustees
Lee Fletcher, Chair;
John Buchholz, Marilyn
Hutter, Bruce King, Kevin
Straughan, Wendy Wilson
In November, we end the church year acknowledging that
Christ is the One who rules in our hearts – Christ the King
(ruler) Sunday is Nov. 23rd. The last Sunday, Nov. 30th, is
the first Sunday in Advent when we begin to prepare once
again for the coming of the Christ child. We will be hearing
the words “Do not fear” over and over during Advent.
It’s a hard lesson to grasp; this letting go of fear. We are
bombarded with fear messages at every turn and we submit
minds to hashing and rehashing the chaos in which we
But Jesus calls us to also live by our hearts; to show compassion to those around us whether we know them by name or
not. Can you think of any better way to chase the fear away than by immersing oneself in acts of compassion?
Do not fear, brothers and sisters; let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts; reach out in compassion. Have a remarkable
Christian New Year!
-Mary Lou Plummer
Worship opportunities in November
11/02 Our Love of Learning – Week 5 in our Stewardship Pledge Drive
11/09 Our Love of Worship with Bishop Kay Ward leading worship – Final Sunday in
Pledge Drive; Holy Communion in celebration of Christ the Chief Elder Festival
Love of Worship
11/13 Prayer service in Social Room with area Moravian Churches; focus on Christ the
Chief Elder; 6 p.m.
11/16 Dedication of the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. The parable of the
talents leads us to consider never tiring of doing what is right.
11/23 Christ the King Sunday; the picture of the Good Shepherd guides us in our
11/26 Thanksgiving Eve Service in the Social Room; 7 p.m.
11/30 First Sunday in Advent; we begin preparing for Christ’s coming; “Hosanna”
sung antiphonally. Advent Workshop to follow potluck.
Moravian women
Moravian Women will meet on Thursday, November 13
at 1 p.m. at church with Lucy Severt as hostess. We will
be packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
Love of Teaching & Learning
Moravian Women’s conference
New Sunday School rotation begins
June 25-28, 2015
Sandy Cove Convention Center, Maryland
Our Sunday School children will begin a new rotation
on Sunday, Nov. 2nd entitled “Follow the Star.” This
lesson is based on the three wise men who came to visit
the newborn Jesus. Children will learn about the three
gifts brought to the child and how we can worship the
Christ child, discover the wonder expressed by the wise
men, and examine ways that God continues to offer
signs that lead us to Jesus. We usually hear this story
after Christmas – this year, we begin our Advent
preparation with the ending of Jesus’ birth story. At the
conclusion of this rotation, the children will be going on
a field trip so stay tuned in to Sunday School
Every four years, the Interprovincial
Women’s Board hosts a three-day
conference for Moravian women across
North America and other parts of the
world. The conference offers time for
attendees to relax their bodies, refresh
their spirits and renew their minds.
Meaningful worship and engaging
speakers challenge, inspire and call us to
action on God’s behalf. Participants attend
workshops on topics of interest and enjoy fellowship,
quiet time, recreation and even sight-seeing. Moravian
women leave the quadrennial conference with a renewed
commitment to serve God, each other and the world. We
invite all Moravian women to the shores of the
magnificent Chesapeake Bay as we explore what it
means to Walk in the Light today.
Check out their website at
WRMC book club
Our next gathering is Sunday, Nov. 2nd at 6 p.m. to
discuss our latest read, The Dressmaker of Khair Khani
by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. Next read will be available
at that gathering.
Moravian young adult convo 2015
Caroling invitation
JULY 5 – 13, 2015!
The Board of Elders from Saratoga Moravian Church
invites one and all to join them in caroling. Mark your
calendar for Saturday, December 6 at 1:30 p.m.
Every four years Moravian young adults in North
America have the opportunity to come together for a
Moravian Young Adult Convocation. The next Young
Adult Convo is this summer as participants will travel to
the Czech Republic and Germany
to see many of the historic
Moravian sites and to find
inspiration and vision for current
ministry. In the Czech Republic
the trip includes visiting Prague
(where John Hus preached),
Kunwald (where the Unitas Fratrum, the early Moravian
Church, first settled), and the Chalice Rocks (where
members of the Unitas Fratrum met during their time of
persecution). In Germany the trip includes visiting
Herrnhut (where the Unitas Fratrum experienced a great
spiritual renewal).
Come and enjoy the gift of giving and making a joyful
noise that brightens many a face and heart even your
own. We’ll finish up with some warm soup and treats
back at the church.
Make your plans now.
Love of Missions
◊ Bake Sale – November 2 ◊
For New York City Mission Trip
All Moravian young adults ages 18 through 26 are
invited to attend this summer’s Moravian Youth Adult
Convo 2015. The dates for the trip are July 5–13, 2015.
The theme for the trip is “Make the Moravian Journey
Home and Catch a Vision for Our Future!”
Community outreach
I absolutely love this time of year. I don't care if
everyone else wants to grouse about shopping and
commercialism (and I do too, at times). Yet, when I
reflect about the meaning of Thanksgiving and
Christmas my heart is full of joy and contentment. WE
For more information about Convo 2015, please check
its website at or its
Facebook page at “Moravian Young Adult Convo
2015”. You can register online at
There is a limited number of spaces for this trip, and
registrations need to be in by January 15, 2015. If you
have questions, please contact Cynthia Rader Geyer,
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at
[email protected] or call/text (484) 554-0102.
As I told you, we are providing Thanksgiving dinner for
a family of nine this year. So keep that in mind when
shopping. The food is due November 23rd .
We are doing something a little different for our
Christmas family. It is a single mother with four
children. Unless, the family had a drastic need for
clothing, you will notice that the "request list" is for nonessentials. We will also provide this working mom with
their Christmas dinner. We suggest that instead of a
turkey, a ham be provided with all the fixings. The
deadline for the Christmas family is December 3rd.
For the Love of Congregation Care
Friday, November 7th; 6 p.m.
“Sweet Home Alabama”
in the Social Room
-The Board of Elders
Saratoga Moravian Church
There will be lists posted on the sandwich board by the
church offices with a box for Thanksgiving items and
another for Christmas items nearby. Have fun shopping
while you Share Christ and Serve People.
-Rosemary Mooney
Thank you
starting Monday, November 17. Please call the
following to make your reservation:
St. Luke’s office hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. weekdays
God bless you and thank you so much for your support
of us here at Destiny Point. Please know that lives are
being changed forever and we are so blessed by you.
-Julie & staff
Homeless in Wood County update
Operation Christmas child
The Wisconsin Council of Churches held a Poverty
Summit recently in Stevens Point. Lonnie Selje,
Executive Director of Helping Hands Gospel Ministry,
shares the following information with local churches:
Ways you can help:
 Find regular sized shoe boxes and bring them to
church before November 12 so the women can
pack the boxes at their
next meeting.
 Take empty boxes home
and wrap them in
colorful paper, wrapping
the lid separate or just
decorating the boxes
with old cards, pictures,
stickers and such.
 Take a pretty/wrapped box home and fill it!
Bring it to church on or before November 16 for
the Dedication Sunday and collection week.
 Donate money for shipping costs. Each box
needs $7.00 to cover getting it to its destination
by truck, boat, plane, scooter, camel or elephant!
If filling your own box, please remember the following:
 Choose a boy or girl in an age category found on
the label which needs to go on the outside of the
box. (See information brochure)
 Please NO liquids, perishable foods, breakable
mirrors or glass, war toys, used item or
Thank you for all your help!
-Linda Carpenter
While 1 in 10 people in Wood County live below
poverty level, 1 in 6 do so in Wisconsin
Rapids. (Wisconsin overall has a 1 in 8 ratio with
Milwaukee 1 in 5, Nekoosa = 1 in 13)
Funding through various agencies in our community
is diminishing. Stricter guidelines are being set by
some of the agencies, which on the surface will curb
the abusers. Reality is that there will be more
people asking for help. Calls may increase for
you. They already have for Helping Hands. Our
active homeless client list has tripled over the past
Costs for caring for the homeless are
increasing. Supply and demand has increased the
cost for us to put people in motels. Besides an
overall increase in rates, there are times we need to
use a more expensive property due to availability at
our usual establishments. Area shelters are
becoming full leaving us with no alternative other
than motels. Funds are diminishing for us as well as
the agencies. [Please note this does mean we want a
homeless shelter here.]
What you can do to help before this turns into a crisis:
 Pray
 Financially support us through any one of the
following methods:
o Consider taking a special offering for Helping
Hands during the upcoming holidays when
people’s hearts are more sensitive to those in
o Budget to be a sponsor at our Hearts for the
Homeless annual banquet February 20
o There will be a 4 week module on poverty at
Woodlands church in January (Wisconsin
Rapids). Consider attending or sending
someone. Mental health, suicide prevention
training, and a Biblical approach to helping the
poor will be presented by a variety of speakers.
Dates to Remember:
Items due by November 12
Complete boxes due November 16
Community Thanksgiving dinner
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church will be serving a
Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner to anyone who
may be alone on this day and/or is unable to prepare the
traditional meal for him/herself. Serving will be on
Thursday, November 27, from noon until 1 p.m. in the
fellowship hall. Home deliveries or transportation to St.
Luke’s will be available. There is no charge for the
dinner. Reservations are requested and will be taken
Adamson Forum – Nov. 7 – 9
John Gunn, Rosemary Mooney and Pastor Mary Lou
will be representing WRMC at the upcoming Adamson
Forum in Chaska, MN sponsored by Moravian
Ministries Foundation. A bequest received from Minnie
Adamson allows the Foundation to offer this
stewardship forum at no expense to churches. This
year’s focus is on generosity and stewardship.
For the Love of Stewardship
Board of Elders Meeting – 10/15/14:
 Brief reports given and accepted.
 Confirmation update; possibly five youth interested.
 Family dance discussed; rescheduled for 2/14/15.
 Special services affirmed: 11/13 Christ the Chief
Elder Prayer Service at 6 pm, 11/26 Thanksgiving
Eve service at 7 p.m., 12/24 Christmas Eve service
at 7 p.m.
 Affirmed Christy Mlodzik as flower person for
 Approved Pastor’s vacation 11/17 through 11/24.
 Next meeting: Nov. 10th at 6:30 pm; Robin Werth
providing devotions.
Have a seat!
You may have noticed new folding chairs in the Social
Room. Our Board of Trustees recently purchased 50
cushioned folding chairs with money received from the
Henricksen family in memory of Fay Henricksen. The
new chairs are more comfortable and are much safer for
toddlers and young children. The replaced chairs are
offered for sale at a cost of $3/chair. Please talk to a
Trustee if you’re interested in purchasing one.
September statistics
Board of Trustees Meeting – 10/08/14:
 Minutes, Treasurer’s Report and payment of bills
were approved.
 Approved payment on heating system loan.
 Planned workday on October 25.
 Received updates on plumbing issues, parsonage
roof, and lighting.
 Broken window is covered under warranty.
 Approved replacement of heating system motor.
 Will offer some of the old folding chairs for sale.
 Received Camp Scholarship Report.
 Next meeting, Wed., Nov. 12 at 7 p.m.
Beginning 2014 Balance = -$39,613.75
Income thru 09/30/14 = $105,925.15
Expenses = $119,263.96
General Fund Balance = -$52,952.56
Ave. Needed/Week = $3,087.67
Ave. for the Year Received = $2,670.24
Ave. Attendance for September = 78
Furnace Loan Balance as of 09/30/14 = $17,522.96
Thank you
Thank you to everyone for your support of the
Community Book Sale and the Rummage Sale. The
Book Sale netted $3,133.92. The profit from the
Rummage Sale was $1,219.31.
Stewardship committee
Our 2014 Pledge drive will be coming to a close on
Sunday, Nov. 9th. For the five previous weeks, we’ve
explored the “loves” of our congregation. On our last
Sunday, you will be asked to consider making a
financial pledge for 2015. Please prayerfully consider, as
Nicholas von Zinzendorf did when gazing upon a
portrait of the suffering Christ, the question “what have
you done for me?” The portrait that so moved
Zinzendorf is displayed on the bulletin board in the
Social Room along with Post-Its to share what you are
doing for Christ.
Christmas cookie baking weekend
December 5-6 is Cookie Baking Weekend 2014 at Mt.
Morris! Join friends and “new friends” for baking your
assortment of Christmas cookies for your family and
friends. Cookies are baked in Arrowhead Center and
lodging is in comfortable, cozy Black Oak Lodge. Plan
to arrive around 7:00 p.m. Friday and the weekend will
end on Saturday around 4:00 p.m. Saturday breakfast
and lunch are provided. LOTS of staples are provided
(sugar, flour, etc.) You are asked to bring your own
mixer. A complete list of supplies that are provided will
be sent to you. Join the fun and fellowship and begin the
holiday spirit with Christmas Cookie Baking Weekend.
Cost: $82.00. Register online at
As the Nov 9th date gets closer, please prayerfully
consider increasing your giving by 1% over your present
giving. As a wise man once said, “Every church has the
money to meet its expenses – it’s just kept in people’s
pockets rather than the offering plate!”
In our church family
11/04 Ronald Langsdorf,
John Gunn
11/07 John Korslin
11/08 Amy Haas
11/09 Myles Olivares-Campbell
11/10 Kolby Kelnhofer
11/12 Larry Wetzel, Patrice Maier,
Paul Mroz, Carrie Heltsley
11/13 Conlin Maier
11/14 Thomas Mehlbrech
11/15 Dominick Timm
11/16 Keegan Guinn
11/17 Noah Wellach
11/21 Helen Henke
11/22 Jere Haas
11/27 Larry Davis,
Dawn Wesenberg
11/28 Victoria Schultz
11/30 Mark Abbott
11/07 Gordon & Marilyn Dakins
11/10 Matthew & Renee Barnes
11/26 James & Shirley Hanneman
11/29 Dan Miller & Elizabeth
Nursing/group home
Edgewater: Florence Garfield,
Ronald & Dorothy Langsdorf
Managed Care: Danny Hedin,
Ethelmae Schulz, Orva Schmick
Maple Ridge Assisted Living: Kay
Pine Ridge: Gilbert & Anna
Arborwood Lodge: Bette Lauby,
Conlin & Peg Maier
Our House: Arvilla Zimmerman
Harmony House: Betty Bates
Renaissance: Elizabeth Cooper
Homebound: Marlene Young,
Bill Williams
Our servicemen
Paul Eklund, David Eklund,
Dustin Wesenberg, Jeff Paschal
Dayne Fellowes
Lonna Rosemarie Kelnhofer on
October 8 (daughter of Jim &
Received into
Jim Kelnhofer was received on
September 21 by Reaffirmation of
Pastoral care
If you or your loved one is
hospitalized, please call the church
office. We are not always
contacted by the hospital. For
pastoral emergencies, please call
the parsonage at 715-423-2072 or
715-451-9992 (cell).
New email for Pastor
Mary Lou
In an effort to provide confidential
email correspondence with Pastor
Mary Lou, a new email has been
established. Please update your
contact list with the following
email address:
November 3. Check them out for
many of your Christmas
decoration and gift needs. They
will have a special Christmas Open
House on Saturday Nov. 22
beginning at 8:00 a.m. with most
items in the store going at 20% to
70% off! Ladies, this is your day
to shop at Bethesda. Refreshments
will also be offered. On Black
Friday, Nov. 28, they will have a
50% off sale on almost everything
in the store beginning at 7:00
a.m. They will also have a 50%
off sale all clothing, shoes, books,
and media on Nov. 23-26. The
store will also be open on Sundays
from Nov. 23 through December
21 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00
p.m. Thanks for your support.
From Saratoga
Moravian Church
Game Day at Saratoga Moravian
Church (SMC) will be
on November 20. This is the
3rd Thursday of the month. It
begins at 11 a.m. and a light lunch
will be served at noon. SMC CEC
will appreciate it if you plan to
attend to let Avis Schroer
know (715-325-5238). However if
you didn't let her know and can
make it.... Come anyway.
[email protected]
Around the community
Saratoga Moravian Church will
be holding their Chicken
Dumpling and Chili Feed/Bake
Sale on Saturday, November 22
from 1 – 6 p.m. Proceeds from the
meal will go to the Salvation Army
and the proceeds of the bake sale
will go to Christian Education.
Believe it or not, Bethesda Thrift
Shop is getting the store ready for
Christmas. They will transform the
store into a Christmas Store by
Mark your calendars
Dec. 11 -- “The Best Christmas
Pageant Ever” performed by
Playhouse Theatre Group.
Open to the public; 7 pm.
Dec. 14 -- Choir Christmas Cantata
in worship
Dec. 20 -- Children’s Christmas
program rehearsal with dinner;
4-8 pm
Dec. 21 -- Children’s Christmas
program in worship
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit #176
Wis. Rapids,WI
The Moravian Church
310 First Avenue South
Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495-4155
Wednesday, November 26 at
7 p.m.