We've Expanded!

We've Expanded!
"It is with great enthusiasm that I am able to announce our credit union's expansion into
all of Nebraka and Iowa," OPFCU President Mary Johnson said.
Winners of CU Succeed's
Summer Question
Brenden McElligott and Emily Grubb
won $5 gift cards from Starbucks for
correctly answering CU Succeed's
summer newsletter question. The
first 50 right answers won a gift card.
What ancient play is the concept of
Pay-It-Forward traced to?
Hint: D _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
See the answer at the bottom of this
Want to WIn Kirby
Kangaroo's 8-foot Stocking?
Starting November 1, Kirby Kangaroo
Club members or their
parents can stop by either
Credit Union location and fill
out an entry (one per Kirby
Kangaroo Clubmember) to
win a giant 8-foot Christmas
Stocking filled with gifts.
If they don’t have one
yet, you can open a Kirby
Kangaroo Club account for
your child or grandchild –
for only $5.00 – before the
deadline of November and
your Kirby Kid can then participate
in the drawing.The entry deadline is
November 29. A winner from entries
at both of our locations will be
drawn at random and announced on
Monday, December 1. Winners will be
contacted by phone and announced
in our January newsletter.
Answer: Dyskolos
"We have been given approval by NCUA, our
federal regulator, to expand our service area to
include all employees of federal, state, county
and municipal agencies or departments engaged
in the police protection industry who work in the
states of Nebraska or Iowa," OPFCU President
Mary Johnson said.
The credit union's charter began in 1958 to serve the
Omaha Police Department and through the years is has
developed into a full-service financial institution with the
capability of serving a large geographic area. Until now,
the areas served included seven counties in Nebraska
and Pottawattamie County in Iowa.
"With so much banking today being conducted on the
Internet, a physical presence is not the necessity it used to be. Innovations like Mobiliti™
and secure Docusign make long-distance banking possible in many cases. We offer
services such as CUFFS Online Bankig, AutoBill Pay, Mobile Banking with Remote,
Deposit Capture and Direct Deposit. We have been serving outlying areas of Omaha for
some time with great success and we are sure we can do the same for all new members
in Nebraska or Iowa," she said. "Some of our members may move or have eligible
family members outside our current service area. Now we will have no trouble serving
them even if they are located elsewhere in one of the two states."
All employees and their immediate families (sworn and civilian) of federal, state, county,
and municipal agencies or departments engaged in the police protection industry and
who work in the state of NEBRASKA or IOWA are eligible for membership.
Judah and Gaven are ready to travel in style
Judah Burkett was the
winner of the travel case
at the main office. He is 8
years old, and the son
of Charles and Felicia
Burkett and the grandson
of Edward and Debra
Judah Burkett
Gaven Abbott
Gaven Abbott, 6, won
at the Sarpy office. He
said he likes all sports,
loves the zoo and plans
on sharing his suitcase
with his 4yr old brother
Brecken. His parents are
Christopher and Amie
Notable Notes
Skip-a-Payment for the holidays!
Halloween Treats
It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner and you
can decide to skip your December loan payment again this year.
This offer is only valid once per year, so take advantage of it now!
Our Skip-a-Payment offer lets you defer your loan payment(s) due in
December until the end of your loan so you have more available cash for the
holidays. Fill out the form below (one loan per form) and drop it off or mail
it to the Credit Union between October 1st and November 14th. Additional
forms are available at the Credit Union or on our website.
Friday, Oct. 31, we will be serving
a chili lunch for a $300 contribution
for the Children's Miracle Network.
Treats! Children's costume contest!
See the Wizard of Oz at the main
office or the Princesses at the Sarpy
Branch. More info to come on our
Facebook page.
Christmas Club Funds
Christmas Club Funds will be
dispersed on Thursday, November
6, 2014. Funds will be deposited into
your share draft checking account
unless otherwise instructed.
Traveling for the holidays?
If you have our Visa debit and credit
cards, please let us know when you
will be out of town. Otherwise, we'll
be worried if there is suddently a
flurry of out-of-town transactions.
We're looking out for you!
❑ Yes, I would like to skip my December loan payment.* I understand
that the term of my loan will be extended one month and that the interest
will continue to accrue. I also understand that signing this form does not
necessarily mean I automatically qualify.**
A processing fee of $30 per loan is required.
Name(s): ____________________________________________________________
Loan Type: __________________________ Account #_______________________
Suffix Code: _______________ Daytime Phone: ____________________________
Applicant Signature: __________________________________ Date: ___________
Co-Applicant Signature: _______________________________ Date: ___________
$30 Check Enclosed
Deduct $30 from my account #___________
*Loan must have at least a six-month payment history and be current on your loan(s). All individuals who signed for
the original loan must sign this form. Some restrictions apply. Lines of credit and all real estate loans are excluded.
One loan per form. **For more details and qualification requirements, contact us at 402-391-4040, option 1.
2015 Robert Sklenar
Memorial Scholarships
Each year the credit union awards
up to $3,000 in scholarships to
student members planning to attend
an accredited college, university or
trade school in the fall.
Hint: This year's topic will concern
banking in the age of social media.
Watch for details in the January
issue of The Informant.
New Checks
Coming to our members in 2015: a
new check printing provider, which
will result in a cost savings to you.
More details coming in the January
issue of The Informant.
Holiday Closings
Oct 13 Nov 11 Nov 27 Dec 24 Dec 25 Dec 31 Jan 1 Columbus Day
Veterans Day
@ 1 pm Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
@ 1 p.m. New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
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