APEC CEO Summit 2014 Participant Guide

APEC CEO Summit 2014
Participant Guide
Organizing Committee of the APEC CEO Summit 2014
Table of Contents
Welcome Message
Times and Venues
Badge Collection
Airport Transfer
VII. Catering
VIII. Transportation
Security Requirements
Venue Facilities and Services
XII. Dress code
XIII. Useful Information
XIV. Contact information of the Organizing Committee
XV. Appendices
I. Welcome message
A warm welcome to all distinguished guests here to attend the
APEC CEO Summit 2014. The APEC CEO Summit 2014
Organizing Committee is here to ensure the Summit and all
related activities run smoothly and provide all assistance
necessary to help you achieve your goals, and make your stay in
Beijing an enjoyable one.
This Guide contains information about the Summit, pre-summit
preparation, post-Summit logistics and items to be completed by
the delegates. If you have any questions or would like to find
out more, you’re invited to contact the Organizing Committee of
APEC CEO Summit 2014 by email. See Section XIV for the
Committee’s e-mail address.
Delegates will be notified by email in the event of any addition
or changes to this Guide.
The Organizing Committee of APEC CEO Summit 2014 wishes
you a pleasant and rewarding time in Beijing.
II. Time and Location
The APEC CEO Summit 2014 will be held from 8 to 10
November 2014 at China National Convention Center
(7TianchenEast Road, Beijing).
Please refer to Appendix A for the preliminary agenda. The final
agenda will be handed out to delegates during the Summit.
The China National Convention Center is located at the center
of Beijing Olympic Park, and adjacent to the National
Stadium(venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of 2008
Beijing Olympic Games) and the Water Cube. It is currently the
largest conference center in Asia. Located between the fourth
and fifth ring roads in Beijing, the Center is about 30 minutes’
drive from Beijing Capital International Airport and reachable
by subway.
On the evening of 8 November, the People's Government of
Beijing Municipality and the Organizing Committee of the
Summit will host a welcome banquet and cultural performance
for all Summit participants.
Venue: China World Hotel
(No. 1, Jianguomenwai Street, Beijing).
III. Badge Collection
Please collect your badge and meeting materials at the
Registration Center by presenting your registration confirmation
letter (either a print-out or an electronic soft copy) and your
passport/identification card or other valid identification papers.
If you wish for someone else to collect on your behalf, the
authorized person is required to present a copy of your passport/
identification card, the original and a copy of the authorized
person’s passport or other valid papers, a letter of authorization
and the registration confirmation letter (either a print-out or an
electronic soft copy).
Location of Registration Center: South Passage, Level 1, Digital
Beijing Building
(No. 12, Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)
Opening hours:
9:00-18:00, 7 November
9:00-24:00, 8 November
7:00-17:00,9 November
9:00-17:00, 10 November
If you have any questions, please send an email to:
[email protected](domestic
[email protected] (overseas
IV. Media
Two Media Centers, one at China National Convention Center
and the other at Lake Yanqi Convention Center, will be set up to
offer excellent and efficient media services to registered
journalists who will be covering the 2014 APEC Economic
Leaders' Week. The media centers will open in November. The
APEC CEO Summit 2014 will use the one located at China
National Convention Center.
The media center will be set up at Halls 1 and 2 on the first floor
of China National Convention Center. The center covers an area
of about 11,000 square meters, and consists of a security
inspection area, comprehensive services area, public media
working area, exclusive media working area, public signal
service area, satellite transmission service area, unilateral live
coverage area, studio area, news release area, media dining area,
media lounge, other public services area and cultural
presentation and experience area.
For detailed information about media registration, reservation
application (including venue reservation, equipment rental,
reservation of radio and television technology service and event
coverage application), media services (including arrival and
transportation, hotel and catering), data download, and Media
Center Mobile App, please visit the official website of the media
1. Registration
Media facilities, services and relevant event venues are open to
verified media delegates only.
Journalists applying to cover the APEC CEO Summit must
register on the website of the 2014 APEC Economic Leaders'
Week Media Center (http://mediacenter.apec-china.org.cn/) prior
to 15 October, to obtain the qualification for covering the 2014
APEC Economic Leaders' Week. After receiving qualification,
please refer to notices released on the media center website of
the 2014 APEC Economic Leaders' Week Media Center and the
about covering the CEO Summit and the time and methods to
collect press passes.
Press passes will only be issued to verified media personnel,
must be worn at all times and be subject to inspection when
entering and leaving the event venues.
For more information about the APEC CEO Summit 2014,
please [email protected] ccpit.org.
2. Passport/ Visa
All media delegates must hold valid passports or other
identification papers. After registering online, foreign journalists
should apply for a J-2 Visa either at China embassies and
consulates in their respective economies or through visa
agencies authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Media delegates from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan must
complete the required formalities before entering mainland
China. For more information, please write to the 2014 APEC
Economic Leaders' Week Media Center at:
[email protected]
Contact: Yin Xiaolu/ Bie Zhi
Tel: 86-10-65882585
3. Media Handbook
The Media Handbook contains media registration and
verification, conference agenda, media interview and other
detailed information about the APEC CEO Summit. This
Handbook can be downloaded from the official website:
V. Airport Transfer
1. Visa Requirements
For information about applying for a Chinese Visa, please visit
the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(http://cs.mfa.gov.cn/wgrlh/). To apply for a visa, please submit
applications to your respective China embassies and consulates
or visa agencies.
Delegates from the following APEC economies with valid
APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) are permitted to enter and
stay in China temporarily without a visa: Australia, Brunei,
Chile, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New
Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Russia,
Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. However, delegates from
other APEC economies must enter China with valid visas or
For more information on visa and entry into China, please write
[email protected] ccpit.org
2. Customs Inspection
All foreign nationals entering the People’s Republic of China
shall be subject to customs inspection. You are required to make
a declaration if you carry cash with a value more than USD
5,000 or RMB 20,000 or other items restricted by China
3. Exclusive Passage for APEC participants
The Organizing Committee will set up an exclusive passage for
delegates attending the APEC Summit at the border checkpoint
as well as customs and the inspection and quarantine area.
Professional staff with foreign language proficiency will provide
clearance services for delegates.
4. Airport Transfer
Over the course of the Summit (7-11 November), there will be
an airport transport service between the airport and the official
hotel. After delegates arrive at the airport, volunteers will lead
them to the airport transfer buses. After the Summit, delegates
can take shuttle buses from officially designated hotels to the
Airport-Hotels shuttle bus schedules will be put on the Summit
Website soon.
5. Taxi:
Delegates may also take a taxi to Beijing city center. Passengers
are charged by mileage. Airport taxi pickup points are located on
Level B-1 of the terminals. Please refer to the signs inside the
6. Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport is the only airport in the
Asian Pacific region with three terminals, three runways and
two simultaneously operating air traffic towers. 83.71 million
passengers passed through the Airport in 2013, making it the
world’s second busiest airport. Every day, nearly 1,700 flights of
92 airlines connect Beijing with 236 airports throughout the
VI. Accommodation
The Organizing Committee has confirmed eight hotels as the
APEC CEO Summit official hotels. All delegates who are guests
at these hotels will be provided with airport shuttle,
hotel-conference venue/registration center shuttle bus, tours,
summit consultation and a safe and secure environment.
If you wish to make a reservation at one of the official hotels,
after completing your registration on the official website, follow
the instructions to enter the hotel reservation website where you
can make your reservation.
The contact information of all official hotels are listed as
No Hotel Name
Official Website
+86 10 84371318
[email protected]
+86 10 65054323
[email protected]
Beijing Beichen
China World
+86 10 65052266
Conrad Hotels
& Resorts
+86 10 6584 6213 +86 10 6584 6216
[email protected]
Du Dan
Beijing Traders
+86 10 65052277
+86 10 65050818
[email protected]
Zhang Wei
+86 10 66068866
+86 10 66297502
[email protected]
The Westin
Financial Street
+86 10 84371188
+86 10 84371282
The Ritz-Carlton
+8610 66016666
Financial Street
Waldorf Astoria
+86 10 85208989
+86 10 65231558
Hilton Hotels
+86 10 5812 8888 +86 10 5812 8860
[email protected]
Li Min
[email protected]
Wang Bin
[email protected]
[email protected]
*Please see Appendix B for maps indicating the respective locations of the hotels
VII. Catering
The Organizing Committee will provide Welcome Banquet on 8
November in the China World Hotel, please refer to Appendix F
for details.
The Organizing Committee will provide lunch and networking
dinner on 9 November and lunch on 10 November in the
National Conference Center for delegates attending the
conference. Free coffee and tea will be available at the Common
Lounge area at the National Conference Center throughout the
day, which is open to all delegates and staffs upon the
presentation of valid conference badges. Please refer to
Appendix G for details of networking dinner on 9 November.
VIII. Transportation
1. Commuter Shuttle between conference venue and official
The Organizing Committee will arrange commuter shuttles
between the conference venue, official hotels and to the
registration center for conference delegates.
Please refer to Appendix C for the shuttle routes and schedule.
2. Public Transport and Car Rental Service
The Organizing Committee recommends that delegates take
legal qualified taxis in Beijing. Please enquire at the conference
information desk and the concierge at the official hotels for
information about public transport and car rental services.
IX. Sightseeing
The Organizing Committee will provide free Beijing tours
service for staffs. Staffs are required to present their conference
badges in order to register and board the buses for these tours.
Please refer to Appendix E for specific routes and registration
X. Security Requirements
The main program will take place at the Main Venue. Access
control measures and technological verification will be
implemented at the entrance to the venue, and delegates should
show the badges when entering the venue. Delegates are advised
to wear their badges visibly at all times to facilitate
identification and entry into the venue without which security
staff have the authority to deny entry. Please note that
appropriate protocol will apply when Leaders are in the room.
XI. Venue Facilities and Services
The Summit will be held at China National Convention Center.
China National Convention Center is situated in the center of
Beijing Olympic Park and adjacent to the National Stadium
(venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of 2008 Beijing
Olympic Games) and the Water Cube. The Center is currently
the largest in Asia, boasting ample meeting space and
technologically advanced facilities. Please see the Appendices
for a map of the Center.
1. Simultaneous Interpretation
interpretation in six languages, namely English, Mandarin
Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.
2. Information Desk:
Please visit the Information Desk at the conference venue for
directions, conference schedule and other information.
3. Viewing Room:
The Viewing Room is located in the lecture hall on Level 4,
equipped with real-time broadcasting facilities, enabling staffs
to watch alive feed of the conference.
4. Common Lounge:
The Common Lounge is located in Hall B on Level 4, and is
open to all delegates. Complimentary coffee and tea will be
5. Media Center
The Media Center is located at Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 and
used for press conferences and interviews.
6. Prayer Room:
Prayer Rooms are located at both the conference venue and
official hotels. The Prayer Room at the conference venue is
located at Room 3-2 on Level 3.
7. Medical Room:
The Medical Room is located at Room 2-1 on Level 2. First Aid
for delegates will be provided free-of-charge. Should you
require medical attention, we will direct you to the medical
8. Dining Area:
Meals will be served in Exhibition halls 3 and 4. The Organizing
Committee will provide working lunches on 9 and 10 November
and a Summit evening banquet on 9 November. The dining areas
are open to all delegates and staffs.
9. New Media Platform:
The APEC CEO Summit 2014WeChat App is designed to enhance
your experience before, during and after the Summit. Please refer to
the following diagrams for instructions on how to download and
install the App:
Summit WeChat Account ID: APEC CEO Summit 2014
XII. Dress Code
Business attire (business suits or national dress) is the
appropriate dress for the APEC CEO Summit. For other events,
please comply with the dress code stated in the respective invitation
XIII. General Information
1. Brief Introduction to Beijing
Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, a
municipality directly under the central government and a
national central city, China’s center of politics, culture,
education and international exchange, China’s economic and
financial decision-making and management center, China's
primary land and air transport hub and the location for 2008
Beijing Olympics.
Beijing is situated in the northeast edge of the North China Plain,
with a total area of 16,400km2 and with a residential population
of 21.148 million as at the end of 2013. As one of China’s four
ancient capitals, Beijing is a renowned historic and cultural city
founded more than three centuries ago, with an urban history of
over 860 years. Beijing is also a famous tourist destination,
boasting six World Heritage Sites, numerous historical sites and
natural landscapes.
Beijing, being an integrated industrial city, has maintained its
lead in China in comprehensive economic strength. In 2013,
Beijing achieved gross regional production of RMB 1.95 trillion,
urban residents’ disposable income of RMB 40,321 per capita f
and rural residents’ net income of RMB 18,337 per capita. As
one of China’s important commercial and financial centers,
Beijing is ranked first in tertiary industry scale in mainland
China and has the strongest economic development capacity and
largest scale. Forty-eight headquarters of the world's top 500
corporations and headquarters of a majority of large state-owned
enterprises are based in Beijing.
Beijing is China’s largest science and technology research base
with scientific research institutes, such as Chinese Academy of
Sciences, and Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park
(known as China’s Silicon Valley) situated here. These
institutions produce one-third of the national award-winning
achievements every year. . Beijing also boasts the most
advanced education in China as the most well-known national
universities, such as Peking University and Tsinghua University,
are situated here.
Today’s Beijing has developed into a modern international
metropolis. Every year, it receives hundreds of millions of
domestic and overseas visitors with its ancient yet trendy facade.
2. Climate
Beijing has a typical northern temperate and continental
monsoon climate, which results in four distinct seasons and
short spring and autumn. Spring in Beijing is windy and dusty,
summer hot and rainy, autumn fine and dry and winter cold with
fierce winds. 60% of the yearly precipitation is concentrated in
July and August. The average temperature in November will be
4.9℃ (40.8℉).
3. Time Zone
Beijing is in the GMT+08 time zone.
4. Language
The official language of China is Mandarin Chinese. English is
spoken by personnel dealing regularly with foreigners.
5. Currency
The national currency is China Yuan (CNY). Foreign currency is
generally not accepted. Most stores accept credit cards (Visa,
MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and
other major international credit cards), but many small shops
and restaurants only accept cash. Most commercial banks accept
traveler’s checks.
It is advisable to bring a small amount of CNY cash in advance
for emergency use. You can exchange foreign currency for CNY
at the airport, four- and five-star hotels and banks. You will be
asked to present your passport when exchanging for CNY. The
exchange rate of US dollar against CNY (as at 04/04/2014) was
100USD=621.08 CNY.
There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency, traveler’s
checks and credit card one can bring to China. However, as
previously mentioned, non-residents of China carrying cash in
excess of USD5, 000 or RMB20, 000 must make a declaration
at customs when entering China.
6. Business Hours
09:00-17:00 (some branches are closed on weekends and during
lunch times);
There are plenty of conveniently located 24-hour ATMs where
you can withdraw cash at any time.
Shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurants:
Opening time: 09:00-10:30; closing time: 21:00-22:30;
(Some restaurants stay open until midnight or are open around
the clock)
Post offices, hospitals and tourist attractions:
Opening time: 08:00-08:30; closing time: 16:00-18:00;
Note: This is for reference only. Please refer to the notices at
the respective venues for more accurate information.
7. Sales Tax and Tipping
In China, sales taxes levied on various products and services are
generally included in the prices. Four-and five-star hotels and
high-grade restaurants generally charge a service charge of
between 10% and 15% on top of service and dining prices.
Tipping drivers, tour guides, taxi drivers, waiters of high-end
western restaurants, bell boys and wait staff of high-end hotels is
not strictly necessary, but most tips will be accepted with
appreciation. This is a matter of your personal habit or
consultation with your guide.
8. Electricity
Electricity sockets in China generally provide 220V and 50HZ
AC. 110V sockets are often offered in hotel restrooms. We
advise bringing or purchasing AC converters and travel adaptors
in China.
9. Communications
The Chinese telecommunications network runs on both GSM
and CDMA. Most mobile phones of other economies can be
used in China. Please consult operators of your economy on
methods and roaming costs.,
The international area code of China is 86. To call a Chinese
land line telephone number in China from overseas, dial the
country code(+86)followed by the area code and landline
number (excluding the “0”at the start of the number). For
example, Beijing’s area code of Beijing is 010. You dial 8610
before dialing the phone number. To call a number in China, dial
the domestic area code before dialing the number.
Both broadband and wireless network access are available in
hotels and at the conference venue. Details can be obtained by
enquiring at hotel reception and the Information Desks at the
conference venue.
10. Useful Numbers
[Numbers of conference venue, hotels, information desks for
the Summit, IT technology support, language services, travel
agencies, couriers, car rental companies, post offices and
Police: 110
Fire brigade: 119
Emergency: 120 or 999
General local information: 114
Car Rental or Booking: 96106 or 96103
Subway Information: 010-68345678
XIV. Contact information of the Organizing Committee for
APEC CEO Summit 2014
For enquiries about overseas registration and collection of
conference passes, please write to:
[email protected]
For enquiries about domestic registration and collection of
conference passes, please write to:
[email protected]
For visa application enquiries, please write to:
[email protected]
For media matters, please write to:
[email protected]
For sponsorship enquiries, please write to:
[email protected]
For transportation and accommodation matters, please write to:
[email protected]
For payment and invoice enquiries, please write to:
[email protected]
All other enquiries, please write to:
[email protected]
(Only for matters not covered previously )
Appendix A: Program
Appendix B: Location Maps of Official Hotels
Appendix C: Shuttle Bus Arrangement Appendix D: Map of Conference Venue
Appendix E: Complementary Tour
Appendix F: APEC CEO Night-Beijing Welcome Banquet&
Cultural Performance
Appendix G: APEC CEO Summit Networking Dinner