Posting a TA / GSR Position to Aggie Job Link

Posting a TA / GSR Position to Aggie Job Link
Open positions for graduate student Teaching Assistants and Graduate Student Researchers are
highlighted on the Graduate Studies website. The openings are entered via Aggie Job Link using the
following guidelines:
1. Log in to the Aggie Job Link Employer Login
If this is your first time using it, you will need to register
On the registration screen select “Education” as the Industry.
You only need to fill in fields with a red asterisk.
After registering it takes up to 3 working days for your status as an employer to be approved. Positions you post won’t
appear, nor can you edit a posting, until you’ve been approved as an employer.
2. Go to the Jobs / internships section, click “+Add New”
3. Select “Post to This School Only” from the popup
4. Select the appropriate Position Information
Part Time
Academic Year
5. “UCD Student Employment Center Posting” and “UCD affiliated job” must be Yes
6. Enter the appropriate Position Title
TA - Teaching Assistant
GSR - Graduate Student Researcher
7. Qualifications should include:
Full-time registered Graduate Student in Good Standing
Min. 3.0 GPA
8. Degree Level should include Master’s and PhD
Hold Ctrl on the keyboard (or ⌘ on a Mac) to select both
o Master’s
o PhD
9. Complete remaining related fields including department, job description, class section if known
and how to apply for the position. Submit and allow a few days for the position to appear on the
Graduate Studies web page. Please review the posting for accuracy.