Remembering soul All Souls’ Day Sunday Year A, November 1st-2nd, 2014

All Souls’ Day Sunday Year A, November 1st-2nd, 2014
Remembering soul
A man died and went to the pearly gates. St
Peter met him there. ‘Before you meet with
God,’ St Peter said, ‘I thought I should tell
you that we've looked at your life, and you
really didn't do anything particularly good or
bad. We're not at all sure what to do with you.
This Week
Can you tell us anything you did that can help
us make a decision?’
SUNDAY 2nd Nov
The newly arrived soul thought for a moment
and replied, ‘Yeah, once I was driving along
9am, 11am, 6pm Mass
and came upon a woman who was being harBaptism at 12.30pm
assed by a group of bikies. So I pulled over,
MONDAY 3rd Nov
got out my wheel brace, and
8.30am Rosary
went up to the leader of the bik9.00am Mass
ies. He was a big, muscular,
hairy guy with tattoos all over
his body and a ring pierced
8.30am Rosary
through his nose. Well, I tore
9am Mass
the nose ring out of his nose,
9.30am Adoration
and told him he and his gang
had better stop bothering the
6.30pm Rosary
woman or they would have to
for Peace in Iraq
deal with me!’ ‘I'm very im7pm Mass
pressed’, St Peter responded, ‘When did this
7.30pm Meditation
happen?’ ‘About two minutes ago!’
All Souls Day has it roots in the sixth century
Benedictine tradition of praying to the dead. It
No Mass
was a way of recognising the human bonds
which go beyond death. By the tenth century
FRIDAY 7th Nov
this feast was about praying for the dead, that
8.30am Rosary
they might know the merciful love of God.
9am Mass
It is appropriate today for us to think about
9.30am Divine Mercy
what a soul is. In an increasingly secular society it's interesting to note that the word ‘soul’
persists in ordinary conversation. Many nonMemorial of the Blessed
religious people use this most religious of
Virgin Mary
terms to describe another person. We often
10.30am Reconciliation
hear how others are lonely, distressed, or lost
6pm Mass
souls. It can be said that someone has a
‘beautiful soul’ or that a piece of music, a
painting or other work of art ‘stirred my soul’.
SUNDAY 9th Nov
Feast of the Dedication of We describe mellow jazz as ‘soulful’ and still
alert others to distress by an SOS, ‘save our
the Lateran Basilica
9am, 11am, 6pm Mass
souls’. These uses of the word reinforce St
Baptism at 12.30pm
Thomas Aquinas' teaching that the soul makes
us human, and sets us apart from other animals.
Nearly all the great religions of the world believe in a soul, or its equivalent – something
that survives the annihilation of the body in
death. I have come to the opinion that whatever else might characterise the soul, memory
is an integral part of it.
I have done several funerals of people who
have suffered from Alzheimer's disease.
These are rarely very sad occasions because
the family invariably says that they ‘lost’ their
loved one months or years before. Why? Because increasingly their loved one couldn't
remember anyone or anything. We hold to
caring for the body from the womb to the
tomb, because we believe that human dignity
must always be respected. There are now theories about how even the memories of the circumstances of our
conception and birth have a bearing on the way we live our lives.
It is also apparent that even when
people seem to have lost their
memory, or are unconscious, that
there is some recognition of
some things at a very deep level.
Soul as memory means that
when I meet God face to face, I
will remember who I am and how I lived, and
God will remember me. It's also a comfort for
us to think that we will be reunited with those
we have loved who have died before us, because we remember each other.
And what is best about a ‘remembering soul’
is that it is purified. In the old catechism we
used to say that heaven was the place where
we are perfectly happy with God for eternity.
If we think of purgatory as a stage rather than
a place, then it's possible to reclaim it as a
moment when we see the fullness of God's
sacrificial love for us, and recall our sometimes destructive behaviour toward ourselves,
others and the world. Purgatory can be a moment where our memory is purified so we can
be eternally happy with God in heaven.
So let's remember at this Eucharist all those
‘departed souls’ we have known and loved
over the years, that they might pray for us that
we never forget God's saving love and live
lives worthy of it.
By Richard Leonard SJ.
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Presentation weekend for First
Reconciliation candidates
Start of the Hamper list
Children’s Liturgy at 11am Mass
2nd Family Night Reconciliation Children
Memorial Mass
Reconciliation Workshop day
Bingo Night
Parish New Years Eve Dance
“Hawaiian Nite”
Congratulations to Aura Marciana
Brown and Dylan Chase Thompson
who are being welcomed into the
Catholic Community through the
sacrament of Baptism this weekend. We offer him and
his families the support of our prayers as he takes this
important step in faith
CANDIDATES. Reconciliation Candidates, please note
that your Second Family Night is on Tuesday, 11th
November in the church at 6.45pm sign in for 7pm
start. Children who have registered for Sacrament
must attend this family night with one or both parents.
This will be followed by WORKSHOP DAY on
THURSDAY, 13th November from 9am to 3pm. All
children are to be dropped off and pick up at/from the
church. Parents, you need to notify your child’s school
departed love ones on the night we will place them
before the altar. Next weekend the Cross will be
available in the Church for you to write the names of
loved ones on. It will be in the Church for the whole of
November and all those whose names are there will be
remembered in the Masses offered.
RETREAT DAY FOR WOMEN on November 15th– Thank
you to those who have booked -Why not give yourself
a day before the busyness of Christmas starts ? See
flyers in foyer and gathering space.
Parish Bingo Night
Friday, 21 November 2014 - 7 pm onwards in the
Annexe. BYO nibbles and drinks. Bring your family and
friends and make it an entertaining evening!
"This is a over 18's only event due to state gaming
To pre book tables please contact:
Denver - 0403 315 443, Vianney -0438 700 675,
Louis - 0419 008 173, Joe - 0419 385 441
Come Away days November 27th. 10-3pm Just come
along BYO lunch.
St John’s College is having their OPEN EVENING on
Tuesday, 18 November, 2014. Tours will be arranged
every 15 minutes from 6pm. Followed by a
presentation and supper. To book or for more
information please call 9791 3366 or go to
‘I thank all of you dear Synod
Fathers, Fraternal Delegates,
Auditors, and Assessors, for
your active and fruitful
participation. I will keep you in prayer asking the Lord
to reward you with the abundance of His gifts of grace!
I can happily say that – with a spirit of collegiality we
have truly lived the experience of “Synod,” a path of
solidarity, a “journey together.”
And it has been “a journey” – and like every journey
there were moments of running fast, as if wanting to
MEMORIAL MASS—Wednesday, 12
conquer time and reach the goal as soon as possible;
other moments of fatigue, as if wanting to say
Please remember that our parish will
“enough”; other moments of enthusiasm and ardour.
have a special memorial Mass for all
who have died. If you wish to bring one picture of your There were moments of profound consolation listening
from 9am to 2pm. It is a great
opportunity to give your neglected or
unnecessary items a new home by selling them in our
car boot sale. If you wish to secure a spot, IT IS NOT
TOO LATE. Please contact the Parish office on 9700
3781. Cost for a space is $20 per car. We will also have
Sausage Sizzle on sale on the day. Please come along to
support the parish. Who knows you may find
something really useful.
to the testimony of true pastors, who wisely carry in
their hearts the joys and the tears of their faithful
people. Moments of consolation and grace and
comfort hearing the testimonies of the families who
have participated in the Synod and who have shared
with us the beauty and the joy of their married life. A
journey where the stronger feel compelled to help the
less strong, where the more experienced are led to
serve others, even through confrontations. And since it
is a journey of human beings, with the consolations
there were also moments of desolation, of tensions
and temptations.’……………………………
…………….‘Dear brothers and sisters, now we still have
one year to mature, with true spiritual discernment,
the proposed ideas and to find concrete solutions to so
many difficulties and innumerable challenges that
families must confront; to give answers to the many
discouragements that surround and suffocate families.
One year to work on the “Synodal Relatio” ( Synod
working document) which is the faithful and clear
summary of everything that has been said and
discussed in this hall and in the small groups. It is
presented to the Episcopal Conferences as
“lineamenta” [guidelines].
May the Lord accompany us, and guide us in this
journey for the glory of His Name, with the
intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Saint
Joseph. And please, do not forget to pray for me!
Let us continue to pray for all families in our Parish
community and in the wider community and
particularly for all who are struggling with issues of
conflict, hardship, loss or insecurity. We will also
continue to pray for the ongoing work of the Synod.
Stewardship Corner
- thoughts on Giving
“Those who trust in him will understand truth, and
the faithful will abide with him in love, because grace
and mercy are upon his elect, and he watches over
his holy ones.” Wisdom of Solomon 3:9
Here’s the ironic thing about people who are generous.
Those that give freely and cheerfully do not do it to be
rewarded. They do it to show their love for God and
their neighbors. Yet, because of their generosity, they
typically are given more than they gave away!
This weekend we pray for:
Sunday Readings
Those who are sick
All Souls’ Day
Is 25: 6-9;
Rom 5: 5-11;
Mt 11: 25-30
Feast of the Dedication of the
Lateran Basilica
Ezek 47: 1-2, 8-9, 12;
1 Cor 3: 9-11, 16-17;
Jn 2: 13-22
Margaret Mariyanayagam, Yousif Bodo, Bashar Afram, Youlia Younan, Dyna Naine, Racquel F
Ebdani, Edgardo Sotiar, Roger Paul, Maria Dichosa, Aurelio Gonzaga, Baby Lucas Giacomo, Deon
Lawrence, Patricia Nicholas, Tissaka Perera, Tristano Stancato, Muliaga Vaifale, Tony Reed, Kylie
King, Katy Honor, Anne Payet, Meera Backory, Joy Anquiliano, Rey Domingo, Fatima Abbas, Natalie Bonnefin, Jose Zaia, Tristano Stancato, Giovanni Narduzzo, Maria Tesoriero, Lucrezia Pistone,
Salvatore Zaia, Peter Tongi
For those who have died
Dominic Gonsalves, Kenneth Johnson, Dorothy Chang, Stephen D’Souza, Elpiniqi Behari, Martin
Ujka, Mara Ujka, Nikolla Behari, Emanuel Aquelina, Lauren Guillot, Anna Bernardo, Philip Gilles,
Shila Hanning, Zeta Florindo, Lorenz Varney, Renato Quinio, John Gomesz, Annie Ward, Felipe
Barros, Felipe Bernardino, Mata Vulic, Clarence Turner, Laura Costa, Aurelia Malig, Aurelia Concepcion, Jose T Trijo, Ante Babaric, Filomena D’Amelio, Jorge Canales, Patrick Johnson, Maureen
Pearce, Maria Krypciak, Grazia Scarlata, Fred Herrich, Ljuba, Pasquale Lamanna, Rosie Moraes,
Raja Johnson, Lucia Celiz, Panfilo Celiz, Socorro Hiponia, Sonia Hiponia
May they rest in peace
St Paul Apostle
Catholic Community
Fr Tim O’Toole CP (PP)
Fr Tony Egar CP
Pastoral Associates:
Sr Joan Smith CP
Sr Brigid Murphy CP
Rosters for this Weekend of 1st –2nd November (1st Sunday of the month)
St Paul Apostle (North)
Primary School (03) 9700 6068
Mrs Christine White
St Paul Apostle (South)
Primary School
(03) 9700 3663
Mrs Helen Greenhill
St John’s Regional College
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Nona Sangalang
4th Sunday of the month
to the Sick
Roster A:
after 9am Mass
Antoinette Gargano
Friday, November 7th — Communion Service
Low Care: Edna & Bernard David
High Care: Joseph Allas & Ging Calixto
Church Prep
Team 1
R&B Barnfield
Angie Perera
Ann Felicia Martyn
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Thank You
Baptisms are held on the 1st & 2nd Sunday of the month.
Preparation is on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
$ 1,965.00
$ 2,752.00
Marriages require 6 months notice to one of the priests, participation in a FOCCUS marriage preparation program, or a
CatholicCARE Course.
$ 774.55
$ 5,491.55
$ 1,227.65
Anointing of the Sick is held during Mass on the 1st Friday of
the Month at 9am. Before going to hospital for major surgery,
why not ask one of the priests to pray with you and anoint you.
Children’s Sacraments require full participation in the preparation phase.
Registration forms in the Parish Centre.