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Please advertise this vacancy to the widest possible audience in your business unit, department, section or work area
DEPARTMENT: Human Capital Management
LOCATION: Head Office
REFERENCE: HCM/10/2014/1
MISSION: To ensure effective management of the Human resources function within Autopax aligned with the company objectives.
1. Develop Human Capital Management Strategy
Develop and recommend to the CEO and the Board the Human Capital Management Strategy
Drive the implementation of HR strategies and plans within Autopax in order to achieve business strategy and objectives.
Review and align the Human Resources Strategy in accordance with changing business needs or other developments and in consultation with Exco and the
Provide input into the business strategy as a member of the Executive team
2. Manage Strategic Human Capital Management Functions
Standardize and align Human Capital Management systems and processes throughout Autopax
Oversee the identification of the Human Capital Management risks and develop mitigating strategies
Monitor implementation plans to minimize identified Human Capital Management risks
Analyse the business plan to determine the applicable deliverables and targets
Continuously provide feedback and coaching to ensure that staff members perform at optimum productivity level
Appraise performance at the end of the performance period in accordance with policies and procedures
Provide professional advice to executives and managers in Human capital management related matters
Manage employees within Autopax
Manage the budget allocated for the Autopax HR Function
3. Engendering a Culture of Performance within the Group
Develop and recommend to the CEO and the Board a system of performance management
Lead and manage the process of performance Management Planning processes
Assist the CEO and the Board in developing and implementing the process of reviewing the performance of senior management
Oversee the process for performance assessment and evaluation in accordance with approved policy
Develop, recommend and implement an appropriate incentive scheme for Autopax
4. Ensuring Organizational Development
Manage Executive job design and job grading
Oversee organizational design and structures
Provide change management tools to manage change and transformation in the organization
Develop employee wellness programme as well as ensure that programmes to raise awareness about health among employees are in place
Manage organisational development process
Develop /engender a culture that enables business performance
Autopax Head Office – 546 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria. 0001
Please advertise this vacancy to the widest possible audience in your business unit, department, section or work area
Succession Planning
Develop, implement & manage succession plan for Autopax.
Identify human resources risks related to shortage and/or loss of skills in the business and its operations
Develop and drive suitable strategies and plans to mitigate against such risks
Ensure that appropriate succession planning takes place within Autopax by developing and implementing a skills retention strategy
Develop and implement a skills resourcing strategy
6. Labour/Employee relations
Ensure compliance to legislation
Manage the relationship with organised labour
Develop & implement Employee Relations policy/strategy (Collective).
Develop, lead and direct the employee relations strategy and policy for Autopax
Oversee the establishment of the negotiations and consultations framework
Oversee the wage negotiation and implementation of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and develop processes to reduce and mitigate external impact on
Organize strategic stakeholder management meetings i.e. Unions and Executive Management
Communicate with internal and external labour structures (Department of Labour, TETA, Department of Transport, Unions, etc)
7. Remuneration
Develop strategies aimed at ensuring the salary bill is kept within affordable levels
Assist Autopax with suitable strategies to manage their personnel costs
Develop and guide the Autopax strategy for wage negotiations with recognised trade unions
Undertake benchmarks on a regular basis to ensure that the business remains competitive within its market and among competitors
Recommend to EXCO and Board the remuneration strategy for Autopax
Implement suitable strategies to limit the liabilities associated with employee benefits, especially retirement and medical benefits.
Manage compensation and benefits.
8. Training & Development
Provide business capacity and competency building services :
Ensure adherence to legislation through training and development
Compile consolidated divisional skills plans for employees and learner requirement
Leadership development
Autopax Head Office – 546 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria. 0001
Please advertise this vacancy to the widest possible audience in your business unit, department, section or work area
Understanding of the HR Processes
and Autopax’s role in it
Understanding of relevant
Understanding of Business
development processes,
procedures and policies
Relevant Legal Acts i.e. OHSA etc.
Sound knowledge Transport
Business Acumen
Good report writing skills
Excellent communication skills both verbal
and written
Minimum Requirements
B degree majoring in HCM
Honesty and integrity
More than 5 years’ experience at Senior
management level
Lateral Thinking
Experience in Labour Relations
Strategic Thinking
Advanced Interpersonal
Conflict Management
Cultural sensitivity
Added Advantage:
Ability to work under pressure
Experience of having worked in a similar setting.
Customer focus
Results Oriented
Problem Solving
Recruitment and Selection Process
Initiative and lateral thinking
Problem Solving
Please apply by completing an internal application form and submitting this together with your complete CV to: The Manager (Human Capital
Management): Autopax Head Office, 546 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria, 0001 or e-mail: [email protected] Contact number 012-7487326
As per Autopax Employment
Equity Plan, this position is
earmarked as follows:
CLOSING DATE: 05 November 2014
Should you not have been approached within three (3)
months from the closing date, please consider your
application unsuccessful.
Autopax Head Office – 546 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria. 0001